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Fukushima 101 See Reactors The Fallout North America - Is Sea Food Safe Or Radiated

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its a wow oh wow day for news ll Shocking Update Was Las Vegas Tragic Shooting Event A staged event ?? In Edmonton a lrandom attack with a U haul truck dominated the media while in Spain police attacked police and firefighters trying to protect 2300 voting booths from a viscous assault . EU bound federal Police attacked the voters at the voting booths at the last minute at the voting booth and viciously beat 1000s that live under the EU European dictatorship . It would be the equivalent of Quebec voting to leave Canada in a referendum and the Canadian police being ordered to attack and then viciously putting down the voters like its 1929 . Learn How Fukushima Nuclear Fallout Radiated & Killed Pacific Ocean Sea Food animals birds whales insects etc etc etc etc etc . Groups Rally To Keep Rocky Flats Closed http://cbsloc.al/2xUYwjh State santioned violence at Catalonia referendum results in vicious breach of civil liberties . Radioactive waste will continue I-80 transport http://bit.ly/2xRtHeW SCANA shareholders burned as fallout from South Carolina nuclear project spreads http://bit.ly/2hEPHUK SCE&G, Santee Cooper stuck with $244 million of unpaid bills left over from failed nuclear project http://bit.ly/2yhLugx Save me to bookmark the subscription doesn,t always work !! Your donation will help us sustain this most resource-intensive form of journalism, ensuring that the most complex and important stories still get told. paypal https://www.paypal.me/danadurnford or use credit card at my site http://www.thenuclearproctologist.org/ See study's on marine life on Canada pre fukushima - B.C. CANADA Marine and Animal Studies http://ibis.geog.ubc.ca/biodiversity/efauna/SpeciesChecklists.html Toxicity of inhaled plutonium dioxide in beagle dogs https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8927705 Daily Energy Insider - House Subcommittee hearing examines issues with spent nuclear fuel storage - Alex Murtha Middle East Monitor - Norway to host Israel's nuclear whistle-blower Daily Energy Insider - LLNL project uses distributed energy resources to help power grid resiliency - Alex Murtha ProPublica - How Military Outsourcing Turned Toxic - Abrahm Lustgarten Reuters - EDF says delayed Penly 1 reactor restart due to technical issues - Bate Felix The Guardian - Chinese firm behind Essex nuclear plant refuses to reveal security information - Adam Vaughan Financial Times - New nuclear – a chance to start again - Nick Butler Global Research - The US Nuclear Option and the "War on Terrorism" - Prof Michel Chossudovsky, European IPPNW Conference The State - SC nuclear debacle: an updated timeline - Cindi Ross Scoppe Triple Pundit - Trump Admin. Pours $12 Billion Into Dying Nuclear Energy Project In Georgia - Tina Casey Hindustan Times - MP tribals oppose proposed nuke plant in Mandla, start series of protests - Neeraj Santoshi Scout Warrior - Navy Just Took Delivery Of Most Powerful Nuclear Attack Sub Ever - Dave Majumdar Ghana Business News - Minority demands government submits uranium agreement to Parliament The State - SC utilities aren't the only monopolies responsible for our nuclear fiasco - Jim Rex Ichi-F Fukushima , nuclear , pacific ocean , sea food , isotopes , radiation , C134 , cesium , I131 , iodine , 132 , U232 , U233 , U235 , fission , mine , uranium , stocks , ITER , EUR , European Utilities Requirements , Galen Winsor
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Bambi Mae (1 year ago)
Thank you for another fantastic video!
Yeoman Brutal Spock (1 year ago)
90% of the people have had enough of the nonsense that is the system as it is. Police and surveillance state rules the day, lies are the truth and the truth is hazardous, incompetence and thuggery is the law, and the 10% moochers goon up the 90% producers. What times we live in.
Alex Visser (1 year ago)
In holland the police pic up the jews to the concentrationcamps. (ww2).
Alex Visser (1 year ago)
Yes Dana. This is total contempt of the people.Spanje is facsicme .
Patrick Andrews (1 year ago)
Your doing a great job.
checksandbalance89 (1 year ago)
Dana, great video again. You are on top of a lot of truth. Thank you brother.
Patrick Andrews (1 year ago)
As far as the truth is, the CIA has destroyed the planet !!! The only thing that happening was called a false flag... To keep people distracted before you see the ______ true colors !!

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