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"Montana Mosaic: When Copper Was King" (2006)
MONTANA MOSAIC: WHEN COPPER WAS KING, directed by Gita Saedi In the late 1800's the "Copper Kings" ruled the state of Montana. The copper mining industry had an enormous impact on the state's political, economic, and cultural makeup. "When Copper Was KIng" explores the profound impact of the copper mining industry on the state of Montana,and follows the rise of the labor unions in Butte as a reaction to the power of the copper companies. This is one segment of the "Montana Mosaic" series, produced by the Montana Historical Society. ABOUT THE FILMMAKER Gita Saedi Kiely was the series producer/story editor for Kartemquin Films' acclaimed series THE NEW AMERICANS, a three-part series following five immigrant families' journey to the U.S. She has produced for Channel 4 in the UK, CBS and PBS in the U.S. and RTE in Ireland. Her other work includes line producing REEL PARADISE, a documentary about indy film guru John Pierson and his adventure on a remote island in Fiji; and JAILED FOR THEIR WORDS, a documentary on the Montana Sedition Act. Gita is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Montana School of Journalism and was the 2013 Festival Director of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. She is currently producing Mossedegh & Me, a personal reflection on the CIA coup that ousted then Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh from 1950s Iran. http://kartemquin.com/films/mossadegh-me
http://www.buttecvb.com/ Welcome to Butte, Montana! The Copper Jewel of the Treasure State, Butte, Montana, located half way between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park is the perfect year-round travel destination for families, fun-seekers and the history buff in all of us. A treasure-trove of fascinating sights and adventures, Uptown Butte boasts the largest and most interesting historical district in the United States. In Butte, you can stay at one of our historic or modern hotels, take a variety of exciting and unique tours Uptown and underground, enjoy some amazing local food, and shop for treasures to take home with you. Things to See & Do in Butte, MT: The Copper King Mansion The Art Chateau The Dumas Brothel The Mai Wah Museum Old Butte Historical Adventures Butte Urban Safari Tours The Science Mine The Mineral Museum The World Museum of Mining Our Lady of the Rockies Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church The Montana Folk Festival Evel Knievel Days An Ri Ra State Irish Festival St. Patrick's Day Silver Dollar Saloon The Butte Depot NRA Rodeo Pro Bullriding The Butte Civic Center Fairmont Hot Springs Resort The Copper King Hotel & Convention Center Brenda's Florist Feathering Your Nest Cavanaugh's County Celtic Hilltop Market The Chamber Visitor's Bureau The Berkeley Pit The Copper Shop Where to Eat in Butte, MT: The Pekin Noodle Parlor Lydia's Supper Club The Uptown Cafe Christina's Cocina Casagranda's Steakhouse The Derby The Montana Club Soho Asian Restaurant Park & Main Cafe Metals Bar Tacos Del Sol The Red Door
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Montana Mosaic 1: When Copper Was King
This 22-minute video explores the profound impact of the copper mining industry on Montana. This video can be viewed as two shorter segments if desired. Segment 1 (10:55) focuses specifically on the Copper King's 1894 Capital Fight between Helena and Anaconda. Segment 2 (11:13) focuses on the tensions between laborers and management in Butte's copper mines in the early 20th century. These tensions paralleled the growth of unions in Butte. This video presents an overarching theme of industrialization during the period from 1892 until World War I-era Montana. http://mhs.mt.gov/Education/MontanaMosaic.aspx
Historic Mining Town - Butte, Montana
Home to gold, silver and eventually copper mines, Butte was a mining boomtown, once the largest city for hundreds of miles, and called "the Richest Hill on Earth" because of the value extracted from the area. At one point it had hundreds of saloons and a robust Red Light District (in operation until the early 1980s). Open pit mining began in the 1950s, including the opening of the Berkeley Pit in 1955, the largest truck-operated open pit copper mine in the United States. The Berkeley Pit was shut down in 1982. When water pumps at other mines were shut down, the pit filled with water loaded with toxic heavy metals. Today the pit is a major environmental hazard and Superfund site. Mining has declined, and the historic Uptown district shows its age, but the city has done a lot to preserve Uptown and to showcase its mining history. The Photos (in order) M08A0118 - Uptown District M08A0095 - Uptown District; the cafe has great food, by the way M08A0148 - A mine in the Uptown District, noting the city's mile high elevation and mile deep mines; a number of older mines are locating in the middle of residential neighborhoods M08A0137 - The Anselmo Mine Yard highlights underground mining technology M08A0165 - Mining is still underway in Butte M08A0179 - The toxic waters of the Berkeley Pit M08A0160 - A memorial to the 168 miners lost in the 1917 Granite Mountain Mine disaster, the worst hard rock mining disaster in U.S. history M08A0270 - Our Lady of the Rockies, a 90-feet tall statue of the Virgin Mary, located atop the Continental Divide above Butte
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USA Red Light District Bordello Brothel Video Review Butte Montana Dumas Mining Brothels Whorehouse
Brothels in USA Bordello Whorehouse & Brothels Walking around in Butte Montana they have lots Brothels in the Red Light District & Historic Old Buildings and Structures http://www.1ownercarguy.com When the mining started it became a boom town and one of the main business es at the time became Brothels and Prostitution. Butte had it's own version of the Red Light District. The buildings are all shut down now but some of them were ran into the 80's. They had underground tunnel systems that are still there today but are all covered up and you can't access anymore. Some cool stuff went on in this town. This was one of the biggest Copper Mines and produced copper for the entire country. Everything is now protected and just sits vacant now. You see a lot of trucks in this video. Everyone seems to be driving one and you don't see many cars unless they are a Subaru. Lots of cool things to see in this town. I would suggest stopping and seeing it if you were traveling anywhere close to it. Here is the Soda Steam link Free Shipping and $10 off http://www.stockgambles.com/stock-gambles-blog.html Make sure and check Out My channel I have Lots of 1 & 2 Owner Cars Trucks and SUV's on there and i sell them Cheap Also If You Subscribe You wont Miss out..;-) I Have a few Channels You can Access them Via My Main Channel page or also you can See the Links I post Below I will Also Post links to My websites and Facebook so you don't Miss any of the action Sign Up Everywhere!!..;-) Cheers Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy 406-544-6919 Make sure and visit Some of My Websites Below I do All Sorts of Unique Things..;-) http://www.1ownercarguy.com http://www.cerealmarshmallows.com http://www.Beaglespocket.com http://www.ClickWebs.com http://www.Hardener.com http://www.missoulaautoauction.com http://www.vita-depot.com http://www.Nathanwratislaw.com Also Make Sure And ADD Me or Subscribe on Facebook & Youtube http://www.facebook.com/cerealmarshmallows And For Youtube i have 2 channels you may want to add http://www.youtube.com/user/cerealmarshmallows http://www.youtube.com/user/1ownercarguy http://www.youtube.com/user/stockgambles http://www.youtube.com/user/montanamuscle Send Me Hate Mail or Goodies & Stuff to show on Youtube 1 Owner Car Guy (Nathan Wratislaw) PO Box 2505 Lakeside, Ca 92040 No Ticking items please..;-) bordello, cathouse, knocking shop, whorehouse, strumpet house, sporting house, house of ill repute, house of ill fame, house of prostitution, and pleasure house Historic Buildings Structures "Butte Montana" Mining Town Brothels Prostitution "Red Light District" Classic Tunnels Protected History Butte Montana "Mining Town" "Boom Town" Copper Whores Money Headframe Brick "Berkley Pit" "Clean Up" "Nathan Wratislaw" "1 Owner Car Guy" Find See "Road Trip" Equipment Vacation Travel Underground Business Hotels Banks "Horse and Carriage" "Copper Block"
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Living History in Butte: My Favorite Forgotten Montana Boom-Gone-Bust Town
Evel Knieval's childhood playground, Butte Montana is rough and tumble Wild West frontier city through and through. Located in the Silver Bow Creek, the city was put on the map as a mining boomtown in the late 19th century and lays claim to be the “Richest Hill On Earth” thanks to the profitable minerals extracted underground. During its heyday, Butte grew into a thriving city and is now home to the second largest national historic district after New Orleans. On a visit you don’t want to miss an Underground Walking Tour. A highlight stop is the the Roaring 20’s Rookwood Speakeasy in the basement of the former Rockwood Hotel. Inside, a musty smell adrifts and you can imagine the room in its heyday in the 20’s with jazz, flappers and gambling. With such an extensive mining history, a trip to Butte should also include a trip to the World Museum of Mining, which is built on actual mine yard: The Orphan Girl. The tour also lets you peep into a shaft station, used to bring miners up and down to the veins below the city of Butte. Towards the end of the tour, we were all told to turn our headlamps off to see what total darkness looks like, and then with just a small flicker, what it was like with the faint glow of candles workers depended on in the beginning mining era. It should come as no surprise that a town with a rugged individualism mentality like Butte's also has its own distillery making spirits with names tied to Butte’s mining past. At Headframe Sprits, owned by Butte raised John McKee and his wife Courtney, you will find everything from gin and whiskey to vodka and bourbon. Head to the old fashioned bar tasting room to sample the liquor and the cocktails they create from it. The top seller is the Orphan Girl Bourbon Cream Liqueur, which is named for the mine. It’s similar to Bailey’s in taste and is mixed with Root Beer to create my favorite, the Dirty Orphan Girl cocktail.
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Berkeley Pit, Butte, Montana Time Lapse 1984-2012 (from Google/Time Magazine)
The Berkeley Pit is a former open pit copper mine in Butte, Montana, USA. Over the active lifespan of the Berkeley (1955-1982), approximately 320 million tons of ore and over 700 million tons of waste rock were mined from the Pit. Put another way, the Berkeley Pit produced enough copper to pave a four-lane highway four inches thick from Butte, Montana to Salt Lake City and 30 miles beyond. Since closure (1982), the Pit has been filling with toxic water, and managed as a federal Superfund environmental cleanup site. Visit www.pitwatch.org for more info.
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"Remembering Columbia Gardens" (1999)
REMEMBERING THE COLUMBIA GARDENS, directed by Ray Ekness This film celebrates the now-vanished Columbia Gardens in Butte, Montana. - in business from 1899-1973 - in home movies, pictures, and first-hand accounts of people who enjoyed the rollercoaster, the carousel, the biplanes, the cowboy swings. ABOUT THE FILMMAKER Ray Ekness has worked and taught at The University of Montana since 1989. He was a professor for the Radio-TV Department while he was a television producer at UM's Broadcast Media Center. He joined the school's permanent faculty in 1998, and was department chair from 2004-2011. He has produced programs about subjects ranging from sports, dance, history and culture to travel, politics, news and public affairs. He continues to produce segments for the award-winning Montana PBS television series "Backroads of Montana., which has been nominated for five regional Emmy Awards. Learn more about MontanaPBS at http://montanapbs.org. Follow THE MONTANA EXPERIENCE on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/themontanaexperience/ Subscribe to THE MONTANA EXPERIENCE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Psw3TOXXGULurBj5mtofQ Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/MontanaFilms
Our Lady of the Rockies Berkeley Pit Copper Mining Site Butte Montana Virgin Mary Statue
Our Lady of the Rockies Berkeley Pit huge Copper Mining Site Our Lady of the Rockies in Butte Montana is the second Talles Statue in the USA Can You guess the First..;-) http://www.1ownercarguy.com Butte is a Western Mine Town and The Richest hill In the World and Butte has huge Virgin Mary Statue on top of the mountains overlooking the city Our Lady of the Rockies. The Statue is Lit up att night you can also do a tour and see it up close in the Spring and Summer. This Statue is 90 Feet tall the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil is only 99 feet so pretty close considering just how Small Butte Montana is. The only Statue Bigger than Our Lady of the Rockies is The Statue of Liberty.. The Berkley Pit was the Richest Mountain in the world at the time. They produced enough Copper to pave a Four-Lane Highway four inches thick from Butte to Salt Lake City which is about 350 to 400 miles. That is very impressive. Pause and read the paper it is pretty cool how much rock they pulled out of the pit. They are closed in the winter time or I would of showed you the actual pit itself. As I drove around I tried to zoom in on the giant Virgin Mary statue that they have up on top of the hill but I couldn't get that good of a shot of it. It is not the size of the one in Brazil but it is huge and quite impressive. From Wikipedia Our Lady of the Rockies is a 90-foot (27 m) statue, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, that sits atop the Continental Divide overlooking Butte, Montana. It is the second tallest statue in the United States after The Statue of Liberty.[1] The statue was built by volunteers using donated materials to honor women everywhere, especially mothers. The base is 8,510 feet above sea level and 3,500 feet above the town. The statue is lit and visible at night. The statue was first imagined by local resident Bob O'Bill. In 1979, his wife was seriously ill with cancer. He promised the Blessed Virgin Mary that he would make a 5 foot statue of her in his yard if his wife recovered.[2] When she recovered he began the project with his fellow workers who gradually changed the initial vision to a 90-foot-high mountain top statue. Many people in Butte donated materials and time to make the statue a reality. The design for the statue was engineered by Laurien Eugene Riehl. He was a retired engineer for the Anaconda Company who donated his engineering skills to the project. The statue had to withstand the powerful windsheers that buffet the ridge tops. Joe Roberts donated his lot and buildings for the construction of the statue. The statue was airlifted from Roberts Rocky Mountain Equipment to its present site on the Continental Divide. Work on the project began December 29, 1979. Volunteers spent many summer evenings blasting a road to the top of the Rockies, sometimes making only 10 feet of progress a day. The base of the statue was poured in September 1985 with 400 tons of concrete. The concrete was provided by Pioneer Here is the Soda Steam link Free Shipping and $10 off http://www.stockgambles.com/stock-gambles-blog.html Make sure and check Out My channel I have Lots of 1 & 2 Owner Cars Trucks and SUV's on there and i sell them Cheap Also If You Subscribe You wont Miss out..;-) I Have a few Channels You can Access them Via My Main Channel page or also you can See the Links I post Below I will Also Post links to My websites and Facebook so you don't Miss any of the action Sign Up Everywhere!!..;-) Cheers Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy 406-544-6919 Make sure and visit Some of My Websites Below I do All Sorts of Unique Things..;-) http://www.1ownercarguy.com http://www.cerealmarshmallows.com http://www.Beaglespocket.com http://www.ClickWebs.com http://www.Hardener.com http://www.missoulaautoauction.com http://www.vita-depot.com http://www.Nathanwratislaw.com Also Make Sure And ADD Me or Subscribe on Facebook & Youtube http://www.facebook.com/cerealmarshmallows And For Youtube i have 2 channels you may want to add http://www.youtube.com/user/cerealmarshmallows http://www.youtube.com/user/1ownercarguy http://www.youtube.com/user/stockgambles http://www.youtube.com/user/montanamuscle Send Me Hate Mail or Goodies & Stuff to show on Youtube 1 Owner Car Guy (Nathan Wratislaw) PO Box 2505 Lakeside, Ca 92040 No Ticking items please..;-) "Our Lady of the Rockies" "Virgin Mary" "Statue Of Liberty" Huge Biggest Satue In USA "Berkeley Pit" "Christ the Redeemer" Brazil Idol Pit Mining Copper Mine "Copper Block" "Mining Site" "Butte Montana" Western "Mining Town" Religion Religious Figure Church Mountain "Nathan Wratislaw" "1 Owner Car Guy" "Richest Hill On Earth" Ore Rock "Waste Rock" Ton Tons See Find Closed Tourism "Tourist Attraction" Site Construct Build Train Caboose "Mine Car"
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Historic mining sites.
Historic mining sites are a huge tourism draw to San Juan County providing new jobs in Silverton.
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Introduction: History of Mining in Butte, Montana
LT 731 Assignment 10
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MINING IN Butte Montana
MINING IN Butte Montana Went through a mining town called Butte Montana. One of my the most interesting towns we've seen so far. Loved it! Ric & Melody believe in LIVING FREE FOREVER. We aim for a minimalist & simple lifestyle, so we can feel free to do what matters most to us...spending time with our family, traveling & just enjoying life. We hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and goals as well. Subscribe To Noah's Channel: TikTakFrog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj26xbO4QyY_05K4W3vDbcQ Noah's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tiktakfrog/ Willow's Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/ruthberry207/ Thank you for supporting our channel by shopping on our Amazon affiliate store http://amzn.to/1ZNfFjv ***************************************** LOVE this credit card for travel! Earn 50,000 bonus points with Chase Sapphire Preferred. Learn more. https://applynow.chase.com/FlexAppWeb/renderApp.do?SPID=FNLC&CELL=63HD&MSC=1543018559 #ad ***************************************************************** LEARN ANYTIME ANYWHERE - FREE 30 Day Trial! http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-8093518-12177384 *Learn new business, creative, & tech skills with expert-led online video tutorials ************************************************************ AWESOME Travel Sites! $40 off your 1st trip stay! Travel with Airbnb 1 million+ places to stay around the world or rent your home & earn http://www.airbnb.com/c/melodys449 Home Stay - Great Value In Over 150 Countries! http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-8093518-12353257 FREE Flight Comparison With Skyscanner http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8093518-12532519 Find Yelp Deals In Your Area http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8093518-10867459 WORLD NOMADS TRAVEL INSURANCE Click here to get a free quote http://goo.gl/W055p1 Join AAA auto travel club to save on travel! http://autoclubsouth.aaa.com/refer/?ref=3007956552 I've been a member for over 33 years! EURail Select Pass http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-8093518-11726308 ************************************************ BE PREPARED FOR ANY EMERGENCY OR DISASTER Honeyville Emergency Preparedness Food & Supplies http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?B=214502&U=399948&M=25930&urllink= ************************************************ EARN ONLINE WITH THESE SITES BELOW: ******Join me in using Young Living Essential Oils. Get 24% discounts or become a distributor with the Premium Starter Kit https://yldist.com/livingfree/premium-starter-kit/ Wholesale Products For Your Business http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8093518-10816728 Love dogs? Join the #shareeconomy by becoming a #dogsitter on @Roverdotcom Earn extra cash doing something fun! http://refer.rover.com/v2/share/6428699487534682800 Shutterstock - Buy or Sell Video Footage Clips, Stock Photos, Illustrations. Get Royalty-Free Images & Vectors here https://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=171064384 Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?B=44&U=399948&M=47&urllink= Become A Driver! Drive part-time with Lyft and make up to $35/per hour. Choose your hours, drive your own car, and make money. Apply Today! https://www.lyft.com/drivers/MELODY21580 Get your FREE ride with Uber! $20 off your first ride https://www.uber.com/invite/melodys1467 Or sign up to drive & earn. Avon - Buy or Sell - Start up kit $25. Work at home. http://YourAvon.com/MelodySchafer Or https://www.youravon.com/REPSuite/become_a_rep.page?shopURL=melodyschafer Get sponsored by BIG BRANDS! http://sponsoredtweets.com/r/xbp 10% Off on Ric's photography at Fine Arts America for our fellow YouTubers http://RicSchafer.com Use coupon code: YLYJFF ******************************************************************* Great Sites To Help Your Business Domain Names, Web Hosting & Mail Solutions Starting @ 0.99 http://www.1and1.com/?kwk=245311311 Use TubeBuddy FREE to help grow your YouTube Channel. https://www.tubebuddy.com/pricing?a=LivingFreeForever Helps with Keyword Search, Optimize Videos, Thumbnails & More Get 20% off Pro-recorder with Screencast-o-matic Create, edit & share screen recordings http://screencast-o-matic.com/refer/cof13LnS1l or try the FREE version ****************************************************** Twitter https://twitter.com/LivingFree207 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/livingfree207 2nd Instagram https://www.instagram.com/livingfreelifestyle/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LivingFree207 Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/LivingFree207/ Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/livingfree207 DISCLAIMER: : Opinions & thoughts are my own. Please do your own research before making any decisions. Affiliate links listed here in the description box help support the channel. Thank you for your support!
Toxic Superfund Put Near Critical Level In Butte, Montana
BUTTE, Mont. (AP) — It was an unusual and unfortunate confluence of events: A larger-than-normal number of geese was making a later-than-normal migration over Montana when a snowstorm blew in at the wrong time and sent them soaring to the wrong place. The throngs of white birds splashed down in a 50 billion-gallon toxic stew that is part of the nation's largest Superfund site. At least 3,000 died. Residents of this mining city say the snow goose deaths this fall were a wake-up call that raises broader questions about the Berkeley Pit and whether federal regulators will be ready when the former copper mine that collects heavily acidic, metal-laden water reaches capacity. http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/386c25518f464186bf7a2ac026580ce7/Article_2017-01-23-US--Toxic%20Pit/id-5982c8a2a30b4634b525794028b0f3ff http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Mine north of butte MT
Video of butte mine on my first solo cross country.
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Anaconda MT smoke stack
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Mines Management's Doug Dobbs Talks About the Idaho Silver District in Montana
Mines Management, Inc. (TSX:MGT,NYSE-MARKET:MGN) President Doug Dobbs, spoke to the Investing News Network at the 2015 PDAC conference in Toronto about the Montanore silver-copper project in northwestern Montana. Montanore lies on the northern extension of the Idaho Silver district, "home to some of the world's largest and most infamous silver mines such as the Sunshine Mine. Bunker Hill Mine, and the currently-operating Lucky Friday mine, as well as the Galena in the Coeur," says Mr. Dobbs. Montanore has been going thru a "prolonged period of permitting for the last decade. We are gratified to understand that the permitting process is nearing a conclusion. The final EIS is complete and will be going to print sometime during the month of March, and that will begin a record of decision process that's expected to last for upwards of a hundred days. So we hope to see final approval permits approved coming in sometime in the third or fourth quarter of this year," reported by Mr. Dobbs.
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Groundwater Under the Butte Hill: The East Camp Mining System and the Berkeley Pit
This lecture by Nicholas Tucci discusses monitoring activities of the Berkeley Pit for the past 31 years at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology in Butte, Montana.
Nevada Copper Mine Opportunity
The best return on your investment ever!
Top 11. Best Tourist Attractions in Butte - Montana
group facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1787047574894248/ The most beautiful places and sight in Butte. Top 11. Best Tourist Attractions in Butte - Montana: World Museum of Mining, Granite Mountain Memorial Overlook, Berkeley Pit, Headframe Spirits, Our Lady of the Rockies, MBMG Mineral Museum, Copper King Mansion, Clark Chateau, Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives, Dumas Brothel Museum, The Piccadilly Museum
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Berkeley Pit problems linked to 'failed experiment'
November 2017 Sweeps
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Corner of Berkeley Pit sloughing away, some residents concerned
Some Butte residents are raising concerns over the recent sloughing that's been reported in the Berkeley Pit. A significant sloughing event happened last month in the southeast corner of the pit. Sara Sparks, the EPA's remedial project manager for the site, says the first sloughing event was in 1998, followed by three more in between 2012 and 2013.
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Butte, Montana Promotional Video
The BLDC partnered with Butte-Silver Bow Local Government, Butte Chamber of Commerce, MSE, Port of Montana, Montana Tech, St. James Hospital, and KXLF television to produce a new promotional video for Butte. This new video will be used to market Butte in many venues.
Thousands of Geese Die After Landing in Toxic Montana Pit Mine
Authorities say thousands of migrating snow geese have died since landing in an old pit mine in Montana on Nov. 28
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4th of July Butte, Montana
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Montana Gold Butte mine.
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Berkeley Pit - Butte, Montana
A former open pit copper mine now filled with water. The water is tinted by the metals (no audio)
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Frank Little and the Speculator Mine disaster, 1917
The lynching of Frank Little, IWW organizer, in Butte, Montana, 1917. Clips from Perch of the Devil (1917) by Harvey Richards. Available through the Harvey Richards Media Archive, at http://www.estuarypress.com/environmental_films.html
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Berkeley Pit Super fund site. Copper mining history.
Join me as I take a look at this super fund site in my home town. This pit is filled with toxic water and is almost a mile deep! I grew up with this in my back yard. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Vlog #3. Chicken Zen?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbahjFmHOjo -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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COPPER KING HOTEL, Butte, Montana Documentary, 2017
Documentary about the Rise and Fall and Resurrection of the Copper King Hotel in Butte, Montana. A community hub for generations, this video features current and previous owners and details the sometimes rocky history of the complex from 1978 to what it has become today.
Comet - A Montana Ghost Town – near Boulder, Montana MT
The Comet Mine, between Helena and Butte Montana, was discovered in 1874. The town of Comet was platted and surveyed in 1876. Comet was home to over 300 residents and the town included businesses, 22 saloons, a post office, homes, school for 20 children, and the Dailey Hotel. A new owner built the processing plant in 1926 that you see today. The new operation employed 100 men and continued until 1941 when the mine was exhausted and operations permanently stopped. The mine produced $20 million in ore (in 1941 dollars!) that included lead, zinc, copper, silver, and gold. Today the area is a ghost town with one resident. A couple dozen structures remain behind in various states of decay. Unfortunately, this area has not been set aside for protection or preservation and may be ravaged by forest fires and possibly more vandalism. This video shows the remnants of Comet and its mill in July 2014. For those of you who are interested in the creation of this video: Captured with: Canon Vixia HFS100 camera GoPro Hero3 Black - 1080P @ 60FPS DJI Phantom quad copter (drone) Tarot T-2D gimbal for camera stability FPV (First Person View) video downlink Edited with Adobe Premier Pro 6.0 Music is "Pepper's Theme" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) And "Danse Morialta" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) And "Interloper" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) All three songs licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Great Falls to Butte
Mark Twain, his wife Livy and daughter Clara, along with Major Pond and his wife take the Montana Central Railway from Great Falls, Montana to Butte, Montana. The video touches upon a number of historical events and locations along the way. The train passes Egbert Malcolm Clarke's ranch, whose death touched off one of the bloodiest massacres perpetrated by the US Army. The train travels through a Missouri River canyon that experienced a major dam failure. The video also touches on the silver mining financial bubble that burst just two years before Mark's visit.
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The Copper King Hotel and Convention Center, Butte, Montana - United States (US)
http://goo.gl/cp4rh for reviews, prices and info. The Copper King Hotel and Convention Center, Butte, Montana - United States (US) The Copper King Hotel and Convention Center is just across the street from Bert Mooney Airport. The hotel also provides easy access to attractions like the Mai Wah Museum, Attic Treasures and the Butte Civic Center. The Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are also nearby.Guests at the Copper King Hotel and Convention Center are provided with 148 guest rooms with interior corridors. Telephones, safe boxes, televisions, DVD players, microwave ovens and air-conditioning units are also included. The Copper King Hotel and Convention Center also offers two Executive Suites.The Copper King Hotel and Convention Center provides three on-site dining options. These are the Columbia Gardens Cafe, The Copper King Steak House and the Mine Shaft Lounge. This pet-friendly hotel also features a sauna, a business center, banquet/meeting facilities and an indoor swimming pool with a spiral waterslide. A convention center and a poolside ballroom are likewise on site. Hotel Features General Room Service, Pet Friendly, Disabled Access, Air Conditioned, Refrigerator, Kitchenette, Microwave, TV, Wheel Chair Access, Spa/Jetted Tub, Coffee Shop/Cafeteria Activities Fitness Room/Gym, Swimming pool, Tennis Courts, Sauna, Bath / Hot Tub, Casino, Fitness Facilities, Pool Indoor Services Business Center, Elevator / Lift, Banquet Facilities, Conference Room(s), ATM / Cash Machine, Secretarial Service, Meeting Rooms, Desk, Ballroom, Audio/Visual Equipment, Exhibit Space Internet High-speed Internet is available at this hotel. Wireless internet on site. Parking The hotel has free parking. There is an airport shuttle that runs from the hotel. Check-in From 2:00 PM Check-out Prior to 11:00 AM ** Visit http://goo.gl/cp4rh for more info, reviews, prices and booking. **
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EverClear demonstration at Berkeley Pit, Butte Montana
Demonstration of EverClear's ReSource copper recovery technology on-site. 2006
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Visit to Mineral Museum Butte MT
Visit to the richest hill of the USA, Butte MT. See also some minerals on display at the Mineral Museum at technology college.
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Butte, Montana - The Richest Hill on Earth
Wheel Stories travels to Butte, Montana and pays tribute to a unique and fascinating American town. Referred to as “The Richest Hill on Earth”, Butte was one of the largest cities in the Rocky Mountain region during the copper boom of the late 1800s and early 1900s. The population swelled to 100,000 residents as vast mining operations were built and conducted within the town’s business and residential districts. The mines attracted workers from around the globe and miles of tunnels and mine shafts were carved beneath the city. The uptown section thrived with busy hotels, saloons and brothels. In the mid-1950s, Butte transitioned from shaft mining to open pit mining. The immense Berkeley Pit was abandoned in the 1980s and became filled with toxic water, laden with acid and heavy metals. The pit has become one of our biggest federal superfund sites. Today, skeletal headframes dot the Butte landscape and provide a stunning commemoration of the town’s colorful mining heritage. Butte and nearby Anaconda are designated as the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States. The towns feature numerous classic examples of early 20th century architecture. The population of Butte, however, now stands at roughly 34,000 and many buildings sit empty. The silent structures remind me of Edward Hopper paintings in 3 dimensional form. Take note that legendary motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel was born and raised in Butte. Each July the community celebrates Evel Knievel Days in honor of the famed daredevil. Music: Birds by Silent Partner from YouTube Audio Library · Ambient | Dark · #Music for YouTube creators http://goo.gl/YmnOAx
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Berkeley Pit
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History of Class Struggle in Butte Montana
Recently I paid a visit to Butte Montana where Dick Gibson of the Historical Tours Programs was kind enough to give me a tour of Butte and explain some it's early 20th century labor history. More videos forthcoming, sorry for the shaky camera in this first clip- I am truly an amateur filmmaker. Butte only gets a fraction of the tourism it deserves; there are underground speakeasies, brothels, cops moonlighting as robbers, the largest collection of modern Chinese textiles outside of China and more. Butte is an abnormal city where I feel normal- almost nowhere else do you have this level of class consciousness and history of militancy combined with cute celtic accents sustained by mountain isolation.
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Butte Montana
Butte Montana
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Fly-through animation: Mine Headframe
By 3D Data Pro This is an example of the animation skills available at 3D Data Pro. Visit us at www.3ddatapro.com
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A Mile High and a Mile Deep
This video, originally designed for display in a kiosk at the Butte Mineral Museum, shares the town that Butte, Montana once was, and the conditions that made Butte possible. It explains the geology of Butte and its minerals in-depth and talks about Butte's cultural and social diversity. This video is part of the Earthtalk Studios, now Oolite Media LLC, portfolio.
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Frank Little and the IWW
Franklin Henry Little (1878–1917), an organizer for the Western Federation of Miners and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), fought in some of the early twentieth century’s most contentious labor and free-speech struggles. Following his lynching in Butte, Montana, his life and legacy became shrouded in tragedy and family secrets. In her book, Frank Little and the IWW, author Jane Little Botkin chronicles her great-granduncle’s fascinating life and reveals its connections to the history of American labor and the first Red Scare. Having scoured the West for firsthand sources in family, library, and museum collections, Botkin melds the personal narrative of an American family with the story of the labor movements that once shook the nation to its core. In doing so, she throws into sharp relief the lingering consequences of political repression. (September 28, 2017)
Berkeley Pit Butte, MT  A Big Pit of Pollution
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Montana Mosaic 10: The Rise and Fall of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company
This 16-minute video discusses the history of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company as a dominant player in shaping the past and, through its absence, the future of Montana. The video specifically focuses on the 1977 demise of the company and the end of its far-reaching control and influence. Today Montana continues to cope with the environmental and economic legacies of the Anaconda Company's century of dominance. http://mhs.mt.gov/Education/MontanaMosaic.aspx
Berkeley Pit - My Status Is Blue
Video by Ben Erickson The new album 'The Heavy Numbers' is now available: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-heavy-numbers/id880211173 Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_nr_seeall_1?rh=k%3ABerkeley+pit%2Ci%3Adigital-music&keywords=Berkeley+pit&ie=UTF8&qid=1401486521 Rdio: http://rd.io/x/QXq8OyIb6t0/ http://www.berkeleypit.com https://www.facebook.com/berkeleypit https://berkeleypit.bandcamp.com/album/the-heavy-numbers
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Miners Union Hall – 125 Years Later – Granite Ghost Town, Montana MT
The Miners Union Hall in the ghost town of Granite, Montana (above Philipsburg) has not aged well! Unfortunately her days were numbered at an early age! She was built in 1890 for $22,000 by the proud community of Granite. She was dedicated on December 31, 1890 with a Grand Dedication Ball. Granite had never seen a night like this before or after! She became the town’s showplace and was the hub of social life of this active mining town. In the exquisite three story building, she housed the union leaders offices and had a lounge and recreation rooms that contained billiard and card tables. The Miners Union Hall also contained a Lodge Hall and meeting rooms for various clubs and secret orders. A small library and council room were upstairs along with a reception room, ante-room and ticket booth. The Miners Union hall had the Northwest’s finest maple dance floor that supported concerts, celebrations, plays and operas. A specialty designed stage was installed for traveling theatricals, touring minstrel shows, local performances of melodramas and vaudeville acts. She was quite a lady! Three years later on August 1st, 1893 an order came to shut down the mines. Within 24 hours the town was almost deserted. The once proud Miners Union Hall was abandoned and fell into ruin. It was said that card and pool tables were still in the building in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Vandals, scavengers and Mother Nature worked in unison to strip the building of all valuables including the springboard maple dance floor. What a shame! Heavy winter snow also took its toll of the building, dropping roof timbers and floor joists to ground level. In 1966 vandals set fire to what remained. The once proud Miners Union Hall is in ruins and her walls will not be standing much longer. Still images courtesy Rick McGill, Jay Michalik, Library of Congress - Historic American Buildings Survey and the Granite County Museum and Cultural Center Archives. Video courtesy David Eggebraaten. Special thanks to Rick McGill and Jay Michalik who both suggested additional footage and techniques that were used in this production. For more information on the Miners Union Hall in the ghost town of Granite, MT please visit: Granite County Museum & Cultural Center - Philipsburg, Montana - Dedicated to preserving local history and helping people understand the diverse cultural roots of Granite County. www.granitecountymuseum.com Video images were captured with Canon Vixia HFS-100 video camera and edited with Microsoft Movie Maker and Adobe Premier Pro 6. Music used is "Ritual" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) and “Lightless Dawn” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Direct Link: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100655. ISRC: USUAN1100655 © 2009 Kevin MacLeod
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