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OAuth - what it is and how it works
In simple, not technical language!
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Gephi Tutorial: Filtering Networks
A quick tutorial on how to use filters in Gephi.
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Creating ARFF Files for Weka
Creating ARFF Files for Weka
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How to Look at Node Labels in Gephi
Different ways to look at the labels on nodes in gephi including an option to see it only when you mouse over the node.
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How A Bad Year Taught Me To Ask For Help
The first installment of random thoughts, advice, and stories from Jen. Get your TDAP vaccine updated and ask for help when you need it!
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How to import a CSV into Gephi
How to import a CSV into Gephi
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Gephi Tutorial on Network Visualization and Analysis
This tutorial goes from import through the whole analysis phase for a citation network. Data can be accessed at http://www.cs.umd.edu/~golbeck/INST633o/Viz.shtml
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Updated Gephi Quick Start Tutorial for v 0.9
This is an update of the original Gephi Quick Start Tutorial using the Les Miserables network. This is for Gephi 0.9. Slides to match this tutorial are at https://www.slideshare.net/golbeck/updated-gephi-quick-start-tutorial-for-v-09 Background: The original Gephi Quick Start Tutorial can be found at https://gephi.org/users/quick-start/ Things have moved or changed since it was made, so this tutorial uses their examples and slides but adds updates so you can find these features in version 0.9 I tried to use their originals as much as possible to preserve consistency. All credit for those slides goes to the Gephi creators.
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Gephi Modularity Tutorial
A quick tutorial on how to use gephi's modularity feature to detect communities and color code them in graphs.
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Interpreting Results and Accuracy in Weka
What those summary results mean, including precision, recall, f-measures, ROC AUC, and the confusion matrix.
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Gephi Tutorial: Finding Shortest Paths
A quick tutorial on using the shortest path tool in gephi
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Network Structure
An introduction to social network analysis and network structure measures, like density and centrality. Table of Contents: 00:00 - Network Structure 00:12 - Degree Distribution 02:42 - Degree Distribution 06:17 - Density 10:31 - Clustering Coefficient 11:24 - Which Node is Most Important? 12:10 - Which Node is Most Important? 13:27 - Closeness Centrality 15:01 - Closeness Centrality 16:17 - Closeness Centrality 16:36 - Degree Centrality 17:33 - Betweenness Centrality 17:53 - Betweenness Centrality 20:55 - Eigenvector Centrality 23:02 - Connectivity and Cohesion 24:24 - Small Worlds 26:28 - Random Graphs and Small Worlds
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Document Classification in Weka
A couple ways to do document classification in Weka. Data was taken from Trump's tweets, which you can find (with device info) at http://www.trumptwitterarchive.com/archive
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Class Balancing in Weka
How to deal with unbalanced classes in Weka. Data taken from http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/balance+scale
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Downloading and Installing Weka
Downloading and Installing Weka
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Gephi's Twitter Streaming Importer
A tutorial on setting up and running Gephi's Twitter Streaming Importer
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A Walkthrough Analysis of Tor Networks in Gephi
We load up a couple networks of Tor hidden services, clearnet sites, and IPs and analyze how they are connected. This is an example of how to do an exploratory network analysis using various statistics and filters in Gephi. More info at http://automatingosint.com/blog
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Gephi Labels and Colors
A tutorial on using the hidden color and label features in Gephi.
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How to Compute Network Centralization
Here's a quick example of how to compute network centralization (using the Freeman method). Essentially, sum the difference in centrality between the most central node and each other node. Then, divide by the same thing computed on the theoretically most centralized network with the same number of nodes. Usually, the latter will be a star network with one node in the middle connected to each other node.
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Building Networks
The basics of decision making for how to build a social network data set. Table of Contents: 00:00 - Building Networks 00:13 - First Decisions 01:50 - Examples 04:06 - Networks with multiple node types 05:14 - To Build a Network 06:48 - To Build a Network 08:15 - Handling Large Networks 08:59 - Snowball Sampling 10:01 - Random Sampling 11:23 - Egocentric Network Analysis
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Converting Various Formats into Adjacency Lists for Gephi
The social network data sets you find online often aren't in the format you need for the analysis tool you are using. There generally aren't converters that will simply change one format to another. However, you can often do the conversion yourself with some creative cut & paste and search & replace. Here, I pick a file I've never seen before and walk you through how I analyze the format, convert it, and import it into Gephi.
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Machine Learning with Weka - regression and clustering
This is a walkthrough of the IBM weka tutorials covering regression and clustering https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/os-weka1/ https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/os-weka2/ https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/os-weka3/
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Machine Learning Basics
Machine Learning Basics
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Gephi email network import tutorial
A quick tutorial on using gephi's email import feature, shown with the setting necessary for importing from Gmail. NOTE: Since I posted this, there has been a change in Gmail. If you are getting an error in Gephi that says it can't connect to the server. you probably need to change your Google security settings. Go to your google account at https://myaccount.google.com. Click on "Connected apps & sites" on the left and turn "Allow less secure apps" to ON. That solved the problem for me.
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Intro to XML (and handling XML with perl)
Basic XML along with some basics of programming perl to parse and work with XML data. This is a virtual lecture for the University of Maryland's INFM 743. The lecture website mentioned in the video is at http://www.cs.umd.edu/~golbeck/INFM743/xml.shtml
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Trust in Social Networks
An introduction to trust in social network analysis Table of Contents: 00:00 - Trust 00:22 - Defining Trust 02:36 - Why trust? 04:34 - General Definition 05:03 - Categories of Trust 06:32 - How Trust Develops 09:36 - Trust Asymmetry 10:33 - Context and Time 11:40 - Measuring Trust 11:55 - The Investment Game 13:20 - Trustworthiness 15:21 - Trust in Social Media 16:17 - Trust Inference 16:51 - Trust Inference Algorithms 17:33 - Inferring over many paths 19:14 - Applications of Trust 22:01 - Conclusions 22:28 - Conclusions
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The Weka Explorer Interface
The Weka Explorer Interface
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Twecoll command line tutorial
How to set up twecoll to collect your twitter network. Uses instructions at http://www.cs.umd.edu/~golbeck/INST633o/vizHW.shtml
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Formatting Forms with Tables in HTML
How to use tables to format forms in html
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Tie Strength
An introduction to the concept of tie strength in social network analysis. Table of Contents: 00:17 - Strong vs. Weak Ties 01:23 - Mark Granovetter 02:11 - Getting a Job 03:11 - Getting a Job 03:55 - Getting a Job 04:49 - Replicating Milgram's Six Degrees 05:46 - Weak Ties in Use 06:09 - The benefits of weak ties 06:44 - The network of strong ties 09:21 - Measuring Tie Strength 12:57 - Measuring Tie Strength 14:46 - Marker 16:31 - Measurement Overlaps 19:04 - Network Structure -- Forbidden Triad 19:33 - Marker 21:23 - Tie Strength and Propagation
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Importing Files in Gephi 0.9.2
Importing adjacency lists in gephi 0.9.2 changed a bit. You might get an error that says "impossible to find a compatible importer" or notice new options. This is a quick tutorial on how to deal with the new import functions.
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Inferential Statistics Basics
What is a statistical question What are variables Scales Hypotheses Samples and inferences Developed as part of INST627 at UMD
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Visual Analysis of Social Networks
An introduction to information visualization, specifically network visualization techniques. Table of Contents: 00:10 - Information Visualization 01:06 - Challenger 02:56 - 04:44 - 05:37 - 05:49 - 06:08 - Main Idea 06:34 - Information Visualization 07:45 - Key Attributes 09:07 - Tasks in Info Vis 09:45 - Tasks in Info Vis 10:07 - How Vis Amplifies Cognition 12:50 - Network Visualization 13:15 - What is interesting about this network? 21:49 - What makes a good visualization? 23:15 - Is this a good visualization? 23:56 - What about this one? 24:56 - And this one? 25:29 - And finally, this one? 26:06 - Node Size and Color 28:33 - Node Size and Color 29:40 - Edge Weight 30:04 - Visualization Issues 31:05 - Example: Senate Voting Records 31:48 - Filtering 32:38 - Example: Senate Voting Records 32:43 - Filtering 32:46 - Examples 32:51 - Visualization Tools 34:19 - In Class Exercise
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Recommender Systems
A quick introduction to recommender systems
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3.2 Validation and Evaluation in Visualization
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation in visualization
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Editing Data In Weka
A quick tutorial on how to edit values in your dataset from within Weka
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Weka Applications Chooser
A look at all the applications in the Weka GUI Chooser
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INST326 Object Oriented Programming 1: Classes
INST326 Object Oriented Programming 1: Classes
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INST326 Python Basics Review
INST326 Python Basics Review
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Propagation Models
Introduction to disease models and network structure. Includes the firefighter problem, SIR models, k-thresholds. Table of Contents: 00:00 - Propagation in Networks 00:37 - Network Structure and Propagation 02:19 - 04:54 - Firefighter Problem 06:01 - 06:08 - 06:15 - 06:17 - 06:21 - 06:27 - 06:39 - 06:43 - 06:54 - Firefighter Problem Strategies 08:01 - Disease Models 09:20 - Disease Models 10:18 - Disease Models 11:50 - How Diseases Track Information 12:04 - Discuss 12:51 - k-threshold Models 13:40 - k-threshold Models 13:55 - Application to Information - Discuss 14:40 - Apply S/I/R Models and k-thresholds 19:06 - Exercise 21:07 - 23:06 - Exercise 23:37 - Exercise 24:45 - Exercise 25:14 - Exercise
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Propagation Probability
An introduction to probability used in network propagation. Table of Contents: 00:04 - Transmission Rates 01:16 - Example 02:13 - Example 04:33 - Multiple Neighbors 09:17 - A closer look at the possibilities 12:54 - All the possibilities! 16:32 - When we need simulation 17:57 - Simulations 19:04 - Simulation Exercise 19:56 - Simulation Example 21:40 - Now you try
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INST36: OO Programming a game
An in depth game program to practice classes and objects
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Rotating a Tic Tac Toe board
Rotating a Tic Tac Toe board
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1 Intro To Data Visualization
Intro to data visualization
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Online Harassment: Networks, Psychology, Interventions
An overview of a range of research into the online harassment phenomenon. Papers mentioned: Aghazadeh, Sarah A., Alison Burns, Jun Chu, Hazel Feigenblatt, Elizabeth Laribee, Lucy Maynard, Amy LM Meyers, Jessica L. O’Brien, and Leah Rufus. "GamerGate: A Case Study in Online Harassment." In Online Harassment, pp. 179-207. Springer, Cham, 2018. Buckels et al. "Trolls just want to have fun." Personality and individual Differences 67 (2014) http://newspaper23.com/ripped/2014/12/http-_____-___-_scottbarrykaufman___-com__-_wp-content__-_uploads__-_2014__-_02__-_trolls-just-want-to-have-fun.pdf Munger "Tweetment effects on the tweeted: Experimentally reducing racist harassment." Political Behavior-2016 http://download.xuebalib.com/xuebalib.com.12365.pdf Golbeck, J., Gerhard, J., O’Colman, F., & O’Colman, R. (2017). Scaling Up Integrated Structural and Content-Based Network Analysis. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-12. Golbeck+28 coauthors. A Large Human-Labeled Corpus for Online Harassment Research. Proc of WebSci'17. http://www.cs.umd.edu/~golbeck/papers/trolling.pdf
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Document Level and External Style Sheets
CSS tutorial on Document Level and External Style Sheets
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5 Color in Visualization
How color goes from being a wavelength of energy to how we perceive and name it. Slides by Niklas Elmqvist
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INST326: Web Scraping with Python
Working the 4 Minute Web Scraping with Python tutorial from https://towardsdatascience.com/how-to-web-scrape-with-python-in-4-minutes-bc49186a8460
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11. Temporal Data Visualization
11. Temporal Data Visualization slides by niklas elmqvist
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Accessibility in HCI
A high level overview of accessibility in HCI. This is a lecture for a class I teach at the University of Maryland, and you can see the related details at https://www.cs.umd.edu/~golbeck/INST631/accessibility.shtml
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