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Ukrainian coal miners work to stave off electricity shortage
Coal miners in the separatist east of Ukraine work to ensure there won't be electricity shortages during the coldest months of winter, but the country has declared a state of emergency in its electricity market. Duration: 00:59
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Ukraine: Child Labour in Mining
(July 2005) In Ukraine, most legally-operated coal mines closed down following the break-up of the Soviet Union. Yet many families still dig for coal in illegal mines and children are expected to work, too. The International Labour Organization is working together with trade unions and the government to put an end to child labour and create new jobs. ** UKRAINE: LE TRAVAIL DES ENFANTS DANS LES MINES (Juillet 2005) En Ukraine, la plupart des mines de charbon exploitées légalement ont fermé après l'éclatement de l'Union soviétique. Pourtant, de nombreuses familles continuent d'exploiter illégalement le charbon dans des mines artisanales où le travail des enfants est considéré comme normal. L'Organisation internationale du Travail collabore avec les syndicats et le gouvernement pour éliminer le travail des enfants dans ces mines familiales et créer d'autres types d'emplois.
Dangerous Illegal Coal Mining Thrives In Ukraine
The town of Snizhne in eastern Ukraine sits directly on top of surface coal deposits. Easy access to the coal -- along with high unemployment -- has fostered a booming business in illegal mining. Residents say the work is dangerous, but it's the only opportunity around. RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service
Ukraine coal mine
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Ukraine Miners Struggle For Economic Survival
Ukraine's eastern region of Luhansk has been shaken by a separatist conflict -- and so has the local economy. The town of Hirske, located in government-controlled territory, depends on a coal mine for most of its jobs, but major investments are needed for the operation to continue. Originally published at - http://www.rferl.org/a/ukraine-donbas-coal-mine/28185036.html
Ukraine to buy 700,000 tons of American anthracite coal
Ukraine has agreed to a deal to buy coal from the United States for the first time in its history. The first delivery is expected in September. Washington has described the deal as a means of undercutting the influence of Russia over its European neighbors. Lena Savchuk has more in this report. Watch Live: http://www.presstv.com/live.html Twitter: http://twitter.com/PressTV LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/PressTV Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PRESSTV Google+: http://plus.google.com/+VideosPTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/presstvchannel Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/presstv
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The Children Working On Indian Coal Mines
Rat Hole Minors (2014): In the coal mines of India, tens of thousands of children are forced to work in "rat holes", tiny pits too small for adults to reach. Why are the authorities turning a blind eye to this lethal and illegal practice? For similar stories, see: The Children Risking Their Lives In Underwater Gold Mines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1L_pxYZVwE Investigating BHP's $5bn Mining Disaster In Brazil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF3Clm6T_kI Sulphur Mining - Indonesia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciH1qw3eiHs Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures For downloads and more information visit: http://www.journeyman.tv/film/6099/rat-hole-minors Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/journeymanpictures Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JourneymanVOD https://twitter.com/JourneymanNews Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/journeymanpictures "We might get hit by a wire or rocks...along the path there are holes and you never know when you might fall", says 13-year-old Lakpa of the tiny, dark tunnels stretching over 50 metres into the earth that he works in each day. According to Hasina Karbith, a charity worker for Indian NGO Impulse, there are over 70,000 underage children working just in the mines of Meghalaya. The charity is trying to fight what they say is a rampant illegal industry of trafficking from Nepal and child labour in the mines. "We wrote more than 60 letters to the government with the findings and still we didn't get any response. I still remember the day when the government wrote back to us and said, 'you have to present the names of the 70,000 children. If you cannot do it in the next 15 days then your organisation is going to be shut down'." Dateline, SBS Australia – Ref. 6099 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
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Sunrise Coal Miner Profiles - Rusty Berry
Rusty Berry, Miner, 3rd Shift Rusty has been a miner for 12 years in three different mines. He's proud to be a miner and appreciates Sunrise's family oriented approach with employees. For more information, go to www.sunrisecoal.com
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US coal industry staging comeback under Trump
US coal industry staging comeback under Trump Higher prices and support from the new US administration are helping the US coal industry, even as overall demand for the fossil fuel continues to shrink. During his election campaign, President Donald Trump promised to bring back coal jobs and remove environmental regulations. But there are increasing worries that coal use will further add to the country's pollution crisis. Al Jazeera's Kristen Saloomey reports from Somerset, Pennsylvania. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/
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War endangers future of coal mining in rebel-controlled industrial heartland
Lines of workers gather outside Donetsk's Chelyuskintsev coal mine waiting to start their shifts, despite artillery fire around them. The entrance to the pit is guarded by armed rebels and pro-separatist graffiti adorn the fences nearby. Vitaly Khristich is one of hundreds of workers at this and other local mines that go down in the pit every day, braving the fighting outside and being unpaid for months. Without them the shaft would get flooded and could simply be lost as an energy source. One kilometre up, above ground, Ukrainian government firing positions dot the fields around. About 55 percent of all coalmines in Ukraine are situated in a relatively small area controlled by pro-Russian rebels who declared independence in May and have been fighting government troops for months. The frontline that separates the warring parties cuts off the mineral wealth of the Donetsk region from energy capacities, endangering the future of the region and the energy security of Ukraine. Heavy fighting and electricity blackouts have paralyzed the work of dozens of mines in the region, Ukraine's industrial heartland. The rebels threaten to stop sending coal to Kiev, while the Ukrainian government could cut off the electricity supply generated at a power station on the other side of the frontline. Many separatist combatants in Donetsk are local miners, and the pro-rebel sentiment among this workforce is strong. Miners like Khristich don't hide their sympathies. "Coal will be ours and Donetsk People's Republic will take care of it. It will be used where it's needed, but not to oligarchs, who made money on this coal," he said. The Chelyuskintsev mine is government owned but who actually runs it is anyone's guess. Despite the war it has been shipping all the coal it produces to the state-owned distributor, but it is not receiving government financing. Around 100 Chelyuskintsev miners have joined the fighters and others said they will vote in the November 2 rebel election as long as there is no heavy fighting outside. Mine director Vasily Dancha says he was "advised" to take down the Ukrainian flag a few months ago. But he would not fly the rebel flag, either. Whoever pays the miners will get their flag on a pole, he says. Coal output in the Donetsk region dropped by 20 percent in January-September compared to the same period last year, to 22 million tons, forcing the Ukrainian government to consider importing it from abroad - an unprecedented step for this energy-rich country. Kiev has already contracted to buy 1 million tons from South Africa. Dancha says workers want to work and know how to make the mine productive so the profit prospects are good as long as there's investment. "All coal mines have to be renovated, so they can provide materials to raise production of metal, electricity and chemicals," he says. The troubles in the east could threaten the mining industry and livelihoods across the country. Ukraine is already experiencing a 30 percent coal shortage at power stations, the country's Energy Minister said earlier this month. Ukrainian officials were concerned by reports that there rebels were thinking about starting to export the coal, to the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in March. Rebels may threaten to stop shipping coal to Kiev, but the Ukrainian authorities hold cards of their own. Most coalmines in rebel-held areas are powered by a hydro-electric plant in the town of Kurakhove, which is under government control. "If they keep it," Dancha said, "it will be an important leverage for them to use." The plant in Kurakhove in turn runs on coal from the Donetsk mines, a neat illustration of the indissoluble mutual reliance both sides will find hard to overcome. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/a4d3452c63e862b700995fe6c08beaf9 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Cursed by Coal: Mining the Navajo Nation
There's a resource curse on the Navajo Nation. The 27,000-square-mile reservation straddling parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah has an extremely high abundance of many energy resources — particularly coal. That coal is what's burned to provide much of the Southwest with electricity, and it creates jobs for the Navajo. But the mining and burning have also caused environmental degradation, serious health issues, and displacement. VICE News travels to the Navajo Nation to find out how its abundance of coal is affecting the future of the Navajo people. Watch “Toxic: Coal Ash” - http://bit.ly/1zDaW66 Watch “Petcoke: Toxic Waste in the Windy City” - http://bit.ly/1E2YejO Read "Line 61, the Oil Pipeline That Will Dwarf Keystone XL” - http://bit.ly/18iOKad Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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Top 10 Largest Coal Producing Countries in The World
Top 10 Largest Coal Producing Countries in The World 10. UKRAINE This Eastern European State, has coal reserves located in the Donets Basin.95% of the country’s energy is mainly because of coal. It has abundant deposits of lignite but mining was stalled in 1990’s.Due to conflicts in the country there has been a decline in the coking coal production and power from coal, There is a 30% fall in the production of coal from the Donets Basin. 9. COLOMBIA Colombia is the largest producer of coal in South America and also has the largest reserves in that region .Mining for coal has increased in the past few years and production has seen an 80% increase since 1999. 8. KAZAKHSTAN This trans-continental country of Central Asia has 44.6 billion tonnes of coal which accounts to 3.8% of the world’s coal. The largest coal producer is Bogatyr Coal that operates the largest 4.5 billion tons open-pit coal mine in the world in Ekibastuz in the northeastern region of Kazakhstan. 7. SOUTH AFRICA The use of coal in South Africa dates back to the Iron Age and currently this country comes seventh in the global coal production. It produces about 260 million tons of coal and is the sixth largest coal exporter having traded about 74 million tons in 2012. 6. RUSSIA Being the largest country of the world Russia comes in sixth regarding worldwide coal production. It has produced an estimate of 354.8 million tons of coal in 2012 of which 80% was steam coal and the rest coking coal. 5. INDIONESIA Located in South-east Asia, Indonesia is the fifth in world’s coal production and produces about 386 million tons of coal. In 2011 Indonesia overtook Australia in the coal production and again the roles have been reversed. About 44% of the country’s energy is produced by coal. 4. AUSTRALIA Being in head on competition with Indonesia, Australia has acquired the fourth position in the world’s coal production. Producing 413 million tons in 2013.About 90% of the coal produced is exported and has about 76.4 billion reserves . 3. INDIA India produces about 605 million tons of coal and also consumes about 8% of the world’s coal making it the third largest consumer and producer as well. It exports a total of 160 million tons making it the third largest exporter. 2. THE UNITED STATES The United States produces over 13% of the world’s coal and generates 922 Million tons of coal in the 2012-2013 period. It consumes about 11% of the world’s coal and is the second in the world’s coal consumer list .37% of the country’s electricity is dependent on coal. 1. CHINA From the past three decades China holds the position of the top coal producing countries in the world. Producing nearly 3.7 billion tons in 2013, which is 47% of the world’s coal. The country also consumes more than half of it’s production. It has an estimate of 114,5 coal reserves making it the third largest in the world.80% of the country’s power is generated by coal. Source - http://www.trendingtopmost.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Wheels by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ► F A C E B O O K - https://www.facebook.com/worltop10/?ref=hl ►T W I T T E R - https://twitter.com/WorlTop10 ►B L O G S P O R T - https://worltopp10.blogspot.com ►P I N T E R E S T - https://in.pinterest.com/WorlTop10 ►G O O G L E+ - https://plus.google.com/b/108508608158059871397/+WorlTop10U ►I N S T A G R A M -https://www.instagram.com/worltop10 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I, Sk Atar Ali hereby declare that all Images use to make this video is from Google Search www.google.com. I use Google Advanced Search to collect those images, usage rights: "free to use, share or modify, even commercially" section. Background Sound of this video I collect from YouTube Audio Library which is free to use. Thank you.
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Intelligent Mining: Russian-made tech minimizes dangers on the job
The fear of artificial technology making our jobs redundant in the future is a serious concern in some industries, especially those already dependent on robotics. However, one manufacturer in Russia has found a simple solution to make sure its workers always remain on the job. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on VK https://vk.com/rt_international Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT Listen to us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rttv RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Rescue Operation Underway After Explosion in Ukrainian Coal Mine
The speaker in Ukraine's parliament says 32 workers have been killed by an explosion at a coal mine in war-torn eastern Ukraine. Volodymyr Groysman told lawmakers that the accident happened before dawn Wednesday. However, the Donetsk People's Republic emergency situations spokeswoman said it was irresponsible to say 32 people were dead as rescuers have not reached the workers yet. Yuliana Bedilo said one person was dead, 14 others are injured and 73 remain trapped underground and that the explosion was caused by a mixture of gas and air — a common cause of industrial mining accidents. http://feeds.mashable.com/~r/Mashable/~3/ns11jFPC2YU/ http://www.wochit.com
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JSG Jobs of the Week - Mining Positions
Here are this week’s JSG jobs of the week! All are in the mining profession. Check them out if you’re ready for a new job to start 2019 off right! Maintenance Supervisor – http://ow.ly/vSXO30n4RiX Gas Plant Operations Tech – http://ow.ly/xf8w30n4RjX Heavy Industrial Maintenance Technician - http://ow.ly/S1z130n4RkV
South African Coal Arrives in Ukraine
The first shipment of coal imported from the Republic of South Africa has arrived in Ukraine. _ Follow UATV English: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UATVEN Twitter: https://twitter.com/UATV_en Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uatv.en Medium: https://medium.com/@UATV_English
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EXCLUSIVE: CCTV footage from Soma mining disaster - BBC News
This is some of the video evidence that will be used in the trial of 45 people accused over Turkey's worst mining disaster, obtained exclusively by BBC Turkish. The CCTV footage shows how some of the victims were preparing for work that day, and it also shows how the rescue operation took place. The BBC's Rengin Arslan was the first reporter on the site a year ago when the accident took place and describes the footage. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Ukraine 2019-2024: Focus on economic development
Full remarks by Paul R. Thomas - President IRE (USA) Inc., and Partner, Thomas and Simonova, Industrial Economist and Financial Analyst, Kyiv, Ukraine, 20 February 2019. - Regardless of who wins the 2019 Ukrainian Presidential election, Ukraine has to concentrate on development - 0:20 Ukraine and the EU committed in principle to a $60 billion infrastructure program. Ukraine working to integrate its transportation systems with the EU - 3:10 Fundamental judicial reform, replace judges - 3:37 Soft EU power stimulates economic development to progress, allows engagement with political powers, long term strategy - 4:40 Infrastructure development democratizes and creates a vast array of economic opportunities. The more you broaden the economy, deepen the economy, stimulate mid size industries, you begin to slowly break the oligopolistic/monopolistic structure of the Ukrainian economy which is a big, big problem - 5:38 Look at Portugal, Spain or Greece prior and post-EU incorporation - 6:20 Ports of Mariupol, Berdyansk, Azov Sea are being slowly strangled by Russia - 6:55 Major investment into Bila Tserka to develop an international multimodal transport hub - 7:35 Odesa port region sourcing their machinery, equipment, processing, etc. locally. Secondary and tertiary economic effects - 8:55 Key sectors: agriculture, energy. Agriculture is a bright spot for Ukraine, it is growth in the volume of production/export low value added crops (corn, soya, wheat). There needs to be more broadening and deepening of the agriculture sector - 10:48 Davos attended by the largest corporations and wealthiest individuals in the world. If you're a very large, powerful, multi-national corporation in Ukraine you can defend your interests. As you come down the scale, smaller firms cannot go toe-to-toe with corrupt oligarchs and political interests. I don't believe there is an increase in trust in general. Business risk in Ukraine is better and continues to improve, but the risk is still significant - 12:10 Some sectors of the Ukrainian economy cannot be entered. Energy sector: production, coal mines, power stations, electricity distribution, etc., is under the control of a very small number of Ukrainian interests - 13:01 Tariffs for coal mining, coal fired power generation, etc. are adequate. Tariffs for distribution for electricity distribution are inadequate. Foreign investment has a difficult time entering energy sector - 14:12 Renewable energy in Ukraine. Three people own and control all of the solar and wind generating capacity in Ukraine. Ukraine has some of the highest green tariffs in the world - 15:31 Ukraine needs to get to a point where you don't have to be either a very large, wealthy, powerful corporation or a tiny micro-enterprise to business and survive. We have to develop that empty-middle over here - 16:20 Ukraine keeps getting better year after year, things are improving - 16:55 Land reform: ordinary people suffer. Large international companies are afraid of land reform - 19:56 Goal for any government in Ukraine: grow mid-size businesses, develop mid-sized economy - 20:25 Government adopted a new strategy for privatization. They are now selling assets - not equity - in small companies through an auction process. - 22:30 Ukraine needs a specific policy to improve the reliability of their budgeting process - 23:00 Ukrainian government is selling equity in large companies through a tender to hire consultants to prepare the company for privatization. This is a poor process - 25:14 Odesa port-side chemical plant privatization, Dmytro Firtash - 26:18 Advise to government: place companies into bankruptcy and clean out the balance sheets and sell as asset packages - 26:47 The only truly disruptive strategies will have to emerge from the political sphere in order to break the oligopolistic/monopolistic economy - 28:10 United States had to go through this process in the guilded age in the 1920s-1930s - 28:53 Ukraine needs to think about creating and developing new industries - 30:45 Ukraine should develop an export industry for higher education. Ukrainian-American Concordia University is internationally accredited: half of the student body are foreign students hailing from 41 countries. Ukrainian Catholic University, Kyiv Politechnical Institute, Lviv Polytechnical Institute, Antonov - 32:40 Stimulate private sector growth in higher education - 34:00 Brain drain problem in Ukraine can be stopped by developing the higher education industry into a multi-billion dollar export sector - 34:39 Fintech (Financial technology) and Edtech (Educational technology) - 35:19 Government needs a 10, 20, 30 year time frame: what industries do we want to develop? Thousands of policies necessary - 38:45 New joint Masters Degree program with Rutgers University: Master's in Global Agribusiness program in Kyiv, Ukraine Thomas and Simonova http://bestappraiser.com.ua/en This video was not sponsored Video by UkeTube Ukrainian Video
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Donetsk coal mine closes after heavy shelling
Heavy shelling in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine left 364 miners trapped underground and forced the mine to stop operating. All the miners were safely brought to the surface but the underground chambers are now full of gas. Duration: 00:51
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UKRAINE - Coalmine blast claims 32 lives in Donetsk
Subscribe to France 24 now: http://f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 http://f24.my/YTliveEN More than 30 people have reportedly been killed in a coalmine blast in a rebel held area of Ukraine. The mine has a history of fatal accidents, but the cause of the blast remains still unknown. Visit our website: http://www.france24.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FRANCE24.English Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/France24_en
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Abandoned Mining Town: Coal mining hub stands abandoned in the U.S.
Just like Ukraine's Chornobyl, Centralia was abandoned after disaster hit the community Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
Raw: Ukraine Says Mine Blast Traps Dozens
Subscribe for more Breaking News: http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Ukraine says a coal explosion killed one worker and trapped dozens on Wednesday in Donetsk. The mine is in an area controlled by pro-Russian rebels. Shelling was not said to be the cause. (March 4) The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. AP’s commitment to independent, comprehensive journalism has deep roots. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings. AP is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. Today, AP employs the latest technology to collect and distribute content - we have daily uploads covering the latest and breaking news in the world of politics, sport and entertainment. Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important. Subscribe: http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress http://www.ap.org/ https://plus.google.com/+AP/ https://www.facebook.com/APNews https://twitter.com/AP
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Ukraine: Miners rally in Kiev to demand unpaid wages
Around 500 miners gathered in Kiev on Monday to demand that the government pays their wages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To use this footage please contact the Ruptly Client Desk: [email protected] Video ID: 20150302-014 ---------------------------------- Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly VK: https://vk.com/ruptlytv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Vine: https://vine.co/Ruptly Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly Google Plus: http://google.com/+RuptlyTV YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv
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Ukraine: government buildings seized in Luhansk
In Ukraine's troubled east, hundreds of demonstrators have stormed an administration building in Luhansk. The Ukrainian government said local police did not oppose the move. Some protesters reportedly ripped up a portrait of Ukraine's interim president Oleksandr Turchynov. The so-called people's government in Luhansk had proposed that the Kyiv authorities hold a peaceful referendum on giving greater power to Ukraine's regions. One masked activist said the lack of response confirms that they ... READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2014/04/29/ukraine-government-buildings-seized-in-luhansk What is in the news today? Click to watch: http://eurone.ws/1kb2gOl euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! http://eurone.ws/10ZCK4a euronews is available in 14 languages: http://eurone.ws/17moBCU In English: Website: http://www.euronews.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronews Google+: http://google.com/+euronews VKontakte: http://vk.com/en.euronews
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Putin: Ukrainian army is losing to former coal miners and tractor drivers. (English)
On 17 February 2015, Putin cynically stated that it is former coal miners and tractor drivers who are driving Russian tanks and shelling Ukrainian cities with Russian multiple rocket launchers. Is there anyone who still treats him seriously?
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The children who work in India's rat-hole coal mines
Subscribe to the AFP channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-afp Deep in the hills of northeast India, thousands of children are employed to burrow into narrow "rat-holes" inside the earth and cut coal, victims of a lucrative and unregulated mining industry. Duration: 02:32
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Ukraine violence: Pro-Russian militants clash with unity march in Donetsk
Clashes have occured between pro Russian groups and Ukrainian people who support the country's unity and agaist Russian authority. In Donetsk two groups walked on the streets with guns, chanted slogans. Ukranian police was not able to interfere and stop aggression on the streets. The government in Kyiv has all but lost control of its police force in parts of Ukraine's eastern region. Pro-Russian forces have taken control of Slovyansk and occupy buildings in the city of Donetsk and several towns. What is in the news today? Click to watch: http://eurone.ws/1kb2gOl euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! http://eurone.ws/10ZCK4a euronews is available in 14 languages: http://eurone.ws/17moBCU In English: Website: http://www.euronews.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronews Google+: http://google.com/+euronews VKontakte: http://vk.com/en.euronews
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The New Cold War - British Army: Behind the Frontlines (Season1 Episode 2) Forth News
British Army: Behind the Frontlines - The New Cold War (S1 E2):- A look inside the British army. The army is sent to Estonia, on the frontline of a new cold war. Can they deter Russian expansion and avoid a costly war? For 50 years, America was locked in the Cold War with the Soviet Union and fear of global nuclear annihilation was constant. The end of the Cold War in 1991 was supposed to usher in a new era of peace and cooperation, but it didn't last. Tensions between the US and Russia have been simmering for years. And now, the conflict in Ukraine has pushed the relationship the brink of full-blown crisis, a firsthand documentary from the front lines of the bloody war in Eastern Ukraine. The West has used everything from signals intelligence operations, espionage, fighter jet saber-rattling, and diplomatic standoffs to stem the rise of Russian influence around the world. These efforts are coming to a dangerous head in Ukraine — a classic Eastern Bloc proxy state — where the presence of NATO troops is driving tensions to Cold War-era levels. In 2014, Ukraine was under siege and the military was unprepared. Desperate, the government urged anyone to get to the front and fight the Russian-backed separatists. As the war drags on, Ukraine claims their military is now in control and the volunteers have all been disbanded. But we tracked down some rogue volunteers still out there fighting, not prepared to hand over their weapons anytime soon. The simmering war in east Ukraine saw a large-scale escalation last weekend, with five Ukrainian soldiers killed and more than 20 wounded, after separatist militants tried to take over army positions. Only hours after Petro Poroshenko was announced the winner of Ukraine's presidential elections, the worst violence of the two month long crisis in eastern Ukraine exploded at Donetsk' Sergei Prokofiev airport. Early Monday morning, gunmen of the Donetsk Peoples Republic arrived at the airport and took over the terminal building, prompting the Ukrainian military based there to issue an ultimatum to the rebels to lay down their weapons and leave. A massive firefight broke out which both fighter jets and attack helicopters were used by the Ukrainian military. The sound of gunfire and explosions filled the air as rebels and journalists ducked for cover along the access road to the airport terminal. At the top of the agenda during last week’s NATO Summit in Warsaw was Russian aggression against the West. In response to the ongoing conflict between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, NATO reiterated their support of Ukraine’s fight against Russian advancement in the east, and committed to a comprehensive assistance package. But on the ground, the conflict rages on. Despite a Minsk ceasefire agreement, signed in 2014, and again in 2015, fighting continues to intensify along the contact line. A recent spike in violence that included heavy shelling, mortaring, and small arms has made the past few months particularly bloody, with casualties becoming an almost daily occurrence. Despite a complete failure to implement any ceasefire, NATO insisted the Minsk agreement was still the way to go. Russia has invaded the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine and taken over its civilian and military infrastructure. Not a shot has been fired so far, but Russia is using its superior force to intimidate Ukrainian troops in an attempt to get them to surrender. Russia claims it wants to stabilize the situation on the peninsula, which has a large Russian population, but Ukraine's new government regards the move as an occupation of its sovereign territory. As pro-Russian separatists opened up a new front along Ukraine’s southern coast, threatening the city of Mariupol, they also surrounded a mixture of regular Ukrainian army and pro-government militias in the town of Ilovaisk. To the southeast of Donetsk, Ilovaisk had been the scene of heavy fighting that eventually tipped in favor of the separatists. With Ukrainian forces having little choice, they surrendered and were assured they could leave the city through a safe “green corridor.” However, the separatists seemed to have reneged on the promise of safe passage, and several Ukrainian columns were caught in devastatingly brutal ambushes, leaving hundreds dead and dozens taken prisoner. As the war in Ukraine drags into its fifth year, there is still no end in sight. Large swathes of the Donbas region remain under the control of separatists. A 500-km “contact line”, bristling with landmines, cuts through it. More than 10,000 people have been killed there since 2014. Casualties continue to pile up, although at a slower rate than in the past. #Army #Russia #Ukraine ~FORTH NEWS
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Coal miners in Poland stage protest at production shutdown
Several thousand coal miners in southern Poland have protested in Katowice against a decision by their employer to shut down production for a week. They fear thousands of jobs are at risk. ... READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2014/04/29/coal-miners-in-poland-stage-protest-at-production-shutdown What is in the news today? Click to watch: http://eurone.ws/1kb2gOl euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! http://eurone.ws/10ZCK4a euronews is available in 14 languages: http://eurone.ws/17moBCU In English: Website: http://www.euronews.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronews Google+: http://google.com/+euronews VKontakte: http://vk.com/en.euronews
Coal Miners Are Dying Of Black Lung — A Kentucky Law Could Make It Harder To Claim Benefits (HBO)
Kentucky is at the center of what experts are calling the worst black lung epidemic on record. But instead of making it easier for miners to get access to health care, Kentucky’s lawmakers passed a law that may soon hinder miners’ ability to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. The new law, which goes into effect on July 14th, bars federally certified radiologists from assessing coal miners’ X-rays in state black lung workers’ compensation claims. Instead, the state will require that only pulmonologists, physicians whose focus is lung disease, be allowed to judge X-rays for benefit claims. Right now, there are only 11 doctors in Kentucky who are certified to examine X-rays for state benefits claims, and the new law will cut that number down to five. Read more: http://bit.ly/2LbdZQ5 Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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After Coal Mines Shut Down, Communities Are Hoping For A Prison | NBC News
After the coal mines that drove the economy of Letcher County shut down, residents of this remote part of eastern Kentucky turned to a new project to save their community: a federal prison. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: http://bit.ly/MoreNBCNews NBC News is a leading source of global news and information. Here you will find clips from NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, and original digital videos. Subscribe to our channel for news stories, technology, politics, health, entertainment, science, business, and exclusive NBC investigations. Connect with NBC News Online! Visit NBCNews.Com: http://nbcnews.to/ReadNBC Find NBC News on Facebook: http://nbcnews.to/LikeNBC Follow NBC News on Twitter: http://nbcnews.to/FollowNBC Follow NBC News on Google+: http://nbcnews.to/PlusNBC Follow NBC News on Instagram: http://nbcnews.to/InstaNBC Follow NBC News on Pinterest: http://nbcnews.to/PinNBC After Coal Mines Shut Down, Communities Are Hoping For A Prison | NBC News
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The Ukrainian forces published the footage of their own crime
On 1st of February, on 21:30, a shelling of the village of Staromikhailovka, near the city of Donetsk, took place. Ukrainian troops fired at the settlement from BMP-2 autocannons. More than 10 houses, located on neighboring streets at a distance of more than 2 kilometers away from the positions of the Ukrainian troops were damaged. The residential buildings are located deep in the village. There are no military objects around them. The meaning of the shelling appears to be terroristic. Armor-piercing shells pierced the walls and windows of the residential buildings. Thankfully there were no victims. "On 29th of January, 54th brigade of the Ukrainian army used 120-mm mortars to shell a road intersection, located on the southern edge of one of the so-called ''zones of withdrawal'', near the settlement of Zolotoe. The villagers from Pervomaisk, Molodyozhnii and Zolotoe-5 use that road intersection to travel between the settlements. The Ukrainian troops are taking an advantage of their absolute impunity. They aren't even trying to hide the fact of the shelling. They published a footage of the shelling taken from a UAV. Once again, they openly disregard their Minsk obligations” - said Lieutenant-Colonel Andrei Marochko, the official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR. He confirmed that the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission did mention the shelling in their reports, as well as the caliber of the weapons, used by Ukraine. Ukrainian troops are still showing their complete disregard of the Minsk agreements. The settlement of Zolotoi-5 was shelled once again. The locals say that such shelling happens all the time. Ukrainian troops damaged a truck, delivering coal to the settlements located near the contact line. The delivery was made in coordination with the International Red Cross. This was reported by the representatives of the LPR in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire. "On 6th of February, 2019, at 15:10, in the area between the settlements of Donetskii and Golubovskoye, the Ukrainian troops fired an ATGM ''Stugna-P'' at a ZIL-130 truck. The truck was carrying coal by a request, previously agreed with the International Red Cross, on 30th of January, 2019 "- the statement said. The servicemen of the People's Militia of the DPR, stationed at the front lines near the town of Dokuchaevsk, said that the situation is more or less calm. The Ukrainian troops open fire at day and night, but only during foggy weather. They shoot aimlessly, so the majority of their bullets and shells hit the village of Yasnoe. On Tuesday, 5th of February, the international volunteer group "Moscow-Donbass" gave humanitarian aid to a medical company of the DPR's people's militia. The aid consisted of: fume hoods, couches, carts for the delivery of the medicaments, and the X-ray lamps that the combat medics needed the most. The aid won't stop there. In the future, all the urgent medical needs will be replenished by the common efforts. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS. __________________________________________ Агентство ANNA-News это волонтерский проект. Волонтеры ANNA-News ведут свои репортажи с мест событий, снимают видеоролики и публикуют аналитические статьи по проблеме национальной безопасности России и ее союзников в современных военно-политических условиях. ANNA-News это самые последние и актуальные новости из районов боевых действий Больше информации на сайте http://anna-news.info Помочь проекту материально: http://anna-news.info/pomoshh-agentst... Мы в соцсетях: Вконтакте https://vk.com/anna_news Facebooke https://www.facebook.com/newsanna/ Twitter https://twitter.com/annanews_info Instagram https://www.instagram.com/anna_news.info/
Ukraine's Fight to stop Russian's Invading
As Ukraine's violence takes a deadly new turn amid fears of Russian invasion, Dateline reports from the centre of the angry clashes and asks who is in control. Dateline reporters scour the globe to bring you a world of daring stories. Our reputation is for fearless and provocative reporting. Australia's beloved, award winning and longest running international current affairs program. For more on Nick Lazaredes' story, go to the SBS Dateline website... http://bit.ly/1mu7ZDD https://www.sbs.com.au/news/dateline/ https://www.facebook.com/DatelineSBS/
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McEwen Mining CEO: Crimea Vote Affects Gold Miners
McEwen Mining CEO Rob McEwen tells TheStreet's Joe Deaux that Crimea's referendum to split from Ukraine is an event that affects the gold mining industry, primarily due to how this threatens the flow of energy in the region since Russian natural gas exports to Europe flow through pipelines through Ukraine. Gold prices, though, continue to move higher as investors flock to the yellow metal as a safe haven against crisis. Higher prices could battle energy concerns for the gold miners. Subscribe to TheStreetTV on YouTube: http://t.st/TheStreetTV For more content from TheStreet visit: http://thestreet.com Check out all our videos: http://youtube.com/user/TheStreetTV Follow TheStreet on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thestreet Like TheStreet on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheStreet Follow TheStreet on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/company/theStreet Follow TheStreet on Google+: http://plus.google.com/+TheStreet
Video (English) Female miners work unpaid to supply coal for terrorists
The terrorist-controlled part of Donbas in eastern Ukraine is a coal mining dominated area. With many of these mines closed by the war, miners, many of them women, continue producing coal unpaid for the self-proclaimed 'Donetsk People's Republic'.
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Eighteen feared dead in Russian coal mine blast
Sixteen miners were killed and another two were feared dead Monday when a methane explosion tore through a coal mine in the remote Russian Far North within the Arctic Circle, the latest disaster to hit the country's accident-prone mining industry. Duration: 00:31
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Ukraine soldier Shoots and kills civilians near Gorlovka (ENG subs)
PLEASE REMEMBER I AM AN INDEPENDENT JOURNALIST THEREFOR ONLY FUNDED BY YOU MY VIEWERS. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK AND HELP SUPPORT MY WORK NOW https://plnewstoday.onfastspring.com/subscribe --~-- (ENG subs) Tensions are high at the Gorlovka(DPR)-Mayorsk(Ukraine) checkpoint. Witnesses tell how a Ukraine soldier opened fire on a civilian bus shooting 3 with 1 elderly man dying from a gunshot wound to the head. Help us get an eye in the sky over Donetsk to increase the quality of reports. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/drone-for-journalism-covering-the-ukraine-war-russia/x/10747073#/
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US coal miners hope Trump presidency can save the industry
A large number of white working-class voters came out in support of US President-elect Donald Trump in the elections. Al Jazeera spoke to one such voter, a coal miner in the state of Illinois where many feel they personally made Trump's victory possible. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/
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Trump Takes Credit For A Few Dozen New Coal Jobs
Trump is a photo op president. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Abby Martin, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join “President Donald Trump is taking credit for the opening of a new coal mine in the state of Pennsylvania, even though plans were made for the mine to open “well before his election” and the mine is expected to generate only 100 permanent jobs, according to the Los Angeles Times. Trump called the coal mine the first of the “Trump era” in a tweet. Corsa Coal Corp decided in August that it would open the Acosta mine, located roughly 60 miles south of the city of Pittsburgh, “after a steel industry boom drove up prices for metallurgical coal,” according to the Times.”* Read more here: http://www.salon.com/2017/06/14/trump-takes-credit-for-new-coal-mine-that-had-nothing-to-do-with-him/ Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Abby Martin Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Abby Martin *** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. http://www.tytnetwork.com/live Subscribe to The Young Turks on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theyoungturks Like The Young Turks on Facebook: http://facebook.com/theyoungturks Follow The Young Turks on Twitter: http://twitter.com/theyoungturks Buy TYT Merch: http://www.shoptyt.com Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/join/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)
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Ukraine: "Donetsk mine blast operation under control"- DNR officials
A strong rescue effort was underway for the 32 miners trapped in a Donetsk mine shaft after a methane blast ripped through the coal mine early on Wednesday morning. The death toll currently stands at ten. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To use this footage please contact the Ruptly Client Desk: [email protected] Video ID: 20150304-048 ---------------------------------- Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly VK: https://vk.com/ruptlytv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Vine: https://vine.co/Ruptly Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly Google Plus: http://google.com/+RuptlyTV YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv
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21 Mysterious Abandoned Places
From the ghost town near Chernobyl to, a remote location featured in Star Wars; These are 21 mysterious abandoned places! Subscribe to Epic Wildlife http://goo.gl/6rzs5u Let's Connect -- http://www.epicadamwildlife.com/ -- http://www.facebook.com/epicadamwildlife -- http://www.twitter.com/epicwildlife -- http://gplus.to/epicwildlife ESP The Eastern State Penitentiary was opened in 1829 and was known as ESP … but it’s doubtful anyone foresaw the prison becoming the abandoned ruin it is today. In its time it was the most expensive and largest public structure ever built … and counted notorious criminals like Al Capone among it inmates. The prison was closed in 1971 … but since 1994, the location has been open for tours … and is a US National Historic Landmark. Heavenly Sight This picture by Anna Mika shows the ethereal image of sunlight streaming through the stained glass of an abandoned Orthodox church. While our sources indicate the church is located in Poland, we couldn’t obtain the exact location. UFO City (san-zee) Known as Sanzhi Pod City, these strange looking structures were built in 1978 … and were intended to comprise part of a futuristic holiday resort. But in 1980, the buildings were abandoned after a series of unfortunate events. Several strange deaths, including a number of car accidents and suicides occurred during construction. Some believe those untimely occurrences were a result of the park’s location … locals claimed that a burial site for Dutch soldiers was underneath the structures, and the area was haunted. We may never know … the odd pod resort was demolished by 2010. American Star This ocean liner was also known as the SS America, among many other appellations. Its career started in 1939 … but it wrecked during a thunderstorm in the Canary Islands. The rusted remnants have been breaking off into the sea since then … today, the ship’s remains can only be seen during low tide. Buzludzha Monument (buz-lud-zuh) This edifice was constructed by the Bulgarian Communist regime, and became the party’s headquarters. Found in the Central Balkan Mountains, the unique design is said to represent the ‘brutalist architectural style’ found in many communist buildings constructed by the state. There are additional monuments near the dome-shaped structure, which have all become popular destinations for urban explorers. Gunkanjima (gunk-an-jeem-ah) (thumb) The location is also called Hashima (ha-SHEEM-uh) … it’s an abandoned island about 9 miles from Nagasaki. It had been established in 1887, and was known for its undersea coal mines. Those mines became depleted in 1974, and the population of more than 5,000 departed soon after. The island was abandoned until the 2000s, when it became a type of tourist attraction. Hashima was opened to tourists in 2009, and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. Varosha (vur-ROSH-ah) It’s the abandoned southern quarter of the city of Famagusta (fa-ma-gust-ah) in Cyprus. At one time, it was considered one of the world’s premier tourist destinations, and was a favorite destination for stars like Elizabeth Taylor. But Turkish troops invaded the glamorous spot in 1974 … and the inhabitants fled. It’s remained abandoned ever since and is often described as a ghost town. The area is fenced off and is forbidden for the public to enter. Skellig Michael This island is located in County Kerry in Ireland … It was occupied continuously from the 6th to 8th centuries during which a Christian monastery was established. The location was abandoned in the late 12th century. Most of the island, including the monastery, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 … but today, the distinctive ruins might be best known for appearing with Luke Skywalker in the final scenes of ‘Star Wars:The Force Awakens’. Pripyat (preep-yet), Ukraine This town was named after the river … and built to serve the nearby Chernobyl (CHUR-noh-buhl) Nuclear Plant. The closed city was founded in 1970. Within 10 years it had a population of nearly 50,000. On April 27, 1986, the city was evacuated … a day after the Chernobyl Disaster. Some three decades later, images indicate how quickly the town was evacuated … as if the population simply disappeared in the midst of everyday activities. Although decrepit, items like furniture remain in place … rooms still appear to be decorated with placards or posters …children’s dolls and playthings can still be found at a kindergarten … and while various facilities have fallen victim to time, many buildings still seem to have their foundations intact. It truly does appear like a ghost town … and thanks to concerns over radiation levels, it will likely stay that way.
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Grey Zone of Eastern Ukraine: Expanding Minefield
According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, 1205 people have been injured by missiles since the conflict in Donbas began. 802 of them are military personnel and 403 are civilians, including 68 children. Twelve-year-old Mykola was injured in the Volodarske village, near Mariupol, in the summer of 2015. His friends and him stumbled upon unexploded ordnance, and he lost both legs and his arm as a result. Mykola has had 18 operations and underwent rehabilitation in Canada, where he learnt how to walk with prosthetics. Get up to speed on Ukraine. Follow Hromadske! http://en.hromadske.ua Ukraine, Explained. https://medium.com/@Hromadske Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HromadskeInternational Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hromadske YouTube: http://bit.ly/1xlJqL6
Ukraine-Russia conflict doesn’t stop at the church door
In Western Ukraine, religion is another battlefront in the conflict between pro-Russia and pro-Ukraine supporters. Special correspondent Kira Kay reports on the political pressures that have divided congregations.
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31.07.2015 Military Report of Novorossia
Help produce more actual and interesting content, join our struggle by donating via PayPal: [email protected] or via: http://southfront.org/donate Subscribe our cahnnel!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaV101EM1QayFkP0E7zwXCg?sub_confirmation=1 iev forces have exercised artillery strikes and advanced on positions of DPR warriors at Donetsk Airport. “Somali” unit defends positions there. There is no confirmed information about loses of both sides. The clashes were observed at the Yasinovataya settlement, the Yasinovataya checkpoint and the Spartak settlement. Shelling and advances are conducted from the Avdeevka direction there. 103 coal miners were brought to the surface after fire broke out at the mine in Makeyevka in result of Ukrainian artillery fire. Four units of mine-rescue workers of the Emergencies Ministry are extinguishing the fire. No information on victims is available. Ukrainian forces have been advancing on the town of Gorlovka since yesterday. The advance is enforced by artillery. At the moment DPR Armed Forces are successfully defending the town. Kiev’s artillery fire destroyed 2 local houses in the town last night. 9 houses were cut from gas supplies. 164 locals including 16 children have been killed by Ukrainian forces in Gorlovka since the start of 2015. 2 Kiev militants have been exploded on their land mine in the Mariupol sector. The event took a part when the militants were exercising a sabotage raid in the territory of DPR, the Ukrainian military headquarters has reported. Visit us: http://southfront.org/ Follow us on Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/SouthFrontEN https://twitter.com/southfronteng http://instagram.com/southfronten Our Infopartners: http://www.sott.net/ http://thesaker.is http://fortruss.blogspot.com http://in4s.net http://www.globalresearch.ca/
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Polish Coal Miner Protests: Anger over government plans to consolidate mining industry
The lower house of the Polish parliament has approved a bill to reform the country's mining industry despite strikes and protests against a proposal to close several mines and plans for consolidation. Protests are being held under and above ground at coal mines belonging to Europe's biggest coal producer Kompania Weglowa. The government plans to dismantle the company by shutting down four of its mines and transferring the remaining nine to state-run coal trader Weglokoks. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
Russian/Eng/Nat Russian and Ukrainian government officials have met trade union leaders in the two countries to try to end a strike by more than a (m) million coal miners. The strike is the largest walkout in the former Soviet Union since it collapsed in 1991. The miners are demanding (m) millions of dollars in back wages. They are also seeking to change their wages and benefits systems. Fed up with poor economic conditions, more than one (m) million miners walked off their jobs Thursday in coordinated protests extending from Ukraine's Donbass region to eastern Siberia. They are seeking hundreds of (m) millions of dollars in back wages and a restructuring of the pay and subsidies system in their industry. The coal mining industry is still state-owned in both former Soviet republics. Union leaders said Friday that about 450-thousand Russian miners were on strike, with 170 of the nation's 245 mines shut down. Analysts say the strike is of huge political significance. SOUNDBITE: (English) "It's frustration. And the miners perhaps feel it more acutely and they show it and this is symbolic. So this miners strike is very symbolic and that's why politically it's so significant." SUPER CAPTION: Dmitry Trenin, Analyst Carnegie Endowment For Peace The Russian miners say they are owed 200 ( m) million dollars, and the Ukrainians say they are owed 367 (m) dollars. The Russian government contends it has fully paid its back debt of 125 (m) million to the industry. But they admitted that January's wages have not been paid. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "The government has admitted that they have not paid their share for January. The problem has been solved by a directive issued by the President." SUPER CAPTION: Yuri Shafrannik, Fuel and Energy Minister President Boris Yeltsin- who is expected to announce his reelection bid in mid-February- hopes to end the strike without have to pay out huge amounts of money before an election campaign begins. Some politicians contend the government will have no choice but to spend money before the elections. SOUNDBITE: (English) "Before the elections the government will be forced to pay some money to cover some social problems in the main spheres, not only in the coal regions." SUPER CAPTION: Galina Starovoitova, Democrat This is the largest walkout in the former Soviet Union since its fall in 1991. The coal union is Russia's biggest and most powerful and its support helped secure the presidency for Yeltsin in 1991. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/da9ff818a20c6b832057729ee5fa73d7 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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New Zealand Coal Mine Explosion Traps Workers
27 men are believed to be trapped underground.
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Ukraine 2014  Grimy miner is afraid that the Americans will take away his small coalmine
Ukraine 2014. Grimy miner is afraid that the Americans will take away his small coalmine.

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