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Building my Second Mining Rig

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In this video, I build my second mining pc based on AMD RX 580 GPUs. If you want to build this rig the complete parts list is below along with some other great articles on mining from The Geek Pub. COMPLETE PARTS LIST: * MinerCase V3: http://amzn.to/2DBtz4n * ASUS EX-B250-V7 Motherboard: http://amzn.to/2FGuktE * or BioStar TB250-BTC: http://amzn.to/2mBwfHl * Corsair HX100i Power Supply: http://amzn.to/2Det5nI * Corsair LPX 8GB RAM Kit: http://amzn.to/2DglNz8 * Intel Core i3 CPU: http://amzn.to/2r8oe1R * Noctual L95 Silent CPU Cooler: http://amzn.to/2mBxZzY * Rosewill 120mm Fans: http://amzn.to/2r606Nn * Victony PCIe Risers: http://amzn.to/2DzEHPk * AMD RX 580 ARMOR GPU: http://amzn.to/2FEZCRN * Edimax 600 Wi-Fi Dongle: http://amzn.to/2DB4Xsy * Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard: http://amzn.to/2rgcH0v * Knock Knock Penny Shity: http://amzn.to/2E60i1S READ THE DETAILED BLOG POST HERE: https://www.thegeekpub.com/11651/building-mining-rig/ TOUR OF MY FIRST MINING RIG: https://www.thegeekpub.com/11070/tour-mining-rig/ PIKCING THE BEST GPU FOR MINING: https://www.thegeekpub.com/11228/best-gpu-for-mining-cryptocurrency-ethereum/ HOW TO OVERCLOCKING A MINING GPU: https://www.thegeekpub.com/11350/overclocking-a-mining-gpu/ LEARN ABOUT WALLETS AND POOLS: https://www.thegeekpub.com/11292/how-to-mine-ethereum/ WHY MNINERS USE USB RISERS: https://www.thegeekpub.com/11396/pcie-riser-used-mining/ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: facebook.com/TheGeekPub Instagram: instagram.com/TheGeekPub
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Text Comments (233)
Cole9559 (26 days ago)
4:02 surrrreeeeeeeee bro ;)
M Noriega (1 month ago)
Just for historical reference: this was video was released almost to the day at the peak of Etherium prices which was Jan 12 2018
Juan Fonseca (5 months ago)
could u please provide feedback on how much cryptocurrency you were able to mine, along what period of time and power consumption?
Crypto Aviators (8 months ago)
great video,,, thanks for all your time,,, clear video, clear audio,,, awesome content
megapet777 (8 months ago)
How you route your gpu power cables? I have 3 gpus and I feel like the cables are too short and my rig is very messy. Also how you have enough slots in the power supply for everything, gpus, risers etc. I can maybe at best add 1 more gpu and then the 1000 watt power supply is full. Then I would have 4 cards. But mobo supports 6 :/. Ran out of space and slots in psu.
Robin Bariana (11 months ago)
Did u use a Molex or SATA cable to power your risers?
TheGeekPub (11 months ago)
A n g e l o (11 months ago)
Where can we get spare parts for that mining case? I have the 8 gpu version and I can fit 2 or 4 more gpus on the bottom if I had the two long metal rods to attach the gpus to
dennis neo (11 months ago)
Does anyone actually find this "money" by doing this? It seems rather pointless to search for something in cyberspace that isn't there.
TheGeekPub (11 months ago)
That's not how this works.
huldu (11 months ago)
That seems like really expensive, parts alone and then the power cost. I'm assuming a person breaks even at some point but how long does that generally take?
Richard W (11 months ago)
Did you ever figure out how to move the main display over to the integrated hdmi? I used this board in one of my builds and never did find that setting
TheGeekPub (11 months ago)
No. And Asus support has been abysmal.
twodose legend (1 year ago)
Are the fans sturdy when put together? Looks like there may be some play when assembled and possibly easy to break if accidently hit.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Very sturdy. No play of any kind.
Anthony Orem (1 year ago)
My question is, what wires are you using to power to the gpus.. im actually doing the gtx1060 sc build at the moment
Anthony Orem (1 year ago)
And where do they plug the wires in, to the motherboard or the psu?
Harry Andrés (1 year ago)
Hi TheGeekPub, I'm using the same motherboard ASUS EX b250 v7, and I can't get 4 cards working. I've tried several times and I've only managed to get 3 cards working in the x1 slot. Whenever I plugged my riser cable to x16 and x1 it won't show the POST screen and the GPU isn't recognized. Any help? I've set mining mode on asus bios on
Harry Andrés (1 year ago)
TheGeekPub ah yes it worked. Thank you so much!
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Yes, Plug your HDMI into the video card plugged into the X16 slot.
twodose legend (1 year ago)
You should mention with the veddha case that you will loose the top 2 i/o ports with probably most mobos, you may not need them but I think that is a flaw in the design of that particular open air frame.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
On 99% of motherboards those are PS/2 ports. I doubt anyone will miss them.
Casey Mcdaniel (1 year ago)
How did you connect the fans I just bought the same case as you and the fans are all molex but after reading how scary molex can be especially with fire hazards I bought the same fans you have and was wondering if I needed to buy some sort of adapter I have 2 PSUs evga 1000 t2sim not sure how to connect them any advise is greatly appreciated
tulkasino (1 year ago)
Hi, i need one question to answer about your Mining rig, can you help me? https://youtu.be/09W0I2VWyHk?t=514 You mention that you will go in to bios & select the Internal GPU as primar. I have the same MB but i cant find where to change that. Can you pls send me the right direction ? :) Thx in advance
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Read my website article. I have a case open with ASUS about this, but its really not a big deal. Just plug the monitor into the GPUs on your risers.
Tim Samot (1 year ago)
Hello TheGeekPub Do you figure out how to enable on board hdmi video ? I get stuck on this problem. Cant get working on this motherboard. No settings in bios to turn on video. Maybe any one know how to enable on board video ?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
No. I have case open with ASUS. They're very unhelpful. But just hook your HDMI to the card plugged into the red colored X16 slot . It will work fine.
Alonso b (1 year ago)
You talk very nice
Hans Kristian Ask (1 year ago)
Should i get 4x 1060 3 GB or 2x 1070?? Cost of the 1070 is twice AS much AS the 3gb
Hans Kristian Ask (1 year ago)
TheGeekPub power is not an issue, and i am planning to use nicehash
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
It's all about price and ROI. You'll have to do the math. Use one of the calculators and see how fast they ROI based on their hashrate, power usage, and cost to buy. Buy the one with the better payback.
Z (1 year ago)
What mining program are you using ?
Z (1 year ago)
Amazing video .....thank you sooo much.
nick`s vlogs of blue (1 year ago)
Love your videos
Tom Gellert (1 year ago)
Thanks Mike - I can;t buy a video card thanks to guys like you...
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
You're welcome.
Which program explains what shows the total consumption of WATTS?
ASIC based mining rigs are actually faster that graphic card based systems as it can do one thing really well as graphics have to be universal.
Daniel Brent (1 year ago)
What did you end up with when you overclocked them? Or was the hash rate overclocked rate?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Depending on the card and memory brand 29 to 31 MH/s.
Matt Towery (1 year ago)
Would you be able to provide more detail on how you connected you 5 fans to the Corsair power supply? I have my fans daisy chained but cannot see how you made it to the PSU.
Matt Towery (1 year ago)
So that ASUS motherboard Bios does not let you change where you start up graphics. Can you explain what screen you go to startup with one GPU? I get a blank screen every time.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Plug them into any port on the PSU.
Stephen Gsl (1 year ago)
using Asus EX-B250-V7, error when install 4~6 units graphic card, any solutions here? 0xc00000bb
Stephen Gsl (1 year ago)
thanks, finally found the moning mode on bios.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Make sure you have Mining mode enabled in the BIOS.
kr3stsb (1 year ago)
Mod the bios on the armor cards, underclock core, overclock memory and undervolt them. You'll see mid 30's.
kr3stsb (1 year ago)
Excuse my wording. I meant 30.5* sorry.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Did that already. Mid 30's isn't going to happen. But 30-31 will.
John Emmons (1 year ago)
Will you be putting up another video soon on the setting up everything for mining? Thanks
John Emmons (1 year ago)
TheGeekPub hello and thank you for your quick response. I looked on your site for information. The major problem I am having now is getting the motherboard to recognize the GPUs. I tried everything Looking on the Internet. I built the same exact rig as your first one. Can you please help with this? Thanx!
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Lots of info on my website.
Jais Edelmann (1 year ago)
I've build 2 rigs with 580 4gbs, I've gotten 27mh/s and just under 820 watt at volt. I use the mining driver and my own vbios to up the memory MHz and keeping voltage down on the cores as they are barely used. At least for ethereum mining. Maybe I missed it but I think you forgot to mention that it's on the ethereum network you are getting these hash rates :) Good video though me and a few buddies also uses the veddha rigs they are quite good. Some of them have small production issues typically thee screw holes are a bit wonky on some of the holes we've tried it a few times but nothing major
Avoy (1 year ago)
Great video quality! Subscribed!
TheRealReasons (1 year ago)
When you said you got the cards for a really good price, I thought you actually meant it but that link to Amazon connects you to cards that are overpriced and the ROI would be about 3 times what it should be. Unless you got them for less than the advertised $688 each
TheRealReasons (1 year ago)
@TheGeekPub I know it wasn't man and I hope you dont think I'm attacking you in anyway. Keep up the good work you are doing on your channel
TheRealReasons (1 year ago)
Sinister you missed my point man. I have 2 GPU mining rigs so I'm not asking for his connects. I was simply saying he made it sound like he bought from amazon and if he did then his ROI is 3 times what it normally should be. Then I replied back to him that he's basically making it sound like he got them from the link which is misleading to those that dont know any better. Lets be honest here the majority of the people who actually watch these videos are new to mining. So we have to try and not mislead them.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
That wasn't my intention.
Sinister Peenwheedle (1 year ago)
dawg. aint like the dude control the prices on amazon. you got to find the best price on your own brah.
TheRealReasons (1 year ago)
I wasn't asking for your source cause I would never ask anybody that. I would ask if they had any to sell me but not for their source. The way you worded it in your video made it seem like you purchased the cards from that Amazon link but what you're saying is thats not true? So you're linking your subs and viewers to a card that cost over twice as much as you paid and making it sound like it was a good deal?
Robert Sampson (1 year ago)
the graphics card you’re going to use for display should be connected to to a 16x port
Tim Samot (1 year ago)
TheGeekPub how you enabled HDMI on board ? I cant get it working
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
I'm not using any of the cards for video. I am using the onboard video. I addressed this in the video.
Kathan Natrajan (1 year ago)
Appreciate the video. Wondering if you ever figured out how to change the video settings back to the onboard GPU?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
No. I have a case open with ASUS right now. Looks like they need to make a BIOS update.
William May (1 year ago)
Excellent video I was blown away, As a beginner can you use your home PC and if so what software would I need?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
William May (1 year ago)
Found it thanks :^)
Sinister Peenwheedle (1 year ago)
DAWG. DAMN. Try a little will ya. You evar heard uf this thng called google??????
William May (1 year ago)
Thank you very much what is your website link? I'm new at this lol
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
No, but I have tons of resources on my website.
cryzeichen (1 year ago)
just adjust the cpu fan-speed in your bios (to reduce noice) :)
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
I did that already.
Matt Towery (1 year ago)
Questions. Did you not need to buy a hard drive or Windows Operating Software?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
You don't have to have a hard drive. You could boot from USB.
Balla21 (1 year ago)
Antminers > custom build for bitcoin
Jordan W (1 year ago)
You the man Mike!!
Jorge Posada (1 year ago)
Heres a dumb question. Is there a free windows 10 download or do I need to buy a product key?
Alex C (1 month ago)
And, if you ever want to get personalization, etc you can buy a legal copy, or a cheap copy from a key dealer, but those could be revoked since they typically are not bought legitimentally or meant for a different region, and according to LinusTechTips are against the EULA.
Alex C (1 month ago)
You do not need to buy it, you can just download the media creation tool and use it unlicensed.
Robert Benoit (5 months ago)
YOU need to buy it. probably could run a linux distro because its free and open source
youngfyah (1 year ago)
Building my first rig. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed.
Jeff T (1 year ago)
You spent WAY too much on the CPU. All you need is a Celeron... You can also use the stock cooler and set the CPU fan to a lower RPM...CPU barely gets utilized when mining and with a cooler CPU like a Celeron it will still be under 50 degrees.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Did you read my write up? I addressed all of this...
Low bass (1 year ago)
when did you buy your gpu's? what price did you get them at?
Low bass (1 year ago)
dont know what card your using but the rx 580 does not bring in $100 in a week or anywhere near that. . $100 more isnt as bad as what the current rx 580 prices are. im simply saying if feed the fire it will grow. I like mining and i dont sell my crypto for fiat. the dumb idea is to support sky high prices.
Low bass... seriously? That's not very smart of you. 1st. Welcome to capitalism. The price is what the market will bare. 2nd. Who give s a flying flip. If you can buy the card and make a profit mining its meaningless what it costs. You're afraid to spend an extra $100 for a card that can make that $100 back in a week. That's just dumb!
Low bass (1 year ago)
not bad compared to prices everywhere else online. i remember back in nov i bought 2 rx 580 for $260 each. and that was the going rate at many locations i checked. i 100% refuse to pay over $300 for a rx 580 or a gtx 1060 6gb. I feel like doing so helps the card scalpers continue buying up huge amounts of stock. to each there own but i sure wish the prices would normalize.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
I can't tell you because then everyone would buy them and I still need a few more. ;-) I got them for $339 each from a warehouse reseller for businesses.
Daniel Fykes (1 year ago)
This is a really good video I've bought two of the veddha cases and I have 15 1070 and also 1070ti gpu's my knowledge of this is slim but this video is pretty informative. I am following and my notifications are on sir
Leo (1 year ago)
What was the total for this build and how much do u earn?BY THE WAY GREAT VID 👍
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Links in description. More on TheGeekPub.com
QueeferSutherland (1 year ago)
I really just need it to play SkiFree, can it do that?
DiegoALexis2079 (1 year ago)
10/10 video!
Mister Deejay (1 year ago)
Nice video! I'm playing it over and over again to check out the wire connections. I already have similar components, but can't figure out the wire connections...
J C (1 year ago)
Looks like my dads kitchen.
Joe Shonk (1 year ago)
A few things. The mining drivers ARE built into the regular drivers. You need to switch each card to 'Compute' mode in the Radeon Settings. Second, you can mod the BIOS on the AMD cards and get 29-31 Mh/s out of these cards
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
This is true now, but was not always true.
RoelNicky (1 year ago)
why do you keep building with old cards? start of with an RXVEGA64 and expand, they use the same energy for more then double the hashing power if modded correctly
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
I mentioned as much in the video. I got a good deal on these which makes it worth it. The purchase price matters in the ROI calculations.
Kwisclub TA (1 year ago)
This is the second video of yours that I've watched and this one earned my sub. Not enough videos like this that give useful, coherent and concise tips for avoiding the usual headaches of building a rig (eg. install one card and load drivers before connecting the rest- brilliant!). Give us more like that! Thanks.
Alex Marshall (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work!
RandoCrypto (1 year ago)
Let us know how those armor cards treat you. In my opinion and many others they are the lowest quality card out there from a major brand, my friends 980Ti armor set itself ablaze. If they work though, they are cheap so hey thats a plus.
The PSJRFamily (1 year ago)
Awesome video as always. I'm building my first one thanks to your links. With the risers, there is power on them, but I noticed in your video you connected the graphics cards directly to the power supply, does it matter?
The PSJRFamily (1 year ago)
Hmm I wasn't able to get the corsair powersupply that you had linked since it was out of stock, but the one I have only has 5 power cables that can go to the graphics cards. Looking online I did find that I can add another powersupply and there is a cable to connect the two. Is there something I could be missing or does the corsair one you use have 6 power cables for the cards? I have enough for each riser. Very odd. Thanks again!
The PSJRFamily (1 year ago)
TheGeekPub Awesome thanks!!!
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
You have to do both.
Escape3000 (1 year ago)
i don't know the exact setting you have, but, i have 8 msi armor rx570 4gb, i do bios mod,put the compute mode on set the gpu to 1150mhz at 850mv, put the ram at 2100mhz at 925mv, i'am at 1135watt for 8 card and 234mh/s mining ETH avg of 29.25mh/s par card.
Greg Vence (1 year ago)
Having a shot or two of the rigs stacked would have been nice. :)
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Coming soon!
MaximAvs (1 year ago)
Love the shirt!!!!
Brads-Brew-Lab (1 year ago)
Lol RIP profits
Sinister Peenwheedle (1 year ago)
Dawg. third week of january. happens every year. Now get on outa here...
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
They'll be back in a week. No worries at all. It's done this four years in a row like clockwork.
Bobby ` (1 year ago)
Fantastic video as always!!Can i ask whats the manufacture of that keyboard?
Bobby ` (1 year ago)
Thanks alot!!
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
It's a K750. It's the best keyboard I've ever used. I have 5 of them. LOL.. Here's the link: http://amzn.to/2rgcH0v
Wayne Hinton (1 year ago)
dumb question, what are you mining for? or why is it called a mining rig
WayStedYou (1 year ago)
Wayne Hinton ethereum
wynn (1 year ago)
Wayne Hinton do you know what a search engine is? thats a rhetorical question
John Emmons (1 year ago)
its a nice rig. i am building one myself. when i saw you were going to explain how to put it together i was excited but after seeing the video not so much. the physical assembly is kind of easy but it is the electrical details and programming details that we need. An example in one comment I saw that someone spliced all the fans into the mother board and you said you hoped they didn't blow the board. these are the real details we need. one big one is how to get windows on the hard drive and the optimization settings. thank you. please don't take this as a criticism but hopefully not to many boards have been blown because of some details not discussed. thank you and can you please do a part 2 video on details.
Robert Benoit (5 months ago)
programming isn't hard. Hardest part is getting a wallet and being able to cash out if you are not using an easy program like Nicehash. The assembly of the open air case was difficult for me as it's the first time in 20 years of building PC that I didn't use a full tower case. The instructions were horrible. but I got it done had to "make it work."
Tiberiu Axinte (1 year ago)
Bitcoin has dropped a lot. lul
Jeff T (1 year ago)
This isn't for mining Bitcoin...
Chrissy Phan (1 year ago)
What's the bios mod in those cards? My hashrate is pretty bad
Nikhil p (1 year ago)
Hey can anyone suggest me that 570 4gb is good for mining for long life
DuckFat (1 year ago)
Why did you pick that processor over a Intel Core i3-7100?
DuckFat (1 year ago)
TheGeekPub Thank you!
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
I just bought the one I got the best price on. Nothing more than that. They were on sale.
Big Mike is talking (1 year ago)
Not compatible with my Commodore 64. Thumbs down. I wish I have a clue about 2% of the things you discussed......I feel like such a failure.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
I mine lots of bitcoins on my Commodore VIC-20!
Crypto With Incin (1 year ago)
If u stack then it’s just 1 rig not 2
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
If I put two hamburgers in a bag do I just have one hamburger?
Jim Long (1 year ago)
Miners costing me 2x on my PC builds these days :(
Jeff T (1 year ago)
No, that would be greedy retailers and scalpers.
John Qsak (1 year ago)
just wondering the smoking deal on the RX 580? $624 ? ($300-$350 card). cool build video though. :D
Robert Benoit (5 months ago)
for 624 dollars might as well toss in a few more bucks and get an RTX 2080 Not the RTX 2080 TI, or VEGA 64
Vin Aizen (1 year ago)
Which would you recommend buying for starters like me, GTX 1070 or RX 580 and why? I'm planning to buy 2GPU's to test if it's actually profitable building a mining rig. TIA!
Swagpotatogaming (1 year ago)
Vin Aizen an rx 580 is better for mining
Ralph Andersen (1 year ago)
Great video! I just built a 1060 rig like the first video. A couple tips. The poly part for the power supply can bolt onto the short side of the case. That is how I did mine. The power cables are much easier to deal with if the PSU is mounted sideways. If you are building this for shorter video cards like the 1060 you can either switch the "L" shaped bar that the video card attaches to over to the other side or switch the top cross bar of the case so the risers have something to sit on. If you watch the 'tour' of the first rig you can see he custom mounted the riser bar and didn't use the screw holes. On the 'clips' that connect the fans, I initially put them on like this video but then went back and put on row of clips on the top front, and the bottom row on the back. It works fine with them all on one side, it's just a lot more rigid with them both. The kit has machine screws so I used a reamer on all the fan holes so the screws started easier and used a drill with the clutch turned way down, that's a LOT of screw. I used the screws that came with the fans in places where I just needed to secure the fan grills. The motherboard stand offs left a lot to be desired. Hard to get started and one totally striped out. It's really just luck of the draw with mass produced items. Nothing a little JB weld can't fix. Even though you probably aren't going to have a monitor connected all the time, I would have preferred to use this board rather than the Biostar from the first build because of the HDMI video instead of DVI.
Josh Payne (1 year ago)
Yes, everyone. Go and drive up the price of AMD GPU's so that nVidia GPUs will come back down in price, lol.
Bobby Sinatra (11 months ago)
metallitech nah
metallitech (1 year ago)
Don't worry they will lose money on their "rigs".
Infernal Sa (1 year ago)
AMD is for mining monero and ethereum, nvidia mines Zcash, so this is not going away any time soon
Alex C (1 year ago)
Josh Payne good idea, next year let’s do the same, but for amd s to get cheaper.
Kasparov117 (1 year ago)
Another beautiful rig :)
Mr. J (1 year ago)
Now that you have the rig build vids can you make one showing how to start mining after that. Show changing the bios on the motherboard and where to download the mining programs and setting up the mining pools with desktop shortcuts. Your channel would be a one stop location to go from noob to miner.
Drope (1 year ago)
That seems like pretty low power usage. Not sure what’s going on with my rig but it has 6x msi 580 8gb gaming x is pulling a total of 1240w for I’m the wall. I’m using two EVGA 850 PE. Could be because they were flashed and are slightly overclocked.
camvant (1 year ago)
Hi Mike, I just wanted to say it was your first mining rig video and blog that convinced me to make a mining rig. Mine is running well and my second is on its way! Thanks so much :)
Jeff Brown (1 year ago)
camvant ii
Jari Ristiranta (1 year ago)
Nice shirt! Where did you get that?
Jack Johnson (1 year ago)
You should have a million subs. You make great videos!
Crypto Aviators (8 months ago)
i agree
Scott Mazerolle (1 year ago)
How on Earth did you.find 6 rx 580s a a good price??? They are sold out everywhere and if you can find them they are incredibly inflated.
J NULL (1 year ago)
Jack Johnson you must have some mad search skills- not seeing that happen for me :-)
Scott Mazerolle (1 year ago)
I just looked and they were six hundred dollars 30 minutes ago
Jack Johnson (1 year ago)
I just saw this exact card in stock on NewEgg for $350.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
My channel and blog give me connections.
CryptoPope (1 year ago)
How did you hook up the five 5 fans? Special cable or a Swiftech splitter? thanks for the video.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Do not plug them into the motherboard fan header. It has nowhere near enough wattage. Plug them directly into the power supply. I hope you didn't fry your board.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
They daisy chain on their own: http://i50.tinypic.com/33o1uus.jpg
CryptoPope (1 year ago)
Your initial video was instrumental in my Rig build. The fans are screwed together leaning in a corner at the moment. I purchased a 5-into-1 splitter cable with 1 Molex and 4-pin and plugged into motherboard fan header. Nothing..... no lights and no fan movement. I'm ordering a Swiftech splitter next but I doubt that's my issue.
CryptoPope (1 year ago)
The fans came with a single 4-pin and a Molex connector or did you use something to daisy chain?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
They all daisy chain.
ZXtoNow (1 year ago)
Everyone with these 6 card rigs got "an amazing deal" but it's still a 3000 USA rig. What's the ROI on this??
Drope (1 year ago)
Looking between 2-3 ROI on similar rig too at current ethereum prices. So about 700 profit per month, but hopefully price goes up again :)
Jack Johnson (1 year ago)
I just saw this card on NewEgg for $325 in stock ships and sold from NewEgg.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
And I didn't pay anywhere near 3000 USD for this rig or my first one.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Less than two months.
Mohamed S (1 year ago)
I was reading up on crypto currency mining rig. Most of them say it is not profitable because of ASIC. Yet I see lot of YouTubers make one. I don't understand. Could you please help?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
It depends on the coin you are mining for. You can't mine Bitcoin with GPUs, you need ASICs. But there are lots of coins you can mine with GPUs. My choice is Ethereum.
fouzai alaa (1 year ago)
it would be interesting to do a comparison between the rigs and witch one is more profitable !!!
Marco Esteban (1 year ago)
The RX 580 is way more powerful than the 1060, must have cost a fortune to build that 😮
Reggie Cotton (1 year ago)
I wouldn't call them "way" more powerful. They are slightly more powerful. Around 3--4 MH/s per card. But they cost significantly more, and use significantly more electricity to boot.
rydmerlin (1 year ago)
Did you list the WiFi adapter you were using?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
No, because I am only using it for the video. But its this one: http://amzn.to/2DB4Xsy
rydmerlin (1 year ago)
Simple question. When you have multiple independent rigs. How you can ensure that each rig independently doesn’t overlap with the work the other rig is doing?
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
Both of my machines are virtually silent.
rydmerlin (1 year ago)
Thanks for the quick response. Loving your videos. Any sense of noise perhaps that was covered in your earlier video. Plus it would be great to see your new rig stacked on your old one.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
The machines are part of a pool. The pool hands out the work. But duplicate work does happen by design. Transactions on the network need to be verified as many as a 50 times to prove they are accurate and legit.
John Bob (1 year ago)
Great video! Planning on building one at the end of March for my birthday, but with only 2 rx 580’s to start
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
That's a great idea. Start small and grow it.
N2tech (1 year ago)
It would be hilarious if you added a speaker and every time you earned a bitcoin it would play Money Money Money or a slot machine sound.
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
LOL! That's such a great idea.
Aizen Barbaross (1 year ago)
Nice video ! You deserve more subscriber than you have
Jack Johnson (1 year ago)
Agreed! Let's share these so he gets more views/subs! I want more videos!
Weeb (1 year ago)
there is no integrated graphics on gen 1 ryzen
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
This isn't Ryzen.
Green Lemon (1 year ago)
what is "mining rig" ??
RadegasTCZ (8 months ago)
I have another question, is it worth it? Because when I was told that the currency is not stable at all.
saleen235 (1 year ago)
David Grave Same applies to you buddy, Game less and get a job 😂
schizzlschnitzl (1 year ago)
David Grave No it is not.
David Grave (1 year ago)
It's something losers do to ruin the lives of gamers instead of getting a real job
Fahad Swati (1 year ago)
Lance C (1 year ago)
Ouch $600 each for those rx580's. Roi in 7 months. I guess it could be worse.
J NULL (1 year ago)
I have a love hate relationship with great videos like yours- I love the detail and excitement to learn and replicate what you have done but yet I Hate how impossible it seems that you got the cards for less than $300 when all Your links to the cards point to prices at least $625 and up for a single RX 580- please do share . I am sure I am not the only one wanting to know!
David Griggs (1 year ago)
Any tips on how to get your deal? I found two fairly good prices, but hit the order quantity limit. You should also MOD the AMD Bios -- those modded cards with the Compute Driver should get you over 30MH/s and you can under volt to lower power. My rig has 5x 580's and is around 800 watts @ 150MH/sec...
Funk That (1 year ago)
You did well getting any GPU's in the current market !! :-)
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
I got them for less than $300 each.
Steven_T_K (1 year ago)
But can it run minesweeper
Sideways Gaming (1 year ago)
excellent rig! would you be able to share how much this total build cost you and what it on average will mine in USD per day?
6 6 (3 months ago)
+Alex Munoz Stealing is not the same as free. Go back to mexico, parasite.
Alex Munoz (3 months ago)
+6 6 In my place we dont have to pay Electricity Bills. All free. Gotta love the USA
6 6 (8 months ago)
This system consumes more than that per day in electricity, retard. It's a scam, but you cannot be too stupid or you will not realize that.
John Pfeifer (8 months ago)
mining isn't a scam.. although if you don't understand what it is, or how it works i can completely understand assuming that it is. it honestly looks like one if your only understanding of it is that you plug in this special computer and you get free money through the internet, but it's way way more complicated than that. it is definitely possible to make money doing it. however you don't make much. i have used my personal computer occasionally to mine when im not using it. i happen to have essentially the same gpu so i can shed some light on this question. at 22mh/s i was mining .01 etherium every week. his rig has about 6 times that. so i would assume he's getting roughly .06 eth a week. the price of eth however fluctuates significantly, so it's pretty hard to say exactly what you would make per day. currently as im writing this 1 eth is worth about $468. so at current prices he would be grossing about $28 a week... or $4 a day. definitely don't quit your job. it's really not something the average person should consider unless you have a lot of upfront cash to get a much much bigger setup than one or two of this type of system
6 6 (8 months ago)
The fact that this question goes unanswered should be a clue that you are asking about a scam. Keep your job. Mining is bullshit. It's a scam. Only the scammers profit from scams.
Jannick 0123 (1 year ago)
Notification squad
TheGeekPub (1 year ago)
After having so much fun building the first GPU mining rig I built a second one. This time using AMD RX 580 GPUs. Let the video card brand holy war begin below! LOL.
Justin Raymundo (1 year ago)
Love rigs 1&2 just waiting on the video for rig number 3!
Terpz187x (1 year ago)
MRKILLER_ 101gamer sorry cant play with the big boys then idk what to say im bout to but some gpus!
Mrk 101 (1 year ago)
TheGeekPub yo man would like to build a gaming pc but you miners makeing the price jack up you only doing it cuse of the money i doit cuse is my hobbi my passion but you miners jack up the prices is hard alredy whit the ram prices so hig pls stop this used to like bit coin infact i bough some back in the day but i lost them but know you miners are running this pls stop or at least slow down byuing every thing in the market place atte.axel Escobar. Edit pls read this sorry is i was to agresive but pls note that in the bigining of 2017 the rx580 was around 240 for one card and know the "cheapest" video card you can find is around 600 dollars
Terpz187x (1 year ago)
HPC PR3DATuRD correct 6 months max!
Drope (1 year ago)
You should give SMOS a try it’s pretty nice although not free but wort it IMO. Not sure if you considered flashing your cards but it should also increase the hashrates a bit.
El Has (1 year ago)

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