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Serious Science: The Driftless Area
Solve one of geology's greatest mysteries of The Driftless Areas by exploring the strange ice age forces that helped this 15,000 square miles escape the crushing effects of glaciers for over 2 million years of repeated glaciation. Visit intotheoutdoors.org to learn more!
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Serious Science: Soybean Farming
Discover the savvy and science behind farming this little legume that has become a powerhouse in agriculture and industry. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
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Serious Science: The Science of Torpor
Did you ever wonder why we sleep so long at night? Find out in this Serious Science video. To learn more, visit intotheoutdoors.org
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Jacob takes plant diversity to a whole new level as he explores the science and technology of “aquaculture” where Aqua means “water” and “culture” means to grow. To find out more, visit our website at intotheoutdoors.org
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Corn Into Ethanol
From farm to your gas tank, discover how technology and biochemical reactions help convert corn into ethanol. To learn more, visit our website at intotheoutdoors.org
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Serious Science: History of Soy
Discover the rich history of soybean science and farming that began thousands of years ago in China. Find out how this little bean worked it way around the globe to become an international staple of life. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
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Serious Science: Comparing Fish Life Cycles
This video compares the life cycle of two species of fish that both live in Wisconsin's Wolf River. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
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Karst Topography
Learn the chemistry of how caves are formed in karst topography
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Serious Science: Biological Carrying Capacity
This video explores how fish and wildlife biologists manage natural resources for the overall health of certain species and the ecosystem where they live. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
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Wetlands Wisdom, Segment 2: Wile Rice Restoration
While Josh and Caroline try to find their way out of the marsh, Josie explores the role of wild rice in the native wetlands. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
The Anatomy of a Glacier
In this segment, Josh flies high above the land helping Emma in Mission Control to decode the anatomy of glaciers. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
Serious Science: Soybean Science
Discover some of the properties that make soy such a high demand product in today's industry and research. From animal feed to bio-fuels, to plastics, soy is also used in a host of everyday products. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
Trailer Dead Zone
Join the crew and scientists aboard the Great Lakes research vessel R/V Neeskay as they probe the depths of Green Bay in search of answers to decoding the dead zone
Chemistry of Life, Segment 3: Dairy Histories and Mysteries
Back in their ITO laboratory, Josh and Caroline step back in time to reveal historic events in the biochemical evolution of dairy science. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
Soy Savvy, Segment 1: Soy History Mystery
In this segment, the ITO team steps back in time to reveal how the soybean began its humble journey from China to America. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
Frac Sand Mining
Investigates the process of mining frac sand from sedimentary rock formations
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Serious Science: Sustainable Forests
This video is the classroom teaching companion to the Lesson Guide with the same title found on IntotheOutdoors.org
Dairy Farming, Segment 1: Introduction
Discover how a modern dairy farm, with the help of cows, can turn hay into milk. You'll also get an inside look at the technology and science they use in dairy farming.
Cracking Hydrocarbons
The science and technology of cracking hydrocarbon chains during refining of crude oil.
Sand Mining 101
Dig into the science and technology of hi-tech frac sand mining and its impacts on the environment.
Serious Science: A-maize-ing Corn
This Native American plant has come a long way thanks to new technologies, new seed varieties and precision-farming techniques. Visit intotheoutdoors.org to learn more!
Serious Science: Nitrogen Fixation
Find out the rare symbiotic relationship that soy has with soil bacteria that allows it to convert atmospheric nitrogen into forms it can use as natural fertilizer. It's a biochemical conversion called "nitrogen fixation". Very cool science.Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
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Serious Science: Native Relationship with Sturgeon
Explore the historic subsistence relationship between the Menominee people and the sturgeon. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
Ice Age Mysteries, Segment 2: Discovering Moraines and Kettles
In this segment, Josh and Caroline begin hiking the Ice Age Trail where they meet up with Lizzie, a budding glacial geologist who shares her understanding of how the ice shaped the land here. Visit intotheoutdoors.org to learn more!
Ethanol Primer
The ethanol story begins with a single kernel of corn in the springtime. But rather than tell you the whole story, you can learn by watching it in the video above. This overview depicts how that single kernel begins the transformation process that finally ends up in your car’s gas tank … with some chemical conversions and help from technology in between. To discover more, visit our website at intotheoutdoors.org
Water Pollution Solutions show
Discover the full story behind water pollution and solutions that face our landscape and watersheds.
Serious Science: Searching for Glacial Features
Discover how to explore for ice age features using your computer and curiosity with this video and the related lesson guide on intotheoutdoors.org.
Chemistry of Life, Segment 4: Kid Chemists at Home
Taking all that they've learned in the labs back into their kitchen at home, Josh and Caroline design some experiments using the scientific method. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
ITO Minute  Time for Torpor
A short course in the science of wildlife torpor
Amazing Eco-Trek Race, Segment 3: Hunger Games Archery
Hunger Games Archery -- Back at the race HQ, the teams get their next challenge -- archery competition. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
Energy Education Quiz
How much do you know about energy? What does the average person on the street know? Find out in this Serious Science video. To learn more about energy, visit our website at intotheoutdoors.org
Household Hazardous Waste & E Waste in the Environment
Discover sources and solutions to water pollution from household hazardous wastes and electronic waste.
Turning Crude Oil Into Fuels
How can science and technology convert the decomposed juices of ancient life into gasoline that powers our vehicles, lubricants to run our machines, and even the asphalt to pave our roads? Watch this video to find out. To learn more, visit our website at intotheoutdoors.org
Household Hazardous Waste, Segment 9: How Does it Affect Us?
Visit intotheoutdoors.org to learn more!
Impacts of Frac Sand Mining
Discover how mining frac sand impacts the environment and how miners use technology to minimize impacts.
Sand Techno Engineering
Discover the technology and engineering used in modern frac sand mining operations.
Plant Growth & Reproduction
Next, Caroline reveals the truth behind the old saying, “as busy as a bee”. She decodes the science of how most plants produce “fruit” that holds their reproductive seeds. Visit intotheoutdoors.org
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Serious Science: Technology In Conservation
New technology has changed how scientists can study fish. Plus, scientists often combine several technologies to give them more information. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
Water Pollution Solution study
New study reveals real solutions to water pollution in watersheds
Here Fishy-Fishy, Segment 4
Finally, Jacob is invited to take part in the Menominee Sturgeon Feast and Celebration Pow Wow where he meets with Menominee people and earns a greater sense of the true meaning of this historic and culturally rich celebration of the Menominee people. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org
Pipeline Technology
Decodes the engineering and technology of transporting hydrocarbons through pipelines
Algal Bloom Biology
Discover the biology and chemistry of toxic algal blooms
Into the Outdoors: Amazing Eco-Trek Race
In the first challenge of their journey, the ITO team takes to the twisting and ancient river course of the Kickapoo River. Learn more at intotheoutdoors.org

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