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Chicago Electric (Harbor Freight) 1/2" impact wrench un-boxing review
Better than I thought it would be.
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Ford 1100 utility tractor
I might buy this, if the price is right....Update the guy wanted 4k for it....he probably still has it;(
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Homemade--Valve Spring Compressor
My Dad made this before my time, and it does the job just like a store boughten one! He has come up with really cool homemade tools over the years. "Skiddy8619" "Valve repair tool" "intake & exhaust valves" "SBC" "This will work on just about all auto engines" "Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Cummins, Detroit, Mack, GM, Foreign" "A simple DIY tool" "Cylinder head-valve repair"
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Old Indian Burial Ground, Or? Let me know what you think
We came across this spot when we were cutting firewood, and found it kind of weird the way the rocks were piled up in 3 different places. The rocks were all the same and pretty big and heavy. We were latter told not to go back abd cut anymore, I was also told by my grandmother who had grown up in that area that there were Native Americans that had lived around the area. Makes you wonder? Updated video of the peace offering http://youtu.be/hO1hkssGDic old indian burial ground, "very spooky" "this is something you should not disturb" "I learned the hard way" "trying to make it right"
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now this is a snow blower
we have had to much snow, running out of room to pile it up Check out the first part to see how far it was actually throwing it. http://youtu.be/rHBBAKCFGd4
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Duct tape the radiator hose stop leak-temporary quick fix
I can not believe that this worked, but it did.
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John Deere 265 parts or fix it?
Another barn yard find
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Bad ass cars showing off compilation
Very cool
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Old putt putt car
Hard to believe many years ago these were used to transport railroad workers to do repairs, even in the cold of winter. I hope that I will be able to help my Dad restoring this. skiddy8619 "keeping it real" "putt putt car" "old railroad equipment" "RR tracks" "very cool" "hit & miss engine" awesome
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Homemade cinnamon rolls-quick and easy
I really was amazed how good these turned out. Even a dumbass like me can do it, lol. 1 loaf of frozen "bread dough" let it rise. Spread out the dough using a little flour so it doesn't stick to your baking pan.Add 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 2 table spoons ground cinnamon, add white sugar to your tatste, I put about 6 table spoons of sugar, and mixed together. Spread the ingredients evenly on the dough, roll the dough into a roll, and fold the ends, then proceed to cut them into pieces, and bake. Everyone has there own tastes on how they like preparing there foods. I like stuff with a weak sweet taste. You may want to turn your oven down a bit, cause they did last about 2 days before getting hard. I made this video because I was looking for how to make cinnamon rolls, here on the tubes, and it seemed like I was going to have to spend about $20.00 just on the ingredients, so I thought why not just use the frozen dough? Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy;)
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My homemade 4 way universal log splitter, splitting hard wood
Elm is stringy and hard to split, but my splitter gets the job done
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Lawn mower runs on charcoal lighter fluid?
Will it run?
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John Deere 54 row planter~~worlds biggest to date!
Things just keep getting bigger and bigger. This thing is huge, 54 rows in one pass! I'll make another and combine the 2 how it all started.
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8hp Briggs & Stratton covered in snow--Cold Start
December 22, will the old snapper rear engine rider start while covered in snow? But of course it will, it has a Briggs and Stratton engine on it, lol Thanks for watching
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Rusted out Chevy truck frame
Please don't think I am dissing Chevy's. Just seems kinda odd that 2 of these with the same frame problems. I noticed the frame on this pickup I was taking the heads off of. The frame is rotted in the same place on both pickups. Makes me wonder if it isn't a defect from the factory, "a weak point"? skiddy8619 "Chevy" "pickup" "repair" "350" "replacing cylinder heads" "new gaskets" "leaking water bad" "rotted truck frame" "Pickup Truck "Chevrolet (Organization)" "1990 1500 seies"
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Fire hazard potential~6 outlet wall adapter!
I felt that by making this video it may save someones house or life, due to a fire. They are not made to be used with something that draws alot of electricity. Please pass this along if you know someone that might using an electric heater and one of these. Winter time is right around the corner, be safe. 6-Outlet Grounded Wall Adapter
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STIHL 180c chainsaw 1 year review
All in all it's been a pretty damn good saw.
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JLO 592cc opposed twin snowmobile engine with chrome sidepipes
This is an engine that came off of my Dads AMF snowmobile years ago. Was told they quit selling them, so they cut the crankshafts flush with the case so they couldn't be used anymore. No idea why they done that. Thanks for watching!
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Cheap "temporary" head gasket repair
I had a few people tell me about using pepper instead of using those high dollar, so called coolant sealers. It has worked for the time being. Hopefully it will last long enough till we can get another vehicle, then I will fix it, "maybe". This is just a temporary fix.
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Poulan 33/14 chainsaw in action
Not bad, plenty of power
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Troy Bilt-CRT-tiller, One mans junk is a another mans "head-ache"
No way I was going to scrap this, now if I can get lucky enough to find one with a bad engine.
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Caught in a blizzard!
The only reason is was out in this was because I had to pick my wife up from work. I left at 5 in the morning and we finally got back home at 2:30 that afternoon. What an adventure it was. If you ever have to do this be extremely carefull, cause ya never know what could happen. Thanks for watching
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McCulloch Timber Bear chainsaw rescued
2 more things I rescued from the scrap yard, lol..
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Have you ever seen a set of cylinder heads cracked like these? 350 chevy
Well I figured out what happened on this 350 engine in this 1990 Chevy pickup. 2 blown head gaskets and the cylinder heads had 8 visible cracks, 4 on each side. Hopefully she will run like new when redone. 1990 chevy pickup 4x4 "POS" "cracked heads" "top end engine destruction" "have you ever seen a pair like these" OMG that sounds corny as hell, lol. "350 SBC cylinder head cracks" "5.7 liter" skiddy8619 Cars "Chevrolet (Organization)" You Should Have Seen These
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an easy way to move your 4 wheeler
I found this the other day, and I figured I would make a quick video skiddy8619 "keeping it real" "polaris 250 trail boss" parts atv quad "4 wheeler" "four wheeler" 2x4 "off road" fun! 1994 "for sale"
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Chor Trac--2 wheeled garden tractor
I was shocked when I got the guys place that had this. It was not what I was expecting but, come to find out that these things are pretty rare. If I do not sell it this weekend I will make a video of it running next week.
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Pinched Chainsaw (a must have tool)
When you are cutting by yourself and you get in a bind. Here I show how to free a pinched chainsaw with an old bumper jack.
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Craftsman lawn mower blows up
what goes up must come down
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Troy Bilt CRT roto tiller, is "MTD" junk
Well, what a shame as to think what kind of damage a rock can do...
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Polaris 250 trail boss runs!
Not to bad to get running, damn it sure is dirty skiddy8619 "keeping it real" "1994 polaris" 250 "trail boss" runs running "2 stroke" atv "parts machine"
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scrap metal gets bailed
Thanks to Tyler of "Pickett's Salvage", for letting me get a better view. This is mean machine, the vibration from the pressure is crazy, hopefully I can get some cars on video next time.
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Zero Turn Grasshopper blowing snow
I have never seen one of these before, looks like it would be easier to to operate compared to a garden tractor type.
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Creepy Ghost Child In A Cornfield
I was on my way back home talking about how I screwed up looking at a blown up 4 wheeler, I mentioned sometimes when they get stuck and you can remove the clutch cover and turn them by hand. The guy took the cover off turned the clutch backwards and got it started so he didn't want to sell it then, lol. Then I came across this, I was like wtf?
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How to clean a set of points on a Briggs and Stratton engine
On the older models they used points for spark, more than likely if there is no spark you may have a set of dirty points and here is a simple way to clean them. This is really simple to do, it's better to use air.
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John Deere 1032 Snow Blower--cold start
Ahhh damn cigarettes and cold weather, not a good combination. This is a cold start of my Dad's snowblower, I really regret talking him into buying this thing. he paid $1,000 for it and has used it maybe a total of 3 times since then. As you can tell I am not a tecumseh fan, they just had too many problems with the governors going wild on them and causing the engines to blow up. But as they say "Nothin Runs Like A Deere" skiddy8619 "keeping it real" "john deere 1032 snow blower" "cold start" "lots of snow"
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Case IH 9150 in action
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Stihl MS 180c review
Light weight and powerful, and not a back killer, I love it.
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Quick and easy sausage gravy with Jimmy Dean
This is one of our favorite meals, fast and easy and ohh, so good;) And a little story about what happened last night, freaking thieves.....
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Honda ATC Big Red (barn find)
She needs quite a bit of work, tires, seat, engine work and a really rusty gas tank.
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Quick & Easy way to charge camera batteries, but be cautious!
Be very careful, you do not want to over do it. Pay very close attention on what your doing, you may get hurt or burnt by exploding batteries. I tried this because i was tired of waisting money on batteries for my sony camera. It does work. How long will they last really depends on your charger, and your equipment your using them in.
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John Deere 50 V chainsaw
good durable saw
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The 1835b case replacement   (Skiddy)
I must have (I AM A SUCKER) on my forehead, had to have it soo bad....
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Telemarketer Harassment caught on video
I have been waiting for there call, I had told them several times to quit harassing us but they will not listen. Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this? My wife needs her phone to be on for her work, she is a nurse. We get these phone calls everyday, there has to be something that people can do to stop this shit! Why should we have to shut our phones off just for these idiots?
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Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter VS huge piece of elm
This weighed around 400 pounds, actually split it.
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Proof that duct tape will seal a hole in a radiator hose...
Proof that duct tape can save your ass, when in a bind and when they're no parts stores open. Thanks for watching...
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John Deere 110
Should buy this as a flipper? If I had the money I would keep this to restore, it doesn't look like it would need that much work.
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Dirty Hand Tools splitter review
Dirty hand tools, junk welding.
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EVP of a little kid (very creepy)
I was listening to some messages on my wife's phone and this is me being goofy, but I have no idea what-so-ever where this voice came from. It sounded like a little kid, there were no kids with me that day, we don't have any, and my niece and nephews were with my sister, in a town 20 miles from where I was at. Kinda messed up? Yes this an older video, and this is one of the ones, I have been looking for...
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