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Cryptomundo Night at the Museum with Nick Redfern: The "Man-Monkey" - A British Bigfoot
Cryptomundo goes to Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas Nick Redfern gives a presentation on his book, The "Man-Monkey" - A British Bigfoot.
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9 Unsolved Sin & Mysteries from the American Old West
9 Unsolved Sin & Mysteries from the American Old West (A ship isn’t usually something you associate with the Wild West). 👉 Thank for watching! If You enjoy it, please Like and Subcribe this Chanel. 👈 The American West has long been a place for cowboys, gunslingers, and hidden treasure. However, there’s been questions about the true fate of certain outlaws, along with other mysteries that have fascinated people for around a hundred years, and that have never been solved or explained by modern historians. 1. Butch Cassidy’s Death. Born Robert LeRoy Parker in Beaver, Utah, on April 13, 1866, the bandit who assumed the alias Butch Cassidy remains an icon, of the Old West even 150 years after his birth. As with many legendary outlaws... 2. Victorio Peak Treasure. The mystery boils down to a single question: Was Milton (Doc) Noss telling the truth, or just a tall tale?... 3. Bill Longley’s Execution. Outlaw Wild Bill Longley twice cheated the noose, but popular Texas folklore that he got away a third time is wrong. Scientists say tests of the body in his grave show that it is, indeed, Longley.... 4. Cochise’s Burial Site. Chief Cochise, one of the great leaders of the Apache Indians, in their battles with the Anglo Americans, dies on the Chiricahua reservation in southeastern Arizona.... 5. Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. One legendary treasure that has led many astray, and ruined many lives is the Lost Dutchman Mine, supposedly located in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix, Arizona. As with most legends... 6. Pancho Villa’s Head. Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa was born Doroteo Arango on June 5, 1878, in San Juan del Rio, Durango. Villa spent much of his youth helping out on his parents' farm.... 7. Thunderbirds. One of the West’s most fascinating cold cases involves a flying monster, a dying town and a disappearing photograph.... 8. Billy the Kid’s Death. Sheriff Pat Garrett shoots Henry McCarty, popularly known as Billy the Kid, to death at the Maxwell Ranch in New Mexico.... 9. The Desert Ship. Of all the legends about lost and found, and lost again treasures in the Southwest, there is none more mystifying than the enduring tale of a large sailing vessel which lies... Music: Kevin Macleod Artist: http://incompetech(dot)com
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The Giants Of The Solomon Islands Are Hominids (No Sound)
I believe that the Giants of the Solomon Islands are hominids. That makes them related to humans. The Illuminati cards predict the future. One of them is about the giants/hominids of the Solomon Islands, and other hominids like Sasquatch and Yowie. The card is called Bigfoot. It shows a hominid. It's predicting a hominid in the future. Learn more about the Giants Of The Solomon Islands. http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/giants/solomon-giants.htm https://solomongiants.wordpress.com/page/2/ http://cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/solomons-giants/ There are three types of the giants/hominids. In World War II, Japanese soldiers encountered the giants/hominids. The giants/hominids can mate/have sex with humans. The giants/hominids, and humans can make offspring/hybrids.
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Psychic impressions: Strange creatures of myth and legend
Impressions from a psychic intuitive that another youtube'r sent me and was gracious enough to allow me to share. The following is NOT a deep trance meditation (DTM) by Douglas James Cottrell, hence it is not as verbose and descriptive, but is interesting nonetheless. All those of you interested in cryptozoology may find it interesting. Thanks for watching. ----------------- Loch Ness Monster Ogopogo Tecoluta Carcass http://cryptozoology.tribe.net/photos/57fe1231-cfe8-4c3d-8552-75666597767b Flying Rods Head of Chupacabra Filiberto Caponi Alien http://ufocasebook.com/050203.html The Cadborosaurus http://www.bcscc.ca/cadborosaurus.htm Trunko http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trunko The Dover Demon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dover_Demon Mokele-Mbembe http://www.mokelembembe.com/ The Ataka Egypt Carcass http://www.americanmonsters.com/monsters/carcass/index.php?detail=article&idarticle=32 Pedro The Mountain Mummy http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Lagoon/1345/pedro.html The Queensland Serpent http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Odd%20Pics%202/SeaSerpent.html Champ http://www.voanews.com/english/archive/2006-03/2006-03-21-voa14.cfm?moddate=2006-03-21 Chupacabra Mothman The Flatwoods Monster http://www.wvculture.org/goldenseal/Fall02/legend.html Thunderbird http://www.cryptozoology.com/cryptids/thunderbird.php
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Green Death - Creature Feature Trailer
Here is a preview of the upcoming Music Video/Mockumentary! Coming soon!
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