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In this gripping short play, Mamet combines mercurial intelligence with genuinely Hitchcockian menace. Bristling with tension and undisclosed secrets, Mamet dramatizes the betrayal and abandonment of family and friendship. Set in 1959, The Cryptogram is a journey back to childhood and the moment of its vanishing -- the moment when the sheltering world is suddenly revealed as a place full of menace where the grownups are speaking in code, and that code may never be breakable. Jan 27 - Feb 25, 2011 Belfry Theatre Victoria, BC www.belfry.bc.ca
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James Spader and cast of David Mamet's Race
David Mamet can always be counted on to have a provocative idea or two up his sleeve, and that's certainly the case with his newest play, Race, which officially opens at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on December 6 under the playwright's direction. The show concerns a firm of racially integrated lawyers that must defend a wealthy white man accused of a vicious crime. TheaterMania spoke with the play's four stars, James Spader, Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier, and Richard Thomas, about the play and working with Mamet.
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David Mamet: Chicago
Is there any corner of Chicago's theatrical and artistic life untouched by the legendary playwright, producer and screenwriter David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross, Speed the Plow, Wag the Dog and The Untouchables)? CHF is thrilled to present an evening exploring Mamet's life in and influence on our city through the lens of his first novel in two decades, 'Chicago'. In this big shouldered thriller set in Al Capone's 1920s, Mamet explores questions of honor, deceit, revenge and devotion, all in his trademark Mamet Speak— that mix of voices that move from the poetic to the profane in rapid, and graphic, succession. Chicago combines spectacular craft with a kinetic wallop as fierce as the February wind gusting off Lake Michigan. Chris Jones joins Mamet in conversion for this not-to-be-missed event. See upcoming CHF events: https://chicagohumanities.org Support CHF with a donation: supportchf.org Follow CHF on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Chi_Humanities Like CHF on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chicagohumanities
A Look at David Mamet's Play "November"
So, a lesbian, a Native American and a turkey lobbyist walk into the White House... The Oval Office descends into a three-ring circus of political incorrectness in this riotous farce about an unpopular president desperate to be re-elected. Ed Begley Jr. ("Arrested Development") and Felicity Huffman ("Desperate Housewives") lead the cast in David Mamet's delicious spoof of the highest office in the nation. www.CenterTheatreGroup.org/November Disclaimer: Recommended for ages 13+ due to adult humor and profanity.
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American Buffalo - The Play
By David Mamet.Performed in Limerick city, Ireland by the Magic Roundabout Theatre Company featuring Stefan Barry as Donny DuBrow, Darren Maher as Walter 'Teach' and Gerr Meaney as Bobby. Directed by Zeb Moore. Filmed by Red Paw Media.
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Belfry Theatre Preview: The Cryptogram
VICTORIA - The Belfry Theatre's latest production is filled with major award-winners. Its creative crew includes a writer with a Pulitzer and an actor with a Genie. At the helm is Daniel MacIvor, who's won a Governor General's Award, and directs with his dog. http://www.belfry.bc.ca
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David Mamet funny speech on Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy at Walk of fame
David Mamet funny speech on Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy at Hollywood Walk of fame ceremony
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The Cryptogram [Playler™]
The Cryptogram A Play Written by David Mamet Directed by Rey Buono. This is a Play Trailer / Preview for a production running at UTAS Annexe Theatre from Aprit 16th through the 19th, 2008 at 7pm SEE http://www.playler.com for more details on the show All music in this video was obtained from the Public Domain Archives.
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from "The Shawl" by David Mamet, Act 2 - Actual Content Productions 5-16-09
Video from a live performance of a production directed and designed by Jon DiSavino. The play, along with "Wildwood Park" by Doug Wright, was billed as "Two By Two Pulitzer Prize Winners" and performed at the Nyack Village Theatre in Nyack, New York. It featured Kerry Davis and Jackson Shafer. In this clip, Jackson Shafer plays the role of Charles and Jon DiSavino is John.
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from "The Shawl" by David Mamet, Act 1 (Actual Content Productions)
Video from a live performance of a production directed and designed by Jon DiSavino. The play, along with "Wildwood Park" by Doug Wright, was billed as "Two By Two Pulitzer Prize Winners" and performed at the Nyack Village Theatre in Nyack, New York. It featured Kerry Davis and Jackson Shafer. In this clip, Kerry Davis plays the role of Miss A. and Jon DiSavino is John.
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David Mamet Flawlessly Draws a Map of the Contiguous United States from Memory
This clip was taken from the David Mamet Masterclass on dramatic writing. https://www.masterclass.com/classes/david-mamet-teaches-dramatic-writing
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SPEED-THE-PLOW by David Mamet
Greed. Lust. Fear. Movies. Hollywood producer Bobby Gould has just been handed a sure-fire hit – a blockbuster – that could catapult him and his old friend Charlie Fox into the big money. Or, he could make the “important” art house flick that his oh-so-attractive office temp is urging him to do. A savagely funny exposé on Hollywood and the male psyche. September 15 – October 11, 2015 at The Belfry Theatre
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David Mamet's 1983 play "4.A.M." features a caller to a late-night radio show rambling on about Arnold Toynbee and his plans to resurrect the dead on Jupiter. Mamet's claim that it is not based on a real caller is refuted by the discovery, in a new documentary, that a caller to the Larry King Show in 1980 espoused identical ideas. Mamet even admits he listened to King in the middle of the night. It's past time to fess up! The documentary is "Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles". For more information, see: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1787791/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toynbee_tiles#David_Mamet
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David Mamet's "Bobby Gould in Hell" - Excerpts from the Play
Students at the Promenade Playhouse perform David Mamet's "Bobby Gould in Hell" as part of the Play Production Class. (7/11/09) Produced by the Promenade Playhouse with Special Arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Directed by: Natalia Lazarus and Vincent Lappas Bobby Gould - Ralph Radebaugh Interrogator's Assistant - Danette Garrelts The Interrogator - Davy Cheng Glenna - Jane Jameston
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The IMPROVISED Play Presents: David Mamet (10/14/12)
The IMPROVISED Play performs a set from their completely improvised and original work by David Mamet at the Soho Playhouse.
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A life in the theater-David Mamet.avi
Further scene study,unfolding a David Mamet play.Discovered David Mamet,the master playwright of our generation.Best known for the film Glengarry,Glenross.
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American Buffalo - A Select Scene from AmericanBuffalo: Scene 1
Francis Guinan, Tracy Letts (author of August: Osage County and Superior Donuts) and Patrick Andrews in a select scene from American Buffalo which was directed by Amy Morton. http://www.steppenwolf.org/boxoffice/productions/index.aspx?id=475 Steppenwolf Theatre Company presents American Buffalo, written by David Mamet, directed by ensemble member Amy Morton, featuring ensemble members Francis Guinan and Tracy Letts with Patrick Andrews.
Opening Night: Race
Stars come out to welcome David Mamet's newest play to Broadway.
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Romance - by David Mamet
Scene 2 from the play "Romance", by David Mamet. Produced in Santa Cruz, Ca, by Jeff Dinnell and Deborah Quigg.
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The IMPROVISED Play Presents: David Mamet (10/29/12)
The IMPROVISED Play performs a set from their completely improvised and original work by David Mamet at the Soho Playhouse. With Matt Dennie and special guest Nate Dern. Come see us debut Sam Shepard Monday Nov 12th at 9pm!
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Yes - Mamet
The first in a series of Workshops revolving around pieces from David Mamet's Goldberg Street. Directed By nick Hiltgen featuring Lake Roberts and Jen Bates. Filmmed by Imoto Harney.
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Screenwriter David Mamet on the Hollywood Impact of Being a Conservative
You may know him as the Oscar-nominated 'Wag the Dog' screenplay writer, among a slew of other A-list productions. Wednesday morning, David Mamet spoke with Gretchen Carlson about "coming out" as a conservative in the Left-leaning Tinseltown. When asked what changed his mind on liberal vs. conservative policies, Mamet said it all boiled down to numbers. "I started looking at my checkbook, and I learned a little bit of mathematics ... I realized there's only so much money that a business has, that a family has, that a government has. And if you spend it on thing A, you can't spend it on thing B." Mamet hasn't been impervious to the impact of his politics on work opportunities. In Hollywood, Mamet says there is what he calls a "herd mentality." "It's a liberal town," Mamet said, "and the essence of liberalism as I understand it, in its aspect of being a religion, is that you have to protect the lie."
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Power Outage - Mamet
The third in a series of Mamet workshops concentrating on communicating between actors and directors. This piece is Power Outage out of the book Goldberg Street. Directed by Nick HIltgen and Featuring Aimee McCoy and Stuart McDaniel
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David Mamet on Simpsons
David Mamet stars as himself in this excellent clip from the Simpsons, which shows how one of the greatest plays in American history came to be.
David Alan Grier Shares His Relationship With David Mamet
David Alan Grier speaks highly about working with David Mamet.
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University of Passau's English Drama Group presents THE WATER ENGINE: a radio drama in English by David Mamet Mamet's brilliant play works on several levels. The audience is watching the actors, announcer and sound effects man present a radio play in the 1930s with unerring authenticity. The play itself is about a young inventor who's found a way to run an engine on distilled water. At first he's ridiculed, then crooked lawyers attempt to buy the invention from him on behalf of certain business interests. He refuses and is threatened. He attempts to tell his story to a newspaper reporter butIs this a simple melodrama about human innocence defeated by big business; is it an environmental parable for our times; or is it simply a paranoid fantasy? Mamets brilliantes Stück funktioniert auf verschiedenen Ebenen: Das Publikum sieht die Schauspieler, Sprecher und Geräuschemacher während sie authentisch ein Hörspiel aus den 30er-Jahren präsentieren. Das Stück selbst handelt von einem jungen Mann, der einen wasserbetriebenen Motor erfunden hat. Zunächst wird er mit dieser Erfindung nicht ernst genommen, dann versuchen korrupte Anwälte (wer sonst!) ihm seine Erfindung im Auftrag bestimmter Geschäftsinteressenten abzukaufen. Er lehnt ab, wird jedoch bedroht und versucht dann der Presse davon zu erzählen, aber Ist dies ein einfaches Melodram über den Sieg reiner Wirtschaftsinteressen gegenüber menschlicher Arglosigkeit? Eine aktuelle Umweltparabel? Oder einfach nur eine paranoide Fantasie? www.edg-passau.de 28 january + 30 january 2010 scharfrichterhaus, 20:00 h € 7,-- / € 5,-- tickets + reservations: www.scharfrichterhaus.de tel. (0851) 35900
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David Mamet (Film Independent at LACMA)
David Mamet joined us for a screening of his new film 'Phil Spector', starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren. http://filmindependent.org/lacma
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Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet--TRAILER!
A bleak dramatic comedy, Glengarry Glen Ross follows the lives of four smalltime, cutthroat real estate salesmen grinding out a living by pushing overpriced, undesirable plots of land on reluctant buyers in a never-ending scramble for their share of the American dream. Company big wigs Mitch and Murray declare a month-long 'sales contest'. The top salesman wins a new Cadillac and the bottom two men lose it all—egos, money and their jobs. The four salesmen sweet-talk, plan, and scheme for the perfect client and the hot 'Glengarry' leads, which Mitch and Murray make clear are for 'closers' only. How far will the four go to get to the leads in order to schedule a 'sit' at the perfect victim's residence? Glengarry is partly informed by the playwright's experiences working in a male-dominated Chicago real estate office in the late 1960s and contains the playwright's trademark staccato and rough language. Many prestigious awards and a 1992 film adaptation by Mamet solidified Glengarry's place as one of the great masterpieces of 20th century drama. Many feel Glengarry is Mamet at his best—writing with brute force—and may be more pertinent now as when it originally opened. This production contains very mature themes and strong language.
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David Mamet's - 'Cold'
A new study of Mamet's art of communication. (Edited version) We all reach out to engage our fellow human beings. No matter who we are. www.maryjoseph.me
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Theatre Pops presents November by David Mamet
An excerpt from Theatre Pops' presentation of David Mamet's political parody "November." The play opens Thursday, November 8th, 2012 in the Liddy Doenges theater at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and runs through Sunday, November 11th, 2012. The video features Mike Pryor as President Charles Smith and John Burns as Archer Brown, Smith's Chief of Staff as they discuss lesbian speechwriter Clarice Bernstein's demand that Smith marry her and her partner. It was shot by me and Jody Baker and edited by me. The play is directed by Randall Whalen. Bernstein is played by Lisa Cole. The play also features David Virili as The Turkey Representative and Charles Kevin Smith as Chief Dwight Grackle.
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Audience Commentary - RACE by David Mamet
Associate Producer Andrea Chandler interviews audiene members from the October 15, 2011 presentation of RACE presented by ISP.
Intro to Theatre Scenes: Emily Gerbrandt & Lyndon Radchenka, The Shawl by David Mamet
2013-14 Intro to Theatre class at the University of Manitoba Emily and Lyndon perform a scene from David Mamet's The Shawl
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The Hat - Mamet
The second in a series of Mamet workshops concentrating on communicating between actors and directors. This piece is Cold out of the book Goldberg Street. Directed by Nick HIltgen and Featuring Katie Graham and Steve Capps
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David Mamet's 3 War Stories
Spanning centuries and continents, Mamet uses war and its players to explore, among other themes, redemption and forgiveness as they unfold in the context of conflict in the form of three novellas. In The Redwing, the first of the three novellas, a 19th Century Secret Service naval officer turned prisoner, then novelist and finally memoirist recounts his own transformations during the course of his service and imprisonment. The protagonist in Notes on Plain Warfare examines religion through the prism of the American Indian wars. Finally, The Handle and the Hold is a vivid, dialogue-driven tale of two ex-military men who steal a plane in the month before the Israeli War of Independence. Finely wrought, Mamet eloquently depicts the psychological brutality conflict raises in the landscape of the mind.
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Kate Roberts - Dark Pony
David Mamet's short play about a father and daughter's relationship. Kate Roberts, Geoffrey Maher. Directed by Debbie Rizicka.
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Boston Marriage by David Mamet at MECC
Queensland Theatre Company Presents Boston Marriage by David Mamet. Saturday 7th March 2015 at The Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre. www.mackaytix.com.au
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On Set of David Mamet's REDBELT
On set visit of David Mamet's new film Red Belt.
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Scene performed from "Sexual Perversity in Chicago" by David Mamet
Performed by myself with scene partner. The title of this video explains it all. Let me know what you guys think! :)
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The Story of David Mamet | By Damir Inbar
Music by Oneohtrix Point Never & James Blake Film by Damir Inbar
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Glengarry Glen Ross - Robots doing some David Mamet
I was playing around with http://www.xtranormal.com. I'm in a production of David Mamet's GlenGarry Glen Ross so I thought it might be nice to feed in some of the script between Moss and Arinow. It's got some bad language in it and the characters are pretty racist so if you're easily offended then please don't watch it. A very funny play and superbly written. Hope you enjoy!
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Atlantic's GHOST STORIES: Mamet Goes Supernatural
Atlantic Theater Company GHOST STORIES: THE SHAWL & PRAIRIE DU CHIEN by DAVID MAMET, directed by SCOTT ZIGLER Atlantic Stage 2, 330 W 16th St. “A BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED PIECE OF WORK! MAMET’S SPINNING OF THE YARN IS INGENIOUS, AND HIS CONTROL OF THE SOUNDS AND RHYTHMS OF DIALOGUE HAS NEVER BEEN MORE AWESOME!” – The Chicago Tribune Atlantic’s final 2014/2015 Stage 2 production is an intimate revival of two haunting short plays by our co-founder and one of America’s most influential dramatists, directed by Ensemble member Scott Zigler (Broadway’s The Old Neighborhood). The Shawl is the story of a bereaved woman who consults a small-time mystic for guidance. As the mystic collects clues to make contact with the dearly departed, will he help this woman through her grief, or merely help himself? In Prairie du Chien, a railroad car speeding through the Wisconsin night is the setting for a story of obsessive jealousy, murder and suicide, punctuated by a friendly card game that explodes into a moment of menace. Limited Run! Performances May 27 – June 28, 2015. For more information and tickets, visit AtlanticTheater.org or call 866-811-4111
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Lakeboat Drinking Scene
Scene from the David Mamet movie Lakeboat where two merchant sailors discuss drinking
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Edmond/Glenna Scene from David Mamet's 'Edmond' With: Patrick Curran Julia Larson Directed by: Ashley Peters Director of Photography: Ian Wexler *Contains Strong Language*
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Inside David Mamet's Computer
Guy and Girl are trapped in an unfinished screenplay inside David Mamet's computer. What happens when one of them refuses to act and talk like a David Mamet character? Starring Florentina Mocanu and Christopher Meehan Directed by David Schendel and Joe Pavlo Written by Howard Meehan Edited by Geoffrey Wilson-Harrington Music by Matt Montgomery and Gregory Howe Official Selection, 17th Raindance Film Festival, London tinyurl.com/yem8rpv
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Glenn Beck & Author David Mamet "The Secret Knowledge" book
See more at http://www.glennbecksbooklist.com/?p=1286 Today Glenn Beck interviewed Pulitzer-Prize winning author David Mamet, his book The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture "The struggle of the Left to rationalize its positions is an intolerable, Sisyphean burden. I speak as a reformed Liberal". This is an incredible inside look at a former Hollywood "liberal" who has now come out as a conservative and his journey to how reality struck him.
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