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UBC Minerz Want it that Way
UBC Mining Farewell BBQ 2008
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University of Texas at El Paso 2014
The nickname Miners came from the fact that the school was founded as the Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy. Other names were considered, such as “Ore Diggers” and “Muckers.” The first mascot was a student dressed as a prospector who led a burro. The first burro was named Dynamite, followed by Jenny, and then a burro named Clyde. After Clyde began making appearances at football games, University President Dr. Joseph Ray demanded that something be done about “that sorry-looking, pot-bellied creature, not fit to represent the Miners.” Clyde was replaced in 1966 by another burro named Henry. The name “Paydirt Pete” was selected in 1974 from over 500 entries in a contest to give a name to the mascot. The first animated Paydirt Pete mascot was a lovable lil’ ol’ miner nicknamed “Sweet Pete,” but he was replaced later by the more rugged Paydirt Pete. Another version of the mascot was introduced in the fall of 1999 when the athletic department introduced a new logo. The current Paydirt Pete made his debut at a men’s basketball game during the 2004 season.
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