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Narrows Va Flood 03-13-2010
The waterfalls are Not Normal, they are all over the mountains from the rain. Just about all of the Homes along Wolf Creek were flooded. some parts of the road are 4 feet deep. one shot you will see the duckpond with the water level with the road...that is actualy a 13 foot drop from the road to the normal water line! ...amazing. You will see another shot were the water is up to the mail posts. The hummer went through it like it was nothing. But boy was my heart pounding. Jest helps me to understand what this truck can do when it has to.
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1959 Man dies in Giles County, Va., traffic accident
08/29/59 Elsewhere this morning - - another traffic fatality reported in Virginia. This time the victim was a 20-year-old Blacksburg (((Show film))) man - - - James F. Shealor, junior. Shealor died instantly last night when a car careened out of control in Giles County. The accident happened on Route 460 near Ripplemead Bridge. According to State Trooper N. G. White the car was driven by another young Blacksburg man - Joseph M. Gray - who escaped with a slight head cut. The car skidded and ran into some rocks. It was demolished. A doctor says Shealor died of head and internal injuries. Shealors death was the fifth this year on Giles Countys roads.
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A family hike in Narrows, Virginia.
My family and I took a hike up a mountain in Narrows, Virginia. In honor of my grandfather and great uncles! The background music is Take Me Home, Country Roads by the Statler Brothers.
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05/26/61 Auto-train accident kills driver
6043 (START FILM) A 54-year-old Celanese Corpration employe was instantly killed late this afternoon in a Giles county traffic accident. (SHOW FILM) ... Clinton Philpott, of Ripplemead, was driving his car when it was struck by an empty west-bound coal train at the Norfolk and Western crossing near Ripplemead Station. The impact demolished Philpotts car, and the driver apparently died at once. Sheriff John Hopkins of Giles county investigated the tragedy., which occurred about 5 p. m. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. (LIVE ON)
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How to Donate Your Car to Charity
Watch more How to Help Others videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/405970-How-to-Donate-Your-Car-to-Charity In cities across the U.S., public transportation is unreliable. For people without cars, that can mean no access to work, school, or other locations. Donating your car can be a wonderful way to help someone improve their situation. Step 1: Research charities Research charities that accept car donations. Make sure you do some leg work to find a reputable charity. You can do a lot of this research online. A good way to find out a little about the charity is to contact the Better Business Bureau. There are several options, especially in large cities like New York, New York and Los Angeles, California. Tip When looking for a place to donate your car, avoid using intermediaries, who might keep up to 90 percent of the donation value. Step 2: Check tax status Check to make sure the charity you choose is certified as eligible by the IRS so you can receive a tax deduction. Search Publication 78 on the IRS website. You can also call the IRS Tax Exempt/Government Entities Customer Service telephone number. Tip Deliver your car to the charity if you are able to -- it saves the charity money and time. Step 3: Determine the value Determine the value of your car. Use a used-car buying guide and follow their step-by-step instructions on adjusting value based on mileage and other conditional factors. The IRS has Publication 526, "Charitable Deductions" and Publication 561, "Determining the Value of Donated Property," which help assess a fair value. Step 4: Keep good records Keep good records of your donation. If your car is worth $500 or more, fill out IRS Form 8283 and attach it to your tax return. Keep all of your receipts and other information organized and easily accessible. Step 5: Pay attention Pay attention to all the details of this transaction. Not only will your donation be a huge help to someone who needs it, it will also provide you with a tax deduction. It often does pay to help. Did You Know? In 1960, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics calculated that there were more than 74 million registered vehicles on the road. This includes passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. In 2007, the number shot to more than a quarter billion.
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04/10/61 One drowns when small plane crashes upside down into the New River
6263 (Start film) At Pearisburg..A light plane in which Four Mormons planned to fly to church meeting crashed upside down into New River yesterday, drowning one of the occupants. (show film) Frank Dowdy--the 37-year-old father of four from Giles County--was the victim of the crash. Hell be buried tomorrow with the pilot--Mormon Elder Paul Hepler--one of the officiating ministers. Helper, a Pearisburg auto dealer; Frank 08Farrell of Pearisburg, and Mickey Blevins of Ripplemead clambered out of the submerged door of the plane after the crash and were rescued by a farmer in a rowboat. Authorities said Dowdy--who had been sitting near the rear of the plane, apparently could not reach the door. Helper said he and the three other men had intended to fly to a Church Conference in Marion. Second after takeoff, a gust of wind hit the plane and as it struggled to gain altitude, it brushed a tree. Then it plowed into about 10 feet of water. Dowdy was dead when removed from the plane by rescuemen.
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Brinn Black Takes Our Stage ahead of the "Lyrics on the Lake" Festival
Brinn Black shares her talents on our Harvester Performance Center Stage ahead of this weekend's "Lyrics on the Lake" Festival happening at 9 different locations on Smith Mountain Lake.
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