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Yamaha TTR110 Manual Clutch Install - SemiManual
Yamaha TTR110 Manual Clutch Install - SemiManual Needs to weld the centrifugal clutch to make it fully manual or buy a complete primary gear
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Clutch adjustment | HONDA INNOVA GARAGE [Cub 2010]
DIY Series Video. אין לראות בחומרים הנ"ל המלצה לפעולה או תחליף לביקור במוסך במועדים שקבע היצרן או מכל סיבה אחרת. השימוש בחומר הכתוב, המצולם ובקטעי הוידאו, הוא באחריות המשתמש בלבד. These materials should not be a recommendation for action or substitute for visiting a garage on the dates set by the manufacturer, or any other reason. Use of the text, photographic and video clips, is the responsibility of the user.
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Yamaha Carb. Tuning.
This is RXG but the tuning is suitable for almost all the two strokes.
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Yamaha 125cc Carburettor Strip down and Rebuild
Carburettor strip down and rebuild from a Yamaha TW 125cc 2000.
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How to Adjust Motorcycle Engine Valve Clearance
One of the most important factors affecting valves temperature is that of valve lash or tappet clearance or valve clearance. Insufficient clearance will result in the valves contacting the seats for a shorter time and consequently operate at higher temperatures. Excessive clearance will result in noisy operation and loss of power. Great accuracy should therefore be used when adjusting valve clearance. This video shows how to check and adjust the valve clearance in a motorcycle engine. Especially for Honda Karisma 125D. Tools: 1. Screwdriver 2. 8 & 9 mm box-end wrench 3. Pliers 4. Feeler Gauge 5. 17 mm socket wrench
Full Upside Down Fork Conversion for cub underbone moped fastace suspension
Heres my conversion using upside down fork from fast ace fork suspension installed in my yamaha sniper cub under bone motorcycle. Using triple tree from KTM motorcycle
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Tuning Super( x18, x19, 110cc) Pocket Bike Carb for Top Speed!
A guide to how to tune your pocket bike carburetor for top speed and the best possible acceleration!
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Modified Upside Down Fork for Yamaha Spark 135 Crypton X 135LC Sniper Mx X1R LC135
Modified upside down fork suspension with wide tpost butterfly from Suzuki gsxr500 and Yamaha R6. Modified fork boots
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How to install Motorcycle RACING CAMSHAFT
Racing Camshaft tutorial by Daytona Global Racing. This is a tutorial on how to install a racing camshaft on a Single Overhead Cam engine like Yamaha YZF R125, R15, Vixion, 135LC, Sniper MX Jupiter LC135 Exciter 135 Spark, Basically you can use the same logic in install camshaft in other engines.
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Race Motor Rebuild
Trying to style my videos like user Tobyeo. He has a lot of dirtbike rebuild and riding videos. Check him out if you like this video. This is a rebuild video. Just something fun for me. Not a how to. Creative Commons music was used.
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Yamaha T 105 Crypton gearbox
Σασμαν Crypton 105, gearbox of Yamaha T105 Crypton
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T 105 Crypton engine disassemby
Αυτο το βιντεο ειναι μια συνοπτικη προεργασια που εκανα για να τοποθετησω χειροκινητο συμπλεκτη σε μοτερ Yamaha Crypton 105. In this video you will se the preliminary work I did to mount a manual clutch on a semiautomatic Yamaha Crypton 105 engine.
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Chinese 110cc upper part assembly
Got full head new and there was a problem. It went on matched exactly with cylinder but engine chain wasn't made for this. Took two links off chain is too short and put them back I got too long chain. Of course chain tensioner wasn't able to tense that kind of chain and finally milled the head 1mm off. Chain went nicely where it should be.
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Lowering Your Front shock | Lowered | Mio | Vlog | Stance Mio
How to adjust Your Front Shock And make It lower. Note! This is not advisable for all. Do this at your own risk! If you like this video please kindly click the like button and subscribe! Click here to subscribe:http://bit.ly/2tv0m8n Follow me on: Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/RideWithMac Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ridewithmac1 Visit my Website: https://ricomarco125.wixsite.com/ridewithmac or Email me: [email protected] Want to be a Sponsor?? Send me stuff?? For Sponsorship Business Inquiries Email me: [email protected] Thank's for watching! Ride safe! #MioSporty, #Lowered, #Motorcycle
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block upgrade.wmv
Upgrading the Yamaha Mio scooter's engine block from 50mm to 59mm.
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Yamaha SRE Tahun 2000
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Cam Chain Replacement & Cam Timing - 110 cc Horizontal Engine (Honda, Lifan, Loncin, Zongshen)
Replacing a worn-out cam chain and timing the cam shaft afterwards on a 50 cc horizontal engine converted into 110 cc. Pulling magneto rotor and ignition plate in the process. Donations accepted at: https://youshouldbuildit.blogspot.com.ee/p/donations.html Blueprints available at: https://youshouldbuildit.blogspot.com.ee/p/blueprints.html
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How to adjust a carburetor, jetting and mixture explained!
How to adjust a carburetor. Mixture, Jetting adjustments and how the carburetor works explained! Time stamps to each adjustment in the description. Further reading about carburetor jetting and mixture adjustment https://www.thejunkmanadv.com/motorcycle-carburetor-jetting.html BUY MERCH! https://teespring.com/stores/thejunkman Thanks to Matt @ How To Motorcycle repair for his contribution https://www.youtube.com/user/MatthewMCRepair Matt's FCR carburetor adjustment playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL82YKl1Zk5enJr9_FFAvLiG9wqK70n7xR Support the for more videos! Visit my affiliate links http://www.thejunkmanadv.com/current-sponsors.html 0:22 Carburetor function and theory of operation 2:51 Carburetor demonstration 3:29 Idle mixture adjustment explained 3:59 Pilot jet adjustment explained 4:19 Pilot jet, Jet needle and Main jet operation explained 4:22 Jet needle and Main jet operation explained 4:43 Main jet operation explained 5:08 Enrichment or Choke for cold starting explained 5:52 Keihin FCR carburetor explained 6:51 Keihin FCR accelerator pump operation explained 7:48 Keihin FCR hot start operation explained
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Dayang 125c 2013 ( NOB 1 )
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cam replacement.wmv
Replacing the camshaft on a Yamaha 5TL (Yamaha Mio SOHC 113cc) cylinder head.
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Yamaha X1 X-1 mikuni carb carburator modification, VM17
Just some old school racing tricks for you to see, I modded my mikuni carb for my Yamaha X1, some fine tuning will make this thing rip.........tested it as "rough tuned" already. Has massive low end!
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How to rebuild motorcycle cylinder head
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kostass_dimou/?hl=el Rebuild cylinder head valves leak test and set cam timing
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TuneBoss ECU Installation and Wireless Tuning functions
http://www.tuneboss.co facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fsrtech TuneBoss ECU installation and Android app usage on the Yamaha FZ150i (New Vixion) ALL TuneBoss ECUs come with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. No need to purchase separate dongles, and our TuneBoss Manager app is FREE on the Google Play store.
yamaha crypton 130cc 15.000rpm rev limiter JaggerJack Semangat Maning check sound
this engin build by JaggerJack Semangat Maning. specs bore x stroke : 55.25 x 54 idnition : programable cdi rextor carb : keihin pwk 28 sudco mufler : wrx mp1 rev limiter : 15.000 rpm
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Carburettor tuning Motorcycle
Audio Problem @ 2:00 Please go to this video link https://youtu.be/EA46WmytncI
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How to change clutch plates motorcycle - Yamaha Fazer - bullet singh boisar
How to change clutch plates motorcycle - Yamaha Fazer - bullet singh boisar Shamshad auto Guarage Boisar (W) Behind Saileela Hosp.Oswal empire....
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How to install pistonrings on a fourstroke
Here I mount pistonrings on a piston to a Baotian 72cc. But its the same on a Kymco or a Peugeot four stroke Heres a link to a guide i made when i changed cylinder http://chinesescoots.forumwise.com/chinesescoots-thread12119.html More tips http://www.duncanracing.com/TechCenter/4strk_ringinstall2-24-05.pdf
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Modification Yamaha Skuter 2009
Skuter|scooter show in Europe, such as what? Geba Leisure Parts (GLP) try to appreciative through Yamaha Mio, owned a home Lamongan, East Java. "The concept leads to the European style because there many matik make it," said Gerie Nur Mayurie, home modifications GLP leaders in Bandung, West Java. Apparent once the results of this garapan GLP. Some details taken from Peugeot Ludix, scooter popular in France. Models such as head lamp, and the body side of the slim Mio far more obese. According to the Ardhi Kupret, GLP blade design, the design is that Mio is stout and enggak cewek banget. Sector around the side of the body appears to been serious. For example cover fan magnet constrained gambot participate. Adjustments to the results the separate body, shortened the stern, making duck scooter with the symbol is tune this fork fat more. View more body side so be sweet after such a pipe chrome trim. This is an innovation. "If the motor man looks cool with a deltabox. Well, this kind of framework of indirection," Gerie smile while discussing the use palsunya frame pipe 1 1 / 2 inches long with 140 cm. How installation is not difficult. Lis tied with bolts to the original order. This is to facilitate the loading tide. To strengthen the European-style display, participate in other parts of the touch. As the bar, here's arrest Gerie Yamaha X1R, although to be less because the custom-fit the same body position and the rider. How, add aluminum as 8 cm in the middle of the handlebar. Use of color participate specify. Here, the GLP deliberately paint doff of Spies Hecker. If too kinclong, said Gerie, terkesannya girly banget. So, before dissolved with candy red paint, body first be painted silver. To form the display screen doff, used a special type of varnish can cause these effects. "In effect, become more motor serem. The weakness time is affected rain or water, the body looks a wet patch and not," I Gerie.
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Yamaha t80 restoration no.3
Views: 13862 GRC
UNBOXING: Uma Racing CDI (Intelligent Map Control IMC ) LC135 Sniper Mx Jupiter Crypton Spark 135 LC
Unboxing of UMA RACING digital cdi Intelligent Map Control (IMC) Features: * 4 ignition timing maps * Advance timing to 9 degrees * Retard timing to -9degrees * Adjust max rpm limiter 9000 - 15000 rpm made by uma racing, distribute by racing boy for LC135 Sniper Mx Jupiter Crypton Spark 135 LC
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Revving with Uma Racing program
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Uma racing cdi tutorial setting
Map 1: Standard bike with no modification. Map 2: Semi modifications. Map 3: Advanced modifications. Map 4: Fully modifications. Maximum rpm can be set to 15k. Advanced retard setting: -9 to 0 to 9
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Yamaha ss two 110
Views: 2933 Zainal Ariffin
Yamaha LC135 How to know if your timing chain tensioner are still in a good working condition
Do remember to check your Motorcycle Cam Timing Chain Tensioner How To Correctly Installing Timing Chain Tensioner https://youtu.be/CUytde6rQFE How To Measure Timing Chain https://youtu.be/fjJWC3UvDyM
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Dio CDI modification
Using SparkKing Programmable CDI to replace the Original CDI. (HONDA GR1B 50 C.C. two -stroke Engine )
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PITSBIKE RACING CDI, Effective low cost Fast Racing CDI Sniper Jupiter MX 135LC Exciter Spark 135
This is a low cost racing cdi which is very effective and gives your bike better top speed provided that you have optimized finely tuned engine. Map #3 is the setting which i find best on my setup :D Pitsbike Racing CDI is distributed by zoom cycle parts https://www.facebook.com/zoomcyclecenter.mark It has 8 map timings map 1-4 used for tuned up racing map 5-8 for heavy modified engine also map 0 is for security feature which will not turn on your engine
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Secrets of Yoshimura MJN racing Carburetor unboxing for moped scooter cub motorcycle
YOSHIMURA-MIKUNI MJN Carburetor / Theory is simple! MJN Carburetor - Theory meets Practicality. Fujio Yoshimura figured out a way to create a Multiple Jet Nozzle that would be more efficient at atomizing fuel. It took a lot of engineering to develop and test the initial prototypes, but once dialed, the results were spectacular. The key is a nozzle which replaces the standard tapered needle. The multiple jets spray a fine mist of fuel, which atomizes much better, thus creating a more efficient burn. In addition, the atomized fuel is centered in the bore of the carburetor thus taking advantage of much higher intake velocities creating even more power and efficiency. Benefits of the MJN: MJN system atomizes fuel much better than ordinary solid type needles. The MJN nozzle controls the amount of fuel in proportion to the throttle opening (intake air) by accurately drilled and positioned fuel intake jet orifices. The resultant more efficiently atomized fuel gives better throttle response as well as better fuel efficiencies overall. Also, the MJN system supplies the fuel through the MJN nozzle in the center of the bore where air speed is the fastest. This atomizes fuel even better! Another very important theory of MJN system is when the throttle is shut off and engine braking occurs, very minimal amount of fuel is guided into the intake ports. Therefore, remarkably crisp throttle response is obtained, upon corner exit and transition back to 100% throttle settings
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truco para suavizar 100% clutch de yamaha rx 115, 100, 125, 135
en este video les mostrare como suavizar el embrague o clutch de una motocicleta yamaha rx 115,100, 125, 135 en un 100% para que podamos enclochar la moto con un solo dedo..
Tutorial CDI wiring diagram and connections.
mga ka motofix d2 na ang bagong channel natin abangan nyo nalang mga bagong videos regarding sa motor, please laging subcribe lang para sa mga videos natin para makatulong ako anytime about sa fixing our motorcycle. shout out and Godbless. Business Address: [email protected]
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Popular cdi's on the market.
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Suzuki Raider 150 vs Yamaha Sniper 135
NEW HD QUALITY VIDEO LINK BELOW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKHsbZgzH0s friendly gauge raider 150 open pipe, the rest stock. and sniper 135 rextor adjustable cdi, open pipe, k&n airfilter. The rest are stock
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