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Biothermal Electricity
This is a patented innovation by Stephen Kahuthia a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Bio means life while thermal means heat thus, the Biothermal electric power production project is based on the production of electricity from the heat produced by decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms. Organic matter that is mostly used in this project is farmyard manure e.g cow dung,chicken droppings,Water hyacinth,kitchen scraps,pig droppings etc Organic matter Microorganisms Carbon (IV) oxide +Water + Humus + Methane Δ H= - Heat energy is produced by microorganisms during the process of decomposition is converted to mechanical energy which is then used to turn a turbine attached to a generator to produce electricity. This project can produce any amount of electricity desired ranging from 1KW for a single homestead or forupto an estimated 1000MW for use in industries, cities, transport systems etc.

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