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Huoratron - Bug Party (Official Video)
From the Album - Cryptocracy iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/cryptocracy/id518028620 http://huoratron.com http://lastgangentertainment.com/records
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Huoratron - Trolls
From the Album: Prevenge https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/prevenge/id375208322 http://huoratron.com https://www.facebook.com/huoratron?ref=ts&fref=ts https://twitter.com/LORDHUORATRON
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HIM- In Venere Veritas (Huoratron Remix)
I in no way own or have anything to do with this song. I just want to help promote one of my favourite bands HIM and their new up coming album SWRMXS available Dec. 7th, 2010
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Huoratron - Corporate Occult ( Mixhell Remix )
I do not own the rights of this song. Wmg owns the rights of this song
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MSTRKRFT - Work On You
From the album - The Looks iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/the-looks/id164878659 http://mstrkrft.com http://lastgangentertainment.com/records
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Teenage Bad Girl - Keep Up With You (Huoratron Remix)
DOWNLOAD it here! http://tinyurl.com/5w6ew8n - http://www.NightRumour.com - http://myspace.com/teenagebadgirl - http://myspace.com/huoratron
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DaVIP - Level Up (Hardcore Beats #46)
Explore More at http://www.720bass.com
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WAKEUP SERIES http://goo.gl/Z5fwW You simply must share this series exposing the Entertainment & Military Industrial Complexes far & wide, it is absolutely revelatory. If you can, download the videos yourself, for cannot imagine them remaining available for long, they are that damning. Tim Fitzgerald introduces the series thusly: "The first nine videos are rather dry if you are an avid conspiracy researcher. The good stuff starts at about Part 10. Part 14, where ex-Illuminatus John Todd reveals that every record album produced has a spell cast on it by witches, is the most interesting video out of the entire series in my opinion. The rest reveal some very interesting, little-known facts and piece everything together." The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked Wed 23 May 2012 01:16 By Timothy Fitzpatrick If you ever wondered why the lives of Hollywood stars are so troubled but concluded the reason was nothing more than vanity, substance abuse, and too much money, think again. Hollywood is ruled by a Kabbalistic cult—also known as the Illuminati—which is wreaking havoc in the lives those on the silver screen and in the music industry, according to blogger 101TheDestroyer in The Wake Up series. TheDestroyer has created a series of videos shedding light on Hollywood's deep dark secret, and all the big names are implicated. MK Ultra mind control, ritual murder, witchcraft, Freemasonry, membership at the Kabbalah Centre, and selling one's soul to the devil are not the exception to the rule to making it in Hollywood but are actually prerequisites. The proof? The prevalence of dissociative identity disorder (also known as split personality disorder) among the stars and their obsessive use of hand signs and occult symbolism in their album art and in their on-stage theatrics. Then there are the red Kabbalah bracelets that Hollywoodites can be found wearing when they are out of character. But I am going to let the video presentations do the talking. I have broken down the main points from each of the 42 videos in point form below. (Just click on the parts links to go to the videos). The first nine videos are rather dry if you are an avid conspiracy researcher. The good stuff starts at about Part 10. Part 14, where ex-Illuminatus John Todd reveals that every record album produced has a spell cast on it by witches, is the most interesting video out of the entire series in my opinion. The rest reveal some very interesting, little-known facts and piece everything together. Out of all of the stars examined in The Wake Up series, you will learn that Madonna and Lady Gaga are two of the most loyal followers of Lucifer, and they are not afraid to admit it. Many of the other stars are not so loyal, and when they start to rebel from their childhood-based Illuminati programming or renege on their unspoken contract with Hollywood devils, they wind up dead or demoted. I guess Randy Quaid isn't crazy after all. Rhianna bent over inside a pyramid in the Umbrella music video. The videographers obviously doctored this scene to extend Rhianna's neck—creating the snout—and to create the eyes at her shoulders—stylized after the Baphomet head on the right. In real time, this particular scene flashes by rather quickly to give it a subliminal effect.
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Huoratron "Prevenge" & "Take Me Down" @ Evil Olive, Chicago // Nov 11th, 2010 (Part 3/5)
Huoratron continues his live set at The Evil Olive in Chicago. This was on his North American 2010 Tour for his album Prevenge. 0:00 Huoratron - Prevenge 6:30 Hermanos Inglesos - Take Me Down [Huoratron Remix] Continued with Part 4. Includes "$$ Troopers" & "Highly Explicit" // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBtDoUxDIf8 Preceded by Part 2. Includes "Gbay" // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJg-K7_l8OA Full Playlist // http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=721E8FEDFC85FAE6 For more information about Huoratron: http://www.myspace.com/huoratron http://www.huoratron.com/
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MVTH - I Hate Rock N' Roll
Free download: https://soundcloud.com/themvth/i-hate-rock-n-roll Subscribe! Back with that loaded cannon. Let us not forget to give thanx to those who came before us and may they rest in peace. We offer our sincere condolences to any bitch made lames who lost their lives during audio playback. The song is free, but as they say, nothing in this life is free... Follow us: http://themvth.com http://facebook.com/themvth http://soundcloud.com/themvth
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Thursdays Page - Mystic Road (Official Video)
The debut video clip by Thursday's Page for the new single, Mystic Road, taken from the EP 'In The City Tonight'
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Winnie The Pooh Worships Satan
Winnie The Pooh Worships Satan
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Fragmented Minds Ft Mc Loc E   Pioneer Video HD
Wicked new film clip from Fragmented Minds & Mc LOc-e "Pioneer" Coming in a few weeks :) Remixes by BASS KICKA & Dirt Monkey
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Crystal Castles - Untrust Us (VS//YOUTHCLUB Remix)
Stoic Beats -- Music, Free From Negative Vibes Subscribe: www.youtube.com/stoicbeatsuk Facebook: www.facebook.com/stoicbeatsuk Artist:VS//YOUTHCLUB Artist Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/crystal-castles Artist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ccrystalccastles If you wish to submit your own track, get in contact or complain about a copyright infringement please email us at [email protected]
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La Murga - Kokki (video)
Tanssijat: Janita Rantanen, Juuli Ilkka Kuvaus: Sami Lindfors, Juuso Aalto Leikkaus ja ohjaus: Juuso Aalto Yhteistyössä: Legioonateatteri, Space Junk studio Tuotanton: Aaltokuvia studio http://www.legioonateatteri.fi http://www.spacejunkstudio.fi http://aaltokuvia.pp.fi
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Crystal Castles // 1983 (30 Minute Loop)
I just really loved this clip uploaded by CRYSTALCASTLESRARE so I made a 30 min loop of it. Original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-ZWXiwBm78
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Huoratron - XXVI Crimes Of Love (Official Music Video)
Helsinki native Huoratron returns with his newest offering, "XXVI Crimes of Love." It is a song that builds on his earlier work (2012's critically acclaimed 'Cryptocracy') and paves the way for an upcoming full length project for 2016. True to form, "XXVI Crimes of Love" is Huoratron - pure and consistent, uncompromising. A contact with no safe word. Video Credits: Artist: Huoratron Track: XXIV Crimes of Love Label: Last Gang Records Director: Perttu Saksa Cinematography & Edit: Perttu Saksa Creative Directors: Aku Raski, Perttu Saksa Producer: Anssi Perttala Colour Grading: Jussi Rovanperä Rope Technician: Tinttu Henttonen Typography: Schick Toikka Production Assistant: Hanna Marttinen Last Gang Records 2016 Click here to subscribe to THUMP: http://bit.ly/Subscribe_to_THUMP ___ THUMP is the electronic music and culture channel from VICE: http://thu.mp ___ Check out our full video catalog: http://youtube.com/user/thumpchannel/videos Facebook: http://fb.com/thumpthump Twitter: http://twitter.com/thumpthump Tumblr: http://thump.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/thump More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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Get Naked - The Electric Bloodbath
i couldnt find this song on youtube so i decidet to put it on youtube :)i do not own this song or have anything to do with it
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Trap Door - Wake Up [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
From the 'Lata Town' EP Available for FREE Download at trapdmusic.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/trapdoormusic https://www.youtube.com/trapdoorvideo https://www.twitter.com/trapdoormusic https://www.breakingtunes.com/trapdoor Directed, shot & edited by Finn Keenan https://twitter.com/Finn_Keenan https://vimeo.com/user5952118 http://www.youtube.com/user/havagawk Gig Scene 2nd cam- Liam Allen Starring - Pat Deary & Hugh O'Brien Huge thanks to everyone who helped with the making of this. You's are all wonderful. For bookings and info contact [email protected] Trap Door - Lata Town (Music Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHyRUHe6Dlg Lyrics Have you got a life like a full box of roses Got a girlfriend good job, good family Did you make all the right choices when you chose em Fairytale living ever after happily My momma said you should just go to college gotta give up drink he's become an alcoholic when we were young in the fields laugh and frolic forget about the vodka just drink the tonic My daddy said that its all in your head don't worry little man as long as you got a plan read this scribe and try philosophise maybe end up like me someday so wise I've got a reason for believing that just dreaming gets you through stop complaining your always blaming we can get there me and you Small man big mouth loves bottle violence with a few drinks he could never study silence don't worry bout the rush always tryna be so tough somebody someday gonna grab you by the scruff Wake up in the morning with a boozy breath heads ringing bells and a face like death grab another beer before my head clears don't want to face up to the blood sweat and tears on my pillow i dunno what happened last night someone hooked up someone got into a fight bodies lie around me stone cold dead reaching for a doobie i step on crackles head go to bed wake up, wake up please don't pick it up I'm not young enough for this funny stuff come up come up boys have a laugh now don't wanna hear it anyway anyhow y'know, y'know what I'm telling you gotta realise what it is you gotta do shut up shut up i cant find my shoes know where your going and you know you'll never lose everybody needs a fantasy got a step outside see what i can be my mom she told me that she got the c and i cant believe the words it doesn't make my happy its gonna be ok they caught it so early, she'll be on top pretty soon surely she told me not to go, she told me not to go happy when your leaving school never felt so young and free now you gotta ask yourself whats it gonna be gonna meet Siobhan tomorrow take me sweetly outta sorrow like a toy i used to borrow now I'm paying up chump tossing turning is it right? having terrors in the night everybody's sleeping tight, my TV lights on
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Cryptocracy, Dead Centre
The original band Dead Centre, Jacksonville, FL 1999.... Vocalist-Dave Belkowski R.I.P. Founder and guitarist-Neil Watson, Drummer and co-founder Ralph Courson, Bass guitarist Tim Williams. Lyrics by, X-guitarist Bruce Shepard....
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Channel Hell 002
Channel Hell 002 Monthly A/V Mixtape by The Liar Mixed live in NYC TRACKLIST ANGELSPIT - Sunrise Needle Fac†ory - Shut Up and Riot Videohead & Dead Sound - Degree Blush Response - Heathen Life Houratron - A699F ANGELSPIT - Massive Felix Cartal - World Class Driver The Prodigy - Smack My B*tch Up (Major Lazer RMX) Nero - Go Back ANGELSPIT - Defribrillator (Pull Out Kings RMX) ANGELSPIT.NET
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i love you your presence illuminates me your scent is euphorizing your laughter makes jubilant your touch thrills my skin your skin the canvas of my sensual mind your hair the inflaming spark your eyes the diamonds and the suns which i wanna wear to town your ears so delicate listening to my babble of groundless pain and sorrow your mouth this light red kiss speak to me tender lines of absolute truth our truth which i should bare cause my love isnt false your arms your movements the grace and beauty which no whore could ever fake your hands caring protecting one stroke through my hair can wash away all evil lift my mood for days your long legs which stir up any room any mens fantasy i want to kiss them touch them every day your feet that carry you us around the world to places i only want to enjoy with you i want to bathe them on my knees every day your fingers veins muscles filled with the sweetest blood i tasted and felt so many times raging flowing the mystical vivacity i want to venerate it every day your breasts the warmth i wanna lay my head on hear your young heart it want to live to its beat the drums my religion the movement of your lungs while we breath in each others mouths while our naked bodies nurse away the secular affairs your stomach this magical land of lust which i wanna walk down and draw my paths on every day your ass this place of sensuality this perfect artifact makes me loose my shit every fucking day your pussy i want her i want to own her feast on her i want to draw upon her take from her rest with her sample her cherish her and pet her i want to fuck her spoil her and praise her get to know her merry her and protect her build a house come home to her and be there for her every day your mind your soul the one that makes happy makes me calm makes my fucking day the one mind that understand helps feels and loves as i do the one soul that kills with one word one text brutal ruthless only because it cares? lets set the mind free of evil and fear so we can function strive and prosper together every day i will repeat im your slave use me i am young unversed teach me what i have to do? tell me show me so i can realize i dont know how cause i was born an idiot be brave for us cause i was born a coward oblige my honesty cause i was born a liar take my hand lead me cause i was born a fucking cripple write it down for me make me understand take me to fucking college cause i was left untaught read it to me tell me the story cause i was born blind draw it for me paint the fucking picture cause i dont understand their languages let me feel it cause i made us cold i was cold you got cold hope you learn how to forget so i can remember lets meet woman we have to warm up our bed http://patheticisolationfuck.blogspot.de/
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Untrust Me
My favorite song with clips of my friends showing that this song about cocaine isn't the only thing that's addictive, people who know how to have fun and partying is! Copyright Crystal Castles Untrust us On album Crystal Castles released March 18th 2008 "Untrust Us" samples the Death From Above 1979 song "Dead Womb".
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The Fall of Krauzenberg - Krauzenbergin Syksy
Tähdittää Krauzenberg, Krauzenbergin syksynä, tänä syksynä, Krauzenberg syksyttää ffwfwfwfwfwffff... Ja aiheeseen liittyvä skenaariokin on näillänäkymin tulossa syksyllä.
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Chocolate Love Factory - Motivator (Music Video)
Music video for the Chocolate Love Factory single 'Motivator' Download the track for free at http://chocolatelovefactory.bandcamp.com Made by Tristan Crowe & Philip Matier Filmed on location Pamplona, Spain & Belfast NI Contact [email protected] http://chocolatelovefactory.com
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The Blitzkrieg Boys - Blitzkrieg Boys
Blitzkrieg boys, a punk rock band.
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Plushgun - Dancing In A Minefield
Buy on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1083ays Tommy Boy Entertainment is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic record label founded in New York City in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable legends Afrika Bambaataa, Coolio, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature. ************************************************************ Subscribe to the channel: https://tommyboy.lnk.to/subscribe  Connect with Tommy Boy: https://www.tommyboy.com/ https://tommyboy.lnk.to/facebook https://tommyboy.lnk.to/instagram https://twitter.com/tommyboyrecords ************************************************************ #TommyboyRecords #Plushgun #Rock
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Operation Mind Control • Cryptocracy's Plan to Psychocivilize You
Walter Bowart with Ned Potterhttp://ww.rense.com/general96/Operation_Mind_Control.pdfOPERATION MIND CONTROL: The Cryptocracy's Plan to Psychocivilize You By Walter Bowart
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baden baden - Anyone | LeTransistor.com
baden baden play Anyone unplugged Directed by Benjamin Lemaire November '10 http://www.letransistor.com http://www.benjamin-lemaire.info
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It's Alright
This was one of our videos for the first round of the Teamwarfare contest hosted on the amv.org. we will upload these in the next couple weeks cause our studio is on haitus at the moment due to personal problems. The rules of the contest were simple. 3 videos 3 themes 3 genres . we had to make 3 videos for each round and each video must have a different theme (from the themes that were given to us ) and from the different possible genres. ----------------------------------------------------- info about this video. Video Title:It's Alright Editor(s): BungiJumpMeh1| サンディー Video Genre:Drama Theme:I love that song ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Make a video with one of the following songs provided by the judges.) Hold, Release;Rakshasa and Carcasses - Hatsune Miku Let My Love Open The Door- Pete Townshend Spooky - God Module Cap'n Fleeb - Ghost machine, Where have you been (Rihanna Florence Deadmau5 Mashup) Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl Huoratron - New Wave Of Mutilation Sad Eyes (Huoratron Remix) - Crystal Castles Strangeness and Charm - Florence - the Machine Brown Eyed Girl - Reel Big Fish Bouncing Souls - Badass Electric Valentine - Waiting For The Harmony Daft Punk - Technologic (F.O.O.L. Remix) Pegboard Nerds feat. Elizaveta - Hero ----------------------------------------- Anime: Noragami, Selector Infected Wixoss Audio:Electric Valentine - Waiting For The Harmony Link To the Entry: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/mx6almn5 ... ight-1.mp4
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Say Nope To Dope (Crystal Castles - Untrust Us)
I do not own any of the videos. And stop taking drugs, you asshole.
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Hyde - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Artist : Hyde Song : Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Album : [ Single ] Horizon ( 2003 )
Crystal Castles live at Pukkelpop 2013
Alice Glass in public
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STEKMedia - THE MOVIE (sledding movie)
Full length movie about last winter sleddings. The project is sponsored by the 4H-association / www.itsetehty.fi http://www.itsetehty.fi/groups/blog/id/714 The project wouldn't have been possible without the artists who give songs to use. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/STEKMedia/191270484339623 http://instagram.com/stekmedia
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Harrison - So Far From Home (feat. Young Guv) [Official Music Video]
From the album Checkpoint Titanium, available now: http://hyperurl.co/checkpoint Directed by Tristan C-M, Additional Cinematography - Gareth Probert Jacqueline Ashton - Production Assistant / AD Aurora Shields - Production Assistant / Styling / AD Special thanks to Marion Spratling Cook, Henry Schneider, Meescha, Jacqui Warden & Bad Actors Inc
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Heizt - Leave Now (Official Music Video)
Thorzilla Records is proud to show you the new Heizt video 'Leave Now'. A vile electro anthem with a visual ode to the film noir. Where can I get this vicious track? Right here: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1x9xSoiaS0jxHhwwYnXBEx iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/album/leave-now-single/id1063975501?l=en Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Heizt_Leave_now_Single?id=Bfb44x2yo7rnu65j7gt6sx44wxy Site: http://heizt.thorzilla.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heizt-531512147006030/?fref=ts
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Wooo! Viimeisimmät liikehdinnät löydät twitteristä (http://twitter.com/eeddspeaks) ja instagramista nimellä eeddspeaks
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$$ Troopers (Vietnam / Kerosene) - Crystal Castles Cover (Fan Made)
This is a cover from the CC cover of "$$ Troopers" This was really easy to make and this isnt final at all, just wanted to hear your opinion (: No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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Why SUVs have no practical use in street racing games
a treatise song: Huoratron - Cryptocracy
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EvilMinded - Lady Cadaver live @ San Marcos
EvilMinded performing Lady Cadaver in San Marcos, Guatemala. Lyrics: So here we are! Master plan for destruction This is a call against an instance to shut it! Down! Set the example The taste of bloody hands Carnivores, broken bones, cyanide eyes burn bright and red tonight! Blood It's time to rise Subliminal Make a new fail tradition Find The Criminal To pay the price It's our human condition! Paradise DEMISE! We place our trust in you While you take it While we break apart from you Again for the first time Nothing seems so wrong Like killing for you Like feeding you The sons of broken lives! So sorry For bringing you down I never thought you'd mind I never thought to ask So sorry tonight! I never cared it was so nauseating I never trusted what you created But You lied! Take you? We never left you I tried so many different things to calm you down and at the end just break you We learn your lesson To love is to corrupt!
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Modestep - Sunlight - Live @ Rock The Beach 2013,Helsinki,Finland
Modestep - Sunlight - Live @ Rock The Beach 2013,Helsinki,Finland
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DJ Search Shoot - First M1X (Flux pavilion vs Martin Garrix)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - (A-Trak remix) Martin Garrix - Animals (Radio Edit) Martin Garrix - Wizards Flux Pavilion - Blow The Roof Huoratron - Cryptocracy Dvbbs, Borgeous - Tsunami (Radio Edit)
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Meligrove Band - Planets Conspire live clip
Meligrove Band live at the Vat, Red Deer. April 24th, 06. Digital cam video, overdriven sound. One of the tightest, most original rock bands currently in Canada.
Views: 799 Jon Bontje
CHUNGA by EvilMinded
Guatemala's own sick, twisted and perverted machine of noise UH HUH! a stupid video by a stupid band... first video in years for all my pretty bitches INTERNET KILLED EVERYTHING!! For more info visit www.evilminded.org Para mas info visiten www.evilminded.org Breakcore, Raggacore, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Gabber, Electro Grindcore, Noise, Noisecore, Power Noise, Speedcore, Terrorcore, Speed Hall, Extratone, Digital Hardcore, HxC, Experimental Electronica, evil, evilminded, coban, guate, guatemala, noise, punk, industrial, metal, grindcore, electronic, ruido, gore, live, show, sex
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Crystal Castles- Untrust Us (RISE Remix)
I stumbled across this track in my collection after a good number of years since listening to it last. Listening to it again inspired me to do a remix. Nice and chill. The track can be downloaded for free here: https://www.mediafire.com/?jyb1w4wthoz181p Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/riselegit Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RISE-185159994847316/timeline/
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Not So Frolic Films / Ari Savonen - production. Surreal (experimental) finnish short film, with ENGLISH SUBTITLES. 2012. http://www.facebook.com/InmindVideozoneshortFilmByAriSavonen?ref=ts NOT SO FROLIC FILMS: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Not-So-Frolic-Films/245629998853155 CAST: David Koffenhoff - Tito Tuononen Male Reuel - Gabriel Rautiainen Doctor - Miikka Immonen Computer nurse - Annastiina Gylling Assistant nurse - Milla Väänänen Mary - Marika Halmekivi Female Reuel / receptionist - Fanniina Tuomola Security guard - Jussi Ala-Karvia Janitor - Juho Laitinen Janitor's girlfriend - Karoliina Haapasaari Hell rabbit - Maria Leppälä Angry Neighbour - Ari Savonen Security guard monster - Jussi Ala-Karvia Brain child / nurse monster - Karoliina Haapasaari Janitor monster - Juho Laitinen CREW: Written, produced, edited & directed by: Ari Savonen. Assistant directors: Antti Kankaanpää & Janne-Markus Katila. Cinematography: Ari Savonen, Antti Kankaanpää & Janne-Markus Katila. Camera assistants: Toni Kosunen & Toni Luoma-Nirva. Assistant editor: Toni Luoma-Nirva. Music: Juuso Kainulainen & Heikki Hautanen. Photos: Erno Kanko. Sound: Ari Savonen, Miikka Immonen, Annastiina Gylling, Antti Kankaanpää & Janne-Markus Katila. Lights: Ari Savonen, Janne-Markus Katila & Mirka Korkee. Special make-up FX: Ari Savonen. Set design & costumes: Ari Savonen, Janne-Markus Katila & Tito Tuononen. Sound editor / mixer: Ari Savonen. THANKS: Anne Savonen Erno Kanko Heikki Hautanen Juuso Kainulainen Jussi Halttunen Jyri Reinikka Kari Savonen Kelaamo.fi Kellari Levent Can Markku Kantanen Mikko Milan Niko Udd Piuke Punanaamio Tampere Tarja Tarvainen NOT SO FROLIC FILMS / ARI SAVONEN - PRODUCTION. 2012. Shooted in Finland / Ylöjärvi.
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Excision & Space Laces [Destroid] - Bounce (Antiserum & Mayhem Remix)
Subscribe to my channel: http://www.smarturl.it/AEyoutube Preorder "The Invasion Remixes: http://bit.ly/1mluFCF The Invasion Remixes is a remix album released May 26. Features remixes by FuntCase, BAR9, Datsik, Barely Alive, Getter and more. Mayhem http://www.facebook.com/mayhemslr http://www.soundcloud.com/mayhem http://www.twitter.com/mayhemslr http://www.shadowlawrecordings.com http://www.alwaysnever.com http://www.atlantadubstep.com http://www.404audio.com http://www.myspace.com/mayhemslr Antiserum http://www.facebook.com/Antiserum http://twitter.com/#!/antiserumsf http://soundcloud.com/antiserum http://www.youtube.com/antiserumsound Destroid http://www.facebook.com/destroidmusic http://www.destroid.com
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The Grenadines - Cryptocracy - Kickin' things off at the Bottletree in Birmingham Alabama
The 2011 Thanksgiving show - song #1 - Cryptocracy The Grenadines kick things off with Cryptocracy at the Bottletree in Birmingham Alabama. This is the last show of the Maria Taylor tour that also included Dead Fingers featuring Taylor Hollingsworth and Kate Taylor. This song is currently unreleased....yum yum get you some. Their critically acclaimed self-titled album is available at: thegrenadines2.bandcamp.com
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