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[RS] Castle Wars Vid 1

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[B-PP] Brianvdb and Progvd Productions presents me Brianvdb owning in Castle Wars whit bandos godsword and steel titan 42 hit gf 1 hit ko 2 hit ko bandos godsword special nice try nt wearing bandos godsword legends cape dragon boots dragon plate legs gold ring berserker ring barrows gloves fighter torso omfg ownage i owned 50 died 4 times me=ownage get used to it castle wars ownage clan chat: Be Nl United voor nederlandse only dus alleen mensen die Vlaams/Nederlands praten mogen er is en als je geen member word en je registreerd op de site dan pakt Koen je in je reet ^^ site naar Lowlands United: www.lowlands4united.start-forum.com Thanks for watching! Rate comment and SUBCRIBE for more! hot sexy ownage songs: Dope - Paranoia Blood Sugar - Pendalum hot sexy pics jad castle wars dark bow special rangers owning bad whit dark bow thanks to me brianvdb for making the pics progvd for the good company waltertje2,koenr185,biet,and evryone from the clan ^^ zezima lord makup 99 range 48-48 hit in bountyhunter wht full void took 1 week to get it got hacked and owned omg cry cry 100 subcribers sub to me to be in 1 off my vids maybe^^ all skills 99 ownage costs 100.000 dollar omg how wicked
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to Infinity and Beyond (9 years ago)
nice video, hate this god damn copyright tho

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