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Iran attacks US tankers off Amman!!
One of the ships, the Front Altair, was on fire after being hit by a suspected torpedo but the vessel’s owner denied reports it had sunk. The second ship, the Kokuka Courageous, is afloat but the hull has been damaged. The tankers have both been evacuated, with 44 crew members rescued. It comes as the standoff between the US and Iran is threatening to reach boiling point. A similar attack took place a month ago when four tankers were struck in the area, which Washington blamed on Tehran. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is currently visiting Iran in a bid to de-escalate the tensions. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - oil, oil tankers, tanker, oil tanker, oil tankers attacked, tanker attack, oil tanker attack, iran, oman, iran oil tankers, oil ship, iran oil tanker, gulf of oman, oil tanker ship, supertanker, torpedo, crude oil, oil tanker attacked, oil prices, oil tanker attacks, iran attacks oil tankers, front altair, memphis, kokuka courageous, naphtha, front altair, memphis, kokuka courageous, naphtha, hong kong protest, brent crude, dow futures, marshall islands, hope hicks, gas prices near me, limpet mine, amanda knox, uss bainbridge, naptha, oil tankers attacked, torpedo, oman, gulf of oman, tanker attack, oil tanker attack, oil tanker attacked, iran attacks oil tankers, iran, oil tankers, middle east, the middle east, middle eastern, middle east map, map of middle east, middle east countries, asia, what is the middle east, africa, middle east war, the middle east map, east asia, middle east asia, middle east news, map of the middle east, middle eastern countries, countries in middle east, israel, europe, mideast, iran, arab, countries in the middle east, middle east people, india, competitive video gaming nyt crossword, when something goes live nyt crossword, oil tankers attacked, group of mountains crossword nyt, the mideast beast, milk from una vaca crossword clue, actor with a famous sidekick crossword nyt, is this a dagger which i see before me, like the kardashians ethnically crossword clue, mideast capital nyt crossword, title role in a christmas opera crossword, gulf of oman map, gulf of oman, mideast capitals list, illusory illustration crossword, atomic clock timekeeper, is sudan in the middle east, mideast capital crossword clue, one into jive crossword clue, mideast capital, mideast capital crossword, 1979 world series, what race are middle easterners, mother of pearl, singer sumac, oil, petroleum, oil and gas, crude, crude oil, oil price, oil prices, oil rig, oil spill, oil news, oil stock, crude price, oil companies, petroleum jelly, crude oil prices, crude oil price, oil tankers attacked, pouts crossword, chocolate substitute crossword, a to a rabbi crossword, oil tanker attack, very confused crossword, go downhill fast crossword, gulf of oman, petroleum giant crossword clue, entertains crossword, dangerously unpredictable sort crossword, petroleum giant crossword, blackthorn fruit, green pet crossword, oil ships attacked, oil tanker attacked, iran attacks oil tankers, oil tankers, iran oil tankers, petroleum giant, oil tanker explosion, iran oil tanker attack, oil tanker, strait of hormuz, iran oil tanker
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