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Random CS:GO Bullshittery (part 3)

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Streaming at - http://www.twitch.tv/sovietwomble Twitter - https://twitter.com/SovietWomble Sources: 1:29 - Finding Nemo (2003) 3:06 & 5:29 - The Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up 9:25 - Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak 9:40 - Abdul Kay - Nigga Nigga & Poetry by Gary, Spongebob Squarepants
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Text Comments (9975)
Michael Urbina (5 hours ago)
Cinide screams Fuck
Laney Sorensen (1 day ago)
8:35 is the best fucking moment of this entire channel you can’t tell me otherwise
KarlJoelsen (1 day ago)
Look at all those chickens!
Sckrambled Awemelet (2 days ago)
To all the dislikes, well.... fuck u
Lucax Corporations (2 days ago)
9:19 For when Kaffe’s... Wonderful contributions happened.
[VeXeD] JKjolter653 (2 days ago)
Because I am not *dunk*
Holo Sohma (2 days ago)
XD them drunk is awesome
Aresse (2 days ago)
10:31 Begining of the driking game
Amplitude Gemini (3 days ago)
Cy talks of Soviet being a lightweight, but forgot that he wasn't taking "shots". He was taking "big swigs"...
Lunawolfnerd (3 days ago)
7:08 .... there are not only chickens on this map. There is sheep as well!
Kyle Kim (3 days ago)
7:18 perfectly cut screams
I laughed my ass off😂😂😂
EviL KiLLeR (3 days ago)
5 drunk people plays and wins against them so bad that other team calls them hackers. How bad you have to be to do that lmao
Tatiana Novak (4 days ago)
4:15 "help me you fucking comunist" gets me every time😂
Canaris (4 days ago)
Cyanide is such a fucking cunt.. He teamkills, he insults everyone around him but the second someone fires back he gets all pissy and abuses admin power.. Hate that curry faggot.
Niko Cat (5 days ago)
Where can i find that stream? I really want to know
The Time Lord (5 days ago)
Soviet says n-word is the description
Marv 21 (5 days ago)
He also got zeused at 12:45 not knifed, but he got a knife kill so everyone else should drink xD
SgtShamwow (5 days ago)
Because I'm not DUNK.
Twat T (6 days ago)
*im not a pussy :(*
Aranea Nox (6 days ago)
This has to be the best, purest, funniest video I've seen in a long, long time. Thank you.
Panzer Raven (6 days ago)
I dont get it... this is how i game every night...
1989Brolly1989 (7 days ago)
If shot is the standard 25ml then they can't drink alcohol cuz they all are very weak ;)
Asta (7 days ago)
wtf? theyre all drunk
Christin Miller (7 days ago)
"Sit on me" 16:24
Jace of Spades (7 days ago)
Dat BAC tho
Hannes Davik (7 days ago)
he did not get knifed at 12:48 you can se in the top right that he got killed by the guy with the tazer
Melody Headburn (7 days ago)
2:15 what does nicking mean in this context?
FaithBetta (8 days ago)
Idk who the Scottish guy is but I absolutely love him lmao Soviet dying of laughter is amazing.
Lewis Maper Gamers (8 days ago)
Plss just write +cl
Edward Costley (8 days ago)
*Womble.exe has stopped working*
Bittersweetmochi (8 days ago)
Womble 8+ shots: *laughs in drunk*
Graf Gingula (8 days ago)
Cyanide scream gets me every time at 8:31
Jacky Zhang (9 days ago)
18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30
Aidan R (9 days ago)
If anyone didn’t notice, Womble got a knife but was killed by a taser, yet he drank three shots.
Myriam Troncoso Lerma (9 days ago)
Where can I find the whole drunk stream?
Lali Bv (8 days ago)
i'm trying to find it on his twitch , but i'm failing
Islandkid679 (9 days ago)
Was that Frankie person in the end Frankie of FrankePCgaming? Haven't seen his vids in years...
Adam Samsel (9 days ago)
Can we PLEASE have that uncensored video clip?
MaiChi Nguyen (9 days ago)
i'm not a pussy <(`^´)> ( I imagine this was that his face looked like)
leathlkiller Lolz (9 days ago)
“Oh my ranks been upgraded I’m back up to Master Guardian Elite” No fucking hesitation and cyanide goes mental
Krypton 28 (9 days ago)
He talks so innocently 19:08 m not a pussy
VTH Alucard (10 days ago)
Haven't laughed so hard in so long. Randomly came across ur video
lahiru ruwantha (10 days ago)
9:41 does anyone know the name?
Halo_ODST (10 days ago)
Womble just got *hammered*
The Ravenous Lamppost (10 days ago)
Why are you even allowed to throw grenades at this point?!?
Captain Firepower (10 days ago)
2:20 smiley face on the ground : )
Enchanted Emerald (10 days ago)
The way he fucking said "cucumber" broke me... Good lord this is why I'm never gonna drink alcohol xD
Michel de Jongh (10 days ago)
Is it me or didnt he got knifed but shot? I think he took 2 shots for nothing haha
KillStreak (10 days ago)
Bastard Mother Taco 1:36 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Paladin Spartac (10 days ago)
I have to admit I don't like Cyanide even after all of the arma and dayz and now the csgo
Emma Paju (10 days ago)
Im wheezing
Lonely Burrito (10 days ago)
8:39 slide whistle
Guthlix (10 days ago)
Soviet you got tazered, not knifed...
ChickenDoggo (10 days ago)
Everyone is drunk AF The game chat : TURN OFF YOUR HACKS.
Amanda C_F (11 days ago)
I think it's safe to say that I'm just as much of a lightweight as Soviet. All giggly and hell and unable to speak WORDS! Let alone TYPE words! Fucking hilarious though lmfao. Which reminds me... i should buy a couple bottles of wine and just kinda down them real quick. See how THAT goes! lmao
Alexander Durocher (11 days ago)
Dont listen to them Womble! Thats a lot of alcohol! U aint no lightweight.
孤冰凌 (11 days ago)
Omfg Soviet gets so cute when he is drunk (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑) I only rage when I'm drunk 😂
Official Glitch (11 days ago)
They say he's a lightweight after 12 shots??? Does Soviet play Charlie Sheen?
Dark Night (11 days ago)
This was fucking great. 😂👏🏼
Can someone send me a link to cyanides channel
Chloèboox (11 days ago)
I've never laughed so muchhhh😂😂😂😂
H. Cain (11 days ago)
I've been watching 10:30 onwards whenever i need a cheer up just cos soviet's giggle makes me laugh XD
sehun sexc (12 days ago)
Imran Munim (12 days ago)
The thing about the isis theme tune is probably the best
Billy Kid (12 days ago)
I can just tell the difference in T A S T E ! !
nelly bear (13 days ago)
Cynide I love you! Hahahhaha
evaundele123 (13 days ago)
I kind of wanna meet Elenii. Just because I am also a German woman and my name is Elena.
silverstarrr22 (14 days ago)
steven flynn (14 days ago)
Their funny as hell when their drunk
steven flynn (14 days ago)
I completely lost it at 8:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I couldn't stop laughing
steven flynn (14 days ago)
I laughed so hard to this video I had to stop at 5:30 just to take a deep breath and Wait for a bit then continue watching it
lowkey lorna (14 days ago)
I’m crying this is way too funny 😂😂😂😂 omfg
Maanakin (14 days ago)
Do this again plz
HeYoNiA (15 days ago)
Back when I watched this I thought they were all underaged drinking then I just realized womble's 28 fecking years old
Justen Smith (16 days ago)
Can't stand CS buy Womble and the team make it fun
Geeman Amatin (16 days ago)
7:07 Minecraft villager noises.
Riley Black (16 days ago)
I love how you can see the other team accusing them of hacking in the chat
jullezuu - (16 days ago)
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BLACK HAND (16 days ago)
I've rewatched these CS:BS like 10 times in the span of 2 years, literally the entire playlist I have rewatched it 10 freakin times . It's just so fun to listen and watch these guys just be buds and play, and the "OVEREDITING"😂 Cyanide says that WOMBLE does in his videos just shows his care and effort that he does, I just love it.😲 He could just crank out these vids like crazy to make profit but he doesn't. Sure his main platform is twitch but other streamers would just compile the highlights of the footage they record and that's that. I just needed to comment on how much I love and respect you "Womble". I don't even play CS, I mean I've played CS but not CS:GO and I watch this. All I can say is cheers and thank you mate for the hours of entertainment and laughter you have given me. "THANK YOU"
T heDeli900 (16 days ago)
That conversation can really be misheard at 16:35 - Just get on top of me. • Now what? • What are we doing? • Why are we in this alleyway? • I helped :DD
Ai kitty (5 days ago)
Sword scar (17 days ago)
Justin Williams (17 days ago)
It’s nice to know that Cyanide is being inclusive with his wedding ceremonies. 😂
carlos hortas (17 days ago)
this is the content i can get behind!!!
Catus Gamer (17 days ago)
Its not Womble got drunk you dummy
Vanda sóvágó (17 days ago)
Womble giggle is adorable :)
EagleBuster (17 days ago)
You didn’t get knifed at 12:47
Kevin Spiller (18 days ago)
They were so hammered at 12:45 that soviet died by a taser and everyone tought he got knifed 😂
EarFarce4 (18 days ago)
Cyanide'd be a great Commissar.
DanRage47 (20 days ago)
We gonna start pre-firing,okay ? *get shot* AAAAAAAAA
The Anime Gamer (21 days ago)
Spinach & cucumber vodka, for when you want to be a healthy alcoholic
Perkon (21 days ago)
This video has been marked as music due to cynanide beautiful
Blue Domino (21 days ago)
To be honest, I would be dead at the 5th shot.
Karim A (22 days ago)
That laugh at 15:54
Ignis444 (22 days ago)
I'm sick with the flu right now and your video is making me laugh and cough close to death 10/10 would nearly kill myself with laughter again
Lj Dalope (22 days ago)
AceGaming64 (23 days ago)
Bakuwu (24 days ago)
I just listened to 20 minutes of... TGIS CUE CUM BAR ODDKA TASTE SHITT IM GONNY GET AIDS

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