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M2TW Online Battle #2: Byzantines vs. Mongols
This is my first loss after uploading the 1.3 patch. My opponent played a good game. I blame my loss on my inflexibility as my numerous heavily armored Kataphraktoi and Byzantine Guard archers were very expensive, and resulted in my army containing too few infantry to give these elite troops the support they needed. As for my opponent, bringing eight units of cavalry to a battle is normally against the rules, but this may have been a no rules battle. I can't remember, but I'm willing to let that slide since the rules only favor the factions with strong infantry. Without cavalry, the Mongols really suck online. Dauntless07: 4 Kataphraktoi 2 Vardariotai 4 Byzantine Guard 2 Latinkon 2 Byzantine Spearmen leodiffy: 1 Bodyguard 2 Khan's Guard 1 Mongol Heavy Lancers 4 Mongol Light Lancers 4 Dismounted Heavy Lancers 2 Dismounted Archers 1 Mongol Infantry
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M2TW: Byzantines vs Muslim Rebels  2/2
Here i gathered almost 2 full armies of mixed Muslim Rebels & i had to defeat them both with 1 Byzantine army. All units of both sides are Max skilled to make the men fight better & longer & it turned out not so easy as i thought cos since the Muslim Rebel's infantry were mostly spearmen i lost all my cavalry in just holding the flanks intact, all except for 5 horses, the General & 2 of his Bodyguard, a Latinkon & a Vardariotai lol & these 5 horsemen by themselvs had many of the retreating enemies killed lol. My infantry slaughtered many of theirs but just less than half i had left including both of my 2 Byzantine Guard Archer units, lol at one point a spread-out Byzantine archer unit by itself repulsed a nubian spearmen unit in hand to hand lol. But in the end the piles of dead rebels stacked on & there was no choise left for the few remains of the Rebels exept to retreat after both their commanders got killed.
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M2TW Online Battle # 3 Heroic General
Here comes another M2TW Online Battle this time on the crusades campaign. Rules 8/3 cav, max 2 guns, no art no ele Egypt - Emperor of The Great Unknown 1 Bodyguard, 3 Royal Mamluks, 1 Mamluks, 3 Sibyan al-Khass 4 Al-Haqa Infantry, 4 Dismounted Arab Cavalry 4 Desert Archers Antioch TheIronPrice 1 Knights of Antioch, 3 Marshall of the Knights Hospitaller, 4 Knights Hospitaller 4 Edessan Guard 2 Hospitaller Sergeants, 2 Canons of the Holy Sepulcher 4 Hospitaller Crossbowmen Antioch - Jammie_dogder_25 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5JpVUd9C3NlBaVZ3mFdLVQ 1 General's Bodyguard, 2 Knights of Edessa, 4 Knights Hospitaller, 1 Marshall of the Hospitallers 2 Canons of the Holy Sepulcher, 2 Edessan Guard, 3 Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem 4 Hospitaller Crossbowmen, 2 Hospitaller Gunners Byzantine Empire - SpartanQwop https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiR74fx8pSuaKcIRVWvNFiA 1 Generals Bodyguard, 4 Archontopoulai, 3 Vardariotai 3 Varangian Guard, 3 Dismounted Latinkon, 1 Almanoi 4 Byzantine Guard Archers, 1 Greek Firethrower Turks - [HEAVEN]Elita Legionarii https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7hqXl_AXGgvoIyCLLlPGwA 1 Bodyguard, 2 Hasham, 2 Qapukulu, 3 Iqta'dar 4 Dismounted Hasham, 2 Saracen Militia, 2 Naffatuns Jerusalem - SwedishLandsKnekt https://www.youtube.com/user/SwedishLandsknekt 1 General's Bodyguard, 1 Marshall of the Templars, 2 Knights Templar, 1 Knights of Jerusalem, 2 Templar Confrere Knights, 1 Constable of Jerusalem 1 Great Cross, 3 Squires of Tripoli, 4 Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem, 3 Syrian Militia