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How-To Setup ThunderBird for Exchange Server 2010 Mail
In this Video, I am gonna show you the steps you need to configure the Thunderbird to see the Exchange server MailBox from the client. Here the Exquilla XPI API is the key component to install onto Thunderbird prior setting up Exchange MailBox. See the Video for detailed instruction
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How to Allow Network Connectivity in ESET Smart Security 6
Create new Rules and Zones to allow New Network or service or application connectivity on Eset Smart Security 6. This mainly focuses on Connectify-me Problems and Solutions
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How to Add Active Directory identity Source for Single Sign-On Authentication in vSphere 5 1
In this How-to Video, you will see how to add Active Directory Identity source for authentication in vSphere 5.1 for SSO integration.
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F18 Carrier Landing - Android Game HD Game Play
F18 Carrier Landing HD Game Play on Samsung Galaxy SII, A speed taxiing, take off and Flings in the Air, Sudden Knots decrement and Landing... Just to show the game play and Enjoyments you can have with the Game
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Windows 8 Release Preview Installation and Insider Views
This Video shows you the typical installation procedures for Windows 8 Release Preview Edition. This is done in VMware Workstation 8 Software, to give you general Idea about the new Windows 8 Installation screens and Options and Give you insider views of the New Gorgeous Windows 8. The later frames of this Video follows showing you the Windows 8 insider looks and new features and navigations through Menus and logging off, and shutting down. Sorry that this Video Has been affected by little memory dragging behavior.
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Burning Star Jilani at his Best Action
Satirically Taken Jilani Video for Chatrapathi Song. Filmed With Samsung Galaxy SII. Thanks to Our team: Jilani, Venkat, Balu, Raghu and myself
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Upgrading Hardware Compatibility in VMware Workstation 8
This Video focuses on upgrading your VMs hardware compatibility to the latest "8" version from existing versions. This applies to the powered off VMs only. It is GUI based manipulation and is one safest way to render the hardware changes
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ESET Website Got Hacked - Pwned!
See this video to witness the hacked website of ESET. Palestine Hackers pwned the ESET website and displays this info on ESET.
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Rajanna Singh - Talking Tom Fun
Blending Rajanna with Gabbar Singh For fun purposes. Not so fun maybe for you. For entertainment purposes Only
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How to Increase Pagefile in Windows
This video focuses on How-to Increase your systems Pagefile from default 1.5x RAM to desired to increase the Pagefile memory handling.
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How to Upload Longer Length or Longer Run-time Videos in YouTube
This video will show you how to upload longer length or run time; more than YouTube standard 15 minute limit. you just have to confirm your account with Mobile Number, where code sent to you mobile should be input in the next screen. One important thing is that, your Account should be in good standing and doesn't have any worldwide blocked contents videos.
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