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Eurostar used Box to centralize important documents and empower employees to get their work done anywhere, from any device. Sally Beauty. Sally Beauty utilized Box and IBM to deliver content in a timely manner across their franchise and increase customer engagement. Team Rubicon. See how Box helped Team Rubicon scale with their growing base of volunteers and mobilize their teams to deliver more efficient services. Box Transforms Industries Worldwide. Every industry can use Box to share critical information, making employees more productive and their businesses more competitive. Gatwick Airport. See how Webcor has empowered employees by delivering a quality content experience for all users, regardless of location or device. University of Dundee. By deploying Box to their staff and students, University of Dundee has simplified how they share and manage content. OXFAM America. See how this international organization uses Box worldwide to provide mobile access to content and centralize management and security. Providence Anesthesiology. Learn how Providence Anesthesiology improved patient care by streamlining communication across 19 locations. Explore how SKF built a custom app--SKF Shelf--to enable sales reps to share information with customers from mobile devices. Dam Keeper Project. Find out how the W2O group became a 21st century advertising agency with access to content anytime, anywhere. Vector Media. Advertising agency Vector Media made it easy for employees to manage and collaborate on content by leveraging Box and Office 365. Event Videos. BoxWorks Overview. Success requires new innovations. Hear from the experts at BoxWorks on how you can transform your business. Aaron Levie, CEO and Cofounder of Box, discusses how cloud and mobile technologies are driving change. He shares the Box vision and new product and platform capabilities to modernize your business.