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JOIN OUR FREE TELEGRAM: http://t.me/Astroforex Approaching three years of Astrofx we are celebrating & sharing our personal account trading account with the world. Along with the ups and downs on the journey it took to get there! Thanks everyone for being a part of it! JOIN OUR TELEGRAM - https://goo.gl/d2ZJqD AstroFx Website - https://goo.gl/RmU0QL Instagram Natt - https://goo.gl/RiHw30 Shaun - https://goo.gl/a9eItM Facebook - https://goo.gl/YrMRcO Mail: [email protected]
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Text Comments (115)
malose maluleka (1 year ago)
i am happy to say that i have been on the right track with my trading as it is mostly similar to your style of analysis. thank you astro fx
Solomon Spydro (1 year ago)
Not going to lie, with a title like this I was expecting a lot of that "trading lies" but It was a very transparent and honest videos about the struggles of forex trading. Good stuff astrofx
Matt Doeland (1 year ago)
Hahahaha.....nice try guys.
Santiago Hincapie (1 year ago)
Carl Louw (1 year ago)
This will be my daily motivational video.
Krasimir Stoyanov (1 year ago)
Lol, great fun video
Al Masih (1 year ago)
Is there space in the Telegram group?
Kryss Bizz (1 year ago)
Jose Holguin (1 year ago)
actually learned reading at the board in this video! hoping to soon take a course with astrofx
bruce long (1 year ago)
soooo i see there's a myfxbook at the end of the video but no link to it .. hmmmmmm and just showing the balance but not if it's Live or Demo.. also hmmmmm
Drew Solo (1 year ago)
Powerful stuff guys.. Keep doing what you do
nathan castles (1 year ago)
Epic video boys enjoy your prosperity
Michael Edl (1 year ago)
Wow ! This is probably the best motivational forex video I've ever seen 🔥. Love you guys
Slowman Films (1 year ago)
Im inspired #Telepippin #TelegramGang
Graphic Designer (1 year ago)
Inspirational. Anyone giving negative comments don't know these two guys at all. Go follow them and within weeks your negative crap will become positive input. Stop choosing to be ignorant, or unconsciously being ignorants. Keep up the good work Shaun + Amanatt
Damir Jukovic (1 year ago)
keep doin' outstanding work ;)
Joe Jenkins (1 year ago)
powerful video, inspiring as always, thank you for sharing
Allan Grant (1 year ago)
Great vid, love that intro song! Thanks for the share 👏👏
amirul ashraf (1 year ago)
massive inspiration guys. keep it up
jalonso121 (1 year ago)
I'm stoned right now and this video is amazing this guys are my motivation!
How much can you make potentially from a £500 ?
thedoode22 (1 year ago)
Darnell Lansiquot sold a dream
Darnell Lansiquot (1 year ago)
simziebobble bobbleness You could make 1 million from that £500, just patience and time and trust.
Tyjones D (1 year ago)
simziebobble bobbleness their returns are focused on pips and capital growth percentage, so you could make the same result (i.e. this one had 20% growth)
Liyana HS (1 year ago)
#telepippin as real as it gets!
Nicholas Huang (1 year ago)
looking forward to many years ahead to come cheers!
Andile Nhlamba (1 year ago)
love this
Townsend Moore (1 year ago)
"playing around with bots" I'm not profitable yet but I've seen people at my skill think they can learn to code a robot to replace learning to trade
Thank you for sharing this great experience of your lives, I appreciate it more than anything, I will remember each of your words during my training. Colombian...
patrick watters (1 year ago)
Smacked the shit out of that like button
Holy shit. I laughed hysterically at the whole thing, not because it was funny, but because it was extremely relatable. Put a big smile on this face.
timothyzc (1 year ago)
what's the aim for this account. to move the market or to serve as a base for good returns per trade.
timothyzc (1 year ago)
what's the aim for this account. to move the market or to serve as a base for good returns per trade.
We The Best (1 year ago)
$1M wowwwwwwww :O :O
StrykerGaming (1 year ago)
the intro will forever be lit 💥
Nitz108 (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing guys. By far you guys most inspirational video.
Yosi (1 year ago)
You no longer use FXCM as a broker?
SUPERIOR 4X (1 year ago)
Mohammed Miah (1 year ago)
Blew 11 accounts loool
THABO,TURBO DOBA (1 year ago)
wonderful... really your story is inspirational guys....
Hekuran Qaka (1 year ago)
doing all these videos, advices, strategies, even giving signials all for free makes u guys amazing... keep doing this!!!!
MEDJ (1 year ago)
Great video. Great editing. Great message! Good work guys
thedoode22 (1 year ago)
>receives the $1m account a week ago >increases it by 20% the hedge funds are barely managing to make 2% per year .. what a load of bs
thedoode22 (1 year ago)
Rubel fx lol you know nothing
thedoode22 (1 year ago)
Rubel fx lol the astrofx clientele is summed up right here, threatening to "snap my jaw". Open your eyes, Aleem and Natt know each other v well, funny that PET is based in Birmingham too eh
thedoode22 (1 year ago)
Darnell Lansiquot there were no further arguments for him to use
They actually promote 1-3% risk per trade and only having 2 positions opened at any time. The way they trade with their own money is not indicative of how they teach others.
King Hoddy (1 year ago)
thedoode22 not really...nobody feels like wasting their time arguing with you because at the end of the day it's your opinion so believe what you want.
Dominik Lasota (1 year ago)
Pure motivation. you guys have been killing on Telegram. cheers
Poison London (1 year ago)
was expecting a bit more from this video so was slightly disappointed. but I rate you man's highly I've learnt so much from your videos and your telegram. bless up! 💯💯
Miles Blake (1 year ago)
congrats guys
daniel skilton (1 year ago)
im on your telegram group. From South Africa, Sean you are a beast!!! Got to thank my good friend Ayanda for welcoming me to your realistic effective trading world.
daniel skilton (1 year ago)
Shaun and Amat*
Jelle Teubner (1 year ago)
thank you this was great
Sanjay Patel (1 year ago)
Fantastic milestone guys! Very motivating 😃👍 - psychology is definitely the hardest part of trading.....pretty amazing trading journey!!
Alligator (1 year ago)
Nice job guys.
Seergi Aragoon (1 year ago)
When did you became millionaires?
Bulls Bears (1 year ago)
Seergi Aragoon exactly
Bruh! If it wasn't for you guys... (Fill in the blank space 😂😂)
lolitsdomanic (1 year ago)
Fucking love you guys! Congratulations, you have changed so many lives and helped so many more with all your free advice and knowledge and trade tips on telegram! Thank You!
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Style of editing was really good and very very informative and motivational! (cringe I know)
mikey coyne (1 year ago)
Telegram gang 👐🏼
daniel skilton (1 year ago)
dam straight!
Santiago Restrepo (1 year ago)
Goals! thanks for all the great context.
MRSNAVE1 (1 year ago)
absolutely brilliant
Prada Entertainment (1 year ago)
You guys are so amazing 💥👏🏼👏🏼 this is so accurate to my life of trading
Hamza Adrees (1 year ago)
Million Pound account? Bugatti Veyron coming soon lol?
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Hamza Adrees that would be the biggest mistake they could make. They are investors so they will invest that money in forex again or into a business etc
Tom Davies (1 year ago)
So damn inspiring guys I love you both fr.
Ademitobiloba (1 year ago)
Just 6 minutes!?! Lol but for real you guys are considered to be great role models, havent taken your course but merely observing you guys and watching your youtube videos has made me a trader I never ever taught I would be. Confidence built and knowledge gained all in just less than a year. I was practising on real money and lost a ton at one point I thought trading was a scam lol, but now I'm confident in my trades and analysis and seen a turn around in my trading life. Thanks Guys. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you guys in real life soon.....
Darnell Lansiquot (1 year ago)
Crazy stuff!
MrOptimisticc (1 year ago)
Do you guys trade binary options? If so what are your thoughts on it
thedoode22 (1 year ago)
full of shit like this lot
Seergi Aragoon (1 year ago)
But options itself are fine they are volatile and tradeable just like stocks
Anonymous (1 year ago)
But if you can make enough money from it like huge amounts then carry on if you already do.
mikey coyne (1 year ago)
Yeah binary is a load of balls tbh mate
Seergi Aragoon (1 year ago)
MrOptimisticc binary options is full of shit
Alessandro Zambon (1 year ago)
hahahaha yooooo <3
Alessandro Zambon (1 year ago)
hahahaha yooooo <3

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