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Here's why you'll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex Cycle of Doom...

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Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2ShPRPx Here' why you'll never make money in Forex. It's all because of the Forex cycle of doom. Many aspiring traders who are trying to make money in Forex don't know they're falling victim to it. The Forex cycle of doom is all about how you find a strategy, trade it, experience some losses, dump it and then find it a new strategy. It's the main reason why you'll never make money in Forex.
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Dũng Phan Duy (2 hours ago)
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Robb Reel (19 hours ago)
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Mohan Madhavaditya (1 day ago)
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Umar Samdani (1 day ago)
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Justin Cheney (2 days ago)
The click bait is real.
Jus Rarsh (3 days ago)
I'm doing pretty well with Forex. It's not a one size shoe fits all.
Sai: Arjun (3 days ago)
I also trade with the genius called Mr Reid Hoffman, I just deposited to him bitcoin wallet and after six days a got a huge deposit to my bitcoin wallet. It's so easy with him
Hayden H (6 days ago)
This guy is a salesman just like the rest and would be better of selling double glazing. Forex results are by coincidence only and back testing is bs for marketeers like this guy. All these people are trying to get your confidence by stating some obvious facts that still will not help you win. People have winning and loosing trades because that's the law of probability but winning or loosing is due to coincidence and not deliberately because of a strategy. To simplify, the graph is controlled by the unknown and traders do there own thing, so when these two happenings collide, results will occur by coincidence, simple and true. The coincidences I mention cannot be a deliberate intention by the trader. Regards Hayden.
ercan dikmen (6 days ago)
siktir ordan yavşak
Cayote Lives (6 days ago)
You failed just by the contradicting title as a human being
Mabel Munde (7 days ago)
I want to start.. I have no knowledge about this..I need your help please
G M (7 days ago)
So i cant turn $10 into $1 million...?
Benson Lai (7 days ago)
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ks shaji (8 days ago)
Which trading platform do u use??
Benson Lai (9 days ago)
Hey, this is Benson. I’ve noticed you are a trader too. I’ve always been a big believer in connecting with liked minded individuals. Do you use s/r lines, trendlines and fibs too?? I feel like we trade with the same strategy 🙏🏼🙏🏼. I’m from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 would def want to connect and work!!! Appreciate a follow back my ig is @benson.fx
Adam Hrehorowicz (9 days ago)
Bullshit what he‘s saying....
Kishan Chaudhary (9 days ago)
very well said there is no Holy grail in any market which will give you tons of money it's all about your expectation which define your trading set up performance
David Akinwale (10 days ago)
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Prince Munyai (11 days ago)
You are a big liar,stop being a greed, why would you spent 30 years, it s your bad luck life yu have.
char ss (11 days ago)
Your channel is about forex and you make tutorials yet you say it won't make you anything so what's the point of your whole channel...lol
Luke MacRoland (11 days ago)
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Celia Anna (12 days ago)
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ATLHooligan (12 days ago)
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ymes (12 days ago)
Comes across as nothing more than the arrogance of another wanker banker prick.
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me2009h (13 days ago)
What a stupid vid
Ruth John (13 days ago)
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FX eye (14 days ago)
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chris coupe (14 days ago)
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Corey Crowns (15 days ago)
Click bait of the year
K L (16 days ago)
Wrong title.
Luis Gomez Rojas (16 days ago)
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Illuminati Sheep (17 days ago)
I'm here to read the hundreds of comments from people that haven't watched the video
Cloud Crelencia (17 days ago)
That’s because you got the wrong knowledge and strategy. I met a 19 year old that made his first Million in 10 months... he’s legit! Checked bank and eveything! And he studied the game like its his Religion... 97% of people who does Forex fails... its hard. You have to be knowledgeable at predicting the market and really confident at buying and selling currencies.
Piotr Jeziorski (17 days ago)
go up 10 go down 10, and forex spread = roulette
What a good U.S. trading platform? There was fxcm.
Bradley Johnson (18 days ago)
she has cleared all my doubts , i just received another payment
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Olivia kawaski (18 days ago)
i also trade with Mrs Felicia Sherbert , she handles my trade due to my tight schedule , and she's making me good profits with my investments , i make weekly profits of over $8000
Dylan Jean (18 days ago)
contact please???
Bradley Johnson (18 days ago)
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Acefx (18 days ago)
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Joel Joung (20 days ago)
If you don’t have the skill the obviously you won’t make money. I’ve learnt how to trade and increased my initial deposit by 600% after a month of studying forex and then in two and half weeks
Touhid Hasan Shakib (20 days ago)
What's your broker name?
Britney Miller (21 days ago)
Colin (21 days ago)
Nice clickbait title. Thumbs down.
sven midholm (21 days ago)
ai have a trade opend for two weeks now and still loseing but ai with so long it take to be in the Money ai have 10 000 euro Account
Morris Adnitumx (21 days ago)
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M G (22 days ago)
One of my pals sent me this link.. https://bit.ly/2VrI2Z0 back in November and initially i thought its just another one of these scams but he said he had made some profit from it, (probably not as much as they advertise to be honest!) I dont like these kind of things because nothings ever guaranteed, plus i have been burnt in the past! but i thought id see what happened since they offered a 60 day money back no questions asked.. i joined in early December so still have a month left before i likely refund it.. i had made profit using it (about $90 in a month and i have only done small trades) however it would seem that if i continue the same in January at the end of the 60 days il have basically just broken even after the product cost.. it may have been better to do slightly bigger trades, but hindsight's a great thing!!
J Vlogs (22 days ago)
"you can tell your boss to go jump in a lake" hahaha
Mike (23 days ago)
Don’t use a strategy, buy in and sell once u see a $1 profit .. do this 1,000 times a day. Thank me later
88Orpheus88 (23 days ago)
<3 <3 <3 u just cant write that bs.. the first thing u see from that veteran is his cars his house lol i loooooooooooooove uuuuuuuuuuuu so much
88Orpheus88 (23 days ago)
the ONLY reason why nobody is making money is that guys like u have good marketing skills and ur videos are really good. search for michael voigt or markus gabel and thx me later much love
Igor Marcos (24 days ago)
Fuck clickbaits
Maslax Cabdisamad (24 days ago)
You made me disappointed 😥
Technical Analyst Z (24 days ago)
Are forex trading profits taxed in the UK?
Adam Belatoui (24 days ago)
What logic to call the video like that when the channel is called: Forex Signals loooool
themba nkanyane (26 days ago)
It doesn't mean that if you fail to make money than we'll also fail. We don't think in the same way
Tenny ck (26 days ago)
Which platform do you use for trading?
T Long (27 days ago)
Don't listen to this guy. Forex is the most profitable online trading platform. It's helped a lot of us to our first ever million.
Scott Chase (27 days ago)
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Jay Khatibu (14 days ago)
Santiago Sebastián. Aye aye
Santiago Sebastián. (14 days ago)
Jay Khatibu what do you know? Nothing. Mr Jordan’s reputation is simply outstanding and you can’t associate him with scam for any reason at all, And he will not soil his name for a few thousand “dollars” please quit saying things you do not know. He’s an honest trader and well reliable.
Jay Khatibu (14 days ago)
Santiago Sebastián. Sure, scammer
Nick Johnson (27 days ago)
Forex is easy.
Frogmella Slob (29 days ago)
Anyone training people to trade ain't trading themselves WHATEVER CLAIMS THEY MAKE. If they could trade successfully they could make any amount of money they want. The wouldn't be bothered to make YouTube videos. But here's the thing, NOBODY does, they ALL fail. ALL. You will too. Don't even start. Believe me, I know. I was suckered into this 20 years ago.
morallifeadvisory (29 days ago)
Anyone can make as much money as this guy if you sell courses here and there
Carbon FX Trading (30 days ago)
Peace of crap
Limitless Trade Hub (1 month ago)
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garyseeseverything (1 month ago)
Watch out for fake commentators getting you to trade through “professionals”. This man wants your money.
garyseeseverything (1 month ago)
Time wasting don’t watch this.
Teddy Aswani (1 month ago)
I think the header scares you even before you watch the video but when you get to watch it you get to understand what he's talking about.
Henry Fierson (1 month ago)
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biggybtoussaint (1 month ago)
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Sta Pol (1 month ago)
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Hilda Perez (1 month ago)
+Sta Pol you can continue being naive, while I continue making my money, nobody is persuading you
Sta Pol (1 month ago)
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Hilda Perez (1 month ago)
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True Vegas (1 month ago)
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Justin Bradfield (1 month ago)
Really man Ive made plenty????
Howard Dixon (1 month ago)
Wrong title. Click bait
john miller (1 month ago)
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Arif Shaikh (1 month ago)
What would be the right time frame to back test a theory
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jean pierre (1 month ago)
At times I wonder if there is a demon working against profits in forex trading. You get loss of 300 to 500pips in a matter of 5mins but can't make gain of such amount freely
willworthington (1 month ago)
Never say never! That is a very negative title. And he admits when he speaks that you can make money - but that it requires work.
HAROON RASHID (1 month ago)
He stupid u. Don’t know nothing
Sarah Klima (1 month ago)
sorry this is trash.
JayJo (1 month ago)
Cracking video. Solid advice.
Phelmar Magtawan (1 month ago)
Because you are stupid fuck lame trader trying to get attention from the world by putting a stupid title of your video.
Norman Smith (1 month ago)
So why spend 30 years doing it. It's a contradiction
Hussein Al-asadi (1 month ago)
First dislike on youtube since years or may be the first ever 😑
3V0 (1 month ago)
when people still cant grasp the concept of a clickbait title.
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staywoke (1 month ago)
Negativity is no good
sixolile madulube (1 month ago)
Well said but it is discouraging honestly when you don't come up with a solution of tactics and strategies to be used but u have been in the business so long.Sound like someone whose jealousy,you want to keep outsiders(begginers) out.There are people who have made fortune from FOREX within a short space of time.Why you?or you just chowing all your money
nisshobdo niyoti (1 month ago)
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سینا شکری (1 month ago)
Very good
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Mani Fresh (1 month ago)
Very bad titling...perhaps click baiting
809megatron (1 month ago)
I need to say that you gave a terrible title to the video. Just the title alone made me think that Forex is a skeam. Yet you gave good and bad examples on what to expect when you enter the trading world and its risk..You need to fire the person you have titleling your videos.

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