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Fast-Rack and Low Profile Demo
See how the the Fast-Rack solar mounting system fits together. * An updated version with voice over coming soon! http://www.fast-rack.ca
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Fast-Rack 2 Tier Solar Ground Mount
Fast-Rack has streamlined their 2 Tier Ground mounts to be incrementally increased by 2 modules and attached to preformed concrete blocks, Helical Piles or Concrete Piers.
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Fast-Rack HD & Ultra Advantages and Solar Install Video
Fast-Rack is Canada's solutions for mounting solar modules to sloped roof tops. Integrated grounding, rail levelling & trim kits make Fast-Rack both economic and attractive. www.fast-rack.ca
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Surrette Big Battery Webinar
Join HES & Rolls by Surrette as we review how to maximize battery life in big banks. Learn about inverter charger setup, load balance and maintenance to maintain optimum battery performance. Q & A time with Surrette’s Battery Guru Steve Higgins. Topics Include: * Charging Big Cells * Inverter Settings * Equalizing * Maintenance
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SolarEdge – Technical Overview of Commercial Products
Join SolarEdge's Cameron Stewart as he reviews their Commercial Solar inverter Solutions.
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Fast-Rack Talon Solar Installation Overview (Rafterless Solar Racking)
HES PV's Solar Racking Guru Dan Partridge reviews the install procedure of attaching solar to roof tops without hitting rafters.
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Fast-Rack How To: Wire Management
Fast-Rack Designer Daniel Partridge reviews cable management and code compliance.
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Fast-Rack APs Inverter Install
Fast-Rack designer Daniel Partridge reviews how to Install APsystems YC500 on the Fast-Rack Solar Rail.
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Alberta Solar Program  Presented by HES PV's Lee Sinal
Join HES PV's Alberta Sales Manager Lee Sinal as he gives the run down on how to receive your solar rebates through this great program.
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Fast-Rack How To: Rail Leveling
Fast-Rack designer Daniel Partridge reviews how to level Fast Rack Ultra Rails.
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The Enphase Advantage – Positioning and Selling Enphase Energy
During this session Enphase Director of Product Marketing, Mark Fritts, will cover how to position and sell Enphase Energy to your end customers. He will also cover the Enpahse M215, M250 and C250 products as well as marketing assets you can leverage with your customers. Topics will include: * Simple Design * Lower Installed Costs * Higher Outputs
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Fast-Rack How to Install: Splice Kit
Fast-Rack Designer Daniel Partridge reviews how to install the splice kit
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Battery Based Grid Tie Systems – Part #1 – Solar Opportunities
Join HES and OutBack Power's Kindle Schmidt for a 45 minute webinar looking at how Battery Based Grid-Tie Systems bring new opportunities for solar installers. Outback will cover the following topics: · How to AC Couple Radian Inverters to standard Grid-Tie Inverters · How to offer backup with grid-tie · How to use Battery Based Systems to Grid-Tie in Capacity Constrained Areas · How Battery Based Systems can help with Time-Of-Use metering
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HES PV EcoFoot2+
The EcoFoot2+ design enhancements increase the product's ability to satisfy the most difficult site or rooftop conditions. The ability to tuck the foot or insert at any point along the module frame allows the system to work in tight spaces, distribute weight more evenly, or increase ballast capacity to support wind speeds up to 150mph. "Light Thought var 1" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Fast-Rack Talon Installation Video with PTTP Electric
Victoria based installer PTTP shows us how quick and easy it is to Install Fast-Rack's latest solar innovation the FR-Talon. Learn more at www.fast-rack.ca
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APs EMA APP Overview
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OutBack Mate 3
HES & OutBack Power Discuss the benefits of the Mate 3 Remote.
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BC Hydro Net Metering with HES PV
Join HES PV's Ed Knaggs and BC Hydro's Alevtina Akbulatova as they review BC's Solar Market, offer Selling Tools to installers, discuss the Net Metering Application Process and More - stay for a 15 min Q&A after the 45 min presentation.
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APsystems ARRAY APP Overview
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Fronius SnapINverters
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HES PV Presents Outback Radian & Mate
The 8kW Outback Radian can power off-grid buildings, backup a home or business, or grid-tie a home. Learn about battery based GT systems, net metering and how to work with generators. Learn how to expand your business scope with battery based inverter systems.
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MorningStar Charge Controllers
Join HES PV & MorningStar as we discuss the advantages of their Charge Controller line up.
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Fast-Rack GMX  Ground Mount Installation with Designer Dan Partridge
Join GMX Ground Mount Designer Dan Partridge as he reviews best practices for installing the freshly re-designed FR-GMX.
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BC Net Metering Program Overview
Join HES VP Ed Knaggs as he reviews the Net Metering Program and the proposed changes to it.
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Fast-Rack Solar Mounting Solutions
Join HES PV's Dan Partridge for an overview of solar mounting solutions and new products for 2017. See how the new TALON can launch you into our new lean installing program. Learn how HES PV can help you with engineering and building permit requirements.
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HES Surrette Big Battery Seminar
Join HES PV and Rolls as we discuss solar battery maintenance and sizing.
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Canadian Net Metering Financials Short
A 30 second short on a Canadian house's electrical production and solar offset.
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Solar Insurance Update with Hugh Woods Canada Ltd
Whether you are a residential Installer or EPC contractor you should consider the necessary insurances to protect your company, employees, and PV-projects. Find out more from our trusted partner Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. a Global Independent Insurance Broker.
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Why Hanwha Solar & HES PV
Hanhwa Solar is a World leading manufacturer of Solar Modules, while HES is an award winning solar distributor. Find out what makes these companies work so well together, and why you should choose Hanwha Solar panels for your next solar project. Call 1.866.258.0110 for more information.
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Batteries Surrette haute capacité – Inscrivez-vous maintenant!
Rejoignez l’équipe de HES & de Rolls Surrette pour tout connaitre sur l’optimisation du cycle de vie de vos batteries à grande capacité. Découvrez comment paramétrer la charge de l’onduleur, balancer les charges et maintenir la performance de vos banques de batteries. Session de Questions - Réponses avec le Guru de Surrette Steve Higgins. Sujets abordés: * Recharge de batteries haute capacité * Paramètres de l’onduleur * Égalisation * Maintenance
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Solar Install Slideshow
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Dave Egles - Founder
Through the years.
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Fast-Rack Advantages - Simplified Solar Racking Solutions with Daniel Partridge
Join HES PV & Fast Rack's mechanical engineer Daniel Partridge as he reviews the time and money saving advantages of the Fast-Rack Solar Racking System.
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Fronius Hinged System
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Bienvenue chez HES PV  |  Welcome to HES PV
Introduction à ses produits et services | An Introduction to HES Products and Services.
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HES Presents SolarEdge
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2B Green CBC Interview
CBC Interviews 2B Green's Bill Walton about solar's potential in Saskatchewan, and across the country.
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