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How to download Pokémon tcg game in Android phone

172 ratings | 22590 views
Download link -http:/goo.gl/sjXyJr
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Text Comments (34)
sabarish Ramesh (12 hours ago)
Thanks for this video and great game
Amar Manikya Nath (15 days ago)
Hedar fut
Mathieu Guyodo (19 days ago)
Mathieu Guyodo (19 days ago)
It is a asmr
Logical Skits (24 days ago)
Is it not on IOS yet?
Minerva Reyes (27 days ago)
Does not work it is fake
SPIDI SMASH (29 days ago)
I will make new videos but till me about some games on which I can makes video
deepak kumar (1 month ago)
It really works
deepak kumar (1 month ago)
I can download but I can't play
Tetris God (1 month ago)
You're hitting that phone so hard xD
play games Zero (2 months ago)
Que posta nem deixou linck
NecroMage183 (2 months ago)
The motherfucker won't work it keeps giving me connection errors. Help!!!
PRADEEPKUMAR P (2 months ago)
lier I wish I can smash your face
The Devil (3 months ago)
It did not work
Rani Tiwari (4 months ago)
It's so amazing thank you very very very very very much to make this video 🤗🤗
Brosnan Santizo (4 months ago)
Won't load
Twelve (4 months ago)
Does this auto update?
Ethan Vaughn (4 months ago)
MY GUY, i collect the cards and can never use the codes, thanks so much, it really works everyone!!
pixel Animation CXV (4 months ago)
Put the link in the description you stupid idiot
Darson Jones (4 months ago)
thanks man saved me a lot of time
genaral vatson (5 months ago)
it works
genaral vatson (5 months ago)
spacle thanks
Arpita Chitra (5 months ago)
thanks a lot it's working
eyeless jack (4 months ago)
Arpita Chitra can you give me link to download
SM SMASH (5 months ago)
thanks guys for likes and view
rajesh mishra (6 months ago)
Thanks for it . It works very smoothly 😀😀😁
Krmzon_Gamr4637 (6 months ago)
youurr lit
ленчик 280 (6 months ago)
thank you
Madhav Pisal (6 months ago)
Thank u it worked
Genesis Martinez (7 months ago)
It worked! Thank you
Football Tricksters (6 months ago)
Genesis Martinez bakulkatha
SM SMASH (8 months ago)
wait for sometime I will make a new video for that
Michał Witkowski (5 months ago)
GAME DOWNLOADER. Thank you so much
Sanic the heghog (8 months ago)
It did not work

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