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Part 9.2: From Mound to Mouth - Eternal Symbols - Anthills, Snakes and Umbrellas
Traditional knowledge and lore in Africa, concerning the gathering and usage for the termite-grown mushroom, termitomyces, dissappears rapidly, due to modernisation.. Traditional way of life in rural communities is breaking up and with the silencing voice of the old-timers a lot of connection to ancient roots disappears. In this video i take a look at what i could retrieve of customs, practised in daily life, related to termites, tehir mounds and mushrooms. Not only the fungi and the termites, also the clay of the mounds is consumed. And they turn out to be sources of good health. And fertility. Links to all used materials below. I do not own or claim any of this and use it for recreational and educational means only. I will not monetize any of the used material. If there is a copyright problem, please contact me so i can do the needed adjustments. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/275888631_Sileshi_GW_Nyeko_P_Nkunika_POY_Sekamatte_BM_Akinnifesi_FK_Ajayi_OC_2009_Integrating_ethno-ecological_and_scientific_knowledge_of_termites_for_sustainable_termite_management_and_human_welfare_in_Africa https://blogs.plos.org/ecology/2016/06/24/oldest-fossil-evidence-of-agriculture-by-termites/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/7063016_Termite-egg_mimicry_by_a_sclerotium-forming_fungus Fungus culturing, nutrient mining and geophagy: A geochemical investigation of Macrotermes and Trinervitermes mounds in southern Africa http://scholar.sun.ac.za/handle/10019.1/11411 https://worldwidescience.org/topicpages/t/termite+mound+powder.html https://termitequeengiriguta.blogspot.com/2017/07/termite-fungus.html http://www.davidmoore.org.uk/Fungi-on-Stamps06.htm The first fossil fungus gardens of Isoptera: oldest evidence of symbiotic termite fungiculture (Miocene, Chad basin) https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00114-006-0149-3 https://www.academia.edu/24761642/Declining_Wild_Mushroom_Recognition_and_Usage_in_Burkina_Faso Evaluation of the medicinal use of clay minerals as antibacterial agents https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2904249/ https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-termites-shape-the-natural-world/ Cultural significance of termites in sub-Saharan Africa https://ethnobiomed.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13002-017-0137-z https://www.hunker.com/13404868/is-clay-soil-acidic https://ees.kuleuven.be/africa-in-profile/dig-deeper/soil-forming-factors/Erens2015(Dating%20C14).pdf http://www.the-eis.com/data/literature_OK/Wits98_11.pdf https://sro.sussex.ac.uk/63720/1/FairheadConservationAndSociety.pdf https://www.jstor.org/stable/2403708?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents Nutritional evaluation of wheat cakes enriched with edible African termites (Macrotermes nigeriensis) https://www.ajol.info/index.php/as/article/view/118549 Ethnomycological Conspectus of West African Mushrooms: An Awareness Document http://file.scirp.org/Html/8-2270260_42265.htm Fungi foraging: On the hunt for South Africa's tastiest wild mushroom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89ZrnETpquI https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/veterinary-science-and-veterinary-medicine/geophagy Actinobacteria from Termite Mounds Show Antiviral Activity against Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus, a Surrogate Model for Hepatitis C Virus https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2015/745754/ Nutrient content of termites(syntermes soldiers) consumed bymakiritare amerindians of the altoorinoco of Venezuela https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/036702403902-2255177 Performance evaluation of termite-mound clay, concrete and steel silos for the storage of maize grains in the humid tropics https://www.ars.usda.gov/research/publications/publication/?seqNo115=316945 https://westernweb.net/2015/08/28/high-density-housing-termite-mounds-are-more-than-just-lumps-of-dirt/ https://africageographic.com/blog/snake-made-surprise-appearance/
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Titanium Implants- Nickel MCV
Materials Challenge: Implants "I am Titanium" For centuries, humans have been searching for materials to replace damaged or failed human tissue. These tissue replacements, or implants, have included everything from bits of shell hammered into the jaw to replace missing teeth to the metal hip and knee replacements we see today. There are many unique challenges in selecting materials for implants, as in addition to having properties similar to the failed biological component the implant must repair or replace, any material used must not be toxic to the human body. Titanium is a commonly used material in implants because it is strong, durable, and bonds with bone. It is not perfect, however, the high Young's modulus, or stiffness, of titanium can result in stress shielding -- where the implant bears more of the body's load than the surrounding bone, causing the bone tissue to weaken and fracture. Our video will provide an introduction to implants by defining the term, giving a brief history of the development of implants, and giving some examples of the types of implants used today. We will then discuss the specific properties required of implants, including strength, durability and biocompatibility. We will then discuss titanium implants specifically -- the properties of titanium, what makes it work well for implants, as well as some of the challenges associated with the use of titanium and its alloys. We will discuss stress shielding in more detail, and demonstrate cold working -- a process by which the yield strength of metals can be increased without affecting the Young's modulus. References: 1. Arsenjev, A. P.; Arsenjev, P. A.; Evdokimov, A. A.; Makaricheva, E. U.; Sheinin, M. J., "The processing of surgical implants from pure titanium," Biomedical Engineering Conference, 1996., Proceedings of the 1996 Fifteenth Southern , vol., no., pp.384,385, 29-31 Mar 1996 http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/login.jsp?tp=&arnumber=493256&url=http%3A%2F%2Fieeexplore.ieee.org%2Fxpls%2Fabs_all.jsp%3Farnumber%3D493256 2. C.N. Elias, J.H.C. Lima, R. Valiev, and M.A. Meyers. "Biomedical Uses of Titanium and its Alloys". JOM, March 2008. Pgs 46-49. http://www.meyersgroup.ucsd.edu/papers/journals/meyers%20316.pdf 3. M. Niinomi and M. Nakai, "Titanium-Based Biomaterials for Preventing Stress Shielding between Implant Devices and Bone," International Journal of Biomaterials, vol. 2011, Article ID 836587, 10 pages, 2011. http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ijbm/2011/836587/ 4. Neailey, K., and Pond, R.C. (1982). Metal implants. Materials & Design, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 470-478. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0261306982901133. 5. Springer Science+Business Media. (2011, July 26). Heavy metal: Titanium implant safety under scrutiny. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 5, 2014 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/07/110725101257.htm 6. Slides from a Materials Science/Biomaterials Course; details processes, properties and uses of metallic biomaterials: http://www.bioen.utah.edu/faculty/pat/Courses/biomaterials2006/Metals%20and%20Applications%20in%20Orthopedics.pdf 7. How It's Made (YouTube clip): Titanium Dental Implants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4j_GOYFoG8 All unoriginal images were unlicensed and accessed through Wikipedia. Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia
Contested Bones III: Oh those Neanderthals!
Evolution Hour 41 continues the TIP source methods analysis of the creationist book "Contested Bones" that attempts to refute the science evidence for human evolution. As I continue to burrow into coauthor Christopher Rupe's source usage, their argument is not looking good. Lots of secondary source quote mining, very little data, and when they do make contentions, their own cited sources don't support them. Two relevant papers I bring up in the show that you can follow up on your own: "Contested Bones" claims Erik Trinkaus' 2003 paper shows “Human individuals living today display classic Neanderthal features.” Nope. Read for yourself: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC208740/ And they secondarily drew on Darren Curnoe's 2011 survey for a reference to Huxley way back in 1863 on how Australian aboriginal skulls showed “morphological similarities to Neanderthals.” But back then what else could be compared to? Read the article https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ijeb/2011/632484/ to see all the information that never made it into the creationists' selective authority citation version. "Evolution Hour" is part of my TIP "Troubles in Paradise: The Methodology of Creationism" project. Latest brick in the evolution defense wall is https://www.amazon.com/dp/1540736296/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1481509663&sr=8-2&keywords=Evolution+slam+dunk covering the amazing reptile-mammal transition macroevolution evidence & how ALL (and I surveyed them all!) antievolutionists have ignored or pathetically muddled the data. If you agree with my TIP efforts & want to show your support, there's as place for doing that: www.GoFundMe.com/dseego
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Real Time Agriculture/Paddy Crop Field Monitoring System using ARM
1. Real Time Agriculture/Paddy Crop Field Monitoring System using ARM, 2. Agricultural Field Monitoring System Using ARM - ijareeie, 3. Agricultural field, ARM, GSM SIM900 module, zigbee, sensors, 4. Real Time Paddy Crop Field Monitoring using Zigbee Network, 5. agricultural field monitoring system using arm - ijpres, 6. Review for ARM Based Agricultural Field Monitoring System, 7. Real Time Paddy Crop Field Monitoring Using Zigbee Network, 8. Zigbee based wireless Sensor Network for Monitoringan Agricultural, 9. Automatic Irrigation System for Agriculture Field using, - IRJET, 10. Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Monitoring, 11. Real Time Automization of Agriculture System Using Arm7 | IJERA, 12. A Review on Precision agriculture using Wireless Sensor, - IJETT, 13. wireless sensor network design for paddy crop monitoring of, 14. Zigbee based wireless Sensor Network for Monitoringan Agricultural, 15. Automatic Irrigation System for Agriculture Field using, - IRJET, 16. Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Monitoring, 17. Real Time Automization of Agriculture System Using Arm7 | IJERA, 18. A Review on Precision agriculture using Wireless Sensor, - IJETT, 19. wireless sensor network design for paddy crop monitoring of, 20. Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Monitoring, 21. Smart Farming System for Indian Farmers using Arduino based - IJARIIT, 22. MISCELLANEOUS PROJECTS LIST | CPS EMBEDDED SOLUTIONS, 23. Internet of Things based Expert System for Smart Agriculture, 24. automated irrigation system using arm controller & gprs module - IJIERT, 25. Greenhouse Monitoring System Using IOT - IJMTST, 26. gsm and wireless sensor network based smart automated, - ijireeice, 27. Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network Technology Study for Paddy Crop, 28. WSN Based Closed Loop Automatic Irrigation System - IJESIT, 29. embedded projects list 2018 - 19 - Neosoft Technologies, 30. Electronics And Electrical Projects - Karunadu Technologies, 31. Sensor Net Makes Life Easier for Rice Farmers | Hackaday, 32. Automated Irrigation System using ZigBee - GSM - ijirset, 33. Rice Crop Monitoring with Unmanned Helicopter, - IntechOpen, 34. Crop Monitoring Analysis and Controlling System - International, 35. A Portable Farmland Information Collection System with Multiple, 36. review paper based on automatic irrigation system based on rf, - ijaict, 37. Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks for Precision Agriculture: A, 38. Agricultural Crop Monitoring using IOT- A Study, 39. Plant Health Monitoring and Local Database Connectivity Using, 40. Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and, 41. Integrated soil moisture and water depth sensor for paddy fields, 42. Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IV: 4th IFIP TC, 43. Smart Agriculture System by using ZigBee Technology - International, 44. Review Paper on GSM based Water Management in Irrigation System, 45. Engineering Projects 2017-2018 | Mepits, 46. Project List Course Classes, Mumbai | Project Management Training, 47. Design and Development of Automated Soil Quality, - ARC Journals, 48. radio frequency identification based smart security system for, 49. Electrical projects - Softroniics, 50. Applications of Smartphone-Based Sensors in Agriculture: A, - Hindawi, 51. Agriculture - Dr.APJ ABDUL KALAM INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM, 52. Automated Plant Irrigation System Based on Soil Moisture, - IJRASET, 53. design and implementation of automatic plant watering system - IJAEGT, 54. Arm Mbed Cloud Remote Software Update for Smart Agriculture, 55. Smart Farming: IoT in agriculture - IoT India Magazine, 56. Automated Counting of Rice Planthoppers in Paddy Fields Based on, 57. Measurement and Monitoring of Soil Moisture using Cloud IoT and, 58. Smart Precision based Irrigation System using Embedded Systems - ijcst, 59. Task-based agricultural mobile robots in arable farming: A review, 60. advancing of industrial field using embedded web server, - IRD India, 61. Auto Irrigation Using Arduino - AIKTC Institutional Repository!, 62. Crop Yield forecasting under FASAL (Forecasting Agricultural, - IMD, 63. agrobot: an autonomous crop health monitoring system - IRAJ, 64. Implementation of Automated Gas Leakage Monitoring System Using, 65. Annual Report on Agriculture 2016-17 - Department of Agriculture and, 66. Agricultural and Farming Products and Equipment Information, 67. Railway gate management using GSM technology, 68. Realtime atomization of agricultural environment for social modernization of indian agricultural, 69. Soil moisture sensor based intelligent irrigation water pump controlling system with, 70. Real time paddy crop field monitoring system using zigbee network, 71. Implementation of Automated Gas Leakage Monitoring System Using, 72. plant protection and pest control using low cost sensor,
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Scholarly Communication and Social Justice
Scholarly communication and the open access movement has come a long way in its acceptance in the academic environment. However, the economic models of open access have not been as open and free as anticipated, and this is because publishing models are still rooted in traditional power structures. What can libraries do to subvert these imbalances? Charlotte Roh is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit university next to Golden Gate Park with a social justice mission.
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antioxidant activity of pinus rigida mill
More Details : http://wwa.stonecrushersolution.org/solutions/solutions.html we will provide a professional answer and quality of services. If this video does not meet your needs I apologize here. Visit Website: http://www.gospellightbaptistschool.com Contact Us For Help: http://www.gospellightbaptistschool.com/chat.html mining stone crusher for sale roff salt grinding mills south africa LM Vertical Grinding Mill; HPC Hydraulic Cone Crusher; Sand Washing Machine; Ball Mill; Mobile Impact Crusher; Fluctuations in the Abundance of Common Squid, Todarodes pacificus and Environmental Conditions in the Far East Regions during 52 Years Gong, Y. (Korea Fisheries INFLUENCE OF PROTEIN KINASE AND PHOSPHATASE INHIBITORS ON Propagation of Ornamental Plants Vol. 6, № 2, 2006: 90, 99 INFLUENCE OF PROTEIN KINASE AND PHOSPHATASE INHIBITORS ON ADVENTITIOUS SHOOT REGENERATION IN EASTERN WHITE pine oil extract supplement, Edible Oil Mill For Sale Pine Bark Extract, American Cancer Society. Pine bark extract is made from the bark of the maritime pine tree (Pinus pinaster), which contains naturally occurring Stand conditions and tree characteristics affect quality of Stephen F. Austin State University SFA ScholarWorks Faculty Publications Forestry 1997 Stand conditions and tree characteristics affect quality of longleaf pine for Netrition's Antioxidant products, Antioxidant Fuel, Ultimate Antioxidants. Antioxidants were discovered in the 1950's and evidence of their importance grows each and every year. Already, we have learned that antioxidants are Optimization of extraction process and investigation of Optimization of extraction process and investigation of antioxidant effect of polysaccharides from the root of Limonium sinense Kuntze Xinhui Tang 1, Lifang Yan 2 Nature's Plus, Source of Life, Daily Blast Energy Elixir Nature's Plus, Source of Life, Daily Blast Energy Elixir, Tropical Fruit, 24 Bottles, 8 fl oz (240 ml) Each (Discontinued Item) Posters All Topics, Scribd LIST OF POSTERS. Topic A: Pharmacology, toxicology and clinical studies of natural products and herbal drugs PA1. PA2. Antitumorigenic activity of Styela clava on DMH 1. Introduction BMRI BioMed Research International 2314, 6141 2314, 6133 Hindawi Publishing Corporation 918209 10.1155/2014/918209 918209 Research Article Composition, In Vitro Review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for &EPA Uirtsd Stales Environmental Protection Agency Review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone: Policy Assessment of Scientific and Technical scm mills in us operations, Mining Equipment , Grinding in janesville wi scm mills in us operations; scm mills in us operations. harga hammer mill kapasitas 2 ton per jam; antioxidant activity of pinus rigida mill; technical details of bowl mill technical details of bowl mill. technical details for raymond mill . technical details of roller mill ? mines crusher for sale. Prices Of ironoremining org Comparative Study of Antioxidant Properties and Total The aim of the present study was to determine the total phenolic content and to characterize the antioxidant activities using DPPH, ABTS, FRAP, ORAC, and SOD assays of 30 tellabs sbm antioxidant activity of pinus rigida mill. In this investigation, (Pinus iana Mill.) tellabs SBM; Random Articles. crusher supplier in russia; Site preparation burning to improve southern Appalachian pine 2278 Site preparation burning to improve southern Appalachian pine, hardwood stands: photosynthesis, water relations, and growth of planted Pinus strobus during allie.dbcls.jp No. Year Title Co, occurring Abbreviation; 1 : 1967: Free radical oxidation of dihydric phenols with diphenylpicrylhydrazyl., , , 2 : 1971: Colorimetric detennination of Detail Drawings Of A Ball Mill,Detail Estimate Of Stone Crusher Detail Drawings Of A Ball Mill,Detail Estimate Of Stone Crusher Introduction. Small impact mill drawing for mining katrinaselfguidedtour.netsmall impact mill drawing hi metallic grinding balls, SBM SBM is one of the biggest manufacturers in Aggregate Processing Machinery for the hi metallic grinding balls, sand & gravel, quarry, mining, construction and Screening of some Wild and Cultivated Egyptian Plants for Screening of some Wild and Cultivated Egyptian Plants for Pinus canariensis, antioxidant activities with multiple mechanisms of action Ectomycorrhizal hyphae structure components of the soil Ectomycorrhizal hyphae structure components of the soil bacterial community for decreased phosphatase production Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology, Cadmium toxicity in ABSTRACT. Heavy
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