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What is GALENA? What does GALENA mean? GALENA meaning, definition & explanation
What is GALENA? What does GALENA mean? GALENA meaning - GALENA definition - GALENA explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Galena, also called lead glance, is the natural mineral form of lead(II) sulfide. It is the most important ore of lead and an important source of silver. Galena is one of the most abundant and widely distributed sulfide minerals. It crystallizes in the cubic crystal system often showing octahedral forms. It is often associated with the minerals sphalerite, calcite and fluorite. Galena is the main ore of lead, used since ancient times. Because of its somewhat low melting point, it was easy to liberate by smelting. In some deposits galena contains about 1–2% silver, a byproduct that far outweighs the main lead ore in revenue. Galena deposits often also contain significant amounts of silver as included silver sulfide mineral phases or as limited solid solution within the galena structure. These argentiferous galenas have long been the most important ore of silver. Galena deposits are found worldwide in various environments. Noted deposits include those at Freiberg in Saxony; Cornwall, the Mendips in Somerset, Derbyshire, and Cumberland in England; the Madan, Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria; the Sullivan Mine of British Columbia; Broken Hill and Mount Isa in Australia; and the ancient mines of Sardinia. Galena also occurs in North African countries and at Mount Hermon in Northern Israel. In the United States, it occurs most notably in the Mississippi Valley type deposits of the Lead Belt in southeastern Missouri, and in the Driftless Area of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. The economic importance of galena to the early history of the Driftless Area was so great that one of the towns in the region was named Galena, Illinois. Galena also was a major mineral of the zinc-lead mines of the tri-state district around Joplin in southwestern Missouri and the adjoining areas of Kansas and Oklahoma. Galena is also an important ore mineral in the silver mining regions of Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Montana. Of the latter, the Coeur d'Alene district of northern Idaho was most prominent. Galena is the official state mineral of the U.S. states of Missouri and Wisconsin; the former mining town of Galena, Kansas takes its name from deposits of this mineral. Derbyshire in the UK was one of the main areas where galena was mined. The largest documented crystal of galena is composite cubo-octahedra from the Great Laxey Mine, Isle of Man, measuring 25 cm × 25 cm × 25 cm (10 in × 10 in × 10 in). Galena belongs to the octahedral sulfide group of minerals that have metal ions in octahedral positions, such as the iron sulfide pyrrhotite and the nickel arsenide niccolite. The galena group is named after its most common member, with other isometric members that include manganese bearing alabandite and niningerite.
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KS Mine Project
Dewatering of coal mine
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Museum Quality Golden Barite Eagle Mine Colorado
A spectacular old stock Barite to be posted to Ebay under my user name teresa_rocks... I post mainly old stock mineral specimens to ebay. Suscribe to my channel above..... thanks......... Teresa Rocks :)
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Schermerhorn Park Galena Kansas farthest point in NW Aux Arcs range
Beautiful park just 6 miles west of Joplin the the far SE corner of Kansas. This is the farthest reach of the Aux Arcs Mtn range in the NW. Enjoy. Shoal Creek flows through the park and a cave is located in the back of the park.
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The Historic Missouri Mines!
Nestled deep within the eastern Ozarks in an areaknown as the Old Lead Belt; is a major part of the great Southeast Missouri lead district, the premier lead mining district of the world. The mining industry in this area played an important role in Missouri's economic and social fabric for more than 280 years. Pierre Charles Leseurled the first European mineralogical expedition in the Mississippi Valley in early 1700. Two decades later, word came of a "shiny gray mineral, that was everywhere, often laying on the surface of the ground." These early explorers discovered that blanketlike lodes of galena, many feet thick, lay just below the surface. This plentiful mineral is the primary lead ore still mined today in Missouri. The ore deposits have made Missouri the nations major source of lead for more than 90 years. In 1964, St Joseph Lead Co. purchased nearly 950 acres at Bonne Terre, Missouri.The company soon rose to dominance over its competitors because of its innovations in ore-smelting,underground engineering technology and the development and use of mechanical equipment. In 1923 the company purchased the Federal Mill No. 3 lead-concentrating complex and improved the mill to become the largest lead mill in the world. It remained in operation until 1972. In 1975, the company donated the Federal mine-mill complex, along with adjoining lands. to Missouri for use as a State Park.
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Rotating Wall Cloud near Galena Kansas October 1st 2014
Rotating wall cloud near Galena Kansas October 1st 2014
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Risky Business: The Ghost Town of Kirwin - Main Street, Wyoming
The story of Kirwin, an abandoned mining camp deep in Wyoming's Absoroka Mountains and the risk takers involved in its history. From early explorers, outlaws and hard rock miners, to arctic adventurers and Amelia Earhart; this remote location drew a remarkable cast of characters. Today, its natural beauty and rich past continue.
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Galena Nursing Center
What does person centered care mean? It's different for each person. See how the little things we do to preserve a person's identity make all the difference in their life.
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purple fluorite
We are in the process of making several 1 hour DVDs of me out hunting gems and minerals in 2010.. Suscribe to my channel and become my friend on YouTube...... thanks...... Teresa :) Purple Fluorite from the closed mines of the Cave-in-Rock District of Southern Illinois.. www.teresarocks.com
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Teresa on the Rocks...
Teresa has come into her own with respect to the rocks and without any prodding just started wandering on them...
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Exploring An Old West Ghost Town - Cherry Creek Nevada
Gold and silver were mined in and around Cherry Creek in the 1870s and 1880s. Travel back in time as we take a look at this historic mining district. The Pony Express riders traveled thru this area in 1860-1861.
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Large Glassy Calcite Specimen from Missouri
I post most of these specimens to Ebay but will be switching over to my website at www.teresarocks.com soon.... Also check me out on Facebook under Teresa Rocks......
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The Best Small Town Main Street in America
The best small town Main Street in America can be found in Illinois. The former rip-roaring lead-mining town of Galena once produced almost 85% of the nation’s lead, and was the busiest Mississippi River port between St. Louis and St. Paul, a bustle bigger than Chicago. Now, it charm lies in the preservation of its past, one which Galena proudly embraces. Galena has been cited as having “The Best Small Town Main Street in America,” because it looks like a movie set idealization of Norman Rockwell’s home. Of course, the actual movie theater appeared in the movie Field of Dreams. By the middle of the 19th Century, Galena was one of the richest river towns in the Midwest. But when the lead ran out and the Galena River silted up, the town went into a century-long dive. The townsfolk became too poor to tear anything down. That, it turns out, was its salvation, and today the town appears pretty much as it did when Ulysses S. Grant worked in his father's store on the red-hued street. Now, that preserved-in-aspic quality is the lodestone, the touro-dollar draw. The street is exuberant with boutiques, bars, reliquaries, art galleries, cafes, ghost tours, trolleys, locals sporting thick, black Ulysses S. Grant beards, and shops specializing in everything “craft.” The old brown brick buildings host handcrafted jewelry, homemade fudge, artisanal cheese, hand-sewn clothing, self-published books, in-house roasted coffee, immaculate confections, stove-popped gourmet popcorn, and, of course, craft beer.
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Huge Gemmy Golden Calcite Sweetwater Mine
I post most of these specimens to Ebay but will be switching over to my website at www.teresarocks.com soon.... Also check me out on Facebook under Teresa Rocks......
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Christopher Columbus | Native Americans | One Word | Cut
Fear Pong is now a game! Get it here: http://www.fearponggame.com » SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/CutSubscribe Watch more One Word: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJic7bfGlo3p3MZQ28prCQxWSZQTytqF8 About One Word: Cut invites people from different groups to weigh in on one word--and their responses show us just how complicated and unique we all are. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us! Official Site: https://www.cut.com/ Facebook: http://cut.com/facebook Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cut Instagram: http://cut.com/instagram Snapchat: @watchcut Cut Swag: http://cut.com/shop About Cut: Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time. Produced, directed, and edited by https://cut.com Want to work with us? http://cut.com/hiring Want to be in a video? http://cut.com/casting Want to sponsor a video? http://cut.com/sponsorships For licensing inquiries: http://cut.com/licensing About this video: We invited Native Americans to respond to "Christopher Columbus." These are their responses. Talent: Matt Michelle Jonathan Brooke Natasha Adria Kathryn Aeyana Cherry Columbia Walter Alec Katie Gracie Naomi Fredrick Ulysses Jonathon Music Heights by Keen Collective https://www.marmosetmusic.com/ Get Cut swag here: http://bit.ly/BuyCut Christopher Columbus | Native Americans | One Word | Cut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYTXRDtYzYc Cut https://www.youtube.com/watchcut
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C-SPAN Cities Tour: Carson City - Carson City Library Nevada History Collection
Visit the Carson City Library as librarian Susan Antipa shows us their collection of books dealing with the history of Carson City and the state of Nevada.
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Shaniko Oregon - Ghost town!
On the road today. I invite you to the ghost town of Shaniko Oregon. Enjoy and thanks for watching!
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Sphalerite over Pyrite Shullsburg Wisconsin
Check out all my rare Mineral Specimens posted on Ebay under our user name teresa_rocks...... I post mainly the old stock specimens.. suscribe to my channel above. This will be one of the outfits I will be wearing in our Treasure Hunting DVD's to be coming out later this year.. Get on my list to be notified. thanks................ Teresa :)
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Washington DC Consumer Credit Counseling Service | (800) 254-4100
Washington DC Free Consumer Credit Counseling Service call (800) 254-4100 credit repair, bankruptcy counseling, debt consolidation and settlement, student loan default, stop wage garnishment and vehicle repossession. https://youtu.be/ZeJtgfN0h5Y Credit counseling starts with the parent and may include intermediaries later in life empowered by the individual debtor to act on their behalf to negotiate with creditors and resolve debt that is beyond a debtor’s ability to pay. Credit counseling is a generic name and is not a brand name owned or controlled by any agency or company. Consumer credit counseling services are provided by attorneys, accountants, finance and tax professionals, for-profit, and non-profit credit counseling companies. Regulations on credit counseling and credit counseling agencies varies by country and sometimes within regions of the countries themselves. In the United States, individuals filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy are required to receive counseling from a designated credit counseling agency.

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