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Crysis 2 - DirectX 11 Gameplay on GTX 760 / i7-4770K

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Sample gameplay from PC version of Crysis 2 in the seventh level, Gate Keepers, on a stock GTX 760 / i7-4770K. Game is running at 1920x1080, Ultra settings, DirectX 11 On, Motion Blur Amount High, and High Res Textures On. FPS ranges from 40 to 60 while recording, when not recording, 45-70 FPS. System specifications: See my channel description.
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Sargis Parunakyan (3 years ago)
+War Craft Your Intel Core i5-4460 CPU may be bottlenecking the card. Upgrade your CPU to i5-4690K or i7 may solve this problem.
Sargis Parunakyan (3 years ago)
+Leave it to the Mattster! plz help I have a  asus  gtx 760 and inetl core i5 4460 cpu, 8 gb ram but cant take more than 30 fps but when I off direct x 11 I take 60+ fps which is my problem??? 
+War Craft Read the description.

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