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How to Convert Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010

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Step by step guidance for Thunderbird to Outlook conversion. Check how to migrate multiple email accounts from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 etc. Download Required software from: http://www.mailsdaddy.com/thunderbird-to-outlook-converter/
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KuBsy72 (2 months ago)
why do we have to go through the step of using an add-on to convert thunderbird to mbox and then use the Mailsdaddy mbox to pst tool when Mailsdaddy also do a direct Thunderbird to pst tool?
MailsDaddy Software (18 days ago)
Yes, MailsDaddy provide direct solution to convert Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST. This video is quite old that time MailsDaddy Thunderbird to Outlook converter was not available. Thanks for informing us, we will update this video soon.
Pablo Osorio (6 months ago)
Hello. It´s a great tool, but i don´t need 1 year of license, just one day. The tryal version converts few mails, I have 1000 so, can u give me a license whit 1 day or week? but cheaper? It´s a diferent way to sell your product. Regards.
MailsDaddy Software (2 months ago)
Hi, you may send us an email on [email protected]
christian barbas (10 months ago)
gracias !!!
MisterHamstring (1 year ago)
How do you refresh what you want to export? I created a inbox.mbox file with the thunderbird export addon. It contained 355 emails, but I deleted a lot of emails and kept only 18. But Maildaddy still reads 355 emails. Where does he get those emais???
MailsDaddy Software (1 year ago)
Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. I think emails you have deleted from the Thunderbird are still available in MBOX file you have exported. So you can do one thing, just open the same MBOX file with Mozilla Thunderbird again and see the number of emails. Because our software load the data of selected MBOX file only. I will suggest you to re-export your Thunderbird data to MBOX then try our software. Hope it will clear all your doubts.
MailsDaddy Software (1 year ago)
Hi Sorry for the delayed reply. The software load e-mails available in MBOX file you have browsed. So I think the message you have deleted from Thunderbird is still available in your file. To check it out, you can import the same mbox file in Thunderbird. What I will suggest for you to use the search option available in our software and filter out required emails before exporting them to PST for any other format.
Verna Barnet (1 year ago)
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Nzccm Caty (1 year ago)
Check out link below https://plus.google.com/u/0/110611235149998280539, office 2016 product key here.
Jason Hatcher (1 year ago)
Worked great for me...Thank you!
MailsDaddy Software (1 year ago)
Thank you Jason for these good words....
rakesh suknundan (1 year ago)
crap crap crap !!!!!
MailsDaddy Software (1 year ago)
Sorry Rakesh, We know this method is quite time consuming. That's why we developed a tool for Thunderbird to Outlook conversion. You will get updated video soon...

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