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Аviapark 30mm GAU 8 in slow motion
Watch Aviapark 30mm GAU 8 in slow motion onlin Weapon type: seven-barreled automatic cannon Caliber: 30 mm Shell: 30×173 mm The principle of operation: a Gatling gun with a rotating barrel block and the external drive automatics The number of trunks: 7 The length of the gun system (together with the cartridge box): 6400 mm Length of gun: 2900 mm The length of the shafts 2229 mm The rifling of the barrels: Object mass (full): 1830 kg Gun weight: 281 kg Weight of ammunition: 937 kg Rate of fire: 1800-3900 shots/min Supply of cartridges: Bessonova Initial velocity: 980 BPS m/s, OFZ 1070 m/s Effective range: 1250 metres Precision hits: 80% of rounds fired at a distance of 1219 m fall within a circle of radius 6.1 m Cartridges: PGU-14/B armor-piercing projectiles PGU-13/B OFZ shell PGU-15/B with practical projectile The armor BPS PGU-14/B : 69 mm at a distance of 500 m 38 mm at a distance of 1000 m
Why the A-10 Warthog Is a Ground Soldier’s Best Friend
If you’re a soldier surrounded by enemy troops, there’s only one plane you want coming to your rescue: the A-10 Warthog. From: AIR WARRIORS: A-10 Warthog http://bit.ly/1JF0KkG
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CBU-89 Gator
The GATOR mine system is a US system of air-dropped anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, that was developed in the 1980s to be compatible with existing cluster dispensers. It is used with two dispenser systems - the Navy 500 lb CBU-78/B and the Air Force 1,000 lb CBU-89/B. Additionally the mines are used with the land and helicopter based Volcano mine system. The mines self-destruct after a preset period of 4 hours, 15 hours or 15 days. Any that do not will be rendered disabled after 40 days when the batteries expire. The self-destruct time is set just prior to aircraft takeoff using a simple selector switch on the dispenser.
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Depleted Uranium The Facts and Health Effects.Dr  Doug Rokke
Uranium 238 Rounds are contaminated with Plutonium , Neptunium , Americium By the way that is the only kind of rounds the A10 warthog shoots , and it shoots a ton and a half a min , the animosity equivalent of 71 Nagasaki dirty Bombs worth of radiation a minute of solid Uranium 238 . Contamination the entire countries food , water , land , animals , bio habitat the ecological , environmental and its hemisphere . Depleted Uranium Killing US UK EU Troops http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exz_soRrNzo Depleted uranium is the nuclear waste produced through the enrichment process of uranium. It is highly radioactive and has a half-life of 3.5 billion years. It is also used as an armor piercing, incendiary weapon in the US military. Most military use of depleted uranium has been as 30 mm caliber ordnance, primarily the 30 mm PGU-14/B armour-piercing incendiary round from the GAU-8 Avenger cannon of the A-10 Thunderbolt II used by the United States Air Force. 25 mm DU rounds have been used in the M242 gun mounted on the U.S. Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the Marine Corp's LAV-25. The U.S. Marine Corps uses DU in the 25 mm PGU-20 round fired by the GAU-12 Equalizer cannon of the AV-8B Harrier, and also in the 20 mm M197 gun mounted on AH-1 Cobra helicopter gunships. The United States Navy's Phalanx CIWS's M61 Vulcan Gatling gun used 20 mm armor-piercing penetrator rounds with discarding plastic sabots made using depleted uranium. The US has argued that nuclear weapons are not covered under the Second Hague Declaration of July, 29 1899, Hague Convention IV of October, 18 1907 and the Geneva Protocol of June, 17 1925, because "their primary use is not to poison or asphyxiate, but to destroy materiel and kill soldiers through kinetic energy." In 2002,Y. K. J. Yeung Sik Yuen in accordance with Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights resolution 2001/36, argued that the use of depleted uranium in weapons, may breach one or more of the following treaties: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights The Charter of the United Nations The Genocide Convention The United Nations Convention Against Torture The Geneva Conventions, including Protocol I The Convention on Conventional Weapons of 1980 The Chemical Weapons Convention Though a coalition of more than 155 non-governmental organizations, have asked for a ban on the production and military use of depleted uranium weapons, and over 150 countries have voted to ban or regulate depleted uranium through the United Nations, the US, France and Britain have continued to block action through their UN security council. Depleted Uranium was used by the US on Iranians in 2010 http://www.infowars.com/iran-haze-con...... 'Israel used depleted uranium shells in Syria' 5-6-2013 http://www.jpost.com/Defense/Syria-Is...... http://www.minds.com/search/result/wi...... SOURCE AT http://www.minds.com/blog/view/219563......
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300mm Double Barrel Cannon
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Cool A-10 Strafe (ArmA 3)
Mods are RHS, the A-10 is Firewills A-10
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Military Update (7/14/2019): U.S. Army's Plans for a 'Super' Bradley Fighting Vehicle are D.ea.d
US Military News Update (http://bit.ly/USMilitaryNewsUpdate) The Army's plans for a 'super' Bradley fighting vehicle are d/e/a/d Early in 2018, reports emerged that the Pentagon was considering heavily upgrading its fleet of Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to an M2A5 model with a new 30-millimeter gun turret and capacity for a full nine-soldier squad. However, an annual report makes clear that M2A5 Bradley concept has been canceled in favor of procuring an even more heavily-armed successor sooner—though the Pentagon is moving ahead with plans for a more agile M2A4 model carrying an Active Protection System capable of intercepting incoming missiles and rockets. Infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) like the M2 Bradley boast rapid-fire automatic cannons, long-range anti-tank missiles, and machine guns to provide heavy fire support to the squads of infantry they carry to battle. However, they are less heavily armored than main battle tanks and often have a more limited passenger capacity compared to lighter armored personnel carriers. Concerns over survivability led the Army to install additional conventional and explosive-reactive armor plates on its M2s, which saw extensive action in both Iraq wars, increasing weight from twenty-five to thirty-three tons. However, the vehicle's suspension and powertrain were never modified for that additional weight, resulting in the Bradley becoming slower and lacking the electrical generation to incorporate additional upgrades. The weight also pushed the M2's hull closer to the ground, worsening obstacle clearance and increasing vulnerability to mines and IEDs. The Pentagon is proceeding with upgrades to the suspension and powertrainimplemented through red tape-dodging "Engineering Change Proposals." These will not only correct the Bradley's increasing sluggishness but improve its electrical capacity so that it can utilize a state of the art Active Protection System called the "Iron Fist"—which would also add another 1,500 pounds to the Bradley's weight. In fact, Bradleys used for Iron Fist trials necessarily used components from the M2A4 model. In December 2018, the Army already announced it planned to rush-outfit an entire mechanized brigade with the Iron Fist. However, a separate testing report indicates that Iron Fist tests in 2018 revealed bugs and "demonstrated an inconsistent capability to intercept threats. Counter-munition dudding and power failures to the launcher were leading contributors to the low intercept rate." That doesn't sound too good, though Iron Fist apparently is more promising than the Iron Curtain APS test on the wheeled Stryker APC, which reportedly regularly failed to prevent "damaging effects," leading testing to be discontinued. Meanwhile, modifications are being implemented in Iron Fist in hopes of improved results for Phase II of the testing. Meanwhile, Iron Fist performance aside, Army plans to convert five M2A3-equipped brigades to M2A4 models, and forward deploy the assets for a sixth "brigade set" of M2A4s to Europe for rapid manning in a crisis. Ongoing live-fire tests of the new model's survivability have so far yielded positive results, and will be complete by 2020. Meanwhile, more modern IFV designs have incorporated larger auto-cannons, heavier armor, and even large 100-millimeter guns in some cases. As opposing IFVs would likely clash in a high-intensity conflict, the Army views these designs as potentially overmatching the Bradley. Faced between upgrading the Bradley even further or opting for a new chassis, the Army would prefer the money to go to the latter. Over the last two decades, the land-warfare service spent over $20 billion on two ambitious earlier program, the Future Combat System and the Ground Combat Vehicle, which both failed to yield results before being canceled. The Pentagon is now hoping that the third attempt will be the charm, as it adopts a new philosophy for its Next Generation Combat Vehicle program: pursue proven, 80 percent solutions rather than accepting much higher costs and risks shooting for "exquisite" designs. Likewise, there is less emphasis on attempting to develop a one-size-fits-all solution for Army vehicles, which in an effort to lower costs has historically resulted in delays with program-fatal results. Currently, the Army has three major candidates for the Bradley successor, called the Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle, which it would like to be capable of carrying both an Active Protection System and a powerful 50-millimeter cannon. These include the BAE's CV90 Mark IV, Rheinmetall/Raytheon's KF41 Lynx, and General Dynamics Griffon Mark III—all detailed in this article . As these all trace their lineage to existing, proven designs, and also have baked-in potential for adaptation to secondary roles, the Army hopes it will be able to finally find a Bradley replacement without having to reinvent the wheel. ... This article originally appeared on The National Interest.
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Rex Cage - Tank Reload
Check out his http://www.soundcloud.com/rexcage
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Depleted Uranium
It is imperative to ALL of our futures that we must come together now and stop this insanity! I say the world together shall grind to a hault the industrial military complex! The death, mutilation, oppresion, destruction, murder, loss, and hatred all have to END! To the men and women in the military: Quit, get out! You are fighting over seas for NOTHING, and getting something quite deadly in return! Stop the killing, of others and yourselves War is always in vain!
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BF3 - Duh....
This guy is all sorts of stupid ;D If shosho comments on this I will pee myself!
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