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Graphics card stock has long been tapped out due to cryptocurrency miners, but does what they're doing make any sense? Let's find out. Sign up for Crunchyroll today at https://www.crunchyroll.com/linus Massdrop's AKG K7XX headphones are available now at $199.99 USD for a limited time: http://dro.ps/linusk7xx Buy Graphics Cards! Amazon: http://geni.us/bFc5H Newegg: http://geni.us/b39hZvA Discuss on the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/858834-is-gpu-mining-still-profitable-mining-adventure-part-1/ Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/75969-linus-tech-tips-affiliates-referral-programs-and-sponsors Linus Tech Tips merchandise at http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/LinusTechTips/ Linus Tech Tips posters at http://crowdmade.com/linustechtips Our production gear: http://geni.us/cvOS Twitter - https://twitter.com/linustech Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/linustech Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/linustech Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712 Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana Sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/
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Text Comments (8398)
Krzysztof Dolecki (1 year ago)
Uses 2 Xeons 10 high/top end GPU And old, already used once tape
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JMADMACHINE (1 month ago)
That looks like a million fps in games
Steven Webber (4 months ago)
Krzysztof Dolecki h m.
LOL YOLO (5 months ago)
Alexander Kuldoshin ¿l
Auto Public (6 months ago)
Start Mining https://webdollar.io/ CPU / Browser Mining !! best coin 2018 !!
Jake 26 (4 hours ago)
Can I have the 1080ti 😅
Golden Duck (7 hours ago)
Cost of electricty goes up as you use more.
Swandogg88 (16 hours ago)
Now that mining anything in Australia is pretty much useless...people still think they can sell their gtx 1080s on eBay for rrp 😒
Go Raid (1 day ago)
I got a 970m graphics card. is it able to mine?
Remi Pepelko (2 days ago)
It's not the hiGhEsT performing server
Amir Azraei (2 days ago)
its Dog-e. not dodge. Doge
super salty (4 days ago)
that sounds like a ``miner`` problem!... got it?
THICC MEMES (4 days ago)
Linus you don’t drop... you throw
Jessica Holtz (4 days ago)
It would be cool to see a video discussing how to spot used mining hardware on eBay so that one might avoid purchasing it. My thought is that the cards being run constantly is not to conducive to longevity. I am probably overthinking it.
The Spotter Fox (5 days ago)
For months or 4 months?
Zeek M (5 days ago)
It's so profitable that it will get my size 12 combat boot up your posterior anatomy.
[R6] RedoXxz (5 days ago)
But can it run crysis?
Jammin G (5 days ago)
Hey Linus, if you put together a instructional series on how this is all put together, you could sell that instruction set and make a ton of money!
MUSAWER SOOMRO (6 days ago)
hey linus i know you are never going to come across this comment or if your team does they will never tell you but i here 14 year old a console gamer amcannot afford a pc and would greatly appreciate anything maybe make the nest 19 gpu to 20 and elet me have one
Lu Na (6 days ago)
hey teach dad can u donate me a gpu
Itsyaboi (6 days ago)
0:06 You lost 30% of your subs lol
AntacidCarcass (6 days ago)
Idk why I found the "minors" joke funny
AntacidCarcass (6 days ago)
Idk why I found the "minors" joke funny
Zeek M (6 days ago)
Buy up all the GPUs for mining again and you'll be getting my size 12 combat boot up your posterior anatomy.
Bhazor (7 days ago)
Made 1 month before Bitcoin tripled in value
TheSurvivors669 YT (8 days ago)
Can it run Minecraft
shadow pug21 (8 days ago)
Cotton eye joe
rileygaming109 (8 days ago)
Keep making mining videos me and a friend want to build a cryptocurrency supercomputer and we need knowledge
cSoLo (8 days ago)
+rileygaming109 well im saying, mining any coin isnt worth it anymore, right now is too late. If ur friend did it 2 years ago then it would be fine.
rileygaming109 (8 days ago)
cSoLo there is more than just bitcoin for example burst is an example of a hard drive mined currency
rileygaming109 (8 days ago)
cSoLo not bitcoin any currency
cSoLo (8 days ago)
bitcoin mining is dead my friend. Ur friend is gonna be disappointed with his results
Zereko (9 days ago)
Thank god its been over for a couple months now
TheGreenTuber (10 days ago)
D0 Y0U 3V3N M1N3
Mach Fiver (10 days ago)
Man! I became aware of bitcoin and mining back when u could expect to mine a coin or two in about 3-6months depending on whether you ran a miner casually, dedicated, with cpu, gpu, and\or\including a combination of the above. And the reason I didn't? Burning out the odd hdd or system. Hindsight sucks ass. But I bet u this much for sure that a nickel to a dollar that if the Chinese are willing to run rooms with up to and over a 1000 cellphones just to create fake play store ratings for apps that they also run an office floor or three of machines dedicated to mining. Especially when it is fairly widely known that there is a city with a mall dedicated to western knock offs. It's also somehow easy to buy an item for a buck including shipping but costs twice that if not many times more to return it. Personally I could care less who is leader but more that they do what they can to do a good job of it.
Liam Hebden (10 days ago)
with the current question in mind... with mother boards being created wouldn't they then also make GPU's without the video outputs and things not required for mining and making a new platform that will then also not upset gamer's from getting their cards? being a novice gamer myself, but mostly music producer that like's to game also and now wanting to become a minor due to finding other ways to make money it just seems normal for these graphics companies to start making GPU's that are narrowed down or would that be stupid as they could sell extra things whether someone needs it or not?
Tapehead (12 days ago)
And I'm out here trying to find a GPU for gaming.
cSoLo (8 days ago)
r9 fury which is $120 can do 1070 but 10% less
11odett (13 days ago)
wow all those Gpu's just sitting there collecting dust. my Rx 460 is so jelly ! Ok i'm jelly ! i can't afford any of those darn cards !
mercedesbenzformula1 (13 days ago)
Crypto miners are idiots. The opportunity cost of mining is high. You would be way better off with traditional investment in stocks, bonds, realestate etc. They also make it expensive for everyone else who just wants to buy a video card for gaming and businesses like engineering firms. The whole thing is idiotic
Kitten (13 days ago)
"...Not young people who screech into the microphone..." Just here to bust that stereotype, that's not true, my 12 y.o. brother is actually pretty calm, sry but this triggeres me have a nice day
Wheatley (12 days ago)
You're fucking retarded thanks
John T (14 days ago)
Fuck miners. Those stupid assholes are responsible for the skyrocketing cost of hardware and stock depletion. I hate them so fucking much.
Merlin Flores (14 days ago)
Get a laptop with gtx 1050 ti
Chad Huggins (14 days ago)
Do you mind donating a spare 1080ti. Im trying to build my son's first pc with him. Not confident in the rtx's and 1080ti are crazy expensive. Thanks
the alaskan (15 days ago)
Can this create enough heat to double as a home heater for the winter?
DopestDope (15 days ago)
miners are the cancer
GamerBajan (16 days ago)
If i am a good robber. i would rob you first... FOR ALL THE GRAPHIC CARDS!
Green Temizlik (16 days ago)
http://freegpumining.com for sale
Crackles McFarly (16 days ago)
FANS that are in a DUCT spin FASTER than FANS without a DUCT. This was learned/discovered/improved as a side effect of how fixed wings create LIFT...etc...And Then we added this UPRIGHTS to the Tip of Wings we see today on all modern Jet Aircraft...LEARNING STUFF! PLEASE GOOGLE THIS if you doubt me, which you do doubt me of course you doubt me.
iKingRPG (16 days ago)
That intro..
FEAR ME (16 days ago)
maybe the problem IS Linus Tech Tips!
Anthony G (17 days ago)
but can it run minecraft...
Sad Little Pepe (17 days ago)
this mining crap is confusing. lol
Killershark . (17 days ago)
DoubleH4E (17 days ago)
Electricity is free??? Where? :D 1:23
TheCaptainsquiggle (17 days ago)
2:16 Balances lots of expensive things that they don't want to drop precariously on one shelf... And don't use the whole other shelf at all...
KILLERMOON CZ (17 days ago)
When rig go turned for first time. SO MANY RGBs!
Todger (18 days ago)
man if i ever got into linus tech tips place i would steal one of those fucking cards
DragonSlayer148 (18 days ago)
Can it run fortnite?
Fucking Americans
Roblox Vids for kids (18 days ago)
Robert whittle (18 days ago)
Crypto currency is the stupidest shit ever
White Wolf (18 days ago)
We in germany has many of those
Creeper560 PL (19 days ago)
There was a creeper there
GMT (19 days ago)
You could also use wind and solar energy to mitigate some of the power costs.
Clouty V1 (19 days ago)
Bro these guys have so many parts like this if u think they should give me a 1080 ti😂
Travis Evans (19 days ago)
Better strap that thing down sounds like it's gonna flyaway!
FutureLaugh (19 days ago)
is it at all possible to use solar to supply the power?
Project Orion (19 days ago)
Nope, and it NEVER WAS.
curtis russell (20 days ago)
yo linus send me one of your titans that would be epic i am running to evga 660 ti sli right now just playing keep up the good work
Josh (20 days ago)
much coin, so money. wow intensifies
Brent Ryan (20 days ago)
why is he always talking about dropping it? It's like he actually wants to manifest that...
Kuro (20 days ago)
can i have one gpu? haha
Benton Johnson (21 days ago)
What creeper in the intro XD
bri w (22 days ago)
Would buying a gpu thats been used for mining be a bad deal ? You say miners sell them, but they have been used perminently for maybe months non stop. What damage would that cause to the gpu
redstwok1123 (22 days ago)
this is why Nvidia is screwed. No way the gamers have any real interest to buy GPU at $600+ if no miners out there buying them
Stev M (23 days ago)
Fucking miners. Get a real job dweebs.
Psychol (23 days ago)
Not really, crypto crashing day by day, enjoy the cheap gtx's boys.
David Browning (24 days ago)
I thought I read 'IS GPU MINING STILL PORTABLE' and saw you guys moving around all those expensive graphics cards lol!
TH3CRY5T4LF0X (25 days ago)
holy shit... screw send nudes, send gpu
preston wood (25 days ago)
1:13 in and he didn't turn off his headlamp
DABY Daby (25 days ago)
Plz sent me ppwwr suply and som gpu vith 8gb vram
Blitzer Gaming (26 days ago)
I got a cryptocurrency mining ad on this vid lol
Billy Tiphareth (26 days ago)
I'm here saving up money to buy a new GPU, and these dudes have countless GPUs just hanging out on a shelf, haha. But pretty interesting to see the crypto craze.
Glitch Chel (26 days ago)
I HATE miners.
Psychol (23 days ago)
No need anymore, enjoy the flood of cheap graphics on ebay.
Anay Pareek (26 days ago)
Linus swears 😮
DudeBrilliant 7 (27 days ago)
I mine! craft hahahaha
Maix Waix (29 days ago)
"professionally subtitled" ZIPPER MAN!
Roy Hopson (29 days ago)
My gaming PC is so out of date that path of exile is having issues just keeping up with the game any suggestions.
Roy Hopson (29 days ago)
Forgot to add the fact I am broke and have no way of making any
BoLTz〽 (1 month ago)
id love to see that server play a game
Chris Gayler (1 month ago)
I would tell anyone play Xbox or Sony till the prices get back to reality. Why let those lames make more money on a scam.
Jerome C (1 month ago)
4 OLD year's mining GPU board is very used board ... i suppose :) so it's really stupid to buy it on the second hand market !!
Hellfire Gaming (1 month ago)
hey dont diss us minors not all of us do that i use my stuff that i get to build and dell pcs
Brian (1 month ago)
This isn't my old computer i'd like to try mining with. What a waste of time
Thot Kitti (1 month ago)
Psu links pls for shut u used
Hamsamich Playz (1 month ago)
Linus seems like the coolest boss, he reminds me of my grandfather. I wanna be a boss this cool
Alexandro Piscarious (1 month ago)
Hey, I'm going to mine but a new cryptocurrency like FUTUROCOIN. Do you have any experience with this coin? Until now, I was only thinking about trading but I watched the video on their profile and now I think about mining. DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCES IN MINING FUTUROCOIN?
Andrew Gunder (1 month ago)
See if there is any difference between a new graphics card and a card used heavily for mining. Love this channel, keep it up.
Cr Ave (1 month ago)
You guys Cleaning room / cooling room do not make any sense...
ChrisGrump (1 month ago)
here i am sitting with my lonely 1050 ti and they have 1080s just lying around.
Merlin Flores (14 days ago)
krane loyal (1 month ago)
Can i have a rig for editing?
xXBobbyXx86 (1 month ago)
Irish tech guy
Muhammad Hadrami (1 month ago)
Why don't they just sell quadro gpu to miner...
RayRexDex (1 month ago)
my diamond pickaxe is now useful
Mudassir Bhatti (1 month ago)
i wish that i could have a gt 730 and i3
MG nickGT - Gaming (1 month ago)
Zotac is from malaysia
MG nickGT - Gaming (1 month ago)
I wanted my dream pc but i dont have any money to make it or buy it );😭
Commodore4eva (1 month ago)
Well, I can tell you do not think about mining cryptocurrency. Look into doing affiliate marketing, Saving up that money and multiplying it by purchasing and reselling items. Honestly, from there you could scale it and not have to really work hard for the rest of your life. If you are going to invest into cryptocurrency wait until after you bought the new PC and slowly buy a portfolio of currency as the markets dip and rises. Never follow the hype train of incorrect information, Bitcoin was never Initialized to be currency; it was initialized to be a virtual stock so Simply treat all cryptocurrency like stock since they all follow bitcoin still.
Martijn Sohl (1 month ago)
Ust get solar panels
Dev Dracula (1 month ago)
Next time send a 1080 ti to my house. Thank you very much.

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