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*Plant 'Flame' Mimosa Trees* +Correctly+Albizia julibrissin+
http://www.tytyga.com/Mimosa-Trees-s/1883.htm Plant a Mimosa Tree in your yard for a fast growing flowering shade tree. The Mimosa Tree can reach a height of 50 feet tall when grown in optimal conditions. The flowers of the Mimosa trees can be white, pink or rarely red. The delicate flowers are abundant over a long period of time and pleasingly fragrant, and the Mimosa tree leaves turn brilliant yellow, gold and orange in the fall. The Mimosa Tree is a beautiful, fast growing flowering tree that can grow to a mature height of 30 feet. The Mimosa tree can grow as much as 3 feet in a year and the tropical look of the fern-like leaves is very desirable to the homeowner who likes to grow lawn grass underneath the filtered shade. the shape of the mature tree has that exotic, Oriental, Windblown look that is asymmetrical. The Mimosa tree is a legume and can enrich the soil with Nitrogen fixing bacteria that grow in soil around the roots. The flowers of the mimosa are unique in form and can vary in color from red to pink and rarely white. the most popular flower color is the rosy red, and the exotic stamens are clustered narrow filaments that glitter like silk threads, and the tree is also called, the silk tree. The Mimosa tree is cold hardy to New York and thrives as far South as Florida. Well adapted for most soil profiles, the Mimosa tree easily sustains its vigor through extended droughts. During the Fall the leaves change to a glowing yellow color, and the tiny leaflets disappear quickly into the grass, requiring no raking. Mimosa trees are often found planted in Memorial Gardens and in Cemeteries, because after the first spectacular flowering spectacle in May, several flowering episodes follow and often continue all the way into the Fall. Remember to order your Mimosa tree from Ty Ty Nursery, where they are guaranteed to live and the fast shipment will deliver your order right to your doorstep. The Mimosa tree will be expertly packaged for secure delivery.We ship these trees from upstate New York to Illinois and then south to Texas. You can order these trees from our website, tytyga.com.
*Plant White Dogwood Trees* +Correctly+Native American Trees+
http://www.tytyga.com/Fastest+Growing+Flowering+Trees Planting a White Dogwood tree near your home provides for beauty and shade, the White Dogwood tree can grow to 35 feet tall at maximum maturity. The Dogwood tree is a native American tree growing tree and is cold hardy in every State but North Dakota and MN. Dogwood trees are known for their white flowers that illuminate the forest in the spring time. The flowers of the dogwood open with 4 bracts, commonly called flower petals growing into a white flower that is shaped like a white cross. Many people believe that the delicious fragrance and the white cross form have a deep religious significance. The dogwood tree is commonly found growing as an under-story tree in the forest, and most gardeners plant the dogwood under other shade trees where they grow very well, even under pine trees a place where very little else will grow. The white dogwood tree is a medium sized tree that grows to about 20 feel tall and the same width. Dogwood trees are resistant to drought and can be grown in full sun, although they grow better underneath large shade trees like Oaks and Maples. The Dogwood tree is the most popular flowering tree that is planted in the United States, and the popularity began in the 17th century when the early settlers arrived, and even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had them planted at their plantations in Virginia. You can order these trees from our website directly, tytyga.com.
*South African Pretoria Canna Lily* +Rare,Variegated 'Striped Beauty'+
http://www.tytyga.com/default.asp The rare South African Pretoria Canna Lily bulb called striped beauty Canna is very vigorous lily, unlike most other variegated canna lily plants.. The Pretoria leaves are marked with prominent, white parallel lines that run the entire length of the leaves. The Orange flowers of the Pretoria canna lily are iridescent with wide petals and cold hardy to USDA zone 8.
*Northern Pecan Trees* + 'James' Pecan Bears+ PA, NY, & IL+
http://www.tytyga.com/category/Pecan+... More information on Cold Hardy Fruit Trees can be found here at - http://www.tytyga.com/Cold-Hardy-Frui... Northern gardeners can plant the new Northern James Pecan tree variety that can produce delicious paper shell nuts that survive in northern temperatures, ice and snow. The Pecan tree is a native American tree that was originally found growing on river banks in Illinois by the early American explorers of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The first Pecan nuts were sent by the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the earliest American Seed and Tree Nursery named the Prince Nursery in Flushing, New York in 1732. The delicious flavor of this native Pecan created national sensation for eating and planting this new nut tree discovery in America and many of these nuts and trees were exported to Europe. This Northern Pecan tree Nursery in Flushing, New York attracted the attention of George Washington and also Thomas Jefferson, who all planted Pecan trees that became very productive of delicious nuts in plantations in Northern Virginia. Benjamin Franklin also visited this mushy New York Nursery where he bought Pecan trees for his own expense for his home orchard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Northern James Pecan tree nuts shell out easily because the paper shell thinness that is perfect for fresh eating, toasting or baking favorable Pecan Pie. You can plant your own orchard of Cold Hardy Pecan trees now. If you plant the Cold Hardy Northern James Pecan tree whether you live in New York, Illinois or Pennsylvania and this new hybrid Pecan tree will survive the Winter with no damage from the below zero temperatures, ice and snow. Remember, you can call Ty Ty Nursery, a pecan tree nursery located on US Highway 82 between Tifton and Albany, Georgia, and get expert advice on planting or cross-pollination of Pecan trees because the Northern James Pecan crop ripens in September, you can harvest your nuts before the snow and ice sets in. You can have your crunchy, delicious Pecans ready to eat during the Holidays. Experimental plantings for conducted for several years in the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia. It was established that the Northern James Pecan will ripen in the Fall and early September whether its grown in Florida or New York. Don't forget to order your Northern James Pecan trees now for fast shipping that will be delivered right to your door step. It is not unusual for an eight foot size Pecan tree to bear nuts the very first year. Call Ty Ty Nursery now for fast shipment and a chance to eat nuts from your own trees next season. THE TRUTH ABOUT COLD HARDY OR 'HARDY' PECAN TREES. It is a fact that President George Washington and President Thomas Jefferson grew pecans from pecan trees that they purchased from the first American Commercial Nursery, "Prince Nursery" in Flushing, New York, a nursery that documented in historical publications, the Presidents' horticultural interests that led to their onsite New York visits and purchases An unfortunate and little known, or discussed fact is that these Presidential purchased pecan trees were "Seedling Pecan Trees" grown from wild seed, not the improved, grafted type trees that are grown, promoted and offered for sale today by reputable nurseries. There is an enormous difference in Seedling Pecan Trees and Grafted Pecan trees, since the Grafted trees are always (100 percent) reliable in producing the same predictable high quality and large sized nuts every year. Seedling pecan trees are also called 'wild pecan trees', because the nut characteristics are completely chaotic, random and unpredictable. The size of a wild seedling hardy pecan nut can be as tiny as an M&M peanut or as large as a normal commercial pecan, but the outcome of planting a wild seedling hardy pecan tree is absolutely unknowable until you wait an expected 15 years to test the nut size or perhaps, other nightmarish surprises that may await you. The flavor of the non-grafted seedling pecans also may be bitter as a result of natural inter-crossing with bitternuts or pignut tree hybrids in the forest wild setting. The pecan shell thickness may be thick or papershell, depending on the genetic code that was transmitted by the wild hardy seedling pecan from the two parent trees. There are many other characteristics that are not discussed in this article that could explain the undesirability of buying inexpensive "Hardy Pecan Trees". The word "Hardy" is an adjective that has been used .
*Enjoy Pink Muhly Grass* +Pink Flower+Fall Flower Plumes+
Ty Ty Nursery has Pink Muhly grass for sale now! http://www.tytyga.com/product/Pink+Muhly+Grass+Plant Pink Muhly grass is one of the most important ornamental, garden grasses to dramatically appear during the fall, when in October, the spectacle of pink flowers first appears, densely moving in the slightest puff of air, then vibrantly switching to-and-fro, atop deep tiny, tubular green filaments. The brilliant clumping waves of hot pink, grassy substance will freshly illuminate any boring background landscape or uninteresting edifice. The advent of Fall, cooling temperatures intensively increases a rapid progression into the more vivid pink tones, until a sudden December temperature drop, permanently changes the fixed pink coloration into a warm gold color that will persist as an ornamental treasure until January. These fascinating pictures were filmed at the South Georgia Banking Company, Tift Avenue Site, Tifton, Georgia, but South Georgia banking company also has banks located in Omega, Ga., Cordele, Ga., and Moultrie, Georgia. Plant now before it is too late to plant.
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*Hawaiian Blue Ginger Lily* +Plant Fragrant Ginger Bulbs+SALE+
http://www.tytyga.com/Blue-Ginger-p/blue-ginger-lily-bulbs.htm Blue Ginger Lilies are one of the rarest flowering perennials in the United States, and this beautiful plant was imported exclusively by Ty Ty Nursery in 1978 from Hawaii where it grows profusely as a native plant. The Blue Ginger Lily grows form a bulb that surprisingly is cold hardy to zero degrees F. It survived the January freeze that devastated most nursery plants in the record freeze of January in they year 1983 in Southern Georgia and then bloomed in September of 1983. Bees love the fragrant yellow pollen from this vibrant purple cluster of iridescent flowers. The Blue Ginger Lily responds rapidly from light fertilization and grows best in some shade into stalks of approximately 3 feet in height. The radiant blue flowers of the blue ginger lily, unlike most flowering perennials, begins blooming in September, and continues until frost. Order your blue ginger lily bulbs from Ty Ty Nursery now which will be delivered in a hurry from UPS right to your front doorstep. To update this wonderful video on Dec. 18. 2016. our gingers were more beautiful than ever before. Try getting yours this year for fall flowering next year.
*White Flowering Dogwood Tree* +Cornus florida+Dogwood Nursery+
http://www.tytyga.com/Weaver-Select-W... Dogwood Tree Nursery, Cornus florida White Flowering Dogwood Trees are a great spring flowering tree addition to the landscape, along with the pink dogwood tree and the red flowering dogwood trees. The Dogwood flowering trees are available from Ty Ty Nursery. Buy and plant the White Flowering Dogwood Trees in your yard for beautiful flowers that last for weeks. You can grow the white flowering Weaver dogwood trees in Texas, Georgia and Florida. You can order your dogwood trees from our website, tytyga.com and they will be shipped directly to your office location or your home.
#Japanese Persimmon Tree* +'Tam-O-Pan' Grafted+ALT Dream Fruit+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Tam-O-Pan+Persimmon+Tree Japanese hybrid 'Tam-o-pan' persimmon trees are extremely productive of huge, dark-orange fruits that hang on the drooping limbs of the trees that have a distinctive ring around the middle of the fruit. .The 'Tamopan' persimmon tree is known as a grafted commercially, highly productive Japanese persimmon tree. The 'Tam-o-pan' Japanese persimmon is usually picked from the tree when completely orange in color and allowed to get soft before eating, but the flavor is distinctive and sweetly delicious. The soft persimmon fruit usually reaches its sweet taste climax in November, and many growers prefer to pick the fruit, when it first changes color. This delicious persimmon tree grows well from North Carolina, Texas and Florida. You will find that the best time to plant persimmon trees is when the trees are dormant in the fall, winter and spring.
*Plant American Chestnut Trees* +Native TREE Bearing+2018+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/America... - Castanea dentata - American Chestnut Trees were once the most important native forest trees in the USA. The trees were tall and almost branch-less for the first 50 feet of growth and the dense lumber was very hard and valuable because of its long life and resistance to rotting. The imported Chestnut Blight disease almost wiped out the huge population of American Chestnut trees but some trees have shown to be resistant to the disease and plant breeders have been working hard to reestablish chestnut trees as the most important forest trees in America. The American Chestnut trees begin flowering in early spring and the limbs are covered with snow white flowers that develop in two nuts, transcribing into 2 or 3 clusters. The nuts are sweet and delicious when ripe in the Fall and they tumble down to the ground to be collected for eating during the holiday season. The Chestnuts were very important for a Winter food source to the early Native American Indians and the Chestnuts are a favorite food for wildlife animals and game birds. Early American settlers on the Appalachian Mountains fattened their livestock animals on chestnuts and sent truck loads of the nuts to various states by the brisk demand for the Christmas season. Botanist discovered a grove of American trees growing up to 43 feet that were producing flowers and nuts in the year 2006 at warm springs Georgia where former president Franklin Roosevelt vacationed during WW-2. This surprising discovery offers hope that the American Chestnut can be planted in many areas of the USA to be establish this valuable tree for its famous lumber and nut crops. You can order your American Chestnut trees from Ty Ty Nursery and for a limited time you can get free shipping that is a 25% discount for you. Call now and order your trees at 18887582252 The American chestnut trees have practically disappeared from the native American landscape because of a chestnut blight that entered the United States many years ago. American chestnut trees are now available from Ty Ty Nursery that were grown from seed that were obtained from native trees that were resistant to the blight and have grown to very large size that is necessary for American Chestnut seed production. These native American trees are available for shipment to New York, Michigan and Texas. Order your chestnut trees now in the fall, winter or spring while they are dormant.
*Plant Blue Wisteria Vines* +Correctly=BEST Fragrant Flowers+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Wisteri... Wisteria vines are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring The blue flowers have a sweet fragrance and the wisteria vines can be staked so as to become woody, and made into a flowering wisteria tree. The Wisteria vines also can flower in colors of blue, purple and pink. White wisteria flowering trees are early blooming and sweetly perfumed flowers. Wisteria vines are very fast growing vines that will twine around branches and climb the tallest trees, lattices and pergolas rapidly. Wisteria is best used when planted to climb across wires and to grow horizontally across open structured lattice roofs that cover terraces and patios. When Wisteria is planted to grow on these structures, the purple flower clusters of wisteria vines will bloom vigorously, and the perfumed weeping flowers hang down like clusters of grapes, and the delicious aroma of wisteria is very similar to that of ripe grapes. Wisteria vines are one of the first plants to flower in the spring, and the blue-purple flowers are the most popular to buy, but white wisteria vines are also available to buy but very rare, but even rarer is the aromatic, delicate pink wisteria. Flowering is best in full sun, and practically any soil profile is favorable for growing wisteria vines, and this plant is extremely drought resistant and will grow undemanding, without any maintenance once established. In the South wisteria vines are commonly planted at the base of trees, especially pine tree, trees that the vine climbs up rapidly and easily. The showy flowers hang like blue dangling grape clusters, and the slightest gust of wind will perfume the air with a sweet aroma of grapes. For a limited time you can order your wisteria vines and get free shipping, and that you save on a 25% discount. Call Ty Ty nursery now and order your wisteria vines for your fast growing, vigorous flowering vines with beautiful blue flower clusters with a sweet fragrance. The blue wisteria vine is cold hardy from New York to Minnesota and south to Texas.
*Giant Fuyu Persimmon Tree* +Grafted Japanese Persimmon Trees+N
http://www.tytyga.com/Fuyugaki-Persimmon-Tree-p/fuyugaki-persimmon-tree.htm There are many kinds of Fuyu persimmon cultivars, but Ty Ty Nursery only sells the Giant Fuyu Cultivar that is immune to disease and insect pests. The Giant Fuyu Persimmon is seedless and matures into an orange or red tomato shaped fruit that is very sweet to the taste with a distinctive aroma of a fruity perfume. The Fuyu Persimmon can be eaten even in the firm developmental stage, but the best flavor comes when the fruit is slightly soft, but some people prefer to allow the fruit to become very soft at the red color skin stage, when the inside pulp has a thick jelly-like consistency. Fuyu persimmons are very sweet to taste, balanced by a slightly acid flavor and most commonly are eaten by scooping out the pulp with a spoon. In the firm stage persimmons are often peeled and sliced into pieces with a knife. The Fuyu can be dried like other fruits for eating during the winter or spring when fresh persimmons are not available. Persimmon puddings are very delicous when eaten after being freshly baked from the oven, and persimmon cookies have a distinctive aroma and taste like nothing else. The Ty Ty Persimmon trees are grafted onto a black rootstock that is completely resistant to nematodes in the soil. Its easy to order giant Fuyu persimmon trees online or just call us at Ty Ty to place your order that will be sent fast by UPS, and every tree is guaranteed to live.
*Red Globe Peach Tree* +Eat Ripe Peaches+1st Year+2018+
http://www.tytyga.com/Peach-Trees-s/1863.htm Red Globe peach trees are heavy bearers of delicious free-stone peaches that ripen in June and July for easy picking for fresh peach ice cream. Ty Ty Nursery is ready to ship your peach trees right now by UPS or the US Postal service, to be delivered to your home location or to your orchard site. Order now, while the peach trees are dormant and ready to find a permanent residence at your orchard. We guarantee our 'Red Globe' peach trees to live and hope that you will order now before it's too late to plant. We ship our peach trees to New York, Michigan and south to Florida and Texas.
*Shagbark Hickory Tree* +Carya ovata+Rich Oily Nut+2018+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Shagbark+Hickory+Tree The Shagbark Hickory Tree, Carya ovata, has delicious tasty oil kernels. This Hickory tree is native to much of the southeaster states, like Georgia, Florida and Texas, and shagbark hickories are cold hardy when planted in New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois and have survived below temperatures of minus 40 degrees below zero F with a high survival rate and rapid recovery of fresh growth the following season. The thin green husk that surrounds the shagbark hickory nut turns brown or black after the nuts ripen. The shagbark nuts are fully ripe in September, and the ripe nuts fall on the ground, being released from the black hull where many birds and wildlife animals crack them and eat them all fall and winter. There are about three, or sometimes two clusters of nuts at the end of the fruiting limbs, and the individual nut harvest from a single tree can be enormous. For many nut growers the rich intense flavor and taste of the crunchy kernels is better, even than that of the commercially grown pecan that is now grown by millions of pounds in Texas, Georgia and Florida. Because the hickory nut kernels are so dense and hard, it is very difficult to locate commercially shelled kernels of the shagbark hickory nuts, except sometimes there are ads in the Georgia Farmers Market Bulletin published by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Mr. Black, in this Atlanta, Georgia mass publication. There is an enormous difficulty in extracting these gourmet flavored hickory nut pieces from the nuts because of the pressurized compacted shells. William Bartram, the early American explorer, described in his travels to the early American colonies where he found that the Indians soaked the nuts during the night causing the shells to float away from the kernels when extracting the ivory white kernels, and the Indians used the hickory nut kernels as a major source of their diet. The kernel pieces were floated away and ground into a meal that was used to flavor their hominy grits and their cornbread. The hickory nuts were sold by the Indians to the colonists who used them to flavor meats and poultry. If you use hickory nuts in chocolate fudge preparations, you will create that the taste provides a memorable experience from the rich deep taste and aroma of the hickory nut pieces. As a functioning 70 foot shade tree, the shagbark hickory tree is perfect with the extra bonus of delicious hickory nut kernels, and firewood, to the flavor of meats and poultry or hickory smoked hams. The shagbark tree thrives on very wet soils and can aid in drying out wetlands or providing shelter for wildlife animals. The shaggy bark develops on the trunk of the shagbark hickory tree, thus giving its descriptive name to this tree. The inner bark of the hickory trees is very dense and heavy and that makes it ideal for the commercial manufacturing of high quality furniture, shovel handles of tools and gold clubs. The dense wood is used to make charcoal since the wood and charcoal are slow burning to give heat that is long lasting. When food is scarcest in the cold winters, wildlife conservationists use shagbark hickory trees to provide food for the wildlife animals and birds like deer, doves and squirrels. The hican tree forms hybrid is an accidental genetic cross of the pecan and shagbark hickory which is an enormous sized nut that combines the innate characteristics of both of the parents used. You can order your hickory trees from Ty Ty Nursery in Ty Ty, Georgia either by phone or mail or online and we will promptly deliver your tree by UPS directly to your office or home address, and the hickory trees are guaranteed to live. If you are interested in ordering these hickory trees online or by phone, call tytyga.com for fast delivery by UPS or the US Postal Service. It is best to plant these hickory trees in the fall, winter or spring while the trees are still dormant.
*Rare Medlar Tree* +Cold Hardy+Grows @ MI, NY & Florida+
http://www.tytyga.com/Medlar-Trees-s/... Look no further for more information on Cold Hardy Fruit Trees - http://www.tytyga.com/Cold-Hardy-Frui... Hardly anyone you know has ever seen a Medlar Tree that grows in almost all of the United States being a very cold hardy fruit surviving cold temperatures of minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. The Medlar fruit grows to about the size of a large plum and matures into a chocolate color with an exciting aroma and a flavor that is indescribably delicious and pleasing to your senses. Most fruit growers prefer to let the Medlar fruit remain on the tree until past the last frost. You pick it once its ripe, soft, and ready to eat. The Medlar fruit develops a unique and complex combination of flavors when its fully ripe and its best to eat fresh off the tree but tasty when stewed, roasted, or cooked into pies or jelly. The Medlar tree is a spectacular specimen when planted in your garden and during the fall leaf color change, leaves turn from a waxy green to a blazing orange-red and silver before dropping off the tree and exposing multiple Medlars hanging onto the tree until they are picked after the softness means the fruit is ready to be eaten. The Medlar tree can grow to about 12-15 ft at a slow rate and often Medlars can be grown on these trees in the first year if the tree is about 5 ft. in height. If you like growing delicious fruit or experimenting with new varieties that are rare to find and easy to grow, the Medlar tree is an excellent choice for your garden. Planting time for Medlars is now and Ty Ty Nursery is offering free shipping on your order now and that means a savings of 25%. Plant your tree now so that your tree roots can be fully established and possibly eat fresh Medlars that are trees that are guaranteed to grow and live the first year of planting. Don't miss another season and the opportunity to grow your own Medlar trees this year. Medlar trees are ready for you to order for immediate shipment. For the most cold hardy tree, the Medlar you can plant them in New York, MN and Idaho.
*Loblolly Pine Tree* +Plant Correctly+Fast Growing Privacy Screen+
http://www.tytyga.com/Fastest+Growing...For more information on Street Shade Trees follow the link below - http://www.tytyga.com/Shade-Street-Tr... Planting a Loblolly Pine tree can provide you with an excellence source of shade and privacy, The Loblolly Pine tree is fast growing and can grow to a height of 90 feet tall. Home owners often find that by planting the loblolly pine trees about 6 feet apart in lines in front of their house will bring privacy in a matter of months, since these pine trees are so fast growing and provide an excellent shade as an evergreen tree. The evergreen loblolly pine trees grow well from Texas to Virginia to Florida. Loblolly Pine trees are one of the most important privacy trees for screening out automobiles noises and toxic car exhaust fumes. The lower limbs of the Loblolly Pine tree grow parallel to the ground and will block out disagreeable traffic sounds. Planting Loblolly Pines 6 feet apart will give you blockage up to 6 feet high in just 2 years and the Pine will grow 2-3 feet per year being the fastest growing evergreen Pine Tree available. Because the Loblolly Pine tree is evergreen, it will grow rapidly even during the Winter when many other deciduous trees are dormant. The Loblolly Pine is adapted to grow fast in most temperatures and most States in the U.S. Whether the soil is poor or rich, the Loblolly grows rapidly to a mature height of 90 feet. The Loblolly trees were first planed in the Lumber Plantation for boards to build houses, and also made into pulp to make newspaper for books or newspaper. Many homes today plant Loblolly Pines trees to outline the borders of their property. Wildlife birds and animals such as Turkeys and Deer seek habitat refuge in groves of Loblolly Pine trees and the Pine nuts are an excellent source of food for Winter wildlife food plots. Remember, TyTy Nursery is offering Free Shipping for a limited time and that is a discount of 25% call today!
*Plant Pampas Grass* +Correctly+Fast Growing Privacy Screen+
http://www.tytyga.com/Fastest+Growing... Further research/information on Fast Growing Shrubs can be found here - http://www.tytyga.com/Fast-Growing-Sh... Pampas grass, Cortaderia selloana, is a very beautiful formal ornamental grass with a naturalized appearance topped by elegant white plumes that contains fluffy seed that can float for miles. Planted in rows pampas grass forms a fast growing privacy barrier that sends up 8 ft. tall plumes and white fluff that glitter in sunlight like white clouds and brightens up the dark areas of your garden. Very few plants grow vigorously in wetlands or even in coastal areas but pampas grass is cold hardy and grows in any soil profile, poor soils or rich organic earth mixtures. Pampas grass is so salt water tolerant that it can flourish in sand dunes that are occasionally washed by ocean waves or lawns that have uneven terrains with high slopes. Pampas grass helps to stop erosion and stands out dramatically in the landscape with a exotic tropical look. Since pampas grass arrives in any soil profile and grows so fast, it is useful in western states to combat winds and noise and can even thrive in alkaline soils to reduce street noise. Very few plants are as tough in the environment as pampas grass and the dense cover will attract all types of wildlife and birds. Pampas grass is virtually immune to damage or attacks by insects or disease. Best of all pampas grass requires no upkeep or maintenance and will survive for years as a privacy screen at no cost once it becomes established. Urban areas such as parking lots or shopping malls often use pampas grass in cities to soften the hard look on the surfaces of concrete brick walls or metal signs, and the noise of automobiles is shut out. The toxic choking fumes of automobiles exhaust gases are absorbed by the fast growing dense layers of leaves. Believe it or not pampas grass is on sale at a 25 % discount and shipping is free for a limited time only. The pampas grass grown as an ornamental grass are cold hardy enough to be grown from New York to Florida South and the west to Texas.
*Peach Tree* +GA Peach Orchard+Nursery Production+Juicy+
http://www.tytyga.com/Peach-Trees-s/1... is famous for 2 crops, Cotton and peaches. Ty Ty can guide you to select the right peach for your garden. If you plant now you won't miss a season of fresh, mouth-watering peaches. Some peach varieties require minimum chill hours to produce fruit. Ty Ty can tell you what variety to plant. Some peaches are free-stone and easily separate the pulp from the seed. Order your peach trees from Ty Ty Now! They're ready for immediate shipment. Peaches are divided into two types commercially, the freestone and the cling-stone: the freestone means that the seed (stone) can be more easily eaten out of hand, and the free-stone peach is most often used in cooking or preserving as peach pickles. The freestone peach is most commonly sold in the grocery stores. The seed (pit) of the peach contains a chemical substance, cyanogenic glycosides that is toxic if consumed by crushing the seed, but some uses have been found to use as medicinal treatment experiments. Peach trees are cold hardy and can be grown from New York to Florida, and over to Texas.
*Plant Carolina Jasmine Vines* +Yellow Trumpet Flower+Fragrant+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Carolina+Jasmine The Carolina Jasmine Vine is a very fast growing evergreen vine that rapidly covers privacy fencing and the vines give a barrier to the street noises. The bright green leafs absorb the choking fumes of automobiles that are rapidly converted into refreshing-breathable oxygen. The Carolina Jasmine Vine is a native american vine that grows in in the forest from VA and westwards TX. Carolina Jasmine Vines will flower abundantly from late Winter and early Spring. The Exotic yellow trumpet shaped flowers are a brilliant yellow like ripe bananas and the air is filled with delicious fragrance and the growth of the plant during the increase of the blooming period in which accelerates into a flowering climax in April and May that begins in February and last for months unlike most flowering vines that have a limited blooming period of about two weeks. The Carolina Jasmine Vine will climb any obstacle in its path and this vine will rapidly block out neighbors yards or like most native american plants the Caroline Jasmine Vine requires no maintenance once the Vines are established. These plants will grow vigorously in most soil profiles. This vine is an excellent container plant and is often grown as topiary vines and as excellent ground covers. You can order your vines right now for a limited time for free shipping opportunity that means you save 25% on the price of your vines. Order now, your vines are ready and are shipping now. Plant a yellow flowering Carolina vine for bright fences, walls and tree climbers.
*Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree* +'Akebone' Flowers 1st Year+
http://www.tytyga.com/Akebone-Flowering-Cherry-p/akebone-cherry-tree.htm Akebone Flowering Cherry Tree is a pink flowering cherry tree, guaranteed to take your breath away with its pleasing aroma. Start your new year off right by planting a dormant Akebone Japanese Flowering cherry tree in your landscape for dazzling flowers in the early spring. The Akebone flowering cherry trees are the first, delicate pink, flowering Japanese cherry trees to flower in the spring. The clusters of pink blossoms appear before the leaves form. Ty Ty Nursery ships these trees from New York to Illinois and south to Florida and Texas. You can order your Japanese Flowering Cherry trees from our website, tytyga.com.
*Planting a Green Ash Tree*Fastest Growing Trees+Shady Tree+
http://www.tytyga.com/Fastest+Growing+Shade+Trees Planting a Green Ash Shade Tree, Fraxinus pennsyvanica, in your yard will provide excellent summer shade, The Green Ash tree if planted in ideal conditions can grow to be 70 feet tall, and is on the fastest growing shade trees list of the United States. The green ash tree is the best adapted shade tree for growing in every state including New York. This tree is one of the fastest growing trees in the world growing up to 6 feet in one year. The Green Ash tree is a native American tree that was first discovered growing near Philadelphia, PA. In 1790 by the famous American botanist, John Bartram. It is very unusual to find a tree as cold hardy as the Green Ash tree that thrives in the USDA zones 2-9. The Green Ash tree is one of the most popular fast growing trees in the United States and quickly provides a cooling shade in city parks, commercial building and homes. One Reason that the Green Ash tree is such an important shade tree is that it is so easy to live when transplanted during the dormant stage. The Green ash tree shows an almost 95% survival rate, and Ty Ty Nursery guarantees that your Green Ash tree will live, a one year guarantee. The Mature height of this tree is about 80 feet. Even though the Green Ash tree is found growing near wet areas in American native forests, it also withstands drought conditions in deserts. In the western United States the Green Ash tree is planted in long hedge rows as a windbreaker to protect farm land. The Green Ash tree is highly adapted to moist soils, both very acid soils and very alkaline soils. Ty Ty Nursery can ship Green Ash trees right to your doorstep, and the shipment is fast during the dormant season.
*Pink Amaryllis Bulb+ *Rosalie* +HYBRID Hand Pollination TECH+
http://www.tytyga.com/Vera-Amaryllis-p/vera-amaryllis-bulb.htm The beautiful pink color of the Vera Amaryllis cultivar is a top choice flower to for an amateur plant breeder to grow in producing seed, hopefully for the plant breeder to create new hybrid clones with outstanding flower characteristics. This simple process of pollination, as shown in this video, is to break off an anther (male part) and dust the buttery pollen powder onto the sticky end of the pistil (female part) located in the flower center, and in time, seed pods will contain fresh seed that can be soon planted, all slightly covered in a pot of sand in a lighted warm room. Shortly after planting amaryllis seedlings will be formed, and each unique seedling can be grown into the flowering stage. These amaryllis bulbs can be grown and flowered inside in New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois.
*'Jane' Japanese Magnolia Tree* +Pink Flowering Tree+Scented+
http://www.tytyga.com/Jane-Japanese-Magnolia-p/jane-japanese-magnolia-trees.htm The "Jane"" Japanese Flowering Magnolia Tree are on sale at the Nursery of Ty Ty, Georgia. The flowering Jane Japanese magnolia tree will flower in the very early spring. Hurry and plant your own tree, so you that you don't miss out on having your own beautiful pink flowers with a wonderful fragrance.. Besides flowering prolifically, the Jane Japanese flowering magnolia tree releases a wonderful aroma. Visit www.tytyga.com These magnolia spring flowering trees are one of the most cold hardy flowering trees in the world that will also flower abundantly in southern states as far south as Florida, Louisiana and southern Texas. We can ship these Japanese flowering pink magnolia trees to you right away when the trees are dormant, and they will be delivered by UPS directly to your front door, and don''t forget to subscribe to our channel on you tube. You can order these magnolia trees from our website, tytyga.com.
*Tifton, GA* +Saucer Pink Magnolia Tree+March Flower Miracle+
http://www.tytyga.com/Saucer-Pink-Jap... Japanese Pink Saucer flowering magnolia trees are in full bloom in Tifton, Georgia, some years in February, but usually the climax of flowering is in early March. The trees can flower several times during the winter and spring, depending mainly on freezes that will bring the flowering to a halt and then restart at warm-up periods. The large fragrant flowers appear before the leaves, and some years the branches and twigs will be completely hidden by spectacular flowering spurts. This is one of the most cold hardy of the flowering trees and can be grown in almost every State, even in New York, Virginia and then, South to Texas.
*Plant Bald Cypress Tree* +Correctly+Fast Growing Shade Trees+
http://www.tytyga.com/Bald-Cypress-p/bald-cypress-tree.htm Extensive Fast Growing Shade Tree Information can be found at - http://www.tytyga.com/Fast-Growing-Shade-Trees-s/2172.htm More information on Street Shade Trees in best tree use found at - http://www.tytyga.com/Shade-Street-Trees-s/2175.htm The bald cypress shade tree is a fast growing shade tree that is most often found growing near ponds, swamps, or damp areas. Even though most people thing the bald cypress is a shade tree that should be planted only in wet areas, These trees actually grow well in dry soils and are drought tolerant. The bald cypress is normally thought of as being an evergreen tree, but in some areas, the tree sheds its leaves in cold weather creating a bright golden canopy of leaves in the fall. The leaves of the bald cypress tree are finely divided like ferns and during the summer the leaves add a fragrant scent to the air and freshen the air near your back yard. An oriental rugged look of a bald cypress shade tree will form a dramatic backdrop in your garden or yard. Game birds and song birds gather in bald cypress trees to eat the seeds and sing their songs. Eventually the bald cypress tree can grow into a huge landscape specimen towering up to 130 feet! The wood of the bald cypress tree seems to be resistant to the attacks insects and disease and can last for centuries when used in house construction. The bald cypress tree has been documented by the U.S. Forest service to have lived for 300 Years old by measuring the growth rings and the tree is very cold hardy from Michigan to Massachusetts, then west to Texas and south to Florida
*Golden Rain Tree* +Koelreuteria paniculata+Yellow Flowering Trees+
http://www.tytyga.com/Fastest+Growing+Flowering+Trees The Golden Rain Tree is a fast growing flowering tree that reaches twenty-five feet at maturity. The color yellow is rare in flowering trees and this tree begins blooming in June and July after most other flowering trees have finished their blooming period. The bright yellow flowers form huge clusters usually over one foot in diameter. After flowering the Golden Rain Tree flower clusters change into very attractive lantern clusters with that exotic oriental look. Each lantern contains seeds that birds and squirrels feed upon during the winter. In July when the lanterns first form they show color transition from pink to yellow, and then in late fall become a chocolate brown in color. Most homeowners consider the lantern formation more aesthetically pleasing than the initial yellow flowering in June. The Golden Rain Tree was originally introduced from China into America by president Thomas Jefferson from his planting the seed at his Monticello estate in Virginia, and many Golden Rain Trees are still growing and thriving there. These trees are often used by cities to plant in parks and recreational areas and especially along roadways where they easily absorb car exhaust fumes and automobile noise. The Golden Rain Trees are easily adapted to a wide range of soil types, and they also withstand cold temperatures as far north as Wisconsin. You can order your flowering Golden Rain Trees from Ty Ty Nursery that will give you fast delivery to your doorstep and they're guaranteed to live. The Golden Rain Tree, Koelreuteria paniculata, is a Fast Growing Flowering Tree that can provide shade during the summer time. Golden Rain Trees can grow to be 30 feet tall at maximum maturity.The brilliant yellow flowers appear in the spring and last well into the summer. The leaf color change in the fall is spectacular. Very beautiful seed pods in the shape of lanterns form after the flowers fade, and the colors of the seedpods changes from yellow to gray to brown by the fall season, leaving interesting horticultural and ornamental relics on the trees.
Plant a Weeping Willow Shade Tree
http://www.tytyga.com/Fastest+Growing+Shade+Trees Having a Weeping Willow Shade tree planted near ponds or rivers brings out the fullest effect of this magnificent tree. Planting Fast Growing Weeping Willow trees near water is highly recommended.
'*Elliott'  Pecan Tree* +Choice+Paper Shell Pecan Tree+2017+
Many Pecan Commercial Orchard growers consider the Elliot Pecan tree to be their best preforming paper shell tree because of the heavy crops that grow dependably every year. The bright yellow kernels will easily shell to 60% kernels and are filled with the distinct nutty Pecan flavor. The nuts can normally ripen in early September when the wholesale Pecan prices are high, before the market prices drop at Christmas. The Elliot Pecan tree is free of disease and is self pollinating unlike some other Pecan cultivars. Ty Ty Nursery can ship bearing size Elliot Pecan trees right to your front door boxed and ready to plant, trees up to 16 feet tall or as small as 1 foot. The trees are guaranteed to live! The Elliott pecan tree is the best pecan cultivar for planting in Florida, Louisiana and Southern Texas.
*Plant Muscogee Crape Myrtle (Muskogee)* +Purple Flower Tree+
http://www.tytyga.com/Muscogee-Crape-Myrtle-p/muscogee-crape-myrtle-tree.htm More information on Street Flowering Trees can be located here - http://www.tytyga.com/Flowering-Street-Tree-s/2176.htm The Muskogee aka Muscogee crape myrtle tree has the unusual lavender-purple color flowers that are long lasting, late into the flowering season. The trunk of the Muscogee crape myrtle trees can grow into very dense specimens like shade trees. The Muscogee purple crape myrtle plants grow well in Texas, Florida and Georgia, especially in large displays in Columbus, Georgia as roadside flowering trees. These trees are cold hardy enough to survive from New York to Kansas and south to Texas.
*Plant Golden Rain Tree* +YELLOW, Free Flowering Tree+2019+
http://www.tytyga.com/Golden-Rain-Tree-p/golden-rain-tree.htm Look no further for information on Street Flowering Trees - http://www.tytyga.com/Flowering-Street-Tree-s/2176.htm Golden Raintree, Koelreuteria paniculata The Golden Rain Tree is a fast growing flowering tree that reaches twenty-five feet at maturity. The color yellow is rare in flowering trees and this tree begins blooming in June and July after most other flowering trees have finished their blooming period. The bright yellow flowers form huge clusters usually over one foot in diameter. After flowering the Golden Rain Tree flower clusters change into very attractive lantern clusters with that exotic oriental look. Each lantern contains seeds that birds and squirrels feed upon during the winter. In July when the lanterns first form they show color transition from pink to yellow, and then in late fall become a chocolate brown in color. Most homeowners consider the lantern formation more aesthetically pleasing than the initial yellow flowering in June. The Golden Rain Tree was originally introduced from China into America by president Thomas Jefferson from his planting the seed at his Monticello estate in Virginia, and many Golden Rain Trees are still growing and thriving there. These trees are often used by cities to plant in parks and recreational areas and especially along roadways where they easily absorb car exhaust fumes and automobile noise. The Golden Rain Trees are easily adapted to a wide range of soil types, and they also withstand cold temperatures as far north as Wisconsin. You can order your flowering Golden Rain Trees from Ty Ty Nursery, on our website, tytyga.com, that will give you fast delivery to your doorstep and they're guaranteed to live. This unusual flowering ornamental tree with yellow flower in late spring is filled with the glory of brilliant iridescent golden flowers that are followed by very ornamental seed pods that will be attractive ornamentation that lasts until the fall freeze. These very beautiful golden flowering Rain trees grow well as far north as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Plant now while the trees are still dormant in the fall, winter and spring.
+Philodendron Plant+Philodendron arborescent+'Swiss Cheese'+
Philodendron arborescent, and the parts are eaten by some cultures. Philodendron shrubs will grow aerial roots to seek out new water sources and spread in many directions when used as a privacy fence. Giant walls of these plants are planted as privacy screens at the Cloister Hotel at Sea Island, Georgia where they are evergreen most years when planted in zone 9 and 10. Trumpet shaped flowers are fragrant and large and arise from the trunk during the summer.
*Plant Pink Dogwood Tree* +Cornus florida, var. rubra +Grafted Tree+
http://www.tytyga.com/Pink-Dogwood-p/pink-dogwood-tree.htm Pink Flowering dogwood trees if grafted with the best dogwood cultivars can fower when only 1 to 2 feet tall, and as the pink dogwood trees increase in size, the flowers get larger in size, and there are abundantly more dogwood flowers on the tree. The Cherokee red dogwood tree is an outstanding red dogwood tree cultivar that begins flowering at a very small size.. We ship the pink dogwood trees as far north as New York, Michigan and Illinois.
*Water Hickory Tree* +Carya aquatica+Best Wetland Nut Trees+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Water+Hickory+Tree Plant a water hickory tree, carya aquatica, if you are looking for that rare, hard to find tree that grows fast in wet soils in wetland locations, where other plants struggle to live. The water hickory trees produce hickory nuts that fall to the ground in the late summer and feed many wildlife animals like deer, squirrels and wildlife game birds. The water hickory trees provide heavy shade in wet earth and soils and the dense branches provide protection from predators and abundant nesting sites for wildlife birds and squirrels, during the freezes of ice and snow of winter when the hard shells of the hickory nuts crack open from freezes vs thaws to expose the kernels of the hickory nuts to the awaiting deer, turkey and ducks. You can go to the Ty Ty Nursery website and order online these hickory nut trees at tytyga.com.
*Tulip Poplar Tree* +Fast Growing Tree+Flowering Shade Tree+
http://www.tytyga.com/Tulip-Poplar-p/tulip-poplar-tree.htm Do more research on Fast Growing Trees here - http://www.tytyga.com/Fast-Growing-Shade-Trees-s/2172.htm The Tulip Poplar tree is a very beautiful fast growing shade tree that grows tall. Older trees can grow 165 feet tall. Most ground in deep Forrest is a preferred habitat for Tulip Poplar trees will produce fragrant tulip looking flowers that grow tall in the tree. The trunk of the Tulip poplar tree is usually straight and the branches are generally shaded out near the lower part of the tree. The beautiful Tulip-like flowers are greenish-yellow in color with a brilliant orange center. The large leaves of the Tulip Poplar tree are constantly in motion even with the slightest breeze. The dense shade of the Tulip poplar tree is cool in urban landscapes and drastically reduces electric bills especially when planted on the eastern or southern side of a house. The lightly green colored leaves of the Tulip poplar tree in November change to a bright lemon yellow color and remain the most brilliantly colored Forrest trees in the fall. For an excellent landscape choice, the Tulip poplar tree is very fast growing reaching great heights and the fall branches form a perfect nesting place for song birds and wildlife game birds. Cities often plant a line of street trees and the tulip poplar trees remain a top choice because of its fast growth and high branch placement does not interfere with passing traffic. Buy your Tulip Poplar trees today at Ty Ty Nursery, tytyga.com, and you can order these trees that grow well and fast in New York over to Michigan and south to Florida and Texas.
*Plant Red Maple Trees* +Correctly+Fast Growing Trees+Fall Color+
http://www.tytyga.com/Red-Maple-p/red-maple-tree.htm Find all inclusive Fast Growing Tree information here at - http://www.tytyga.com/Fast-Growing-Shade-Trees-s/2172.htm For even more information on Street Shade Trees follow the link - http://www.tytyga.com/Shade-Street-Trees-s/2175.htm The red maple tree, Acer rubrum, is one of the fastest growing landscape shade trees in the United States. The reason for the popularity for the red maple tree is the pleasuring symmetrical form that heavily shades yards and parks and the intense scarlet red leaf color during the fall. A native tree to most of the eastern united states, the red maple tree appears well adapted for growing in wet low lands and even on poor dry soils and then all areas in between. not only is the red maple tree a spectacular red specimen in fall color leaf change, but during early spring, the small red flowers grow rapidly to cover twigs and branches that make the tree glow red. The small red flowers of the red maple tree grow into winged seed that are eaten by song birds, nesting birds and wildlife game birds. one red maple tree can produce more than 1 million seed. the red maple tree is wide spread as a native tree in America and is very cold hardy growing in Florida northwards to Canada. The Red maple tree is a perfect shade tree for your yard and can live over 150 years and grow to a height of 80 feet or more! If you are looking for an excellent fall color tree or a tree that produces heart shade that will reduce your Air conditioning bills, Consider a red maple tree as one of the best, fast growing shade trees to plant in your yard! These trees grow well in Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee.
*Plant Green Ash Trees* +Fast Growing Tree+Best Shade+
http://www.tytyga.com/Green-Ash-p/green-ash-tree.htm We have lost of more information on Fast Growing Trees at - http://www.tytyga.com/Fast-Growing-Shade-Trees-s/2172.htm The green ash tree is one of the fastest growing shade trees that grows from WI, MN and NY, and rates as extremely cold hardy growing in zones 2 - 9. The leaves of the green ash tree turn bright yellow in the fall after frost. The Green Ash tree is a native American tree that was first discovered growing near Philadelphia, PA. In 1790 by the famous American botanist, John Bartram. It is very unusual to find a tree as cold hardy as the Green Ash tree that thrives in the USDA zones 2-9. The Green Ash tree is one of the most popular fast growing trees in the United States and quickly provides a cooling shade in city parks, commercial building and homes. One Reason that the Green Ash tree is such an important shade tree is that it is so easy to live when transplanted during the dormant stage. The Green ash tree shows an almost 95% survival rate, and Ty Ty Nursery guarantees that your Green Ash tree will live, a one year guarantee. The Mature height of this tree is about 80 feet. Even though the Green Ash tree is found growing near wet areas in American native forests, it also withstands drought conditions in deserts. In the western United States the Green Ash tree is planted in long hedge rows as a windbreaker to protect farm land. The Green Ash tree is highly adapted to moist soils, both very acid soils and very alkaline soils. Ty Ty Nursery can ship Green Ash trees right to your doorstep, and the shipment is fast during the dormant season. The Green Ash Tree, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, is very popular for planting in New York, Ohio and Texas for the best quick shading.
*Enjoy Eating Fresh 'Bing' Cherries* +Grow Cherry Trees+Glory+
http://www.tytyga.com/category/Cherry... Grow your own Bing Cherry Tree and taste the crisp, juicy, flavor straight from the tree. Plant Ty Ty Nursery Bing Cherry trees, and enjoy eating delicious cherries from your own home orchard. Cherries and chocolates go together, tasty deserts. Ty Ty Nursery sells bearing size Cherry trees for a quick orchard production. Bing Cherries grown and picked from your own trees will save money at the grocery store and delight your entire family. You can pick gallons of fresh cherries form your own backyard garden. For breakfast, a sweet cherries taste great when the cherries are ripened and chilled in your refrigerator. Mmmmmm Delicious!. Your entire family can pick cherries and enjoy the fruit. Order online or call Ty Ty Nursery to order your Cherry trees at tytyga.com and they will be shipped immediately to your home location. These trees grow very well in Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia.
*English Ivy Vines* +Hedera helix+FAST+Ground Cover Vines+
http://www.tytyga.com/English-Ivy-Vin... Hedera - The English ivy vine is a fast growing plant that is useful in covering fences or masonry walls. English ivy vines are evergreen and very cold hardy to grow as far North as CT, MA and NY. Some people object to the aggressiveness of this overpowering vine, but some gardeners use the English Ivy Vine to block out all other plant members by their heavy shading character and fast growing that spreads everywhere with deep green privacy. Ivy Vines will quickly cover large brick for invasive rebuilding and can grow to an astounding height of 60 feet. Ivy Vines are one of the fastest growing Vines on Earth and Ivy is evergreen in many locations. An Ivy Vine easily attaches itself by dense adhesive disc that stick to any surface. Most Soil Profiles will support the growth of Ivy and this vigorous fast growing vine will grow rapidly in full sun or heavy shade. For covering chain linked fences Ivy is a tight, clinging free Vine that is rapidly fills in tight spaces that need to be covered to screen out unsightly views. The Ivy Vines are useful in breaking up long chain linked fences and plain brick walls. In cities, Ivy Vines flourish to give you privacy and to absorb the noisy street sounds and choking automobile exhaust gases and fumes that are converted to breathable fresh oxygen. During the Fall season in Northern states, the leafs are transformed into color rich hues of Orange, Red and Purple. After the leafs fall in the winter, the blue-black berries of the Ivy Vine hang completely exposed in clusters like droops of miniature grapes. Song Birds soon flock to eat these berries during the Winter when wildlife food is scarce. Remember, the Ivy plant is a very fast growing Vine that can give you a handy privacy screen when it is supported on fences or planted near a porch or patio wall. Order your Ivy Plants during this limited time, before it's too late to plant. Ivy is very cold hardy enough to grow from Maine to upstate New York and south to Florida. Order your ivy vines today from tytyga.com.
*Confederate Jasmine Vines* +Plant Correctly+Trachelospermum+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Confederate+Jasmine+Flowering+Vine One of the most popular flowering vines to plant in Georgia, S.C. and Texas is the Confederate Jasmine vine Trachelospermum jasminoides, that is evergreen and in the spring will be covered with tiny fragrant white flowers that re-bloom several times into the fall. The flowers of the beautiful vine can be colored white or yellow. Confederate Jasmine Vines are heavy blooming flowering plants that can climb almost any solid object to anchor the plant with its growing fast roots. The numerous white pin wheel flowers grow brilliantly from Spring until Fall and the Spring air is filled with enchanting delicate fragrances that you can enjoy breathing from your own forgotten memories from the Winter time. The Confederate Jasmine is one of the fastest growing vines, climbing rapidly to the top of a forty foot Pine trees and releasing its sweet aroma that floats over your landscape in the blowing warm winds. The Confederate Jasmine Vine is cold hardy down to zero degrees and will grow northwards into New Jersey. Many plantings of the Confederate Jasmine Vines are seen to grow rapidly up trees that are located near swimming pools to freshen the Summer air or especially to accent spaces near walls or to grow on trees outside bedroom windows. When you plant the Confederate Jasmine on a long chain linked fence to break up the cluster of static forms or to grow on an exterior brick wall, you will find that this fast growing vine will quickly grow into a privacy screen that will block our aggravating street noise and will convert choking automobile fumes into refreshing, breathable air. Order your Confederate Jasmine Vines now and for a limited time you can get Free Shipping which is a savings of twenty five percent discount. Remember to order your Confederate Jasmine Vines now and get fast delivery right away! Many gardens in the southern states like North Carolina, Florida and Texas are growing this outstanding confederate jasmine vines planted mainly for their wonderful fragrance.
*Plant Lombardy Poplar Trees* +Correctly+Populus+Fast Growing+
http://www.tytyga.com/Plant+Tree+Screen The Lombardy Poplar Shade tree is a popular, fast growing tree that can grow into a privacy screen up to 60 feet tall in the U.S, and in Europe some specimens have grown up to 100 feet tall. The Lombardy Poplar tree is a beautiful shaped column that when planted eight feet apart will grow into a solid dense privacy screen that will block noise and toxic fumes from automobiles. Lombardy poplar trees can grow 4 to 6 feet in a year and are cold hardy in most of the United States. Whether the soils are poor and sandy or rich, loamy earth, the Lombardy poplar easily adapts to growing faster in almost any environment requiring a minimum amount of care and attention. The best and fastest tree growth can result in planting the trees in partial or fun sun and heavy watering. The large green leaves of the Lombardy poplar are in constant motion, even from the tiniest breeze and make windy noises like waves crashing against the ocean shore. In the fall the leaves turn into a brilliant yellow fall color. Remember to order a few Lombardy Poplar trees to grow when planted next to form a leafy, dense wall to ensure your privacy block. Some customers claim that their Lombardy Poplar tree have grown into an amazing 12 feet in just one year. Order your trees now Call Ty Ty today!!
*Loquat Tree* +Heavy Fruiting Loquat Tree+Eat Loquats in May+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Loquat+Trees The Loquat tree is often called the 'Japanese plum' in the south and is an evergreen tree loaded with custard-like fruit in May that hangs from the tree in giant clusters. Loquat fruit is enjoyed by man, birds and various wildlife animals like deer, turkey and duck. . Sweet clusters of Loquats can be eaten fresh off the tree or baked into custards, jellies or preserves. This unusual tropical looking tree begins flowering in December, and the loquat tree will survive temperatures of zero degrees F. Grafted loquat trees produce much larger fruit in large clusters and never fail to stop bearing regularly. This evergreen tree forms a small fruiting tree with shade for smaller gardens and orchards of the southern states like Florida, Georgia and Texas.
*Mahan Pecan Trees* +Largest Pecan Nut+Heavy Bearing+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Mahan+P...The Mahan pecan tree is the largest pecan nut known. There is something new for you at Ty Ty Nursery. The new hybrid papershell lpecal tree. The kernels are great tasting with that rich oily nutty flavor, and the Mahan pecan tree cultivar is easy to shell after minimal cracking. Ty Ty Nursery has a small number of Mahan pecan trees on hand, but we have plenty of other cultivars as a very low price. Don't worry about cross pollination of your pecan trees, just call the experts at Ty Ty Nursery, and they will be happy to advise you about pollination hazards. Just drive over and visit Ty Ty, Ga today on highway 82, and remember, Ty Ty, not only has low prices, but we also offer a 10 percent discount to ministers and churches. Order yours online by phone at tytyga.com today. Mahan Papershell Pecan Trees are fast growing pecan trees. The Nursery of Ty Ty knows what is the best variety for your area. Look at the size of the Mahan pecan. This Mahan Thin shell pecan tree will keep your family happy, with this tasty pecan. Order your bearing size Mahan pecan trees now.
*Buy Olive Tree* +Plant BEST OliveTrees+In TX, GA & FL+2017+
http://www.tytyga.com/Olive-Trees-s/1... Olive trees were imported by President Thomas Jefferson from Europe into the states of South Carolina and Georgia to feed the American Colonies. Several cold hardy Olive trees are grown in North America today and are evergreen, surviving snow and ice in USDA zones Seven, Eight and Nine. The trees are often planted in landscape areas around pools for that tropical look and to shade patios. The silver-gray colored leafs dramatically contrast with other plants and trees in you'r yard. Often, a Grafted Olive tree will begin bearing Olives the second year of planting and the fruit production substantially increases with every year. Olive crops increase if two separate varieties are planted about 15 feet apart. The color of the Olives growing on the trees can be Green, Gray or Black depending on the variety you've planted. The Hebrew scriptures of the Bible report that Olive trees were grown in Orchards,.Olives were eaten as Fruit or pressed into Olive Oil that was used to anoint the King. Olive Oil is most often used in food preparation to by Gourmet Chefs to enhance the flavor of the food. Olive trees are easy to grow when planted outside or even in containers. The Olives begin ripening in early Fall and mature in about two months. You're family can enjoy growing and eating you're own Olives from your own trees! Olive trees are ready to ship to you immediately right now! Olive trees can be successfully grown and fruit in Florida, Louisiana and Texas. You can plant these olive varieties any time of the year, so call us and find out which olive tree cultivar will suit you best.
*'Sumner' Pecan Tree* +FL, Texas & LA+Best Pecan Trees+
http://www.tytyga.com/Sumner-Pecan-p/sumner-pecan-tree.htm The new favorite pecan tree to plant in Florida is the the Sumner pecan tree, along with the Elliott pecan tree and the Curtis pecan tree cultivar, that produces heavy crops of paper shell nuts that are easy to crack and the tasty kernels are filled with that nutty flavor that makes pecans taste distinct from other nuts.The summer pecan trees are so heavy bearing that the limbs often bend downwards towards the ground due to the developing weight of the nuts.Unlike most other pecan tree cultivars the Sumner pecan tree holds its leaves tightly attached to the branches until the first killing frost.That means that the roots are filled with late season nutrients that will insure that you will get a crop of pecans next season. Order your Sumner pecan trees from Ty Ty Nursery, so that you can certainly will be assured that this highly sought out cultivar will be planted in your backyard orchard. The Sumner pecan tree cultivar is now recommended also to be planted in the States of Georgia, Alabama and Southern Texas because of its late maturity. Order these excellent Sumner pecan trees now before it is too late to plant. Order these Sumner's online at tytyga.com before it's too late to order.
*Cooking Loquat Jam* +Try+Free Loquat Recipe+Festival+
http://www.tytyga.com/Loquat-Tree-p/loquat-tree.htm The loquat tree flowers during the winter, and its large leaves form a large umbrella shaped canopy. Loquats are delicious and can be eaten directly off the tree or cooked into very sweet tasty preserves or jam. The loquat trees are evergreen and grow about 15 feet tall that are sometimes referred to as a Japanese plum.
*Yellow Oleander Trees* +Thevetia peruviana+Rare Yellow Oleander+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Yellow+Oleander+Tree The Yellow Oleander trees, Thevetia peruviana, is the rarest color of oleander bushes for planting, and the plant is covered with creamy yellow flowers during the late spring and the yellow oleander flowers continue coming until the fall, however, the biggest flowering flush occurs in early summer. You can order these gorgeous oleander bushes from our website, tytyga.com.
*Plant Pakistan, Black Mulberry Trees* +Giant Mulberry SALE+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Pakistan+Black+Mulberry+Tree Pakistan Black Mulberry Trees usually produce very long berries the first year, sometimes reaching six inches long and the Pakistan mulberry tree can grow to be about 9-10' tall. The dangling berries of a Pakistan Black Mulberry Tree can reach to about 6 inches in length. These black Pakistan mulberry trees can easily grow into productive orchards of mulberries, however the shelf life at the grocery store makes them a rare berry product to find there, so you should grow them for yourself and eat these deliciously sweet mulberries straight off the tree when they first turn black. We ship these mulberry trees as far north as upstate New York, Michigan and south to Florida. Order your mulberry trees now from tytyga.com.
*Brilliant Wine-Red Crinum Lily* +Ellen Bosanquet Crinum Lily Plant+
http://www.tytyga.com/product/Ellen+B... Ellen Bosanquet Crinums, Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet' are truly a beautiful sight to see when in full bloom.. Plant the Brilliant Wine-Red Crinum Lily flower bulbs from Ty Ty Nursery Bulb Farm, and experience a superior flower and fragrance that resulted from careful flower breeding and research. This classic crinum lily hybrid that dates back to the early 1900's is cold hardy and popular to plant in the gardens in large clumps in Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.
#9 Kinds Palm Trees-ICE-Survival List* +Plant @ NY, TX  &  VA+
http://www.tytyga.com/Palm-Trees-s/18... Ty Ty Nursery offers a wide variety of palm trees to plant in many Northern States and in the South. The Most cold hardy palm trees to plant in New York Pennsylvania and New Jersey that are the Windmill Palm trees and the Needle Palm trees. For decades, both specimens have survived below zero temperatures at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The Dwarf Palmetto palm trees have also been recommended for planting in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania,, but the key is to plant only a large Potted Specimen, with absolutely no disturbance of the roots when transplanting. Even then it is IFFY to plant Dwarf Palmetto palms, because of their several peculiarities. The Pindo Date Palms are excellent large trees to grow as far North as Virginia and North Carolina, but there are reported cases (one in Columbia, South Carolina) where the leaves were frozen, but the gardener cut off the dead leaves and treated the recessed meristematic leaf center at the apex with fungicide, and the large Pindo Palm tree was able to recover. Phoenix date palms are one of the most beautiful tropical palm trees, and we have been able to grow them here in zone 8 in Southern Georgia. Very large transplanted specimens of Canary Island Date Palm Trees (12 feet) and Washingtonia robusta (10 feet) were established here about ten years ago. The Canary Island Date Palm, Phoenix canariensis, along with the Washingtonia robusta (a very fast growing palm tree) have survived through every winter for 10 or more years, but every year the leaves are frozen and in 2015 the leaves of the trees did not grow back until June and July of 2015, at a time that we had almost given up hope on them surviving, but now in February 2016, they both look great. These are pictured in the front picture on this video. The Mule Palm tree is a hybrid crossed tree of the Pindo Palm tree, Butia capitata, and the very fast growing Queen Palm tree ,Syagrus romanzoffiana, and a large Mule Palm specimen (14 feet) was purchased from a grower and supplier and transplanted here at Ty Ty, Georgia, 3 years ago, and we have seen no damage to this palm tree whatsoever, and it has the beautiful tropical characteristics displayed, even now in 2016 mid-winter, of both of its parents that have been previously listed. The Mule Palm tree, 'X Butiagrus nabonnandii', is our favorite and most beautiful palm tree growing at Ty Ty, Georgia, a tree that you can see the video now on our website, tytyga.com, or on You Tube, however, the Mule palm trees are very expensive, because of the costly process of cross pollination that is required to grow one from a hybrid-created, germinated seed. The Mule Palm tree has been documented to survive winters in Enterprise, Alabama, and reportedly on the internet, the Mule Palm has survived below zero temperatures of minus -12 degrees F. We believe that this tree would be cold hardy in zone 7, and possibly even zone 6, and it is a very fast growing palm tree, as has been seen by others in more Northern States on the internet videos on You Tube Postings. We have tried planting large specimens of the Sylvester Palms and the Pygmy Date palm tree in the landscape at Ty Ty, GA., but neither survived temperatures of single digit temperatures. The Windmill Palm tree, Pindo Palms, Pygmy Date Palm trees are good for containerizing. The Washingtonia palm trees and Phoenix Canary Island Date Palm trees are large fast growing palms growing well in zones 9 & 10. The Sago palm tree is somewhat cold hardy in Mississippi, Texas and North Carolina. Order from our website, tytyga.com for immediate shipment.
*Goji Berry Plants* +Proven Winner+Gojiberry Plants+2018+
Goji berries are packed full of more antioxidants than any other berry or fruit found on the market. Ripe Goji Berries grow to the size of a quarter. These small blue flowers grow into clusters of red berries. Ty Ty Nursery sells Proven Winners plants that are patented and hard to find anywhere else, and picking the ripe berries from the Gojiberry plant is easy. Just roll them off in your hand. Chinese History says that a Chinese man who ate dried Goji berries daily was said to have lived to the ripe old age of 256. In China, over two hundred thousand acres of Goji berries are harvested each year. At Ty Ty Nursery we grow thousands of Goji Berry plants in greenhouses that are ready to sell now and ready to deliver to your front door. Eat a few Goji berries from your own Gojiberry plant and you will digest more Vitamin C than is found a lemon. The backyard Gardner has discovered that the Goji berry grows fast and it's easy to grow in any soil type. Gojiberry plants will grow berries even on 1 year old bushes. Most plants can Mature to ten feet tall in 3 years and produce 2 gallons of Goji berries on a single plant. You can grow Gojiberry plants on wires or poles like grapes or pole beans. Gojiberry Bushes are cold hardy and can be grown from Florida to Ohio. Plant the goji berry shrubs now so the bushes will bear fruit next season if you plant in the fall, winter or spring.

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