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Beyond the Surface: The History of BHP
On 13 August 1885, the Broken Hill Propriety Company Limited was formed. To celebrate the anniversary of this momentous occasion Beyond the Surface looks back at the milestone events and people that have shaped our Company.
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Level Crossing, Narrabri Coal NSW, Australia.
The first activation is shown at 4:15 This is the Narrabri Road level crossing at Narrabri Coal which is located 10 kilometers north of Baan Baa, NSW. The crossing takes it's name from the nearby Narrabri Mine which has a private spur line for coal trains, the junction being located on the northern side of the crossing. Here is the map location of the crossing https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-30.5191745,149.9147352,17z These signals were installed on June 15, 2009. Both signals have Western Cullen Hayes bases, Safetran gate mechanisms, United Group lights (one Alstom light on the eastern signal) and Westinghouse hybrid bells. The bell on the eastern signal is dead and is an older model which was recycled from another crossing. This is possibly the most recent (and last) new installation in NSW to use Westinghouse hybrid bells. Train information: 1st train: NP43 Xplorer service from Werris Creek to Moree. Filmed on July 20, 2018. 2nd train: NP44 Xplorer service from Moree to Werris Creek. Filmed on July 21, 2018.
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Level Crossing, Mangoola NSW, Australia.
The first activation is shown at 6:45 Thanks to Trainman 7 for finding this crossing! This is the Mangoola Road level crossing at Mangoola NSW. It is located between Muswellbrook and Denman, on the Ulan Line which is mostly used for coal traffic. The crossing isn't on street view, but here is the map location https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-32.3320333,150.7299238,16z These signals were installed on November 2, 2008. The crossing has some rare equipment, it is the only known installation to have United Group lights with red LED's rather than the usual clear ones. Strangely, both gate-less signals also have five inch diameter masts which are normally used for gated signals. Northern gated signal: Western Cullen Hayes base, Safetran gate mechanism, two pairs of United Group lights with red LED's and a Westinghouse hybrid bell which rings until the gates have lowered. Northern gate-less signal: Western Cullen Hayes base and one pair of United Group lights with red LED's. Southern gated signal: Western Cullen Hayes base, Safetran gate mechanism, 1.5 pairs of United Group lights with red LED's, one Alstom light with clear LED's and a Safetran Type 3 electronic bell which rings until the gates rise. It replaced the original Westinghouse hybrid bell. Southern gate-less signal: Western Cullen Hayes base and one pair of United Group lights with clear LED's. Train information: 1st train: Genesee & Wyoming empty coal service from Newcastle heading towards Ulan, with locomotives XRN 004, XRN 007 and XRN 021. 2nd train: Containerized mineral ore service heading to Newcastle, possibly from Hermidale or Cobar, with locomotives 1431 and 1428. 3rd train: Aurizon coal from Mangoola to Newcastle, with locomotives 6006, 6004 and 5045. The mine is located on the hillside in the background of this scene. Filmed on May 28, 2018.
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Coppabella Mining Camp 4k
Flight around Coppabella Mining Camp in 4k 3,000+ rooms, 2 gyms + bar etc. https://civeo.com/lodges-villages/australia/coppabella-village/
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Adventure Gold. Exploring Sunny Corner.
In this video we explore two areas of Sunny Corner, Mitchell’s Creek and Lagoon Creek gold mine. The area is rich in mining history and those that like to explore will find relics of gold mining in almost every creek and gully within the state forest.
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Surveyor General Berrima
A look inside the local
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Bayswater Power Station
Narration !
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3D Mining Induction
Mining training in 3 D. A stope mock up.
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Ditherer and Son Prospecting: Gold Prospecting Ophir NSW Homemade Highbanker
Gold Prospecting Ophir - NSW on the Lower Lewis Ponds Creek. My old dad and I have come to Wildwood Cottage a few times now. Each time we come we find more gold than the last. We stay at Wildwood Cottage on the Lower Lewis Ponds Rd, as guests on the property we can do some gold prospecting.....and we do! We go there for the gold, there's no denying it. Both dad and I have had goldfever for nigh on 40 years. For this trip we built a new highbanker called "The Hogwash" in honour of the Gold Hog rubber matting we used. Dad and I were still bending aluminium the night before we left, and we hadn't even glued some of the PVC pipework. We knew we'd have to play with the setup a bit, and we learned an awful lot. Over the next 3 days we refined our plans as we conducted the daily Post Mortem each evening in the loungeroom at the cottage. We're both champing at the bit to go again. But that will have to wait. Besides, there's all the modifications to the designs....hours, indeed weeks or months of fruitful dithering before we once again build the prototype the night before.....again..... For those who are interested, the highbanker is homemade and ditheringly designed. It was a conversion of a classifier/grizzly bar setup we took on the last trip. We run a 2" 5.5HP pump, and for the purposes of the testing (and due to fortuitous incompleteness) we had a dual valved manifold glued up out of PVC plumbing parts in line with the water supply. We had intended to have a garden hose attachment set up on one of the outlets and the highbanker on the other. But as dithering is not foolproof, we had failed to purchase enough PVC adaptors of the right size and thus had a spare outlet with a tap on it. By opening and closing this bypass tap, we could regulate the flow of water in the sluice. The sluice itself uses Gold Hog Mats. we have both UR and Scrubber mats in for the duration of this trip. Due to a design failure with the hopper, when we ran max water flow through the higbanker, too much of the dirty wash water would make it over the end of the grizzly bars and into the large tailing pile. We tried any number of ways to up the flow while not losing the gold-bearing wash over the back. We tried adjusting the direction of the sprays to control the V rooster tail. We added large rocks to the hopper to hold material longer and release it more slowly while still allowing more water to be put through the sluice. What we really needed to do was shorten the skidplate under the hopper and put the offcut skidplate underneath the grizzly bars. This modification will be made before the next video for certain. The second sluice is one of our new homemade river sluices. We didnt use any expanded metal over the miners moss in the second sluice, and we felt that with the increased flows and speeds this would have been sensible and the more vortices the finer the gold recovery. This is another guaranteed modification. We'll make the rubber matting sluice longer and the whole system more adjustable. From an efficiency point of view, we should have set up the machine between dad and I, and had both of us digging a trench either side of the machine and shovelling straight in. This we would do next time if the ditherer wasnt nearly 70. I might have to rope in another able bodied assistant and let the ditherer have a bit of a sit down in the shade. We might even put him in charge of concentrates and finishing. So we can get the highbanker reassembled after a cleanout more quickly and get back to processing. Ditherer and Son Please "like" my video and/or subscribe to my channel and it will encourage me to mkae more, sooner! check out the Wildwood Cottage Ophir website at www.wildwoodcottage.com.au
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Sequence from "The Story of the Hunter Valley" [1951]
This is the first of a number of sequences used in the film "The Story of the Hunter Valley" [1951] It was digitised from the original 16mm reels by Pete Smith and donated to the University of Newcastle on a series of DVDs. Recounts the story of "Johnny" a lad who is sick of city life and wishes a life on the land. From the Singleton Argus Wednesday 8 August 1951 p2: "In his wanderings through a city garden he sees in more vivid perspective the work of soil and nature. He falls asleep and dreams that he meets a farmer who gives him a letter to another farmer in the Upper Hunter, where Johnny goes bush and soon becomes a son of the soil. Interesting scenes of the Kia Ora Stud Farm at Segenhoe, work at the Glenbawn Dam, modern methods of preventing soil erosion by contour ploughing, drainage, vegetable growing, haymaking, and modern methods in dairying highlighted the shots of the film. The secondary industries covered included the B.H.P. Steelworks, Stewart and Lloyd's Pipe Works and the Bradford Textile Mills." This film is part of a number of productions financed by the Hunter Valley Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd.
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Transport for NSW Vlog No.827 Lapstone
Filmed: Saturday 21/11/2015 Not affiliated or endorsed by Transport for NSW
Driving directions with Street View on Google Maps
Now you can use Street View when getting driving directions on Google Maps.
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Street View's New Look on Google Maps Australia
Check out the new experience of Street View on Google Maps. Learn the new ways to enter Street View, look at our full screen mode, navigate through driving directions, and more. Street View is a feature of Google Maps that allows you to quickly and easily view and navigate high-resolution, 360 degree street level images of various cities in Australia. See at http://maps.google.com.au/streetview
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Vulcan 10.1 Dragline Module
New functions in Vulcan 10.1 speed up dragline strip design by automating the previously time consuming and repetitive tasks.
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Newnes Camping Area - Wollemi National Park
The Newnes camping area is set in a gorgeous open area surrounded by amazing sandstone cliffs and escarpements. Within walking distance are the Newnes Industrial Ruins consisting of the ruins of old shale oil mining days. There are also glow worm caves to discover not too far away and this is a fantastic place to spend a few days. Within the camping area there are approximately 80 sites, drop toilets, picnic tables and firepits. This is a beautiful national park with plenty of wildlife, bush walks and water holes. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO https://www.live2camp.com.au/newnes-camping-area and go to: https://twitter.com/live2campaust https://www.instagram.com/live2campau... https://www.facebook.com/Live2Camp
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AGL announces new gas-fired power plant for 2022
AGL announces new gas-fired power plant for 2022: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-26/agl-announces-newcastle-gas-fired-power-station/9701122. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos. AGL announces Newcastle gas-fired power plant to replace the Liddell power station By Bellinda Kontominas and Alice Matthews AGL has released details for a gas-fired power plant in New South Wales, as part of its plans to replace the aging Lidell coal-fired station and move towards cleaner energy.The company said it was investing up to $400 million in the 252-megawatt facility to be built near Newcastle and be completed during 2022.Its announcement to the Australian stock Exchange follows pressure from the Federal Government to sell the Lidell coal-fired station in the New South Wales Hunter Valley, so it could stay open beyond its planned closure in 2022.However, the energy company refused, announcing in December its plans to replace Lidell's output with renewables, upgrade the nearby Bayswater coal generator and reuse components of Lidell.AGL said it was assessing sites for the project near the company's Newcastle Gas Storage Facility.AGL managing director and chief executive Andy Vesey said the company was "committed to supporting the orderly transition of Australia's electricity generation capability to modern, clean and reliable energy supply".The company said it also plans to "assess the potential" to develop a further 500 megawatts of gas-fired generation capacity, subject to demand from its commercial and industrial customers."Electricity generation is undergoing an increasingly rapid transition to lower cost, clean energy renewable and storage technologies," Mr Vesey said."This requires the complementary development of flexible, dispatchable gas-fired technology, as well as policies to support these developments."
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Environment Change, Distress Human Emotion Solastalgia
Accessible version from TEDx Sydney 2010 presentation by Glenn Albrecht
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Integrating a multidisciplinary model of psychosocial care for cancer survivors - Catherine Adams
The facilitation of effective and ongoing patient/clinician communication that identifies changing patient needs and links the patient with timely and appropriate services via coordinated multidisciplinary teams is necessary (IOM 2008). The HNELHD is the size of the UK and has NSW highest proportion of Aboriginal patients. The Psycho-Oncology Clinical Stream has introduced a stepped model of psychosocial care across metropolitan, regional, rural and remote areas of the district. Innovations Conference The Innovations in Cancer Treatment and Care Conference is a free, annual event hosted by the Cancer Institute NSW. The conference provides health professionals with an opportunity to hear, collaborate and share the latest innovations in quality cancer care. This year's event was held at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park and was attended by over 300 delegates working to lessen the impact of cancer in NSW. http://www.cancerinstitute.org.au/events/i/innovations-in-cancer-treatment-and-care-2014
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