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Here's why you'll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex Cycle of Doom...

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Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2ShPRPx Here' why you'll never make money in Forex. It's all because of the Forex cycle of doom. Many aspiring traders who are trying to make money in Forex don't know they're falling victim to it. The Forex cycle of doom is all about how you find a strategy, trade it, experience some losses, dump it and then find it a new strategy. It's the main reason why you'll never make money in Forex.
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Diego Carter (1 hour ago)
tremendous for recommendation like Mr Salman Hassan for his wonderful trading pattern and strategy, i made $5000 in just one week and another week $15000 and so on, i don't know how to say it but i am currently the happiest person on earth, telling everyone about him is just to show how greatly i appreciate him and his mighty strategy that works perfectly with directed Software, and also i know that all my fellow traders desire best strategy for a better winning. here is mail: [email protected] com
Jacob Macdonald (1 hour ago)
Currently run my investment with Salman's platform which guarantees fast profit turn out and easy withdrawal processes. I started with $1,000 and now I've made over $17,000 profits within a short time frame
William Smith (1 hour ago)
Binary trading is one of the most reliable online global wealth creation, highly profitable and safe when you work with the right guide. Thanks Mr Salman for being my guide to wealth.
Lucas Mendez (1 hour ago)
I couldn't bear the risk of trading myself so I let an experienced professional with a profound knowledge, Mr Salman do it on my behalf. It wasn't a bad idea after all, it is indeed a profitable decision I don't regret.
Noor Ali (1 hour ago)
all thanks to Mr Salman, who made me recover all that i lost in just two weeks, I must say he is a blessing to my family, i can't believe thought i could recover my loss, but God through him made that possible for me. now I'm going to invest more through him cause he's the best broker all thanks.
Ironman Trading (5 hours ago)
You will never make money meanwhile buy my course. What a joke.
hsg 123 (18 hours ago)
Strategy has nothing to do with success. What most traders don't realize is that you need discipline, patience and proper risk management. Once you master these 3, any strategy would work. The reason why newbies jump from one strategy to another is because they lack patience and they want to become rich overnight. They need to realize that fx trading is like any business - it takes a lot of hard work to build it over time
TheKingz Kingdom (1 day ago)
Paschal Okonkwo (1 day ago)
Confident and determination is how things are done
oulghazi abdelwahab (1 day ago)
I trust you...
NicoTrico (1 day ago)
How much do you reckon would be a good initial investment?
Ayye ayye (1 day ago)
NicoTrico 500$ or 2.5k or 5k
John Clinton (2 days ago)
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John Clinton (2 days ago)
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John Clinton (2 days ago)
+Sokolov Anna [email protected],com I hope he can be of help
Tanaka Aiko (2 days ago)
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Liam Martin (2 days ago)
I'm Really glad I came across Mr Moses Luis mail in this platform . In only one month of investing with him I have seen so much good result.
kurichan77 (2 days ago)
Not going to happen eh? Please explain this; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6943523/Schoolboy-16-turns-150-61-000-year-studying-trading-tips-online.html There's always someone better.
dahlia's universe (2 days ago)
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Xayan Music (3 days ago)
ilie futui mortii lui
DynoTrading (5 days ago)
Great Video
Emiliano La Rocca (5 days ago)
great video educational one the best. free forex strategies https://www.forexstrategiesresources.com/
qyahb (5 days ago)
What you are saying you didnt have a bullet proof advantage, what you perceive as an advantage isn't really an advantage at all, more like a guessing game
Anunaki Atlantis (5 days ago)
Just simple question. If Forex is scam Why goveent and other goverment in world wide let forex keep run???
Anunaki Atlantis (5 days ago)
Forex is not just. use strategy . I noticed that you just use strategy for 13 years. That is why you get fail.
EchoSmyth (6 days ago)
Am I the only one who finds the intro to be so comical? Mr. ForexSignals is trying to convey wealth (success) but is really just showing off what my elementary school teacher is able to afford.
Jhon Forex (6 days ago)
He says the truth for most 99% of traders who are new to forex trading
righteous2012 (6 days ago)
He is speaking truth for 99% of new traders.
feyron (7 days ago)
he speaks a bunch of bs never mentioning what you can actually do to grow your account, he pointed out how you will never get rich with a 500$ account while that's true for people with no knowledge is also possible to grow that account over time if you have done your risk management right. There's plenty of people who's turned couple thousands into millions and they are even verified traders do your research before even making this bs.
brassic5 (7 days ago)
"You're never going to make any money trading the forex market" WRONG!
GOT'3M 150 (7 days ago)
This Guy Is A HATER 😂
Rodrigo Herrera (8 days ago)
Las pelotas, yo soy rentable.
Fisher Theo (8 days ago)
Way to start the video on a depressing Note.
David Haruto (8 days ago)
This is all untrue. In everyday life we go through this challenges not only in trading. Hard work makes it all work. We do need a strategy though.
Allj Domenic Jacobs (8 days ago)
Master of negativity
Jurgen Dhima (9 days ago)
reverse psychology this guys wants you to try the market and fail
Pokrovski Novel (9 days ago)
How can i get a good forex trading strategy ? can anyone help me
Pokrovski Novel (9 days ago)
I made small profits from my account managers trading signals today after my account verification process. thank you for the recommendation.
Pokrovski Novel (9 days ago)
Thank you very much dear. i already open a forex trading account on fxemarkets platform.
Allan Abad (9 days ago)
Koko Krunch Tan (10 days ago)
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Untrue you can actually make lots of money in forex, don't listen to this stuff, he does not know what he is doing, you can make lots of money and it is not that difficult
Ken Shiro (8 days ago)
Says the guy who lives under a rock
Emanuel Ector (10 days ago)
A cautionary tale! Adapt it to your reality........
Raby Pich (12 days ago)
Can we deposit $100 and withdraw that $100
Pokrovski Novel (9 days ago)
For consistent profits making ,register a forex trading account now on fxemarkets.bid broker to enable you copy 99% trades from your broker account managers after your account verification process.
Pokrovski Novel (9 days ago)
You can only withdraw when you make profits.
Christian for Christ (11 days ago)
No because your broker is going to take his commission for a 100$ it will take 3$ if my math is right
manuel francisco (12 days ago)
Whats the best strategy? Could anyone share one or two of it.
Pokrovski Novel (9 days ago)
Get a forex trading account on fxemarkets.bid platform to copy trades from your personal account managers after your account verification process. you can also learn there 99% accurate trading strategy once your account is verified.
Keesjan Beukertsting (10 days ago)
Short the bottom, long the top
Iggy 4 (12 days ago)
Is he talking about stocks or bad relationships? Lol
L SCOTT (8 days ago)
JudeMag (13 days ago)
Nice catchy title..
Merit (13 days ago)
Wow this guy is really up. Himself I made 700 in a week and I'm proud of it
Omar Millz (12 days ago)
Merit starting with how much ?
Remy jack (13 days ago)
That was why i lost to them but ever since when i started trading with mr braxton i earn a lot and now I'm getting profit weekly..
Lizzy maria (13 days ago)
That's true i traded with him also just with the minimum investment of $600 and now i got $5,550 in less than a week.thanks to mr braxton..
kiddo sote (13 days ago)
thgis guy is a hater he should be burned
Steven Miller (15 days ago)
Get rid of all those monitors and just trade from your iPhone...
jizzyjames111 (16 days ago)
Someone shut this guy up
Remco laken (17 days ago)
I just made a 2k profit in seconds on xrp with a 5k order and a 20x multiplyer , so what the fuck is he talking about , you just need to be able to read charts in a professinal way , watch and follow lots of video's on youtube of professional traders that almost always make the right cals, thats how i made this profit taking that risk with my money😅👍🤑
Lawrence L. (18 days ago)
98% of these comments and viewers will still lose money trading. That's just fact. Only the absolute top killer 1 or 2% of traders will truly thrive.
Lawrence L. (15 days ago)
+Muhammed Mujeebuddin Trading is just like gambling or entrepreneurship and business development and jobs and careers....and sports....only the absolute top 1 or 2% will seize all the glory and profits...while everyone else merely makes a salary.
Muhammed Mujeebuddin (15 days ago)
He is absolutely right
Talelani Randobi (18 days ago)
You thought 100%(people) will make money...you got it wrong from the beginning..only 30% will...unfortunately you are the bunch of 70%...self fulfilled prophecy...
StrongerNow (19 days ago)
You're one of those very rare people who get dislikes from me. I never dislike a video unless it is bull-shit.
Kpop idol (19 days ago)
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Trade Wise (19 days ago)
Great video, although I agree that the title is a bit misleading! This training program on whole is genuine and valuable insights provided.
ForexSignals TV (19 days ago)
thanks,, well you wont make money if you follow what most do , was my intention to say
Cay Man (20 days ago)
At some points hes right but still 30 years are enough to build a spaceship pal yet you didnt make profits in forex!
Cay Man (7 days ago)
+Carly Smith dont scam people pal
Carly Smith (11 days ago)
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You read too much statistics, Bill Gates create statistics, that is the difference.
This Izit (20 days ago)
You will not maie a ton of money with 500$ account? And what if you will after a few years? If you learn and you are not just jump into the ocean you have some chance to make a good living amount in 1-2 years
Pokrovski Novel (9 days ago)
You can become a profitable forex trader using fxemarkets.bid trading platform personal account managers strategy and signals daily after your account verification process.
Crush Andrea (21 days ago)
your video is meaningful~ help me a lot
William Saunders (22 days ago)
Hey, I trade too so glad to connect.
Ahmet Ayaz (21 days ago)
William Saunders if you are looking for account manager i can help :) mail me [email protected]
ramon zagers (22 days ago)
Stratɪdʒi..how is it that someone claims to know something about a thing they cannot even pronounce properly.."stlatgy"..wtf
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MyNegativeCreep (23 days ago)
I make money and you can't ok. That's fine if I get your money.
Sidharth Dash (24 days ago)
I have only one simple enquiry : Please can you give few trading companies who are honest and not riggers ? Who don't kill you on extremely variable spreads and commissions ? Can you give just 4 5 names ?
AchVlogs (23 days ago)
Арам Есаян (24 days ago)
Absolutely agree with every word!!!
DaYLe Tv (24 days ago)
perfect ( see also in dayle tv)
Alex Văn Lee (26 days ago)
Credits go to Van Tharp!
simple, wise and clear advice, thanks)
Sales 3 (26 days ago)
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VERGIS92 (26 days ago)
some forex pairs, are equivalent to a set of various other pairs. (very difficult to figure out), I have only figured it out for USDCAD, but failed to figure it out for any other pair. So a USDCAD trade is equivalent (in terms of exchange rate risk) to a set of trades in some other pairs. But the swap/credit net total is different!
VERGIS92 (26 days ago)
There's one way for example, where the Carry trade becomes totally riskless, exchange rate risk is locked, while the total swap credit/charge is a significant positive. I don't remember any broker or educator or guru telling me about it. In fact, all the stuff that so called educators push is a load of well marketed crap.
VERGIS92 (26 days ago)
Try the Gold-USDJPY correlation, without stops, still tricky, but about 4 times more likely to make money. here's a simple starting tool https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/36908 but has plenty of margin for improvement, and simply forget the methods that brokers push you to use, stops, RR ratios and nonsense. in some other markets it is even possible to achieve near zero risk
anita miller (26 days ago)
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audu nurudeen (26 days ago)
I’m so grateful. after numerous losses, I am now enjoying trading thanks to Mr Hafeez, such a great strategist.
Healthy Fit (27 days ago)
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Daniela ramirez (27 days ago)
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Daniel Ochoa (27 days ago)
complete bs I use a AI Software which auto trades for me and iv been seeing profit my peer made 500 yesterday on his first day💱💲🤛🤝
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nick milambo (25 days ago)
I will email you
Daniel Ochoa (27 days ago)
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Keon Thomas (27 days ago)
+Daniel Ochoa what AI is that?
Ricco Strong (28 days ago)
The reason whh people dont make money in forex is because theres no money to be made there. Its so rigged.
Tecsonic TV (29 days ago)
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andrew dominique (29 days ago)
The biggest Enemy of success is fear of failure" So when fear knocks at your door, You have to send courage to open the door and success will wait for you, Mr Salman is the best trade master that can everly give you courage and make you recover all that you have lost to fake account managers, with his strategy i make $5000 dollars weekly which is just like a miracle to me, you can reach on his mail on: [email protected] com
3 Bee (6 days ago)
+Abdullahi Ali thanks dear. They are all scammers
Abdullahi Ali (6 days ago)
+3 Bee don't believe these guys their an aflliate that get a cut for every customers they secure
andrew dominique (15 days ago)
+3 Bee i will advice you write Mr Salman Hassan. his my account manager. i lost $5,000 last five month, but ever since Salman came into my life all i do is win, i don't really base on my monthly salary again. here is his mail you can reach him on: [email protected] com
3 Bee (15 days ago)
@AndrewDominique. Would you be kind enough to tell me more on how he trades etc?
3 Bee (16 days ago)
Andrew help me here. Have been scammed and am so afraid of falling victim again. Is salman hassan for real?
Nilla Jae (30 days ago)
After reading the comments I'm convinced that 65% of you did not watch the video. If you did and were still mislead by the title of the video, then trading isn't for you.
kwariza vallence (27 days ago)
true true they didnot watch the visdeo
Justin Butler (30 days ago)
Nah it's called dividends bruh you'll make money doing that if u arnt keen with buying and selling.
Jennifer Ngure (30 days ago)
Guys make money in forex, so stop discouraging others. Jobs are scarce these days, so let's show young people alternative ways of making an income.
ARD Creative (1 month ago)
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Saurabh KR (1 month ago)
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Brandon Wilson (1 month ago)
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Clix Music (1 month ago)
one....two..threee..four...five...oh is that monitor....wow what a big house you have.....hmmmm...did your money come from trading too
Dimitris t (1 month ago)
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Adriano Deusimar (1 month ago)
ohh really interesting what you try in the video I will apply it along with this http://bit.ly/2FtmV2T
Pat S (1 month ago)
Sounds to me like the broker wins when you lose. That may be the single answer to the title of this video.
Jürgen Schneider (1 month ago)
I never thought I could make cool cash so easily. making so much money I can't say here. I was so lucky to have been introduced to Mr Salman Hassan. You can ask for his help through his Email address [email protected] com
Harry Clark (12 days ago)
TenTonNuke it’s a fake account mate. Read the comments. Whoever this Salman chap is, he’s created loads of accounts and just written loads of comments about how great he is. Notice how no one here is saying anything bad about him at all AND there’s two different accounts that have written the EXACT same comment right underneath each other.
TenTonNuke (13 days ago)
"So much money I can't say here." 😂 Is it a secret? What exactly is the limit where it goes from public knowledge to arcane secrets?
Harry Clark (13 days ago)
This is so fake haha you have two different YouTube accounts saying the EXACT same thing in this thread 😂 I have never heard of this Salmon chap but he sounds dodgey if he’s using these tactics to lure in people. Still. Only the stupid fall for this stuff: keep throwing your money away
michael jamie (1 month ago)
I'm especially fund of Sir Salman Hassan's ability to deliver in time. I have never waited in suspension to get paid. I follow the rules and every thing is working out fine for me.
Sara Edris (1 month ago)
I will contact him right away, I really appreciate.
peter matthew matty (1 month ago)
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muttaqina sanzida (1 month ago)
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Brave Dave (1 month ago)
His title is only a deceptive way to attract people. I’m out with a 👎
Ra Ta (1 month ago)
Buy and hold and good money management is the way to go..
What is the best leverage for fore tradi2?
Mihails Alban (29 days ago)
I will again and again appreciate the professional approach of Mr Salman on how he trades and manages my binary options, Forex and Crypto currencies investments. He makes me a minimum of $5,350 weekly via his absolutely precise trading strategy that guarantees 98% success rate. Any investor who desires amazing profits on his/her investments can reach out to him via his email: [email protected] com
MrPeasant213 (1 month ago)
Damn views on this vid is more than his total subs
Frederick Nace (1 month ago)
Fuck u
tanaka tan (1 month ago)
how about the auto trade apps? Please give some advice
Sarah mangal (29 days ago)
Successful traders have one thing on their mind, that is knowing the Basics and having a Mentor to guide them through. I traded as a novice and lost so much following strategies online, but none ever worked rather it became more losses. Today i trade confidently with the help of my Mentor Mr Salman who has helped me become a better trader with his one on one trading approach. And i will like to recommend him to all that are still losing trades. here is his mail address: [email protected] com
Marco Arreaga (1 month ago)
I leverage experts so I could receive expert results. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Durgadas A Kailas (1 month ago)
The best best video i ever seen. he told the truth.others are mentally compelling us to trade by showing their luxury lives. he told the truth.
I think the simpler the more successful.
Guilherme Silva (1 month ago)
this guy is a teacher ;)
Brandon (1 month ago)
That's funny because I have 100% success rate in my 108 live trades that I've made so far and 80/80 on my demo account.
Hohmies Mcfly (1 month ago)
Brandon do tell!
Ziyad Mohammed (1 month ago)
Dont be greedy build small way. I use the currency app called CURRENCY HEATWAVE. Helps me make a decision what to trade. Never went wrong
Joker Gaming (1 month ago)
he himself make money from forex stupid man
solo o (1 month ago)
He is right!
imran mukhtar (1 month ago)

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