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Nostale - Nexus cheating? RIP
Goodbye Jascoe. Fuck yourself. =) P.S This video is not mine nor do I hold any rights to the glory of banning Nexus chumps. That honor belongs to the unknown hero of Nostale UK. May he never be forgotten. 7:20 Jascoe shows he is the same person as xipe and is getting leeched by Saturn 12:10 xipe is getting leeched by Saturn and uses a bot too 19:00 xipe is using a bot which let him sitdown + refresh blessings 25:40 xipe using bot while getting leeched by Saturn 25:50 part2 xipe is using a bot while getting leeched by saturn 29:17 Part 3- xipe leeched by Saturn 33:16 part 4 38:50 part 5 44:00 Jascoe is using mariobros account to bot and leech doublecheese on saturns PC with vpn 43:40 mariobross is leeching DoubleCheese via VPN and bot 45:28 part6 Saturn is botting in act6 and Jascoe shows once again that he is xipe 1:06:03 Saturn is botting in act6 and Jascoe is helping 1:14:13 Jascoe is the same person as xipe 1:15:43 Rikudou
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The Walking Dead - RuneScape 3 Music (Unofficial Rework)
Original Composer: Ian Taylor (Based on Adam Bond's "The Militia") Release date: January 4, 2018 Members: Yes Location: Shayzien Catacombs Quest requirement: Dragon Slayer II Skill requirements: 75 Magic, 70 Smithing, 68 Mining, 62 Crafting, 60 Agility, 60 Thieving, 50 Construction, 50 Hitpoints Misc. requirements: 200 Quest Points, and completion of various quests Notes: This track is unlocked during Dragon Slayer II quest, inside the Shayzien House's Catacombs. This is a fan-made rework made by me, it is not officially in the game! Images and original music used in this video belong to Jagex Ltd. You can play Old School RuneScape at http://oldschool.runescape.com/

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