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GRAND MASTER COURTNEY | Pokémon Trading Card Game #23 | ProJared Plays

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This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It's the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I've never played this before, but I've heard good things and I want to give it a shot. ►New here? Subscribe to ProJared Plays for more card games! -- http://bit.ly/1oQf8d8 ►Main Channel - http://youtube.com/dmjared ►T-Shirts!! -- http://theyetee.com/projared ►Follow me for instant updates on new videos! Twitter -- http://twitter.com/projared Instagram -- http://instagram.com/projaredgram ProJared Theme Remix by INDEMAPimp & Waterflame -- https://www.youtube.com/user/indemaPIMP https://www.youtube.com/user/waterflame89 #pokemon #pokemontradingcardgame #gameboygames
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Text Comments (293)
Greg Atlas (5 days ago)
Hey, um... Why are there decapitated birds on the floor?
Alejandro Maselli (6 days ago)
Thats right Jared, trust that you will get the 1/256 chance for all 8 coins to miss lol
Eugene Wookie (6 days ago)
Has anyone told him that the coin flips are all predetermined from the start? So he could potentially map out his coin tosses and know whether he'll win or lose them.
Eugene Wookie (6 days ago)
Not that he should. It would take the fun out of the "randomness". But if he wanted to go for that level of strategy.
Sam Medley (8 days ago)
A true master learns his opponent's strategy... and then plays right into it. I can't tell if you're incredibly brilliant or just incredibly lucky.
TheTruePacmanMG (9 days ago)
Jared forgets what venomoth does every time he uses it lol
TX BattleJunk86 (9 days ago)
I think that lass card showed how bad the AI really
TheGaymingAvenger (9 days ago)
I started playing this again (and buying a second copy, virtual console) because of this playthrough. This is the only video I've watched though since I am just about to face her myself and I was worried the first episodes would be too cringe for me. No offense. I am actually amused and impressed you did this with a bug deck. Good job, Jared, and thanks for making me fall in love with this game all over again. Even if I did pay more now than I did when I got the physical copy back in the day, haha.
silversalamence10 (9 days ago)
20:57 a missed opportunity for Miss Editor.
Roach (10 days ago)
We get it Jared you're good at this game. No need to rub it in by using a bug deck against the fire grand master.
Buderus69 (10 days ago)
It must have bugged Courtney pretty hard that she did not get her legendary moltres... Probably made her feel insecture. VVhen no naTural resistence is available you usually would lose the fight, but that last fight went so butter smooth it was almost a free win... a butterfree win... you totally beat her parass! Somebody should make her feel better and order a nice pie for her from a catering service, they would surely bring that cater-pie to her personally if they knew their address. But someone else should write up her address, my handwriting is hard to descyther. ...Okay I'll stop now...
Regan Tackett (11 days ago)
Miss 👏🏻 Editor 👏🏻
King Jon (11 days ago)
I desperately need you to play the sequel to this game. This is one series of yours that I have been incredibly invested in. Amazing content Jared and Miss Editor.
Stick (11 days ago)
Courtney stalled me for a ridiculously long time with that Magmar that has smog. I lost something like 7 coin flips in a row. When my turn finally did come up, I steamrolled her with a Blastoise. Maybe I'll follow your example and stick with my water deck against Steve. Some of my cards are weak to grass instead of lightning, so it may not be as much of an issue.
Reyquiem (11 days ago)
You know what? I have no problem with you making a bug deck. Sure, you're going in with a type disadvantage. But in real life you don't normally get to build your deck to counter your opponent's beforehand, so it makes sense to build your deck to cover its own weaknesses. And you're just building the deck you want to build, and that's a good thing too. Note that I am typing this only just after you said you'd build a bug deck, so I don't yet know how exactly you'll build it. But I'm sure it'll be pretty good. (Just please don't stretch out the game needlessly like you did last time. If you can win, then win.) Edit: Ha ha, nope, just bugs. But I'm still okay with this. :D
Dylanrockin (11 days ago)
I'm gonna say this: that fight with Courtney could have gone way worse, if she drew the ACTUAL Legendary Moltres Card that has the Firegiver ability, which allows her to get up 4 Fire Energy cards from her deck and place them in her hand. That card is the bane of that battle and I'm surprised she didn't play it at all.
CullinationMedia (10 days ago)
Agreed. I’d say he got pretty lucky there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Moltres NOT show up before lol
Nekufan1000000 (11 days ago)
I dunno why people keep saying the controls are "touchy" or whatever. I played this on my phone with a Dpad half the size of an actual Dpad (because my phone is small) and any input errors I made were very clearly my fault. Just take a second before you press any confirmation buttons in a battle and you're fine.
Juan D'Marco (11 days ago)
I'll miss this series when it's over, although I mostly listen to it and barely look at the screen lol
SquishSquish ImAFish (11 days ago)
I don't understand why you keep saying that you "messed up again" - You beat Courtney on your first try, right?
Otacon464 (10 days ago)
He messed up on a few other battles but always wins somehow
james goebel (11 days ago)
I keep screaming energy search it’s a literal one for one your deck goes from 60 to 56 and makes your deck much more consistent
Jarppa Karppa (11 days ago)
Hopefully Jared has told Ms. Editor about the venonat meme.
Reena Ribona (11 days ago)
I don’t know why but seeing the grandmaster made me want to see a channel that explains character A.I and something in it would be like here’s the a.i on the first trainer you fight versus the champion like does the a.i get smarter as you go on like I literally want to know if the grandmasters are literally better than say the dude you fight for energy in masons
StevenUlyssesPerhero (11 days ago)
I beat the whole game using a Fire/Psychic (And one Dragonite) deck, and Courtney was the Grand Master I had the most trouble with, because she kept getting her Ninetails gassed up for Dancing Embers and cleaned out my bench faster than I could refill it.
Chaney Boyle (11 days ago)
Jerd blaming the d-pad for him bringing bugs to a fire fight.
Furedo Flakes (11 days ago)
07:59 Someones busy default dancing.
John J. Gillick (11 days ago)
Man, I was hoping he'd switch to a water deck to face Thunder Steve
Shadow Panda (11 days ago)
Can someone do a "I've done goofed"-counter? Because Jared sure did a lot of those this episode.
Aubrey Root (11 days ago)
Paras was like, “I want to play” and Jared was like: “oh noooo!”
Doom of the Destiny (11 days ago)
I dunno about anyone else but gentlemen Steve was always my wall to hurdle... so many coin flips... tails for me heads for you rng heck... always just had to run either fast decks or hyper beam decks to keep his energy low...
Daniel Cubberley (11 days ago)
Im loving this series and I have to say: Miss Editor is making it even better!
shrews12001 (11 days ago)
do not underestimate Grandmaster Throbbin' Rod.
Canadian Ninja (11 days ago)
Beating Courtney first try somehow took 40 minutes. That deck building must have taken longer than I thought....
Nestrior (11 days ago)
The worst part of the Grand Masters are the re-fights. I rarely succeeded with the same deck twice, even after stomping them. Still annoyed that I didn't get that GB Mew. The one and only card that was missing from 100%....
Britta Moline (11 days ago)
I'm really excited for you to play the sequel -- it's sort of the gold/silver to this game's red/blue in that it takes everything good, doubles it, and then throws additional mini-games on top of that.
Darkquoter (11 days ago)
Ya got heart, kid, going up against an opponent knowing you're at a disadvantage...it's kind of like using a Pikachu to attack an Onix...
Shadowfang (11 days ago)
Nope... you CAN change AND save...
Shadowfang (11 days ago)
ACTUALLY you were lucky that KEN didnt pull out his COLORLESS shit... because that wouldve wracked you XD
TheMegaChicken (11 days ago)
When I saw a new episode of this was out I was so happy. I’m really loving this Pokemon trading card game video game playthrough. It is fun and surprisingly tense in places
PetitMew (11 days ago)
does anyone else hum or "sing" to Jared's outro theme? Or is it just me rockin' out on my own?
Cinderblox91 (11 days ago)
14:50 Put some flex tape on Pinsir
BashyBae (12 days ago)
I just beat the game in 10 hour. Used a rain dance team and spammed the ever loving shit out of whirlpool #SquirtleSquad
marychu (12 days ago)
fun venomoth deck: venomoth plus all three eeveelutions that only use colourless energy. type shifts for days :)
Son Gopaul (12 days ago)
Congrats on winning despite the odds, Jared! Continue preaching the words of Karen!
BeakerPD (12 days ago)
There were avenues to victory in that first game, if not for a ridiculous number of baffling decisions.
Schlaym (12 days ago)
Bless Ms Editor for typing out what everyone watching thinks.
KappaMikeyTSF (12 days ago)
I hate how he could have beaten Courtney much earlier if he used Computer Search to bring out his 2nd colorless energy, give Scyther one grass, then hit with Guillotine. The energy removal might still be in play, but at least Ninetails would have been dead before it.
Yshsvs Fygcftygx (12 days ago)
I just realized that the game spelt Ninetales wrong
TheZenZer0 (12 days ago)
Realized I never commented on this earlier, so heres a comment
Canadian Ninja (11 days ago)
I've never replied to you so here's a reply.
PANICBLADE (12 days ago)
Fire Flying Moltres... Let's take it on with a bug deck.
John Lemons (12 days ago)
Really lightning steve, the leaders name is Rod why is he not lightning Rod
Otacon464 (10 days ago)
Because not everyone does s job that lets them have a pun for a name
Noname Void Oblivion (12 days ago)
Beating Courtney, a fire deck user, with a bug deck...Now that's why we call you 'Pro'Jared!
splodin logan (12 days ago)
Wow, I can't believe he beat the fire lady with a bug deck on his first try. Too bad there was like a ten minute part where literally nothing happened.
MTTR.Akter (12 days ago)
To think the mistake was one of the best plays for the long run XD. Nice job pulling through with Venomoth!
Miles Joyner (12 days ago)
I played this through on the 3ds. The MOST Amazing 6$ I’ve spent in a long time. And I can say that the menus are very touchy on the 3ds emulated port as well. Very ballsy to go in with bugs Jared! I believe in you! The legendary Pokémon cards will be yours!
Flamemaster (12 days ago)
Ohhhhhhh Jared’s just Ash, it all makes sense now. Keep believing in the power of bug friendship Jared. #Fucktypeadvantages
Fantome001 (12 days ago)
Courtney always stomped me with her Moltres. I must have had some really unlucky draws because she always seemed to have fire energy ready to go.
TheCrazyhusky (12 days ago)
Jared is going for the Ash Ketchum strat. Making your pokemon fight against foes they are weak to. It works in the anime. Pikachu seems to win against ground types all the time.
C Smith (12 days ago)
Tfw Jared still can’t remember how Venomoth works Read the fucking card
Renato Corvaro (12 days ago)
FIRST TRY Honestly Jared, mad respect for sticking to your favourite through its weakness. I always take my Fire stuff against Water types.
HIYGamer (12 days ago)
I decided to pull out my old copy of this game and start a new file. I've built a deck that I'm fairly happy with. It's built around Machamp and Alakazam, with Slobro ,and Pokemon Breeder in the deck for redundancy. I've won a few games despite not seeing any energy for 90% of the match, because I got Alakazam and Machamp out and my opponent had to keep attacking into Machamp while I healed it every turn.
Mike Q (12 days ago)
'What do they call you?' CAR RAM ROD
Tucks Plays (12 days ago)
Obligatory supportive comment
Gareth Wilkins (12 days ago)
Using pokemon that are weak against the leaders you are facing? Who are you, Ash Ketchum?
Jonathan Legassie (12 days ago)
And he said Magmar was a greater threat than Vulpix
mindisfrozen (12 days ago)
Who Takes a bug deck... to fight a lirtal flaming bird!
J Robs (12 days ago)
Got real scared he was going to take the Double Colourlesses out there, despite Scyther, arguable his best card, benefitting from them
WavemasterAshi (12 days ago)
Dr. Mason...you're supposedly a Pokemon TCG research, yet you're advocating 3/2/1 of evolution chains instead of 4/3/2....you, sir, are a noob.
Katiúscia Nunes (12 days ago)
When I played this game long time ago, I had only 2 decks. A grass one and a fire one. The fire one wasn't so great, but the grass one was epic and I totally picked it to beat the game. So if I did it, you will too, Jared! Go go go!
Greensburg (12 days ago)
So Courtney decided to put her flagship cards at the bottom of her deck...both times. GG Courtney, jesus.
Kaizo Audio (12 days ago)
Squirming the whole time. Not out of pure excitement, but with a bad case of “WHY?!”
Erik J (12 days ago)
I feel like you chose a bug deck to go against a fire deck for no purpose other than to pad out the series. This makes me think that you think I’m dumb.
Shifty Fish (12 days ago)
I just want you to know, You inspired me to play through this myself. I did so with a bug deck that focused entirely on Scyther and Pinsir. 3 of each, that's all. I destroyed Everyone. It was super fun, thanks for that.
MahouShonenLuka (12 days ago)
Yes Jared, using BUGS that are weak to FIRE against the FIRE QUEEN is a great strategy!
DerpyBerb (12 days ago)
Ms. Editor should watch Super Beard Bros, then she would get half of his jokes.
The Gaming Corner (12 days ago)
Impressive victory using bugs against a fire deck. Tough fight done well.
Thatone Guyflip (12 days ago)
Indeed, but the cpu is predictable and bad.
SuperStarTidus18 (12 days ago)
Why didn’t you computer search super energy removal???
LunarWingCloud (12 days ago)
PTCG's progression is actually one of the best Pokemon games, IMO.
Prince Komali (12 days ago)
I always hated this part of the game, Courtney is by far the hardest Grand Master to face, Moltres also makes it really hard to disrupt her energies. Then the power level of them starts to drop off with Rod being the weakest.
Volk551 (12 days ago)
Jared Your pulling an Ash here. No bugs Water.
thegamesresearcher (12 days ago)
Wow, i knew i was getting myself in some %$#&%$ when i went against the grandmasters with a fighting deck: all legendary cards resist it, my only advantage was with the lightning guy (with no resistance myself to lightning and with a high risk of getting stun-locked to death), no resistance in general to any of the other types... and all of them being %$#%#$ cheaters that only stall until they can charge their legendaries... but seeing Jared jump in with a deck with an actual weakness to one of the masters, no particular resistance to any of them and NO advantage... now that* is playing on the edge =D
Michael Griffin (12 days ago)
The Grand Masters now stand before our Champ in the making! First to stand before him is Courtney, the Moltres Master! What's this? The return of the fabled Bug Catcher Jared!? Against all odds we are graced by a literal David vs. Goliath match as Jared once again dons his Bug Net! After that exciting display I personally can't wait to see the next Grand Master! So please, join me, in the next episode!
JakesFavorites (12 days ago)
I just wait till he has to make a new and better deck after losing his streak.
LazyGaming2320 (12 days ago)
Man, Jared beat Courtney on his first try! What a legend!
K.O. Sounds (12 days ago)
Actual cringe culture is watching Jared not utilise his cards to their full potential. BUGS. BUT THEY'LL BURN. Dx
Professor Penne (12 days ago)
been getting over the loss of a pet I had for 15 years and your videos have been a great help in putting a smile back on my face. thank you jared.
Deemosabi (12 days ago)
Jared's deck is really gonna bug the competition. Haha I'll see myself out. Thanks and goodnight
Camkitsune (12 days ago)
Of the four 'Legendary' cards I think Moltres is the most legitimately useful. Zapdos requires you to have a nearly empty board to be worth chancing, Articuno is underwhelming, and Dragonite's payoff is pretty weak compared to how hard he is to set up. Meanwhile, you can combo Moltres with Mr. Fuji and Scoop Up really easily, making it that much easier to spam Flamethrower.
jackybs (11 days ago)
Yea moltres scoop deck is my favorite deck to use and I think it’s one of if not the best deck simply because it filters your deck of energy cards so when you draw it’s a better chance for something more useful than energy. I also love steamrolling the grand masters with that deck and using bill, prof oak, and energy removal. On top of that I use the special dragonite not for its heal but because dragonair lets you discard energy cards with one of its attacks. Of course, kangaskhan, and snorlax and double colorless energy for the draw, tanks and spiciness.
Skunt (11 days ago)
The Zapdos guy kept killing his own team when I played.
Greensburg (12 days ago)
Yeah Moltres and Articuno are the only useful ones, the other two suck.
Hanyed Magz (12 days ago)
I'm so proud of you for defeating the super fire deck with your bugs on the first try! <3
Jolvergan (12 days ago)
Turning your puter off saves energy and extends the life of many parts MS. EDITOR!
Shayne Rawls (12 days ago)
Jared you want to win with Bugs, that's fine. But how do you play Magic the Gathering and don't understand deck construction? Run the 4 Bill, 3 Oak. Run less Energy cause you're drawing more. Then add 4 Gust of Wind and 4 Energy Removal. Your trainers should be the most boring thing about your deck. Your pokemon can be whatever you want. Congrats on throwing grass into the flames
Yakumo Yomi (12 days ago)
+Shayne Rawls Generally speaking, optimization alone doesn't qualify as "meta". It may just be that he doesn't see what makes the "4 Bill, 3 Oak" so desirable. It could simply be an oversight, like how he's overlooked the usefulness of Pokemon Flute when paired with Gust of Wind.
Shayne Rawls (12 days ago)
+Yakumo Yomi I can understand your point and his. I just wonder why he doesn't want to optimize the trainers. I don't care what pokemon he uses. I didn't even think optimizing can count as meta lol
Yakumo Yomi (12 days ago)
He clearly doesn't want to adhere to the "meta" strategies. While that's admirable, I'm not the type of person that will hamstring my performance purely to spite the meta.
Katrina Payne (12 days ago)
Raditz: Taking on an opponent several times your own strength in a one on one battle. Such a cunning strategy... wait... cunning is not the right word... Piccolo: Don't you mean retarded? Raditz: Yes... that is what I meant to say! Now... disregarding the Namekian... In response to the using bugs against fire.
MetalSmasherGaming (12 days ago)
Courtney seems like she'd be Flannery's TCG counterpart.
Shawn Heatherly (12 days ago)
Bugs versus fire: the foolproof strategy.
Bazil the Stoner (12 days ago)
Spoilers for the next episode : He presses A and realizes they give him a chance to modify his deck between the matches.
Courtney Woodbury (12 days ago)
A well played game, sir. You beat me fair and square. :P
UnluckyUrsine (12 days ago)
I've been waiting for Jared to get to the 4 grand masters. There is NO FUCKING WAY he's going to beat the champion. I beat this game fair and square, but then out pops the champ and this cheating fuck annihilates you. It's not even funny. I had to cheat :(
PixelGoat (12 days ago)
11:12 Whatever you say, Weevil Underwood! ...Um...Insector Haga? Tomato, tomatoe. It's cool, I like Escavalier and Forretress myself! Speaking of overcoming fire, that's pretty much my motto as a monotype Steel type user, lol.
Gamer Brine101 (12 days ago)
And you complained that there weren't enough fire pokemon!
Fredrik Olsson (12 days ago)
Wow, I can´t believe Jared defeated a fire deck with bugs on his first try!
Winged Mirage (12 days ago)
Jared, not only can you change decks between matches, but you can also SAVE. I highly recommend doing this if you don't want to face Courtney multiple times.

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