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Relax - A Scottish river in winter. James Galway
Stressed out after walking crowded shopping malls and non-stop parties - Maybe this video will help ! Filmed this footage on my farm late december 07 Like the way the century's old beech trees are reflected on the river. There is a ruin of a 14th century castle in these woods Video Camera - Sony DCR HC37. Edited with iMovie HD on a Intel Apple iMac . Song - Song of the deep forest James Galway
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Luckenbach Moon Texas Hondo Crouch
Song about the Moon at Luckenbach -A small town west of Austin TX. Hondo Crouch from Jerry Jeff Walker CD - A man must carry on.
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Removing rusty nail from foot with a sharp knife
Holstein heifer with a nail embedded in front foot..
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Julie Doiron - Glad to be alive
Canadian singer songwriter Julie Doiron with a song from her 2009 CD - I can wonder what you did with your day
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Rare 1979  Articulated Massey Ferguson 1250 Ploughing at West Mains.SW Scotland.
For best video quality click on gear icon and select HD (720p) One of only 322 that were made by MF.Highly sought after by collectors of vintage tractors. Massey 1250 ploughing barley stubble at West Mains Farm Collin near Dumfries. Filmed at Friends of Ferguson working day event on Sunday (21st September 2014) A MF 1250 sold at auction 3 years ago for £21,500. Not bad for a 20 year old + tractor! If any one knows where and when these tractors were built and what HP it has please comment below.Could not find any info about it on Goggle. Camera used for this video- Sony NEX VG30 with a Sony 18-200mm lens. Edited on Apple final cut pro X
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2 Fowler BB1 Steam Engines ploughing with 6 furrow Balance plough Plow
Not every day you see this in Scotland.This is the first time this pair of ploughing engines have been used since 1948. Named Mistress and Master these were the first two to be manufactured by Fowler in 1918 after the then Prime minister Lioyd George ordered 65 sets to alleviate food shortage in the UK due to blockades by German U boats. They both made a appearance in the famous 1962 feature film - The Iron Maiden. The Green one spent 50 years in Canada before being shipped back to Scotland in 2012. The Fowler balance plough was also imported from Canada. Both ploughing engines owned by the Cook family from Leven. Filmed at the 2014 Scottish Ploughing Championships Kinross. Camera Sony NEX VG30. Edited on Finall Cut X
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Keep Texas Beautiful  - Jerry Jeff Walker
Music by Jerry Jeff Walker from the viva Luckenbach live CD
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Clydesdale Horses - The last trip home - Battlefield Band
Song about the time when tractors replaced these gentle giants. Converted clip with Final Cut Pro X to black/white to give a more timeless look.Camera Sony NEX VG30 18-200mm lens Filmed at Scottish ploughing championships
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Ferguson Brown A.2016 Scottish Ploughing Championships.North Berwick
Filmed at West Fenton farm near North Berwick.22nd October. 1935 Ferguson Brown A. (20 hp) pulling a Ferguson 10HC plough. For best quality view in 1080p (HD) Camera - Sony A7R2
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UK Dairy Expo 2017 Holstein (5yr Old) Warnelview Silverwings
Best quality- 1080p(HD) Location - Borderway Mart Carlisle England Judge - Roger Turner Wisconsin USA Results............ 1st - Silverwings (Sire - Gillette Winners) 2nd- Richaven Goldwyn Squaw 6 3rd - Wormanby Atwood Linda Camera gear - Sony A7S/Atomos/Sony Cine lens 28-135mm Recorded in 4K Music - Mona lisa by Tony Monaco
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Clydesdales - The Gentle giants at Royal Highland Show 08
Judging Clydesdales in Ring 1 at R.H.S. Edinburgh (Thursday) Music from a new CD titled Gentle Giants - A celebration of the clydesdale horse in song Also available as a download at Apple's iTunes store. The last song was recorded at Biggar primary school Scotland.
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Martha - Ayrshire Grand Champion at 2017 UK Dairy Expo.4K Video
View in 4K for the best Quality Champion - 161 - Changue Martha 49 from Whiteflat Catrine Ayrshire. She has had 5 calves and is projected to give over 11,000KG.(42KG/Day).Bought privately from Robert Stevenson of the Changue 2 years ago. Judge Blair Weeks Music - Kris Farrow playing a Taylor Swift tune on his guitar. Camera - Sony A7r2. Recorded in 6K and down scaled to 4K in camera
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Top production Holstein at 2018 UK Dairy Expo.Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody
Holstein Production Class......... 1 - PEAK GOLDWYN RHAPSODY. YASMIN BRADBURY 2 KNOWLESMERE JORDAN DIAMOND.A & J WHITTAKER & KNOWLESMERE 3 BERRYHOLME INFLOENCE LINDA 3 -BERRYHOLME HOLSTEINS. It may have been the Beast from the East that hit the UK last week, but it was undoubtedly ‘The Tank’ from the South, that made her presence felt at Carlisle, as this cracking Braedale Goldwyn seventh calver from Sterndale, Derbyshire, swept in to secure a second consecutive supreme overall following a grand championship title at the Expo in 2014 and Supercow award at AgriScot the same year. The winner of the production class, she was well on form too, giving 55litres per day having calved in October, with her total takings to date amounting to a colossal 111,240 litres. (25,400 Gallon) Bred from no fewer than 13 generations of Ex classified cows, this show stopper brought out by Steve McLoughlin, runs aside a further 100 top breeding cows in the Peak and Sterndale herds, run in partnership with Bill Nadin, from Ferneydale, Buxton. “This cow just epitomises dairy quality and style with great veination. I also just love rewarding the elder statewomen in the industry,” said the Holstein judge, Selwyn Donald, New Zealand. “To see such a mature cow with great strength through the fore rib, udder and shape throughout and producing a phenomenal amount of milk, is what this industry is all about,” he added. Source - Scottish farmer magazine
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Dung spreading with New Holland
Spread 250,000 gallon of slurry on silage fields last week. Muck spreading today
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Move it on over (Cow Slurry) Hi-Spec Tanker
Song by Boxcar Willie - Move it on over(Scoot it on over). He was singing about sleeping with his dog after an argument with the wife.I do not have a wife so will not have to worry about that happening to me any time soon but i do have to worry about cow slurry (Finding a place to move it on over !).In this Video i am moving slurry over the roadside hedge.New Tanker - 2000 gallon Hi-Spec fitted with rain gun. It's April and British summer time but the fields are still saturated - To wet to carry weight of tanker.More torrential rain today (1st April) at this rate it will be June before i can get into the fields ! Tractor - New Holland TS 125. Camera - GoPro 3 and Sony A7R
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Summer is gone - Cows come home for final time
Today was the last day at pasture for the milking cows - They will not see grass again until early May 08. Taylor Swift - Teardrops on my guitar
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Rockies  Salt lick
Cows enjoying a Rockies mineral salt lick (High Phos) 1 box will last about a week Music by a rock band called KISS
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ScotGrass 2016.Kuhn Large Square & Round Bale Wrapper.SW 4014
If you are wondering why the bales are wrapped in pink it's for a charity -Breast cancer research,every pink roll purchased raises 3 Pounds for the charity.Last year the total raised was 10,000 The Pink bale wrap has 19m of film on a roll, as opposed to the standard green/black wrap sold which is  15m. On average it is 7% cheaper than standard wrap and wraps 26.6% more bales. The new SW 4014 is an updated version of Kuhn’s square and round bale wrapper, the SW 4004, which now features a fully automatic loading facility which increases the machine’s bale wrapping capacity and improves operator comfort. Capable of wrapping square bales up to (W x H x L) 120cm x 140cm x 200cm and round bales up to 150cm in diameter, the SW 4014 has an operational width of 4.00 metres and a compact, 2.50 metre transport width. valtra S pulling the wrapper.
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2017 Scottish Ploughing Championships.New Holland T7 with 7 furrow Khun Plough.4K
Spreaderhill Farm Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire. For best quality view in 1080p or 4K.
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Silage 2010.  New chopper JF FTC 955 Pro
Fills the Marshall trailer a lot quicker than the old
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Royal Winner - HM the Queen's Highland Bull wins Glasgow Cattle Show
Class 7 Highland Bulls..First place went to Ruaridh 1st of Ubhaidh a 4year old owned by the Queen and bred by Roy Tylden - Wright.This bull also won Reserve Championship of the Show.Judge Robert Philip.Camera - Sony NEX 30 with a 18 - 200 Sony lens
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Black & White  Sale. Elite Holstein dairy cattle.Lot 1- iCow Hedwig (VG88)
For best quality view in 4K or 1080p (HD) Location - Borderway auction market Carlisle England.2nd December 2017. Auctioneer - Glynn Lucus I-COW HUDDLESFORD HEDWIG VG88 Price 2300gns to Robbie Scott ( Ayrshire.) Giving 46 litres milk daily Due to calve again in August to top holstein bull - Stantons Chief (Sexed semen) 305 day completed lactation ....... 1 03/05 11915 2.84 3.48 305 Not only giving a lot of milk but achieved the following in the show ring ......... • Nominated All Britain Senior 3yr 2016 • 3rd 3yr & Best Udder UK Dairy Expo 2016 • 3rd 3yr & Best Udder Western Spring Show 2016 • 7th 3yr European Show Colmar 2016 • 8th 3yr UK Dairy Day 2016 • 2nd Junior 2yr & Best Udder UK Dairy Expo 2015
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375 suffolk x ewes walk home along rural road for shearing
Clippers arrived friday. Cost £1 per ewe ( $2 US). Wool prices hit a record low last year. Selling a fleece from these sheep on eBay UK. item number - 280251254136
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Holstein cows grazing pasture on sunny July evening
My cows in a field next to the house. They graze this pasture at night. The river is at the bottom this field. The white lucente calf has appeared in earlier video's, dehorning and feeding with a bucket of milk. She's a big pet! A increasingly rare sight in this part of Scotland -A herd of dairy cows !. There is only a few dairy farms left in this area. The number of dairy farms in the UK has slumped 46% since 1997. Last year milk production in the UK fell to lowest levels in at least 30 years. The reason is simple - Disastrously low milk prices for the last 10 years
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AgriScot.Hoof Trimming Demo with €42,000 KVK Crush/Chute
For best results view in HD (720p) Amazing hoof trimming Crush/Chute with full hydraulic control and a big price tag.Like how the floor lifts the cow to a comfortable working height Filmed at 2014 AgriScot.Foot trimmer came over from Denmark.The KVK is made in Denmark.
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Beautiful by Julie Doiron
Hope your not bored of these river video's :) I shot this yesterday when the sun came out for a little while. The evening sun light made the water look like liquid gold btw the song is from the excellent CD Broken Girl.
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Clydesdale Horses Ploughing Plowing near Kinross Scotland.
Filmed at 2014 Scottish ploughing Championships Kinross
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How to prevent cows going lame - Hoof Trimming Demo at AgriScot 2012
Alun Garton showing dairy farmers how to prevent lameness in their dairy cattle by regular trimming.Demo at AgriScot 2012 (Edinburgh)
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Holstein Heifers slobbering on a salty thing
My Holstein heifers love salt ! These blocks are mainly salt with added minerals including phosphorous (10%) which helps fertility. Most of these heifers have now been AI'd with sexed semen (Oman son)
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Massey Harris square baler at Ferguson working day Dumfries.Baler twine
MF pulling MH baler which is powered by it's own engine.Baling barley straw at West Mains Farm Collin on 21st September. Music by Jim Reader - Baler Twine
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Scraping slurry / Bedding cubicles with sawdust in June 2011
It's now june 10 and the cows are still in at night. Land has dried out slightly after the wettest May for more than a decade but grass is not growing due to cold temps Normally scraping / bedding is a winter job but this year it looks like it could be a summer one as well. Tractor is a 2040 NH 2WD. Film on the ipad shows how John Deere make the STS combine in the US. Interesting film - Download at iTunes
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UK Dairy Expo 2019.Holstein Junior 2yr Old.Berryholme Doorman Flo
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Massey Ferguson 100 Series - 50 Years Old. AVTMC Rally Ayr
For best video quality click on gear icon bottom right and select 720p (HD) UK's Best loved tractor of all time - The MF 135 is getting old - 50 this year.There were about 32 100 series on show at the recent Ayrshire vintage tractor Rally near Ayr Ayrshire. Camera - Sony A7R Edited on Final Cut Pro x
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Cutting logs with  Grey Fergie & Ferguson Cordwood Saw (1948)
For best video quality click on gear icon bottom right and select 720p (HD) Filmed at Ayrshire vintage tractor rally last week at Ayr auction market Ferguson TEA 20 driving the Cordwood circular saw. Sliced through even the biggest logs with ease. Camera for this video was the Sony A7R with a Zeiss 55mm 1.8 Lens
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Jersey Senior Cow.Agriscot 2016.4K Video
Winner in this class- Bluegrass Excitations Prissy Polly (EX96) 2nd - Nona from Blythbridge (Colin & Izzy Laird) Judge _ Mark Logan
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New Holland baling and wrapping round bale haylage
Contractors round baling 1st cut. Had planned to make hay in this field but weather did not co-operate this year.
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Massey Harris 50 tedding barley straw with a Dickie hay turner
Filmed at 2014 Ferguson working day Dumfries.The Dickie hay turner was made in East Kilbride Scotland.Seemed to do a good job at tedding. Added music to this video because of wind noise picked up with the camera microphone. For HD click on gear icon and select 720p
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How to dry off a cow
Cows moved to dry cow pasture for 2 month. Holiday time for cows
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Norstein -Norway Red x Holstein + Ireland's dairy crisis
Clipping my first milking Norstein (Norway red x Holstein) Similar to the Ayrshire breed - Smaller stature, good feet / legs , low SCC, easy care, high fat / protein % and may last more lactation's than the pure holstein. Listened to a farm week podcast on my ipod while clipping. Sounds like the milk price is even worse in Ireland than it is here.
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Sterndale Alexander Ghostly - Best 3yr Holstein at 2015 Dairy Expo.Sony A7s/Zeiss Loxia
Best viewed at 1080p (HD) Filmed at UK Dairy Expo in Carlisle England last weekend.Junior holstein 3yr old class. Judge was Hank Van Exel from Lodi California USA.He milks 1700 cows on a 1800 acre farm. The winning cow was bred by W J Nadin at Sterndale. Camera used was Sony A7s with a 50mm prime Zeiss loxia Lens. Aperture on the lens was f2 to throw the background out of focus Video frame rate - 25fps. File format - XAVC S. Edited on Apple final cut pro X
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Mature Holstein Class.2019 UK Dairy Expo.Supreme Champion-Sahara-Sanchez Ambrosia 3
Venue- Borderway auction market in Carlisle UK.Home of the UK's number one dairy show Outstanding class of mature holstein cows.The winner in this class went on to win Holstein championship and overall supreme champion (Interbreed) Sahara-Sanchez Ambrosia 3 She was purchashed in-calf to sexed Golden Dreams for 5800gns in 2014 (next door to this show ring.) The EX94-classified cow by Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez calved with its fourth calf in May 2018 and is currently giving 51kg daily. Owned in partnership with Mick Hollins, Staffordshire, it was bought from Andrew Bunting, Annan, as a second calver. Last year it took the title of SuperCow at AgriScot. Commenting on the champion, Holstein judge, Carl Saucier, Quebec said: “For me she was an easy grand, she possessed so much strength, power and overall length. But it was her mammary system which was outstanding, she has excellent height and width and strength of suspensory ligament.”
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John Deere 6125 R pulling 5 furrow Reversible Kverneland.ScotPlough 2014
Scottish ploughing championships (2014) at Newlands Farm Kinross.
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Lambs in spring.Orphan Easter lamb
Day old lamb. Her mother died so will have to feed with bottle. Anybody want it :) Music - Lambs in spring Raylene Rankin
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Jess the Jersey wins first prize at AgriScot 2016. 4K Video
Jersey heifer class.2016 AgriScot Edinburgh. Judge - Mark Logan For best quality view in 1080p (HD) or 4K if you have high speed internet. Camera Sony A7S mk1
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Grand Champion Ayrshire.2019 UK Dairy Expo.Sandyford Prime Heather Honey
CLASS 32 – GRAND CHAMPION Sponsored by Ayrshire Cattle Society Champion SANDYFORD PRIME HEATHER HONEY Reserve Champion SANDYFORD LUCKY FLORRIE Hon Mention SANDYFORD SUPREME FABLE 2 Judge - Molly Sloan
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Easter 2012.Whistling orphan lamb in the daffodils. Ronnie Ronalde
Music by Ronnie Ronalde. - Known as the world's greatest whistler and bird song imitator . This is his best known tune selling over 1 million copies. Played sell to concerts in UK, New York and Toronto in the 1950's. Camera - Sony NEX with Carl Zeiss lens
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Holstein & Ayrshire Calf Showmanship at UK Dairy Expo.Judge Monique Rey
Senior showmanship competition at Borderway Mart Carlisle
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Doing the Bobcat Boogie- Mucking out calf pens
This shed door is to narrow & low for tractor /loader or tele- handler Hired a Bobcat for 2 days. Used to muck out this place with a wheel barrow/fork - To much like hard work ! Music is by The Schmooney & Friends - The Bobcat boogie
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Ferguson TE20 - The Wee Grey Fergie.Ploughing  in SW Scotland
Classic British Tractor..Filmed at Friends of Ferguson working day - West Mains farm near Dumfries on a sunny and mild september sunday
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Dairy farming in South Dakota U.S.A.
A few years ago i went over to South Dakota in the US.with 12 other dairy farmers from UK & Ireland to see dairy farms and cheese plants in the Sioux Falls area (Along the Interstate 29). We were guests of SD Min of AGriculture. The SD government wanted UK and Irish farmers to build new dairy farms on green field sites- Minimum size - 500 cows up to 2500 cows or more. The State required 65.000 more cows to supply cheese plants.
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