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Full Video of Bogoke - the finest natural gem market in the world

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Bogoke in Yangon Myanmar is until now the largest most awesome collection of collectors, brokers, dealers and traders in the world. This short video takes you rapidly through the main stone areas of only the ground floor of the market which in fact has an intriguing second floor with more dealers and jewelry makers and a few surprisingly good gem labs. Bogoke Market is named after General Aung San who brought independence to then Burma when it was named Scott Market. It is one of the most honest and best gem markets in all Asia for sure.
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Mustika& Intan/Berlian (1 month ago)
DANKESH VYAS (3 months ago)
scam market don't buy from here.
MakeMoneyHobby.com (5 months ago)
Dean Dubai (5 months ago)
natural. just fuck thailand...nothing natural,all are glass cristal
Radio 419 travel (3 months ago)
this is Myanmar not Thailand - stones are real or not depends too on whether you are knowledgable
Olivia Cruz (7 months ago)
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mohamed faizal (9 months ago)
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Key Topic (1 year ago)
Interesting..... But , I get that there are endless counters of gems - and if you pan over all them so fast - you cannot see any one thing of beauty.... plus I now feel like vomiting - dizzy...
Phuket Word (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing this great insight!
Murtaza Khan (1 year ago)
which country ?
Radio 419 travel (1 year ago)
RocksEm (1 year ago)
Next time just ride your scooter, I doubt would be faster.
Chris.B (1 year ago)
I found a Stone in Germany ... Look .. #FoundinGermany
Alex Nikoo (2 years ago)
I feel dizzy after turning camera too much
Hugo Gill (3 years ago)
Wow. What a fantastic video and a great insight into the wonderful world of gemstones.

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