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But This is the WATER Club!! | Pokémon Trading Card Game #12 | ProJared Plays

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This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It's the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I've never played this before, but I've heard good things and I want to give it a shot. ►New here? Subscribe to ProJared Plays for more card games! -- http://bit.ly/1oQf8d8 ►Main Channel - http://youtube.com/dmjared ►T-Shirts!! -- http://theyetee.com/projared ►Follow me for instant updates on new videos! Twitter -- http://twitter.com/projared Instagram -- http://instagram.com/projaredgram ProJared Theme Remix by INDEMAPimp & Waterflame -- https://www.youtube.com/user/indemaPIMP https://www.youtube.com/user/waterflame89 #pokemon #pokemontradingcardgame #gameboygames
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Text Comments (198)
Tater Cat (23 days ago)
You'd think Jared would be used to all the weird deck compositions by now... Why hate Jynx? :/
Juan D'Marco (27 days ago)
Slowbro was too fast for Jerd's eyes.
Nicolas Lam (1 month ago)
Ms. Editor might be the best thing about this episode.
Caindra (1 month ago)
the jigglypuff is eating gastly lol
raekuul (1 month ago)
Aaand this is why I keep an Energy Removal on hand
Overlord (1 month ago)
Ryan Schneider (1 month ago)
They are learning your strategies Jared!
I've come to the conclusion that watching ProJared Plays cures depression 😘
Dracorex13 (1 month ago)
Amanda went easy on you because you called her cute.
NinjaNinjet (1 month ago)
"welcome to the water club GO SCYTHER" KILLED ME XD
Dillon Mosher (1 month ago)
Chris, put up a picture of Venomoth and a picture of Caterpie. No one can tell the difference.
Jacob K (1 month ago)
I wish Nintendo/Gamefreak would make another one of these, and it has EVERY CARD. ... Or maybe just everything starting from the XY block? IDK I just wish we had another story-based TCG video game.
KRX50 (1 month ago)
Y'know, I feel like playing cards by a pool is not the greatest idea because with all that water around, if any of the cards fell onto wet floor or in the pool itself, they'd be ruined
Amgarrak (1 month ago)
Scyther, in a water gym? Seems legit.
PixelGoat (1 month ago)
Oh my God, the Slowbro troll was amazing. That actually directs my attention to the player character's portrait in the game, which amuses me because he looks silently pissed off, lol. Definitely looks like someone who got fucked over by a dick move Slowbro!
Rocky Doyle (1 month ago)
Dang. This playthrough got me to pick this game back up. It took forever to get the deck I wanted to use together, but Using Muk, Scyther, Tentacruel, and Wigglytuff was pretty nice. The GB-Only Jigglypuff's attack that is basically a pokeball card is real helpful setting up for a Wigglytuff wave, and both Scyther and Tentacruel are nice and have free retreat costs. Muk mainly just sits on the bench and turns off pokemon powers.
LazyGaming2320 (1 month ago)
"Welcome to the Water Club! GO SCYTHER!"
Just Harry (1 month ago)
we only use water pokemon HA GOT HIM
Jec Films (1 month ago)
can you do a topten worst and best games of 2018
Britta Moline (1 month ago)
I love this game
Britta Moline (1 month ago)
I love this series!!
Renzeos (1 month ago)
the pool is all the water they have in that water club
Alex Riker (1 month ago)
At the first water fight, should have used Gust of Wind to bring in either the fossil or the doll, to get a prize and deal damage to the scyther.
Viper6390 (1 month ago)
Destroying the doll or the fossil will not give you a prize. They are mainly used as a distraction while you build up energy on your benched Pokemon.
beni anti (1 month ago)
i feel like you should try to include more of the same pokemon rather than a bigger variety, 4 evolution lines is probably the highest you should go in 1 deck, but then have like 3-2 and/or 3-2-2 of them so you get up to between 20 and 25 pokemon cards, then have a similar bumber of energies and the rest is trainer (should be arouns 10-15)
Hikaru WDM (1 month ago)
I like how well done the sprite card artwork is done. Too bad this hasn't got a gba sequel to my knowledge...not that I know how the hell the pkmn card game works. Ygo makes more sense to me (although I've kinda given up on keeping up to date with that, I think I'll stick with the battle city style of dueling).
TX BattleJunk86 (1 month ago)
Man I remember how touchy these menus were and adding random shit while scrolling around
Why are we talking about fighting club?
german brossard (1 month ago)
Jared why dont you use confuse ray with gastly? if you are not gona use it, why you put two psych energy in him?
Soumein (1 month ago)
I imagine if this were a real fight, Slowbro wandered into the arena, looked and Jared and just lets big yawn, "Slooooooooooow" As he tries to reason with Slowbro to get out of the way, and it taking all his attention, this is symbolized by losing all the cards in his hand.
Sir Ubersupersloth (1 month ago)
Miss editor was on point this video!
HIYGamer (1 month ago)
If you build a fire / fighting deck, that would be kinda cool to see, because my brother's 2 starting decks were an electric / psychic deck, and a fire / fighting deck.
Broden Shean (1 month ago)
Miss Editor has always had the skills, but that Slowbro edit was amazing.
Shayne Rawls (1 month ago)
I'm enjoying this series. Thanks Jared. With that being said, why do you make such bad decisions. I wish to play you in real life so I can beat you in honor of Raichu and Charizard
Katrina Payne (1 month ago)
"Ghastly is going to get expanded to death?" ... oh... I need to draw some Moe Ghastly Gijinka expansion artwork...
Crow (1 month ago)
I love this series so much.
Burp Doughnut (1 month ago)
This episode had me saying "That's so Jared" throughout the entire video.. Classic.
Kayla Cornett (1 month ago)
So I love this series and super smash bros. Ultimate, but you should play Terraria sometime soon. It's amazing.
Tucks Plays (1 month ago)
Ms. Editor was great this episode.
David Lyckman (1 month ago)
Jared, Gastly's retreat cost is free just switch to Kadabra.
FrozenFairy (1 month ago)
Expand Puff
KnightBearGames (1 month ago)
The colors on this look off compared to my 3DS version....
Grammatical Rouge (1 month ago)
16:17 "She's going to oversaturate Gastly to re-death!" And Ms. Editor earn'd herself a cookie. Baked by Jared himself.
Chris11190x (1 month ago)
Jared if you want an ultimate deck i have the best build for you. Its my old deck from when i played the actual tcg when it came out. 2 to 4 mr mime 4x abra 3x kadabra 2x alakazam 2 to 4 chansey 4x scoop up The rest is basically up to you. I use bills and prof oak for drawing more cards. Pokemon breeders and traders are super helpful. Have mr mime as active (best pkmn ability) any damage he takes use alakazam to move it to chansey and when chansey is at 110 dmg use scoop up and replay chansey. One of the best decks you can make in this game
angrynightmob (1 month ago)
The guy who took your Graveler in the Fighting Club will give you a rare promo card when you give him 5 different uncommon cards. But he'll only ask for new ones when you save and then reload the save.
Lord Tyrathius (1 month ago)
When the damaged Scyther came out my first thought was "Oh shit, she has a Plus Power"
Some Random Guy (1 month ago)
She never actually did it, but Amanda's strategy was to build up her bench using Clefairy Dolls and Mysterious Fossils in order to power up Wigglytuff, who does more damage the more Pokémon are on the Bench. Also, more than likely, Amanda's hand was mostly Energy Cards. Neither Jigglypuff nor Scyther needed more Energy and the other cards can't take Energy, so her hand was useless.
Zylo82 (1 month ago)
Jared: see if I'll make a Fire fighting deck... Me: HECK YEAH!!! thats muh bread n butter.
cursedex (1 month ago)
I lost it at the second Scyther. Way to go, Water Club.
OrangeStrawberry15 (1 month ago)
I know you’ve already beat Amanda in the water gym, but I’ve been stuck on her for a week. I started this shortly after you started playing and I can’t beat her freakin Wigglytuff to save my life. She threw out all those Clefairy Dolls and Mysterious Fossils to fill her bench so Wigglytuff could use Do the Wave and wipe most of my team for 60 damage. And I can’t seem to get any good coin flips either. She’s just terrible. (Idek if you have to beat her, but she pissed me off and now I’m determined to beat her)
blazingsamurai89 (1 month ago)
Son Gopaul (1 month ago)
Oh god Imakuni and his Chocobo-ass theme tune. Surprised Jared hasn't bumped into him yet.
Kaizo Audio (1 month ago)
I’m biting my nails whenever he’s scrolling through menus, whispering “slow down.” Nervous.
tjallan53149 (1 month ago)
Jared, you and your editor give me so much joy every time you post these. You two are a combination of the likes I've never seen, and I love it.
dsproductions19 (1 month ago)
15:45 Energy Conversion would have been a good idea, since Lick can't do damage after Expand, and you have 2 energy in the discard. Also, Kadabra does 50 damage base, which would be 10 after the 'Expand' effect and resistance. You don't really need to paralyze here, as Kadabra would only get hit 2 times for 20 damage total before Jigglypuff went down, as opposed to just 10 damage without the paralysis. Also, was it common for resistance to be -30 damage? I know that Jigglypuff has -30, but I thought most cards were -20.
Otaku (1 month ago)
-30 Resistance was the norm until the Diamond & Pearl expansion, which officially released in May of 2007. In April of 2011, the Black & White expansion brought standardized -20 Resistance for Pokémon that had any. Between those dates, Resistance could vary (same for Weakness).
MegaMannyEXE (1 month ago)
Fossil/Water Deck?
MetalSmasherGaming (1 month ago)
Slowbro, you sneaky bastard...
Grob Bley (1 month ago)
Jared seriously undervalues Kadabra. Decent health but serious damage card, 50 damage for only 3 energy AND it can recover if you have excess psychic energy (which Jared did). It is one of the best cards available in the game!
Otaku (1 month ago)
I think you may be overvaluing Kadabra. It only has 60 HP, even thought it is a Stage 1. It Evolves from a 30 HP Basic. Both cards are [P] Weak. A little over half the Colorless Pokémon are Psychic Resistant. 50 damage for three Energy is good, but only when a Pokémon can live long enough to power up and attack. Jared simply should *not* have the extra Energy or time to use Recover; even the computer opponent's will sometimes be doing 30+ damage per attack. Kadabra is a useful attacker in Alakazam decks, but there are better [P] attackers in this game.
Transient Reality (1 month ago)
Really love this playthrough, Jared! I decided to download this game because it looked like fun and I liked watching you play it, and I'm so glad I did. I play the TCGO, and have a lot of fun building my own decks (though I'm nowhere near an expert), but I never really like that I can't use the decks I build against the NPCs in that game. Here, I feel a lot more freedom, even though there's a lot less cards. I'm having a lot of fun with it! Plus I absolutely CRUSHED the Grass Club Master with my amazing opening hand and draws (Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard right off the bat, used Professor Oak and got a handful of Fire Energy!) and took her out 6-0! I guess what I'm saying is, thanks Jared! Really happy you played/are playing this! And of course, thanks to Miss Editor too!
trevor stigler (1 month ago)
hello me again, dont mean to spam i just wanna make sure you see it, i think you should play yugioh duelis of the roses Jared, i really think youd like it
dsproductions19 (1 month ago)
The guy who wanted the Graveler apparently asks for 5 different cards, and then gives you a promo Pikachu after being given all 5.
Peckingbird (1 month ago)
This was a lucky match! Amanda can be a pain to play against; if she gets a Wigglytuff out she does a lot of damage dependent on how many benched pokemon she has. All those Clafairy dolls inflate her Wigglytuff's attack.
Skine (1 month ago)
Amanda has literally the worst AI in the game and Jared was 10 damage away from losing, not sure why I'm not surprised by this.
snarkventuregaming (1 month ago)
Ah, welcome to the random world of card clubs. Every club he's been in has used "wrong" element pokemon and yet he is still suprised.
Jirokai (1 month ago)
I hope you play the sequel. Loving the LP so far =D
Kight Ultra (1 month ago)
Yes I have a lot of poker on cards as well.
OutlawDin0 (1 month ago)
ProJared Plays! (1 month ago)
....you mean Caterpie?
Ssj Ichigo (1 month ago)
when the first scyther had 10 points left, I would've gust of winded that out for the second one, because the second spark effect would've finished the weaker one off, as well as did 10 more damage to the second scyther
SquishTheFish (1 month ago)
Mitchell Green (1 month ago)
The water deck with two scyther also I'm pretty sure she was going to try and do the wave you. That's a deck you should build assuming you see these before the end .
Actual Logic (1 month ago)
Can we take a moment to appreciate the little details the dev's gave to each club to really give them their own personalities overall?
BlaizeTheDragon (1 month ago)
Ah yes. Scyther. The best water Pokémon.
Dana B (1 month ago)
Here's a suggestion, keep being awesome. Love your videos, hoping for a tactics stream soon.
Shawn Heatherly (1 month ago)
This game is pretty bad at making the club use appropriate types.
Joshua Willoughby (1 month ago)
well the card game was still young at that point and to make sure each npc had some deck variety they have half and half decks. Water/grass or water/fire with normal pokemon sprinkled in isnt a bad idea at all for deck building. I personally rather a single type and hope i don't fight an person who has a type advantage. In the more recent pokemon tcg online i built a normal deck built around porygon z and miltank (if i remember correctly) which would allow miltank to do like 60 damage (for one energy i think) just for having a stage 2 pokemon on the bench so i would use trainer cards to seek out energy, evolutions, and miltank to quickly set up my party and i would fairly constantly stomp on people who couldn't outspeed my deck. I had porygon as a fairly decent heavy hitter to use if miltank went down. After playing that deck for a few weeks the cards I was using got banned which made me a little sad so i stopped playing.
Fantome001 (1 month ago)
I like this editor.
Nickolai Walk (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice that Imakuni reference at 5:00? That really bizarre musician that makes music for pokemon and has appeared on some strange cards. Google "Imakuni? CoroCoro promo"
Valtharr (1 month ago)
he's a character in the game
ScarletVanguard (1 month ago)
Jared! You actually got really lucky in that battle. I've been playing along and Amanda's deck is built around Wigglytuff. It's incredibly annoying because of it's huge hp pool and an attack that deals damage based on how many pokemon she has out (which is why she runs all those dolls and fossils).
Dragonsbeard (1 month ago)
That was some spot on Editing there, made me laugh out loud :D. Looking forward to the next video lol
Wesly Z (1 month ago)
"I'll give her somethin to duel..."
Taku Welteel (1 month ago)
That double colorless on Jigglypuff hurt my soul. She could’ve killed Pikachu and Gastly easily with that move.
YawnBlue (1 month ago)
In this episode, Scyther betrays Jared.
Camkitsune (1 month ago)
This playthrough actually got me back into the Pokemon TCG via the FtP Online game. I've found I prefer it to MtG. Power Creep is noticeable between the GBA game and the current set, and the game is a lot more focused around Drawing/Searching, but the mechanics honestly fit that set-up better - since energy is for the most part committed once you play it and it's very possible that the one card you need is in your Prizes, I think the game can get away with it. I also haven't seen anything as game-endingly obnoxious as, say, the Praetors, or the Eldrazi, so it's been a positive experience coming back to it.
Camkitsune (1 month ago)
+PixelGoat I thought that at first, too - the thing about the intro decks is that you have to play through the challenges to unlock some of the cards. If you meant their quality beyond that... Well, the Fire deck's OK. The Water deck has some issues, and the Electric deck is legit awful.
PixelGoat (1 month ago)
Same! I downloaded and gave the game a spin, and it was pretty fun...the only complaints I had were the intro decks being horseshit and the character art being pretty bad (looks like every Flash animated early 2000's Saturday morning cartoon, so basically a K-Mart version of Chaotic mixed with Bratz, lol.) since I would've loved Sugimori-type art from the original games. But overall, a great way to return to a past hobby!
Keaton Kitsune (1 month ago)
The Eldrazi were and are scum. But honestly not as bad say a tribal human deck from Innistrad.
Canadian Ninja (1 month ago)
I'm assuming your firefighting deck will have lots of water, yeah?
The Zypher7 (1 month ago)
And on that day, in order to face Mitch in Card Mortal Combat, Jared set out to defeat his three pupils, and master the Satsui No Hado so he may be powerful enough to use The Winged Dragon of Ra, the only card able to truly defeat Mitch.
Michael Griffin (1 month ago)
With Adam proving to be the true test of his skills, Jared retreats from the FIRE Club, to turn his gaze upon the unsuspecting WATER Club! Will the trainers of the WATER Club prove as challenging as the FIRE Club? Will they actually have any Water Pokemon? Let's find out, in the next episode!
Daniel Gruber (1 month ago)
Does he ever realise that the coinflips are not random? But timing?
Daniel Gruber (1 month ago)
+gebs123 It depends on when you press and what is shown. If you see the head on the coin and press the button it will be always head if you press it while you see tails it will be tails. You also see what it will be in the air. If you managed to get head it will show the pikachu face more often in the air and if it will be tails you will see the blank site more often. best is to press the button as much and as often as possible before the flip starts. That way it will be always head. Makes Geodudes endless coinflip alot stronger.
gebs123 (1 month ago)
I thought someone said that they were pre-determined, before you flipped?
MHArcadia (1 month ago)
Took a long time to realize he was in the deck. Pretty slow, bro.
Roach (1 month ago)
Every time you open a booster pack and name the pokemon that are in there I always think you're gonna start singing the pokemon rap from the anime show.
Alan Calvillo (1 month ago)
Gotta Catch Em All
Lrr_Of_Omikron (1 month ago)
Holly crap Amanda was so freaking cute.
Dionysus24779 (1 month ago)
A lightning deck that focused on attacking the bench was always my favorite deck back in the day, put in a Gengar just for its power to move around damage and you can knock out multiple Pokemon at once easily. Or only throw down the legendary Zapdos and spam its attack, can't hit your bench if it is empty.
Karsten Stump (1 month ago)
Grass pokemon decks best pokemon decks in this game. Im at the elite 4 or whatever and cant beat them. The decks are so hard. Thanks for showing me the energy guy Jared.
Cypher (1 month ago)
That Venomoth would be so good in a bug deck.
Otaku (1 month ago)
Jared misread the effect; I mean, maybe he understood it correctly, but he didn't mention Venomoth can *only* copy a Type that is already in play. Trust me, it makes a difference! ;)
Slađana Veličković (1 month ago)
Goes into Fighting Club, makes no Fight Club jokes.
Chris East (1 month ago)
As it should be
TheValiantBob (1 month ago)
well duh, that is the first rule after all
Zanji1234 (1 month ago)
Tentacool with Cowardice plus Alakazams Damage swap is an annowing deck :-D just swap all damage counters to 3 tentacools, bounce them back to your hand (which "heals") and play them again :-P and if you know the decks which are viable with this card pool you know that the first member of the water club plays a "Do The Wave" Deck and that syther is just a...well.. good pokemon to put in but the MAIN hitter will be Wigglytuff
Dr. Forrester (1 month ago)
I figured when the trainer put a third energy on Jigglypuff that she was going for the evolution, but I guess it never came. Would've done some serious damage there
Otaku (1 month ago)
+Nicholas The text for Cowardice states you *can't* use Cowardice the turn you put Tentacool into play.
Nicholas (1 month ago)
Well, you'd only play them when you transfer damage. Once you bounce them back into your hand, you wait until next turn to do it again. You don't HAVE to bench Pokemon in your hand.
Otaku (1 month ago)
Good job remembering the combo; I'd forgotten that trick. It would Probably work wonders against the computer, though it wasn't too effective IRL. With just 30 HP, it was easy enough to OHKO a Tentacool after forcing it Active with Gust of Wind.
eric johnson (1 month ago)
The first Pokemon game had a rock and fighting gym. Just saying
Otaku (1 month ago)
Yeah, but what Jared was getting at is that the Pokémon TCG, at the time the video game was released, only had Colorless, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Lightning, Psychic, and Water-Types. Video game Rock-Type Pokémon were represented by the TCG Fighting-Type (Ground-Types were lumped in there as well). The designers of the TCG video game wanted 8 clubs *without* creating a Colorless Club, so they got creative. There are two TCG Fighting-Type clubs; one based mostly on video game Fighting-Types and one based mostly on video game Rock-Types. Then there's the Science Club, which (IIRC) focuses mostly on Special Conditions, with a penchant for TCG Psychic-Types and Grass-Types, because those include the video game Bug, Ghost, Grass, Poison, and Psychic Types.
BobvanKay (1 month ago)
What's this formation? Imakuni?
supergeno128ds (1 month ago)
And Raichu gets spared today...
Manti Core (1 month ago)
22:00 "At least [Jinx] is at least a somewhat beefy, basic, psychic Pokémon..." Did Jared just call Jinx thicc?
Otaku (1 month ago)
The funny thing is, that Jinx is actually better than any of the Psychic-Types he's currently running. Before one of the promo versions of Mewtwo, she was one of the best Psychic-Type attackers in that card pool, rivaled only by Mr. Mime (Jungle).
Miles Joyner (1 month ago)
This has taught me how to play the Pokémon tcg. Never played before. Thnx Jared!
Otaku (1 month ago)
Just a reminder; the video game version of the TCG he's playing is from when the TCG was new... 20 years ago. ;) The modern version of the game uses different cards and even has some rule changes. Most of the rules are still the same, though, and even some cards like Double Colorless Energy and Switch.
VulcanFaux (1 month ago)
Hahaha. Yeah Amanda there was the hardest one I fought all because I was expecting water too.
VulcanFaux (1 month ago)
+Otaku she arodactyle'd me. And I relied mostly on my evolutions!!
Otaku (1 month ago)
I mean, she does run some Water, but includes a strong Colorless attacker plus Scyther, because _that_ Scyther was run in almost every deck back in the day. Though I assuming the Clefairy Doll, and Mysterious Fossil were fueling the "Do the Wave" attack on Wigglytuff (Jungle), and that the designers didn't just have her build the deck using those and Jigglypuff. @[email protected]

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