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18 Year-Old Michael Schaerer Lands a 1620
Michael Schaerer is only 18 and he's nailing moves like a pro snowboarder. Here, he does a sick 1620 degree spin with a stylish landing. Check out more insane clips from on nivo, @michaelschaerer. –––––––––––– NIVO showcases young talent from all over the world in every sport - skateboarding, basketball, bmx, parkour, freestyle soccer, scooter, snowboarding and tons more. We are THE community for sports where Rookies and Studs lay down their one-twos and Beasts and Legends leave you amazed with their backflips and mctwists. On nivo, you don't have to start off being as good as Shaun White, but you can become a Legend like him with feedback from our pros! For more clips of tricks like the Ollie, Nollie, Switch ollie, Fakie ollie (Switch Nollie), Shifty, Air-to-fakie, Poptart, 1 2 (one-two), A B, Beef Carpaccio, The King, Bloody Dracula, Cannonball/UFO, Chicken salad, China air (West Coast)/Korean air (East Coast), Crail, Cross-rocket, Frontside grab/indy, Japan air, Lien air, Melancholy, Melon, Melon, water, Power method, cross bone, Palmer method, Suitcase, Gorilla, Stiffy, Mindy, Super, Mule kick, Mute, Nosegrab, Nuclear, Pickpocket, Perfect, Roast beef, Rocket Air, Rusty Trombone, Seatbelt, Slob, Stalefish, Squirrel, Steak Tar Tar, Swiss cheese air, Tailfish, Tailgrab, Taipan air, Tindy, Truck driver, Korean bacon, Back flip, Front flip, Crippler, Wildcat, Tamedog, McTwist, Double McTwist, Haakon flip, Lando-Roll, Backside Misty, Frontside Misty, Chicane, Frontside Rodeo, Backside Rodeo flip, Ninety Roll, Michalchuk, Doublechuk, Rippey flip, Sato flip, Cork, Invert, Handplant, Sad plant, Elguerial, Eggplant, Eggflip, McEgg, Andrecht, Miller flip, Layback, HoHo, Killer Stand, Fresh, J-Tear, 50-50, Boardslide, Lipslide, Noseslide, Tailslide, Nosepress, Tailpress, MJ, Zeach, Nose-pick, Board-stall; Disaster, Nose-stall, Tail-stall, Blunt-stall, Tail-block, Nose-block, One-footed, Shifty, Stiffy, Stink-bug, Tuck knee, Tweak, Poke, Jib , Butter, Manual; Nose manual, Pretzel, Sameway or Bagel, Disaster, Bonk, Penguin Walk, Tail or Nose Tap, Revert -- DOWNLOAD the app for free: http://linkto.mynivo.com/join-the-com... SUBSCRIBE now! Like NIVO on FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/nivo.community Follow NIVO on INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/nivo_app Follow NIVO on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/nivo_app
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backyard wrestling a interview whit the owner of chbw
the owner of chbw kyle cowan talks a bit about what has been going on in chbw and what jc pain had done at the last chbw event .
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Ambassador Jerrikar - Shadowmoon Valley Rare Spawn
level 69 rare spawn in Shadowmoon Valley, part of the Bloody Rare Achievement For more info on rare spawns, including maps, screenshots, etc. pls check out my blog at: http://wowrarespawns.blogspot.com/
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helpers rare for hunters world of warcraft
looking for some helper hunter? www.wow-petopia.com a site full of various animals that can serve you as a helpe
Crossfit Broadway
Crossfit Broadway www.crossfitbroadway.com
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Sato snowboard
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