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Stringtown and/or Carmichaels, PA, Greene County hill side mines. 1 of 2
Some video I took today in a March snow shower, looking at some old mine openings in the hill.
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Walter Vicinelly
Walter Vicinelly was born on January 5, 1925 in the mining town of Masontown, located outside Uniontown, the Fayette County seat of government. Born to Italian immigrant parents from Northern Italy, Walter grew up among many other ethnic groups in this small coal patch town. When the Second World War started, Walter became a junior air warden. In 1943, he was drafted at the age of eighteen. The Army selected him to serve in the Medical Corps. He trained for eight weeks in Illinois to become a medic. After training, he was transferred to England. He witnessed the Allied invasion on June 6, 1944 on board a ship crossing the English Channel. He landed on Utah Beach on D-Day plus two or June 8, 1944. He treated wounded soldiers during the assault on Saint Lo to the Battle of the Bulge. He also treated German prisoners and civilians and he even saved the life of young German girl. Towards the end of the war, he saw the horrors of the Holocaust at Dachau before advancing further East toward the Elbe River. His extraordinary bravery was recognized by being awarded the Silver Star. His training later helped his post-war career as a safety director for US Steel. Interviewed by James M. Zanella in Masontown, Pennsylvania on April 2, 2004
Natrona, Pennsylvania:  Pennsalt Historic District (Photo Tour)
For more photo tours, visit: http://historicpittsburgh.blogspot.com A photo tour of the Pennsalt Historic District, located in Natrona, Pennsylvania. The brooding grey sky complements the crumbling, soot-covered village of Natrona. The Pennsalt Historic District is what remains of the original company town for the Penn Salt Company. The oldest houses were built in 1850. Natrona, located about twenty miles from Pittsburgh, is one of the most sorely neglected historic districts in the region, and maybe the country.
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Abandoned unused farm somerset cambria county Pennsylvania
Heard about this place awhile ago and while i was heading up to the murder suicide house i stopped by and talked to the landowner and he said i could do some detecting. So i got the remaining acres here and around the house and barn remains before part 2 of the murder suicide house so PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR THAT.
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DSE 2013 Content Nominee CONSOL Energy for CONSOL TV
CONSOL TV content is displayed throughout CONSOL Energy's coal, natural gas, river, seaport, and water treatment operations. Content is created and managed by multimedia professionals employed by CONSOL Energy who improve internal communication messaging related to safety and compliance practices and company news. Since CONSOL TV's inception, the company's accident rates at have declined significantly.
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Grant Berry Part One
http://www.pct.edu/centennial Part one of an oral history interview conducted with Grant Berry, who served Williamsport Area Community College and Pennsylvania College of Technology in numerous key administrative roles from 1969-2001. The interviewer is Dr. Dan Doyle, professor emeritus of history at Penn College.
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Canonsburg is a borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania, 18 miles (29 km) southwest of Pittsburgh. Canonsburg was laid out by Colonel John Canon in 1789 and incorporated in 1802. The borough is in a rich coal district, and most of the town's work force once worked in local steel mills or coal mines. Canonsburg's population in 1910, including South Canonsburg, which was annexed in 1911, was 5,588; in 1920 it was 10,632; and in 1940 it was 12,599. The population was 8,992 at the 2010 census. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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