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Vlog: Homeless Guy Sets Up His Bitcoin Wallets and Shops Overstock

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acumagnet.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/my-experience-with-bitcoin-transactions-so-far-signing-up-for-first-time/ I first chose Blockchain as my Bitcoin wallet, then looked at Overstock.com and saw that Overstock only accepts Bitcoin from the Coinbase wallet. So, I had to transfer Bitcoin over to Coinbase instead to be able to buy something. I picked out an item, and filled out all the information and went through all the steps for purchasing an item until the final step. I just wanted to see what value the Bitcoin would be in relation to the regular dollar. It looks pretty good to me so far. The Overstock website looks to value Bitcoin for the market pricing. Overstock has a Wikipedia page and they rose into the business world riding on the backs of a lot of other dot com business failures. If you look at the Bitcoin value graph, you will see a huge run up to Christmas. It peaked at $1151. Then after Christmas it plummeted, but not below 2013 value. I wonder if there will be another run up on Bitcoin value for this Christmas again? The prior Christmases show no movement, but it was very new back then.
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nickolaus cabcabin (1 year ago)
Why don't you put your bitcoin pubic address and use it for donations? I woulda totally donate what I can to you and many others would do the same.
Jerry Hoffman (9 months ago)
Boy oh boy...we are very early in crypto please hold on to all your coins my friend it could get you out of poverty one day my friend..honestly my one wish this year has been to educate the impoverished about crypto. Only because it may bring them higher one day. Be wise and don't be so doubtful about these evolving technologies. They are here to make things more efficient for us all . Good luck with everything
Travis Heinze (1 year ago)
nickolaus cabcabin Ok, you are right. Bitcoin went nuts in December. My $20 turned into $300. I got filthy rich and bought a refurbished iPod 6, 8 gigs. It was just extra money that appeared out of thin air. But we are in a nation of Griftopia now. Someone experienced a loss on my gain. Everybody can't get rich together. Even if all human did get a better quality of life, then it's the wild animals who suffer. Where are the giant otter pelts these days? This is my Bitcoin address: 1PFJUo48K2EaDDm2vpuPfuJHg9U3Zt7CKG They doubled or tripled the transaction fees now. Where is a transaction fee when you exchange money between wallets? This isn't very loose money. Also, have you read the Time Life book on the 49ers? They could walk around the countryside and pick up gold pieces early on. The gold was very tangible, useful and you could make art out of it if you were rich enough. What is Bitcoin? The excitement isn't the same. Thank you for responding.
nickolaus cabcabin (1 year ago)
Travis Heinze it's not my friend. Bitcoin is up like crazy since you made this video in 2014
Travis Heinze (1 year ago)
nickolaus cabcabin Bitcoin is worthless.
Alex S. Gabor (4 years ago)
How many Bitcoin does one need to survive?
Ken Doresky (4 years ago)
+ChangeTip Bravo!
Roarzan (4 years ago)
Good for you brotha

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