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Introduction to Lattice Based Cryptography

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This short video introduces the concept of a lattice, why they are being considered as the basis for the next generation of public key cryptography, and a short walk through of a specific encryption algorithm. For a very thorough paper designed to be readable for undergraduates I highly recommend https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/938.pdf. *One technical note: At 1:30 I claim that lattices are composed only of integers. This is not true. Some lattices only contain integers, but in general any rational number will do.
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Alexander Barnard (1 month ago)
This may confuse some people at first. Here, we are talking about a lattice, which is kinda like a discrete module. Not to be confused with a lattice, which is an algebraic structure.
Nat Jarusewski (3 months ago)
About time I find a video that "dumbs" down this topic into information my brain can actually digest.
fait (7 months ago)
taking exponential time on a QTM is impossible because it already is too exponentially powerfull
Lucas Zanella (7 months ago)
thank you
Hasan Iqbal (8 months ago)
If A is a M*N matrix, then how come bob's secret vector S has M entries? wouldn't there be a dimension mismatch while calculating A*S?
Hasan Iqbal (8 months ago)
Hi, if b1.x = A.s.x + e1 .x, then how does it convert to b1.x = s.u + e1.x? we know that A.x = u, but does it mean we can reposition s at the beginning? won't it violate commutative property?
Jae duk Seo (10 months ago)
very cool video, thank you!
shounak shastri (1 year ago)
Just what I was looking for. Thank You.
Prak kas (1 year ago)
Thank you for simple yet great explanation..
Matthew Dozer (1 year ago)
I'm glad it was helpful. Chris Peikert has several lectures on youtube that provide a more in depth analysis but that are still accessible without graduate level expertise.

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