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Runescape - Weird Musics in Runescape

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Made using the game Runescape by Jagex Ltd. Inspired in Vinchenzo's Paranoia. I have his permission. I'm planning to make more videos like this one. I'd appreciate if you give suggestions. To suggest a music message me in Youtube with a link to the music. It must be really weird/funny.
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Jento Pieters (8 years ago)
Try to see the difference between the gnomes then and now.
Tamas Verhoest (8 years ago)
Make more ;d
Tusserte (10 years ago)
Oops, I didn't wait until the end of the video before posting that...
Tusserte (10 years ago)
Funny songs. Can we get a list of their names in the description or something?
brotheroflink (10 years ago)
Haha nice. Last one especially silly:D
eccentric cheetah (11 years ago)
EzThePker (11 years ago)
Haha nice :D
darthirule (11 years ago)

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