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The Pokémon TCG Online Comes to iPad!

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http://bit.ly/YDLjWH Collect, battle, and trade on the go! The Pokémon TCG Online app gives you all the fun of the desktop game, including online play, deck building, and card trading. Visit the Apple App Store to download the free Pokémon TCG Online app for your iPad!
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Text Comments (665)
Codzprozxz (5 days ago)
Like if you want this game for mobile
Codzprozxz (5 days ago)
For the next update can you make it available for iPhone please
NMTrack Lol (8 months ago)
Who else thinks that it should be for iOS 6s too
Hands Up Anime (1 year ago)
We need this for iPhone. I‘m playing this on my Android Phone fine.
GalaxyGamerPro YT (1 year ago)
How do you download it
FBI Agent 475 (1 year ago)
Why not iOS phone why tablet
Squidward Tortilini (1 year ago)
They released it for Android and it's not compatible with my phone 😑
Hands Up Anime (1 year ago)
Squidward Tortilini it is. Just google for that .apk and install. Enjoy playing!
JimmyBuckets (1 year ago)
They should it on iPhone
Generic name (2 years ago)
3 years later still no iPhone or I pad
S P A Z Z Y (2 years ago)
I want iphone tho
legendhero (2 years ago)
Please put pokemon tcg on I phone I would love that
Larva Boy (2 years ago)
When will it come on iphone
HstaAkay (2 years ago)
Develin Allen (2 years ago)
When will it come to iPhone
Grant Schneider (2 years ago)
Why is it not on 3ds or iphone
Teukava Finau (2 years ago)
He didn't show us how to sign in
wesley freeman (2 years ago)
whatabout windows?
Marlon Brutal (2 years ago)
LPS CutieTV (2 years ago)
POKEMON!!!! I have an Apple iPad I CANT REDEEM CODES!!!!!!!! FIX IT
ferry irawan (2 years ago)
why i can't download it in samsung A5
Isaac Alvarado (2 years ago)
How about iPod touch ;-;
Slayden Odell (2 years ago)
I try to enter codes but it won't let me go to redeem codes
Harrison Gray (2 years ago)
I have made loads of accounts but all of them are not letting me sign in some plz help
SlayerOfHellWyrm (3 years ago)
Love how this is on the Play Store, but apparently not compatible for the Galaxy S7 Edge...
p3rx._ malc0r3 (2 years ago)
you need to have a tablet I was disappointed as well
SeetherWolf 27 (3 years ago)
Make Pokémon games from 3DS come to IPad.
Chaotic l (2 years ago)
That's why emulators exist
Patrick Olsthoorn (3 years ago)
Is it available at Apple Macbook Air?
Auoleria (3 years ago)
can you do it on Samsung tablets to?
timekillerB (3 years ago)
Why not on the wii u or 3ds?
Border Bunny (3 years ago)
could u release it for android phones and iphones to please respond
How to change the birth date? cuz i entered the wrong one
Stupid Me (3 years ago)
How can i get it??????
Penzig (3 years ago)
+Stupid Me Try and combine the name of the game with "download" and type it all into google. It's a neat trick, I know!
Maria Ponybear (3 years ago)
does it work for iPad mini?
Nightmare Fnaf (3 years ago)
Crashes every 6 seconds when that gets fixed then I'll start enjoying it
Zaka-gamer (3 years ago)
THE KING BLUE (3 years ago)
When is android version coming out? Its really weird since more people have android than any ios products It would mean the world to me if we could have this awsome game on android
Jaycie Leigh (4 years ago)
how do i turn off like for like trade on the tcgo?
GodS Animations (4 years ago)
And add the game for android please :)
Brian H78 (4 years ago)
They should add it on Android
Justi Black (4 years ago)
in andriod pleas
6ix_TheKid (4 years ago)
When for iPhone?
Caillou (4 years ago)
I hope the ipod screen isn't too small to play this!
John Kat (4 years ago)
ShyGuy GD (4 years ago)
I cannot play this on my device. Can you make it for not retina display iPad?
gotloveforall01 (4 years ago)
bring it to ANDROID already!
Paiainokami (4 years ago)
When is it released for Android?
David Villano Jr. (4 years ago)
what about the samsung note pro 12.2
MrPokeMiner (4 years ago)
PLEASE MAKE FOR IPHONE AND ANDRIOD I love tcg and have so many online card packs from buying real decks I need it on my phone!!!!!
Sarcastic Bird (4 years ago)
Soooo how about Android?
Bjarne Osinga (4 years ago)
Make an version for android please
Zoltier853 (4 years ago)
Is this official? Please tell me it isn't.
Hero LumiEre Lumanite (4 years ago)
*sits in chair with my arms folded*...Oh don't mind me Pokemon company and Game Freak. I'm just waiting for you guys to put this on other devices.
Paz Garcia (4 years ago)
I know man some people really want to play this game and some people dont have apple products please make it for android
Samuel Heramis (4 years ago)
It's weird how it doesn't support anything lower than iPad 3 and iPad mini 2 but games like Modern Combat 3 can support it and it has the best graphics on a mobile device
Cody Okay (4 years ago)
I wish i could play this on my IPhone 6+ ... it's practically an Ipad right :(
SC_MARIO (4 years ago)
Wow this game crashes on my iPad mini and I tried playing on mac but it wouldn't download and my computer lags now. man I'm disappointed.
olvin c (4 years ago)
PaniniBread (4 years ago)
Is there any release date for Android?
Sapokennn (4 years ago)
There is a bug on mine and I can't fix it and there is no update yet
Erry Berry (4 years ago)
My account got hacked
Moonbyu (4 years ago)
Can u pls put for iPod 2 pls.
Deleted (4 years ago)
why not for andride =/
Martzfartz (4 years ago)
...Can't fly around hoenn on an iPad, can you? :P
frosty gamez (4 years ago)
Alec (4 years ago)
Android too?
VictoryAnd Rage (4 years ago)
Can this be brought to android phones as well and it would make the game a lot better if it could be played on iPod as well
Ashley Utrup (4 years ago)
I what to play it but I have a Samsung so make it work on Samsung please
Cash Raymond (4 years ago)
This game is stupid i keep trying to play i get to the screen were i can touch quick play and stuff and it takes me back to my ipad home screed
Lasse Damsgåård (4 years ago)
Lasse Damsgåård (4 years ago)
Way do i get kicked out of the app?
Read the system requirements.
connor smith (4 years ago)
Do it for 3ds!
Camiel Van Eck (4 years ago)
Iphone 4?
TheTCGKyogre (4 years ago)
Android please
What about Android?
Cody A (4 years ago)
We always get screwed over with new apps. So no
Trapcard (4 years ago)
Bruh y no droid.
DanTheMan33088 (4 years ago)
this should be on 3DS too
Dr.Gigglez (4 years ago)
I want/need Pokemon TCG for the android
Pit Rat T.V (4 years ago)
I knew this would happen, as soon as i get out Pokemon tcg they come out with the thing ive been wanting and waiting for ever since i was young. I've always wanted to compete against somebody but couldn't cuz my friends weren't into it and parents didn't want to travel. Haha im glad they did this, makes me wanna get back into it.   and yes i know they came out with pokemon tcg online a long time ago...
Joel Langford (4 years ago)
Jeremiah Watson (4 years ago)
aww what about android?
awesomesauce (4 years ago)
tmajid72 ! (4 years ago)
These are only available on the newer version Ipads with Retina display... D:
Oliver Kirsch (4 years ago)
Make it go iPod and iPhone please so other people can play it
BeastlyCho Y (4 years ago)
I wish they had it on the android! when is it coming out for the android?? 
Noah Anderson (4 years ago)
where is it i can't find it on the app store
RoboSheepo101 (4 years ago)
Matt Pineda (4 years ago)
Plz make it for iPhone
Danil J (4 years ago)
TheWrld (4 years ago)
Plzz put it for iPad mini nor retina display
eha (4 years ago)
GUUUYS i live in europe and i trade my Gold star pikachu mint condition you trade first if you want it please i wil trade for any mega evolution EX cards ALL BUT NOT CHARIZARD AND KANGASHKAN I HIGHLY PREFER MALAMAR EX FULL ART AND MEGA GENGAR EX
Bader AlHinti (4 years ago)
Andrew Scantland (4 years ago)
Why isn't it working on iPad mini yet
MajorNationals2016 (4 years ago)
Erin Yang (4 years ago)
I can't find it :(
Elisa Williams (4 years ago)
Marissa love to see you around
sarah downes (4 years ago)
I wish it could go on google play
NoVaclan (4 years ago)
It doesn't work :( it just crashes
hugo martinez (4 years ago)
cant wait
ArcticcJP (4 years ago)
It crashes on my iPad mini :(
Knights Night (4 years ago)
What about iphone
ClOuDsTrIkE Gamer (4 years ago)
& android?
Ryan Garrett (4 years ago)
Please android!!!!!

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