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Immigration Canada. Do NOT use immigration consultants

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http://www.lptoronto.com/promo - come back often to check our current offers and hot deals! I know it's controversial, I know lots of my colleagues would not be glad watching this video, but let's face it: lots of immigration "consultants" simply waste your money. Yes, there are cases where legal assistance is imperative, yes many of you would like to receive support from a skilled team. BUT: this should not always be expensive; there are other ways to have your questions answered and there are cheaper consultations. Not necessarily should you pay a hefty price for something you could do yourself. Grill me for that, but I think that legal support should be provided to those who really seek for it and need it. It should not be pushed, sold or imposed. All said is my and our team's opinion only, though. http://www.lptoronto.com – Official website of LP Group Toronto http://www.docsbase.ca – Certified translation from all languages, delivered worldwide http://www.lptoronto.com/free – Free assessment of your chances immigrate to Canada http://www.lptoronto.com/consulting – Book an individual consulting session via Skype http://www.lpservice.ca – Free newcomer assistance in Canada http://www.lpstudy.com – Studies in Canada for foreign students http://www.docservice.ca – Certification, legalization, notarization and translation of documents
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Text Comments (144)
denny patty (10 days ago)
how about Betterplace immigration ? they part of consultan called RCIC. thank you for answering
Have never heard of them. You can always use free fraud check here: https://www.lptoronto.com/fraud-check.html
denny patty (9 days ago)
+arieann gapasin yes they did.. and they tried to convince me to pay the cost about US$ 750, with any effort to get my money transferred...
arieann gapasin (9 days ago)
sir did they also contact u?
jevert visitacion (1 month ago)
Hello sir just wanna ask if MDC is a legit company?
Hello. Have never heard of it
Excellent Victory (2 months ago)
Thank you so much Mr. Alex I ve been following you for a while now, and I must say that I really love your videos and advice. God bless you Sir
Thank you. Glad these videos help
YO PHIER (2 months ago)
My god why i didn´t whatch this video before i paid it for process to canada visa expert wao i lost my money and time chit
mohammed ahmed (3 months ago)
Another option for migration without help these consultants...Plz tell me sir... Thanks a lot...
Rijo Aj (3 months ago)
Hi  Myself Rijo Jose belong to India.My visa processing is going on for Canada work permit. My all certificates are clear. But there is a problem with my diploma certificate. My date of birth is not correct in that. Is there any chance to reject my approval when I sent it CIC Expecting yours valuable reply.
Most likely, it wont be an issue, but it's always a good idea to explain it to immigration officers in a cover letter
ShiVam (4 months ago)
Hey pLz pLz pLz .. I need a work permit visa of Canada.. Plz HeLp me pLz..m very Upset.. my WhatsApp number- 8182838380
vash alkarj (5 months ago)
So...how do we do this thing...?properly..
Paul Clarke (5 months ago)
Uis Canada are crooks 😑
Abhishek Paul (5 months ago)
Hello Alex, Could you help me with Canada's official website where I can apply directly for migration? thank you for your video!
Dutch Strain (5 months ago)
I want to immigrate to Toronto, im from the Netherlands , what are my chances..?
This information is not sufficient to answer your question. For proper assessment, please fill up the form here: https://www.lptoronto.com/immigration-assessment.html
Sarmistha Kaparia (5 months ago)
Hi.. I would like to a detailed conversation with you to understand this better. I'm from India and am planning to start the application process by Feb 2019. Please do help me with the same. Thank you!
Ajay Bhandari (4 months ago)
Me also apply for PR 2019 so plz tell me how to apply please help me
Our contacts are a the end of each video. We'll be glad helping
Xavier Sequito (5 months ago)
Hi, How much is the average consultation fee?
vera velasquez (2 months ago)
Canadian Immigration Channel yes please, your fees. Thanks
Are you asking about our fees?
Rishi Parihar (7 months ago)
Hello, I want a complete info for Canada immigration. Kindly tell me about the process??//
jon jon (8 months ago)
I am a dentist,is there chances to work in canada from india
muhammad mubasher (8 months ago)
How can checked immegration agent of mississippi and okhlama
muhammad mubasher (8 months ago)
+Canadian Immigration Channel I means how to verified immegration agent of messissipi and okhlama Usa....
Sorry, what?
Amandeep Kaur (8 months ago)
can i apply by myself to university and what if they they reject .. can i get another chance to apply for other university...
Of course
Kamer Hamza Yurt (8 months ago)
http://www.canadianvisaexpert.com/ İ applied them before watching this video and gave some money . Are they reliable, ? Or just fraud ?
Hi, yesterday I receive a calling from Canadian consultants offering to me a immigration chance. Was very convinced until ask to me my creditcard information. So, I agree but some hours after I done the transaction cancelation. The bill was from Bulgary, the consultant is from Canada and the office is in German as website. So...they broken the confidence. My question: Once agrred and without receive the services ( I do not submit any documents) they can rights to receive my money again or is the custumer rigth to reject the service before start the process?
Do you have a retainer agreement with them?
Hallar Hamid (9 months ago)
Can a person of 50 and with a very good job experience go to canada as an anesthesiologist?
Usually, no. You just wont be able to score enough points to pass
h s (9 months ago)
I want job in hotel in canada and i had experience in hotel industry with degree how can i ge t job offee
h s (9 months ago)
Canadian Immigration Channel can i get email id
Just send your resumes
kanishka sakpal (10 months ago)
For 3rd time i submitted my profile IELTS 6.5 each, not 2 year old Funds : Mentioned CAD 15000 for single applicant Work : 7 yrs 8 months in same firm NOC 6411 , initially as Customer Service, later on Pricing- Tender- Auction, Markering Executive, Currently Assitant Business Development Manager. However, my profile was treated Ineligible.
This information is not sufficient to answer your question. If you're looking for a proper assessment, you may send us an email
Amila Udara (11 months ago)
Is (next destinatin to canada ) is scam or not, they call me today morning and got my details, and them told me to pay 750$ in 24hrs. Plz help mw
Destination Canada is not a scam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGezytJVkNo BUT someone calling and asking $$ for it is 100% scam :)
dan mathew (11 months ago)
417 stand any chance for getting PR with that crs
ARK (1 year ago)
Countrywidevisas in Delhi is an Fake company They collect money from you for getting overseas employment but they actualy they are just visa processing firm. They will not get any job & they collect money and cheat customers. Beware. Also, they will charge for Rs.3500 for technical feasibility which is also total waste of money...........
ARK (1 year ago)
Technical feasibility charges is they collect personal & educational details from employee.
Thank you for the information. What is "technical feasibility"?
Hero Workout Music (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot
mbonigaba anastase (1 year ago)
Sir can I have your whtsap Nbr plz or your email
our contacts are at the end of each video
aliya hararia (1 year ago)
Was it rubber chicken or ghost?
Blakpepa (1 year ago)
It's interesting that a non licensed company that provides immigration services is saying not to use consultants but trying to get people to pay them for their services
If there's such a "company", they have to be liable for it. Our immigration practitioners are licensed
Ankit Mohar (1 year ago)
Which is the best collage for accounting courses in canada ?
There's no such. You may simply select the one suitable for you based on the budget, city/Province preference
Jonard Lim (1 year ago)
Is aims immigration consultant in singapore legit? Thanks
do not know anything about them
Mohan M (1 year ago)
I have only questions which needs me to look for a consultant: 1. They assist me for a job. If I am paying them, I can ask them to provide me a job. Else I may not end up finding a job there. 2. The consultant told me that they will assist e to stay in their hostel for a month or two, as I don't have any friend or relative. This seems a great help to me and necessity to sign with consultant. Please share your take on this, if my both problems get resolved then I may not go with the consultant.
Vinod Kushwaha (9 months ago)
Canadian Immigration Channel thanks sir you are very helpful
#1: you can not pay anyone for employment in Canada. It is a crime #2: finding a hostel is free via booking.com and similar websites
Tech vlogs ever (1 year ago)
how to verify doucments befor apply for admission
Abdul Fimbo (1 year ago)
like your video
Nazakat Hussain (1 year ago)
Hello sir how are you i want work visa for Canada i m from Pakistan and now in saudi Arabia can you make me avisa for me how is process please reply my WhatsApp Number 00966592391583
Jayson Cortez (1 year ago)
Any one have an ideas regarding royal migration in UAE?
Mikhail Ivanov (11 months ago)
Wouldn't recommend working with any uae agency as they are not covered by Canadian legislation....meaning they can simply neglect your case and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it
Leo Afonso (1 year ago)
Heyy buddy... if u have any idea please share it across.... my whatsapp no +919764719814... would be helpful for us both... just drop in a messiage
Sukanya Bobba (1 year ago)
Jayson Cortez they approach me too but I don't have idea too
A Grigore (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 min1:20...
mohammad ulbaig (1 year ago)
Hi , dear Sir I have seen your video .thanks . how to alpply for Canada please help me
Our contacts are at the end of each video
Mery (1 year ago)
Thanks you , God bless you .
glad it helps
Sai Baba (1 year ago)
Kudos for being honest....
waddah salama (1 year ago)
please tell us how to arrange documents inside our immigration file
Roberto Forbes (1 year ago)
Can you do a review on it's Canada time?
Asif Ahmad (1 year ago)
I want to know about work permit to canada
MAHESH KAMBLE (1 year ago)
Can you give your email address address sir?
Ayyappan Samikannu (5 months ago)
Does any body knows about pacific Migration from dubai?? How is there activities and services?? If any body knows kindly update it please.
Our contacts are at the end of each video
Soumya Raj (1 year ago)
aipp programme is it open still
Gaurav Thakur (1 year ago)
Kudos for being honest 👍
rajiv INFLUENCE talk (1 year ago)
men say every think not intrest in canida but it is part of my study
indrajit (1 year ago)
is that possible to take admission in canada without ielts.???? i heard from consultant tht it is possible.. bt i m not getting trust on thm plz explain me mail me [email protected]
It's possible. But do not mix up admission and visa. These two are different :)
indrajit (1 year ago)
is that possible to take admission in canada without ielts.???? i heard from consultant tht it is possible.. bt i m not getting trust on thm plz explain me mail me [email protected]
Gerant Afia (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Okot Ray (1 year ago)
You are right...but I need you
I need to contact you sir so please contact me with this gmail:[email protected]
jonathan jonathan (1 year ago)
Thanks Alex
Neman Jan (1 year ago)
hey please help me someone are helping me that i should give money to migrationexpert.ca website to make my application please tell is the migrationexpert.ca website real and legal or not its illegal ????
Mohammed Hamed (1 year ago)
Thanks for u r help.. Really need u r email to know about some details
Email is ALWAYS at the end of the video.
sohaib rana (1 year ago)
It takes a lot of balls to bash yourself like that .Mr. Alex thank you very much for that brutal honesty.
Amrit Vallah (1 year ago)
helloo sir please help me out
Amrit Vallah (1 year ago)
sir ! i appriciate your job. i have a humble request, please provide me your email. i need your help sir...
Well, just watch the video till the very end... and there is an email!
Syed Shujat (1 year ago)
Who the hell are you then LOL
MrTlalpuente (1 year ago)
that chicken is the real boss
Divine Dane (1 year ago)
I really want to go to Canada but I don't know how! Anyone can help me?
Miranda Shaw (1 year ago)
Den Waje Secure  jobs in Canada visit our website. https://expatplacement-ca.com or send an email to [email protected]
Divine Dane (1 year ago)
Canadian Immigration Channel how! do I need a lot of money? so I can go there? im filipina and I really want to work there in Canada! I dont have skills also🤔
Sure! Just drop us a line and we'll help!
muhammad kashif (1 year ago)
You are doing well. just keep it up by neglecting tje negativities of bad people.
muhammad kashif (1 year ago)
You are doing well. just keep it up by neglecting tje negativities of bad people.
Edwaldo Junior (1 year ago)
Definitely the process of obtaining a visa or imimigrating has a lot of details that only the specialists knows. We could do the whole process by ourself, but with a high risk of insuccess. In my opinion, we have to study deeply and have an active posture during the process and steps held by an specialist.
Allen Michaels (2 years ago)
Please I applied for a study permit here in Ghana and I was been refused. Insufficient proof of funds, travel history and purpose of visit. I want to reapply and I will need a little help about this since my acceptance letter Got only September to expire. I dnt wanna get refused again and start school.
Miranda Shaw (1 year ago)
Allen Michaels Secure  jobs in Canada visit our website. https://expatplacement-ca.com or send an email to [email protected]
Messia Lucy (1 year ago)
Allen Michaels contact me at [email protected] I'm a regulated immigration consultant.
MC Cheeky (2 years ago)
Hi, Alex! I have been wanting to contact you this past few weeks but dont know where to email you. I have watched most of your videos here and find it incredibly helpful! Thank you so much! Anyway, this is my situation at the moment.. I'll be in Richmond, Vancouver next month as a student for a year at OMNI college. Can my husband go to Vancouver and have an open work permit? When is the best time to apply? During my studies or after studies, when i'm on my post graduate working permit? What are the documents needed? I hope you can read this.
Chris x (2 years ago)
Hello, Alex, I want to apply for a university in Canada since u said one can do it's himself please if I may ask is there any link one can get to start his/her application process. and can I succeed to get a visa just by doing my stuff online alone thanks waiting for your reply will appreciate?
Chris x (2 years ago)
Alex D Thanks God bless u will commence as soon as possible will get in touch stay safe.
druzy woozy (2 years ago)
incase you didnt notice intill this day go to 1:20 and look behind your back maybe you did know what was going on and if that the case then just know the ratio of people who notices are about 1/30 people
Rasul Bawa (2 years ago)
Alex we all want to use you and your team. You are so good. We used your consultation and you are very honest!
amokunmosa yusuf (2 years ago)
thanks for these video. my question is how long those it take WES to evaluate a creditial after receiving it in Canada.
Khairul Alam (2 years ago)
Hi Alex, awesome video yet again. Thanks for being very honest! I wanted to ask a question but I'm not sure if it's the appropriate place for that question, but I'm going to ask anyway. If you don't want to answer the question here, please let me know and I'll send you an email. :) Onto my question then, say I submit the express entry profile on my own, and then if I receive an ITA, I request for your assistance to prepare the documents. Do you think you'd provide services like that? If you do, approximately how much would that cost? Hopefully it's not a dumb question. I'd greatly appreciate your response. Thanks!
Khairul Alam (2 years ago)
That was short and a very precise answer. Thank you very much Alex! I'm loving this channel. Hopefully it grows much much bigger. :)
SA Ali (2 years ago)
100 % right.
CoverMaster (2 years ago)
Lol whats up with that chicken @1:14
S Y (4 months ago)
Is Canadianvisa.org legit?????????
tazrin ahmed (5 months ago)
Mohit P (8 months ago)
Enite Akpofure (9 months ago)
яιzωαη αℓι (2 years ago)
is it true? that non-graduate people's don't get Visa to work in Toronto hotel for the post of office assistant... Please guide me I am waiting for your response Mr. @Alex D Thank you
I Am Not A Robot (2 years ago)
New kind of marketing? Bashing yourself to attract customers?
Shruthil T S (2 years ago)
Hello sir. Is there any way of consulting your team other than mail, like via Twitter or something?
Shruthil T S (2 years ago)
+Alex D Thanks. I will mail my query shortly.
Ilya Melihov (2 years ago)
Alex , thanks to you i found the channel i was looking for , i want to immigrate to Canada eventually and your videos are just answering every question i have , i would be very thankful if in the future you'll make a video about the "Canadian Climate" i live in Israel it is hot as hell in here , so i'am not sure i 100% know i am ready for the weather, is it that bad ? again Thank you very much Ilya
Thanks for the information, however can you briefly explain step by step how it works, if anyone from India because in India we have lot of immigration consultants they promises that they grantee a visa........
Ahmed Kamal (2 years ago)
Alex D,, So actually you seems to be an honest one,, can you tell us what we have to do? You've mentioned that some steps you can do by yourself, like some problems in your car you can fix them instead of wasting your money,, that the point I wanna ask about. I wish you got my point.
thanks for your time, how can a expatriate get there work visa then.
BetoEnLaVidaReal (2 years ago)
What was that rubber chicken?
tazrin ahmed (5 months ago)
Francis Baymax (2 years ago)
Thank you Sir. You just saved my money. Thank you again.
Vishal Masih (2 years ago)
Great video Alex You are really bold and brave enough to say this I am already inspired by your videos. Thank you
Walid Soudani (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for this video what about immigration between provinces? thank you again :-)
Hamed Hussain (2 years ago)
mahmoud soliman (2 years ago)
thanks so much Alex for this video excellent informations

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