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The World's Fastest HDD PDC Reamer / HDD Hole Opener! VersaReam™ by Bit Brokers International
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Reamer / Hole Opener versatility is HERE! We would like to introduce you to the next step in the evolution of reamers/hole openers. The VersaReam™ is the first bi-directional, self-centering PDC reamer/hole opener equipped with a modular quick-change blade system and bearing/seal free design. This video shows footage of our prototype run in Chantilly, VA by Rock Hammer Drilling (Shade Gap, PA) and the testimonial from their owner, Jack McCartney. Find out more at http://www.bitbrokers.com or Call NOW at +1(618)435-5811
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Matrix PDC Magnet Test by Bit Brokers International
This video illustrates the superiority in quality of Bit Brokers International's Matrix PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) Drill Bits versus the competition.
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Bit Brokers International 2019 Expansion
Great things are in store at Bit Brokers for 2019! We are rapidly expanding!
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