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How to Synchronize Calendars and Contacts across devices without third party services

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In this tutorial I show you how to synchronize Calendars and Address Books across devices without the need of a third party service such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange while keeping all the information in a local machine. Article version: (Coming soon). Required Software: Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 Notepad++ WAMP Server Outlook Caldav Synchronizer Baikal Caldav & Cardav Server All downloads available here: http://scrapebyitguy.com/downloads/
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Mazingames Zeta (5 months ago)
Hello Scrape by IT Guy, nice video...a software developer here. Some time ago I worked with gmail API for sync custom software with gmail. Now I am working on a software that has its own contacts, mails and calendars and I want to provide to the users the capability to sync to them from their mobiles and computers using applications like iCalendar or thunderbird. I was doing a research when I found about Sabre and with your video I learned that Baikal is based on it and adds a friendly administrative interface that looks very good. My question here is if the calendars in Sabre/Baikal server are mere .ics files? Some time ago I also work with a calendar (fullcalendar.js) and by managing an .ICS file I was able to open it from other computers with thunderbird or icalendar by providing the full path to the .ics file. Is this sabre/baikal the same thing? or this calendars and contact lists are stored also in database? And a final question: in case that they are stored in database, can sabre use SQL Server instead of MySQL? (My softwares are running on windows server). Thanks in advance!
Scrape by IT Guy (5 months ago)
Hi Mazingames Zeta, Those are some interesting questions which I unfortunately can't answer of the top of my head since it has been quite some time since I did my research and testing for this video. I do have an activate installation of this system that's used daily on a colleagues network. I will look in to it as soon as I have access to this network again and try to reply as best as possible. In the meantime however, as you can see in this video, the interface is quite straightforward and the whole thing takes 30 minutes to setup so if you cannot wait, you could follow this tutorial on a Windows machine and check. Alternatively, puedes mandarme un email directamente (la dirección está en mi canal) y así lo tengo en cuenta (ya sabes que estas cosas luego se pasan). Me interesaría ver (si quieres compartir) en que estás trabajando :)
AM Privat (1 year ago)
Hey there, this is a really outstanding tutorial which i was looking for a while!! Thank you very much for this. I would like to know if it is possible to sync baikal with a google calender. I have a very complicated szenario. My business calender is an google calender. All bookings are synchronized with an wordpress appointments plugin. On my computers i use outlook 2016. The sync is working fine. My iphone syncs with my outlook.com calender which synchronizes with my desktop and the goole calendar. My problem is that i have to use my computer tp sync everything. Otherwise google appointments won´t appear on my iphone. So the idea is to make baikal my main calendar in sync with google without using outlook.com anymore. Would this work? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance, Al
Scrape by IT Guy (1 year ago)
Hi! Apologies for the delay, your comment was auto-held in moderation so I did not see it. Ok so, unfortunately Baikal cannot directly sync from another calendar. What you can do however is, assuming you're running Baikal on a server, you can install thunderbird or outlook on that server (if it isn't a headless server) and since it's always on, that can be used as your main point for synchronization. This way, your main PC wouldn't have to be on all the time to syncrhonize your calendars with Baikal. Let me know if you need more info on this :)

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