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Bamboo Rafting at Amandit River, Borneo
#bamboorafting #wonderfulindonesia #exploreindonesia #explorekalimantan #exploreborneo #traveladdict #travelgram #igtravel #market #traditionalrafting #photooftheday #travel #trip #backpackers #river #journey#loksado#borneo Wading through the Amandit River in Loksado From the airport, we headed out to Loksado, around four hours away. Loksado District is in the Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency. The route from Banjarmasin was via Martapura, Rantau, Kandangan and on to Loksado. Martapura is a producer of diamonds and other valuable mineral rocks, but it is also the centre for clerical Muslim schools in Kalimantan. Leaving Martapura I encountered Rantau, a producer of coal, passing several mines and large trucks. After Kandangan the road started to escalate in twist and turns: the start of the road to Loksado, up in the highlands of the Maratus Mountains and home to the Dayak Maratus tribes. Arriving at the Loksado in the afternoon, we made short excursion to local tribal long house and nearby waterfalls. Afterwards, we prepared for an early start. The hotel’s modest yet relaxing rooms sit amid natural surroundings of rivers and mountains. The environment is pristinely preserved; it would perfectly suit those who crave a peaceful vacation – but don’t miss out on wading the Amandit River in a bamboo-constructed raft. Rafting here is different to the usual safety get-ups and high-tech boats found elsewhere. These are simply plain yet sturdy bamboo logs tied together into a long raft. It may look frightening at first but it is actually pretty stable! It helps that the rapids in the Amandit River are not as strong as others used for more heavy-duty rafting. Indeed you don’t get too wet – perhaps just from the waist down. The journey was about 90 minutes with stops for picking local fruits from trees along the riverbanks.
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Reklamasi Berkelanjutan PT. RBT - Bangka Belitung - 2018 [email protected]
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Dji Phantom kopdar Diamond Drone
Sebuah wadah untuk sharing ttg drone di martapura banjarbaru
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Bahasa Indonesia For Traveling #14 Menghadiri Pertemuan (Attending the gathering)
Hello... i am back... 8 days before my birthday. In this time i chat with Novi who helps me to act as Lani. Here is the script: Attending the gathering (Menghadiri Pertemuan) a. Conversation (Percakapan) Qori is attending the gathering in the city center while Nurus is shopping the souvenirs at Sudimampir street. He is talking with a new people who is interested to join the gathering because it is open to the public. (Qori menghadiri pertemuan di pusat kota sementara Nurus sedang berbelanja oleh-oleh di Jalan Sudimampir , disana ia bertemu dengan banyak traveller. Ia terlihat sedang berbicara dengan orang baru yang tertarik bergabung ke pertemuan itu karena terbuka untuk umum.) Qori : Hi, Can I know you. What's your name? (Hi, boleh kenalan. Siapa nama kamu?) Novi: Hi, my name is Novi, I am from Bandung. And you? (Hi, nama saya Novi. Saya dari Bandung. Dan kamu?) Qori : I am Qori from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. (Saya Qori dari kota Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan.) Qori : By the way, why are you travelling to this city? (Ngomong-ngomong, kenapa kamu bepergian ke kota ini?) Novi: I am curious with this city, it's beautiful because there are many old buildings, and the people are very kind. (Saya penasaran dengan kota ini, kotanya sangat indah karena banyak bangunan tua, dan orang-orangnya sangat ramah.) Qori : How long have you stayed here? With whom do you come here? (Sudah berapa lama kamu tinggal disini? Dengan siapa kamu datang kesini?) Novi: Just a week. I am with my parents. (Baru seminggu. Saya berangkat dengan orang-tua saya.) Qori : How long you will stay in this city? (Berapa lama kamu akan tinggal di kota ini?) Novi: About two weeks. By the way, can you tell what are some interesting places in this city? (Sekitar dua minggu. Ngomong-ngomong, bisa kamu beritahu apa yang menarik di Kota ini?) Qori : There is a Floating Market, Traditional Diamond Mining and Mountain Loksado if you like trekking in the jungle. (Disana ada Pasar Terapung, Penambangan Intan Tradisional, dan Pegunungan Loksado jika kamu suka trekking di hutan.) Novi: What is trekking? (Apa itu trekking?) Qori : Trekking is an exploration by walking into the countryside or forest, it's little bit different than hiking as far as I know. (Trekking itu penejelajahan dengan berjalan ke pedesaan atau hutan, agak sedikit berbeda dengan mendaki sepanjang saya tahu.) Novi: Are you going to follow us in traveling together to the beach after this? (Apakah kamu ikut jalan dengan kami bareng ke Pantai setelah ini?) Qori : Yes, I am. You? (Ya, kamu?) Novi: I am also interested to join, we can go together. (Saya juga tertarik untuk bergabung, kita bisa pergi bersama.)