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Finalhybridx Runescape Pure PVP/PK Vid 2 - The Final Bros -

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My second vid at last. Finalhybridx = 1 def Finalmagex = 20 def Like i said before, more hybridding and way better k0s :P Last kill is for a good friend of mine, Mageek0.
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Text Comments (7)
sanderh007 (8 years ago)
raptile - neva eva :)
Aspiire To Be (8 years ago)
5/5 subbed :)
Ali Alameli (9 years ago)
first song plz answer!!!
lastkeyblade (9 years ago)
never said anything about copyright to me so idk
lastkeyblade (9 years ago)
lol the chickens have been training :( its hard now :S
lastkeyblade (9 years ago)
it aint lol, currently training for the next vid.
StenchTrench (9 years ago)
it isnt and thanks for the end final :)

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