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Autism service dog helps protect boy
Taking care of an autistic child will never be worry-free. But one local family is sleeping a little easier with the help of a service dog.
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Unexpected encourter lands local boy a date for prom
For most of us, prom is a night to remember, but for one local kid, his prom included a special guest.
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Eye Piece: Beyond the Egg
In this week's Eye Piece, News 8 Photographer John Schmidt focuses on something else chicken's can do, that many people might not be aware of.
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Not your average elementary school teacher
Kevin Bonnar, a second grade teacher from Eagle Bluff Elementary in Onalaska, is October's Top Notch Teacher.
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MSHSL State Cross Country
MSHSL State Cross Country
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Ride along with state patrol for I-90/94 Challenge
It's a challenge spanning coast to coast. The Interstate 90/94 Challenge has state patrol agencies from Massachusetts to Washington state teaming up to make your drive a little safer.
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Survey: 3 out of 10 Americans don't have emergency savings
About 30 percent of Americans say they do not have any emergency savings. That's the highest number on record since bankrate.com started doing surveys five years ago, but researchers have a clear picture as to why.
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New Wisconsin law permits switchblades
For over 50 years, Wisconsin law has prohibited the possession and sale of switchblade knives, but a new law signed by Gov. Scott Walker this weekend now makes them legal.
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High schooler gives rose to every girl for Valentine’s Day
On Valentines Day, it's easy for those without a special someone to feel left out. But one local high school boy is making sure every girl feels the love today.
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The Ping Sisters: Sister act on the track
On Saturday, the top runners in the Three Rivers will head to Rushford-Peterson for the conference track and field meet.
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An inside look at heroin withdrawal
Opiates are easier to get hooked on than a lot of other drugs out there, and harder to quit.
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Assignment: Education - Wiggle Seat
Seat cushions that encourage movement while learning
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Onalaska nurse shares painful story of addiction to
Onalaska nurse shares painful story of addiction to prescription drugs
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Severe Sleep Apnea is More Likely to Lead to Other Severe
A new study shows that people suffering from severe sleep apnea are almost twice as likely to die early.
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Disabled students transition to life after high school with
Transitioning to life after high school is tough enough and it can be even more challenging for students with disabilities.
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Fitness challenge: A day in the life of a firefighter
It seems reasonable that in order to be a firefighter you should be physically fit, however, a new survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than 70 percent of firefighters are obese or overweight.
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Tomah's Knutson plays for sister with Cerebral Palsy
Tomah senior Amber Knutson doesn't play basketball seeking a scholarship or aiming for awards.
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Embattled Town of Campbell police chief is out
The town came to terms with Chief Tim Kelemen and his lawyer Thursday night.
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2/27/16 - WIAA State Individual Wrestling Tournament – All Divisions
2/27/16 - WIAA State Individual Wrestling Tournament All Divisions
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Assisted living staff shortage
Some of the highest-demanding jobs are also some of the lowest-paying jobs. And those who work in assisted living, know that low wages for a high-responsibility job can lead to a shortage of staff.
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Vietnam War vets reunite after 44 years
Retired Marines from places like Illinois, Wisconsin and as far as California traveled to Onalaska, Saturday to reunite with those they served with during the Vietnam War.
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Understand the frac sand mining process
Frac sand mining is the mining of sand that is used in the fracking process to get oil and natural gas out of the ground.
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FULL INTERVIEW: Robin Yount and Paul Molitor
News 8's Ryan Rodig sits down with Hall of Fame recipients and former Milwaukee Brewers Robin Yount and Paul Molitor.
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Hands on Gardening - Spider Plant
It's a plant that's known to reduce indoor air pollution and it's easy to take care of.
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Town of Campbell police chief charged with misdemeanor
Chief Tim Kelemen has been charged with a misdemeanor count of unlawful use of a computerized communication system.
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Two girls help save football season
When word got out the Hornets might have to cancel its season, two girls stepped up.
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2/24/17 - Wrestling - WIAA Individual State Championship Finals
2/24/17 - Wrestling - WIAA Individual State Championship Finals
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Hands On Gardening - Maple Tree Diseases
In today's Hands on Gardening, Cory Malles shows us a few different kinds of diseases that affect maple trees and how you can treat them
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3/18/17 - Boys Basketball - WIAA Division 2 State Championship - Cedarburg 53, Central 55
3/18/17 - Boys Basketball - WIAA Division 2 State Championship - Cedarburg 53, Central 55
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Sports specialization: Looking at the research
When you are ten-years-old it might be hard to name your favorite color without hesitation, never mind the sport you might want to play for the next five, ten, maybe even 15 years.
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Green Packers 2017 NFL Draft day 3 wrap up
News 8 Sports Director GreggWavrunekbreaks down day 3 of the NFL Draft for the Green Bay Packers
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Newborn Car Seat Safety Awareness
blank_pageA recent study finds car seats may restrict a newborn baby's breathing.
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Later school start time has surprising results
You may have thought your teen sleeping in was a sign of laziness, but there's scientific proof as to why they're late risers
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Dying with Dignity: Respecting choices with end of life care
Death is not something any of us like to think about, much less talk about with our loved ones.
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Death doula guides patients, families through death process
Many have heard of midwives or birth doulas who help women through pregnancy and child birth, but a new profession, often known as death doulas or death midwives, is emerging to help patients on the other end of life.
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West Salem's Jack Gorniak
A new season is underway after the West Salem/Bangor boys hockey program made it's first ever state appearance last March.
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How first responders deal with trauma after incidents
Being a first responder is stressful. After an incident, emergency responders have a group of volunteers to help.
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U.S. facing major teacher shortage
The country is facing its first major teacher shortage since the 1990's. Officials with the teaching program at Winona State University say the problem is getting worse.
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UW-L students complain about food service switchover
UW-L administrators said the switchover to Sodexo is not going as smoothly as they'd hoped.
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UW-L students squeeze into campus dorms
The newest residence hall, Eagle Hall, was built to make more space for students but some are still finding themselves in overflow housing.
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Wisconsin State Troopers get first pay raise in six years
Troopers said not only will this move put more money in their pockets it will also attract more law enforcement officials to the state patrol.
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King, Kale reminisce about high school career at La Crosse Central
La Crosse Central will face Waunakee Friday afternoon in the WIAA Division 2 boys basketball state semifinals.
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Students Shave Heads for Classmate
Most families never expect to watch their child go through cancer, but when a tragedy like that happens, sometimes they find an extended family they didn't think they had.
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Officials explain when defending with force is OK
A business owner who shot an alleged shooter is not being charged because of Wisconsin self-defense laws.
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2-year degrees may make more than bachelor's degree
Freshman Grant Wills chose Western Technical College for its programs and its price.
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Holmen kid retires Packers jersey after setting new record of 1,612 days
After more than four years of wearing his Aaron Rodgers football jersey every day, a 13-year-old Holmen boy has decided to retire it.
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Caledonia's Kings grow up quickly
Sophomore Owen King with 1,326 career points has already tied the Caledonia boys basketball all-time record.
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Crowded Dorm Rooms at UW La Crosse
To build its new academic building UW-L had to knock down two residence halls.
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More inmates going through heroin withdrawal behind bars
The growing heroin problem in the La Crosse area is leading to more and more addicts winding up in jail, and going through withdrawal.
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Koenig working strong mind, strong body in offseason workouts
La Crosse Aquinas graduate and Badgers junior Bronson Koenig is focused on getting better whether by traditional, or non-traditional means for a basketball player.
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