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Overgrowth: Animal fighting HD video game trailer - PC Mac Linux

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http://www.gamezplay.org - Overgrowth takes place in the savage world of Lugaru where rabbits, wolves and other animals are forced to use paws, claws and medieval weaponry to engage each other in battle. Combining 3rd person adventure platforming with intricate melee combat, Overgrowth achieves a unique feel. Overgrowth also benefits from Wolfire's brand new Phoenix Engine which has been built from the ground up to allow the use of cutting edge graphics, animation, and physics. Add to these exciting features Overgrowth's realistic artificial intelligence and streamlined control system and the result is an astoundingly immersive experience. KEY FEATURES: Streamlined Combat Controls: Overgrowth uses combat contextual controls to eliminate the need for button mashing, combo memorization, and elaborate flight-sim inputs. With only one designated attack button and a multi-purpose grab button, Overgrowth allows players to execute dozens of intuitive combat maneuvers. Combat Strategy: Overgrowth levels present players with an environment and a set of objectives. However, beyond this initial setting, players are given complete freedom to determine when, where and how they should attack. There are multiple logical solutions for each level meaning players can adopt thinking patterns most suited to them. Realistic AI: The computer controlled characters in Overgrowth are self interested creatures. Ego can drive enemies to attack the player singlehandedly, but if it becomes clear that fighting the player head to head is going to kill them, they will turn and run for help. Unlike the bad guys in most Hollywood action movies, the Overgrowth AI has no qualms about making fights unfair by attacking savagely and simultaneously. Realistic Movement: Overgrowth's movement is contextual, procedural, and physics based. The result is a real-time, player-controlled parkour performance that avoids the pitfalls of motion capturing. Mod Support: The editors that the Wolfire developers use to make Overgrowth are included with the game. Players are thus able to create custom campaigns, cut-scenes, levels, costumes and items. Player-created content is supported by Wolfire's site so that modifications can be observed, ranked and shared online throughout the Overgrowth community. Cooperative Multiplayer: Players can team up against the computer in online cooperative battles.
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Text Comments (320)
Drew Peterson (1 year ago)
holy shit. this game has come so far
Dick Felcher (1 year ago)
ded game
Jose Dominguez (3 years ago)
When this game will be throwed?
Crimson Divine (3 years ago)
The active ragdoll is pretty good, better than most games I've seen since they only mostly use just a limp, nice job
Thomas S (4 years ago)
Holden Steinhi (4 years ago)
the falling/ getting hurt looks very very realistic.
Clean Cut Connection (4 years ago)
commented on this years ago, why havent we seen this implemented yet?
Galient5 (4 years ago)
This has been implemented. If you want to test it out, hold down N in game to active it.
Torrdog (4 years ago)
Can you make ''fight scenes'' in this? If so, can you import your own skins from other games somehow? Would be really awesome. :P
Andi Rachmat (5 years ago)
poor rabbit
Sanved Dhavale (5 years ago)
I must say good sound effects
Pobz A (5 years ago)
Is there too many animals you can choose from? or just a limited number?
hard mode (5 years ago)
i think you have to change something... the boxer positin, i mean, why they going to be boxing?i think you have to make any animal his own class standing position. like the werewolve for example. he need to be more feral, like if he is going to shred your face in a blow. or the rabbit, you may add a jumping stand position like if he is going to kick your face off if you aproach him. think this is important, if something we can learn from bloody roar though
justareplica (5 years ago)
shoot, iv'e been waiting for a fighting/action adventure game forever, this is the best iv'e seen so far, i will buy this sometime in the future
justareplica (5 years ago)
shoot, iv'e been waiting for a fighting/action adventure game forever, this is the best iv'e seen so far
alisher a (5 years ago)
help me
pangawack (5 years ago)
his picture is mirror's edge
chip sheckler (5 years ago)
please out this on xbox 360 id buy it and spread it
TheMSmith (5 years ago)
i would buy if you could at least switch between people and this. i ensure you that more people would buy if that option were available.
WhySoPancake (5 years ago)
You will need to download the SUMLauncher. Hope this helped.
Fenk (5 years ago)
How do you do the settings!!! :"(
WRITEPOWER (5 years ago)
IT looks like source engine
a guy in space (5 years ago)
yes please try more and tell other people to premote it this is a very very good game and it seems pc game thats worth while
Favyoun Ri'chard (5 years ago)
Does the team you are helping need audio(music, sfx)?
Seiferzed (5 years ago)
this looks like the future of gaming ! no more stupid GTA scenes where people die like they are mannequins
RED B.F.G SAGE (5 years ago)
This game until now looks awesome too bad I have a useless computer.. They have to put more feautures like long range weapons bows, balistas and more defensive like shields etc and seriously lower their movement speed it is too fast :P
Rarah (5 years ago)
Les AAA approuvent :ok:
Robert.E.N (5 years ago)
1:40 "This is SPARTAAA!!!!"
eergver ergerg (5 years ago)
this shit looks awesome :D
aCormick (6 years ago)
I sincerely doubt it, considering it's an indie game.
SuperStoffle7 (6 years ago)
Because it features explicit pain and suffering and the developer couldn't handle watching humans suffer.
FunkyMonkey (6 years ago)
just found this game. and love it! Gonna preorder ! .... love this game *.*
rustyankle (6 years ago)
Needs to be for xbox
Timothy Fair (6 years ago)
By furries, for furries? pretty awesome game
aCiD0L2 (6 years ago)
Why people and not animals?
SOLID Shift (6 years ago)
Why so you unoriginal?
Edward Richtofen (6 years ago)
Needs to be for xbox
Tanatious15 (6 years ago)
AT: 1:38 THIS...IS....SPARTA!!!!!
Regenald Hoffman (6 years ago)
because animals are badass my good sir
Peter Tran (6 years ago)
why did he not die when the rabbit fell off the hill?
Pseudo-Judo Muay Maga Krav Thai.
Asgier (6 years ago)
digimon360 (6 years ago)
this ragdoll mechanic is amazing when the partial animations are cool too I just hope it's simple to manipulate. I wanna get this but I keep thinking I'll need the money for something else and not realize what till later. (like usual)
Reptilian (6 years ago)
720p 30fps (console) vs 1920x1080+ at 60-120fps (PC)
Justin O'Hadi (6 years ago)
:56 1:25 how can you not laugh
GetReddy (6 years ago)
Sadly no
TheOBIKIKO (6 years ago)
Marek Soural (6 years ago)
Lol this could be cool MMO
Darrien Miller (6 years ago)
John Culp (6 years ago)
this game wouldn't be nearly as good with humans
FURYUNLEASHED (6 years ago)
Wow this game looks amazing! Still needs alot of work, but the potential to make an epic game is most definately there!
Jimmie (6 years ago)
this looks amazing!!
HeckfanThe (6 years ago)
You all still have Zoidberg
dex5x (6 years ago)
2:15 iiiiisssssssss aaahh iiiiiissssssss aahh
DisAccountIsDed (6 years ago)
25 employees from PETA disliked this
DisAccountIsDed (6 years ago)
25 employees from PETA disliked this.
Reverie Planetarian (6 years ago)
Putting the "fury" in "furry." Also lots of really convincing injury selling.
Daniel Armando (6 years ago)
Damn, reminds me of watership down.
turtleman2443 (6 years ago)
ʎnƃ uʍop ǝpısdn (6 years ago)
Because science.
guguj9 (6 years ago)
lolz i want to play this game
gamezplay (6 years ago)
No idea - but welcome
gamezplay (6 years ago)
No just helping promote it - checkout the other Overgrowth videos on my channel
Nathan B (6 years ago)
are you making this game ?? or are you part of the team?
Sotiris Manouilidis (6 years ago)
1:38 THIS IS SPARTA BITCH!!!!!!!!!
Marcelo Henrique (6 years ago)
This active fall behavior would save so many games from being ridiculous... (Like GTA IV and Skyrim)
Thomas Henderson (6 years ago)
Peta called they said there pissed off
Tempest Sonata (6 years ago)
Your're joking right? What about Just Cause 2?
Michael (6 years ago)
how do you use melee weapons in this game, if i pick up a weapon i am still fist fighting
А когда забава выйдет скажите дату выхода игры плиз )) весьма прошу !!!
LockDown4000 (6 years ago)
This really isn't a trailer
crazeiPhone (6 years ago)
Arnak1337 (6 years ago)
It makes it unique
VG-X3 (6 years ago)
Since this is in alpha, will there be a beta soon?
Jake Keinarth (6 years ago)
Why not a zoidberg?
Jake Keinarth (6 years ago)
Why not a zoidberg?
Alathanar (6 years ago)
poor rabbit :(
gabrieldarksider (6 years ago)
Awesome!!!!! realease it for console!
Strikingeight (6 years ago)
Because if you use Humans, it wont be as unique. And who doesnt want to watch a badass ninja Rabbit kick the shit out of a couple wolves,cats,rats, and dogs?
The Alpha Lobo (6 years ago)
they do have an alpha that you buy and it gets updated
Psychentist (6 years ago)
Reminds me of Lugaru.
Psychentist (6 years ago)
That shitty moment when the commercial freezes and won't let you watch what you came to watch.
OrigamiLlama (6 years ago)
Anthony Boener (6 years ago)
For the same reason I'm writing a book about humanoid rabbits running around killing each other. If you put nice images of humanoid animals on the cover people'll assume it's a nice little children's story or game.... And then you throw in copious amounts of violence and gore to scare the shit out of them. The intro to my book is literally "A quaint little story about cute little bunny rabbits... or something."
Lulu Okami (6 years ago)
what the hell am i watching o_o
Logan Schwartz (6 years ago)
But i am a people 3:
magnusm4 (6 years ago)
its not a limb ragdoll, hes just really stoned ;)
endme (6 years ago)
gamezplay (6 years ago)
of a game he stole a video from???? Not stolen - provide to me to help promote the game
haterskeephatin101 (6 years ago)
your ramped slomos arepimp as fuck
dio cavallo (6 years ago)
TheRealJethuty (6 years ago)
PLEASE, get the rights to REDWALL, and make it into a game. PLEASE
Strikedead444 (6 years ago)
Very nice game :D and I'm not trying to say u copied or anything but check out the euphoria engine, it does a similar thing to this, might help u as well :D
ari michel (6 years ago)
This game needs to be on smart phone
Paradoxz1001 (6 years ago)
wtf is this is a game??
Juodas Varnas (6 years ago)
furries xD
Aussie Manny (6 years ago)
He broke his own leg! Ha!
Doc Goobs (6 years ago)
Michael Vick will love this
donriel2710 (6 years ago)
Pre-Order it! ;)
Tom (6 years ago)
this is why to be a pc gamer
Diamond Bound (6 years ago)
where am i?

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